Okay, as you may have noticed, I have posted a few stories. These stories are ideas that have been sitting in my hard drive for a long time and I decided since I don't know when I can update anything to just post them and decide what to do with them from the responses of you readers. This Author's Note will be on most of the stories, so you'll know which ones I'm talking about.

A/N: Due to insane writers block for Surprises in the Mist, I'm going to start typing a story that I began a few years ago in hopes that focusing on something else might make it easier to come up with a better idea to take Surprises in the Mist. Any ideas are appreciated and I'm thing of just redoing the entire thing, and having Squiggles (Squigglytext) beta it for me. Either way, all ideas are appreciated, and I promise that I am not abandoning either of my stories. Now a word from Squiggles:

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Anyway, on with the story! Reviews are welcome!


Yep, life officially hated him. If the villagers' hating him for no reason wasn't his first fucking clue, the giant dog currently chasing the five year old was. Oh, what did he do to deserve this torment that they gave him. Looking at the large, yellow teeth and golden eyes, young Uzumaki Naruto, newly enrolled student of the Konohagakure Academy, ran like hell.

Now, Naruto, despite all appearances, was a fast little boy. Running from drunken villagers was a good way to gain speed. Living on the street for about two years, also gave him an advantage over adults. Drunk or not, a five year old had no chance in hell against fully grown men.

Uzumaki Naruto was an orphan, and until two years prior had lived in the Orphanage like all the other kids. Due to the attack of the Kyuubi, five years ago, many children had been orphaned without a clue to who their parents were. Naruto was the youngest of the orphanage, and for some reason or another, the most hated by the matron.

'Matron-sama' or 'Mama-sama' as they were instructed to call her, was strict and generally despised children, especially Naruto. Naruto himself was unsure of why this was, as he was always kind and curdiuos to the grouchy woman, just ignored the constant threats of being thrown out if he didn't due his share of the chores. That was not entirely accurate as all the chores fell onto the small two year old boy. For a solid year, Naruto managed to get all the chores done before dinner, the only meal that he was allowed. About three weeks before Christmas, Naruto had failed to clear all the snow and ice from the front porch. The next morning, his belongings, two t-shirts and two pairs of pants, a small backpack and a cup were setup on the porch, and Naruto was forced to leave the orphanage.

Now, Naruto had found a small, out of place cave sort of buried in the ground next to a tree not far from a nearby stream. Many animals lived around there, and Naruto found that the small hole was much warmer than the outside. Picking that as his new home, Naruto had been there ever since. The only problem was that it was hard to keep rain water out of there, so every time the snow melted or it rained, he would be forced to take shelter in the nearby park, just a mile from the stream, until it dried out.

It was on one of these occasions that the massive dog appeared behind him, full moon lighting up the sky. The now five year old was small for his age and didn't know much since he was unable to read, write, or ask questions (the latter because no one bothered answering them), but even he knew that a dog should not be that much bigger than him.

Running had done no good. The small boy was fast, new the village as well as a child knew their backyard, but the wolf was fast, and just as smart. Howl piercing the night, Naruto felt it as fangs ripped into the muscle of his right arm, and passed out of exhaustion and pain, thinking that this was the last thing he was ever going to feel.

. . .

'Well, well,' The Kyuubi no Kitsune thought as he captured the large, silver wolf in red chakra, insuring that it wouldn't have time to infect the small child with its disease. 'This just got a whole lot more interesting. I wonder what'll happen now. Eh, beats having nothing to do for the next century or so.'