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Naruto was more than a little excited. He was hyper and ready to kick some ass in the Chuunin exams. His wolf Form would be amazingly helpful and he'd already managed to get control on a lot of his new-found youkai.

The Kyuubi was very helpful, and Naruto had actually come to look forwards to their conversations. It helped that Naruto now had demon status, which made the giant kitsune much more social able than he had been. Which was a great improvement from glowing red eyes glaring at you in hatred.

Naruto had worked hard over the short amount of time that was before the beginning of the exams. Kakashi had been more than a little helpful in his training as he corrected and taught Naruto new versions of taijutsu, and taught the blond how to track without using his wolf form.

Kakashi had been very impressed with his trap making skills, as well as his ability to hide, but really, Naruto had been running from angry ninja after playing pranks all the time. He'd been pranking the Anbu for years, and they'd never caught him. Plus he'd painted the Hokage monument in bright orange and hadn't been caught.

Speaking of his jumpsuit, the first thing that Kakashi had made him do was ditch it. The Copy Ninja had personally gone out and bought him an entire new wardrobe, much to the celebration of his teammates. There were all different colors and styles of clothes, and Kakashi had managed to burn the set of jumpsuits that Naruto had previously owned.

Naruto had hated the jumpsuit, but it had been the only thing that the villagers would sell to him, so he'd dealt with it. He was more than a little grateful to his sensei for the gifts.

Naruto wondered how the other genin and the people of Konoha would react to his new wardrobe.

Right now he was wearing a sky blue skirt and a darker blue jacket with black pants wrapped in orange tape (a darker color and addition to his wardrobe that Naruto actually liked).

Kakashi had forbidden any of the neon version of the color, not that Naruto actually minded seeing as he hated the neon version of orange and only wore it because that was all he was able to get. Kakashi had even made him change his blue sandals to black, so that they'd blend in better. All in all, Naruto looked completely different than they'd ever saw him.

Naruto rather liked the change, and each of his new clothes had been equipped with a seal that would prevent them from shredding every time he changed form.

At the moment, the entirety of Team 7 was entering the Academy to begin the exam.

Sasuke and Sakura put on a nice show for the other competing teams by pointing out the genjutsu on the second floor. Naruto had to bite his limp and keep smirking as to not attack the two idiots by letting these idiots into the exam. It was obvious that the genjutsu was there to weed out the weaker teams, and his teammates had just let them in.

Why was he called the stupid one again?

Oh, right, because he acted like an idiot to keep other people from finding out his true potential. When was he going to be able to stop wearing a mask?

When he passed this test and became a chuunin. Becoming a chunnin meant that he was able to inherit whatever had been left of his parents belongings and he'd also be able to learn exactly who his parents were. At one point, this was when he would of been told about the Kyuubi, but things had worked out a lot differently than Sarutobi had expected, what with Mizuki spilling the secret to him early.

"Well, well," a familiar voice came from a ways away from them. "If it isn't the ragtag Team 7!"

Naruto blinked up, and smiled when he saw Shikamaru and Choji walking over to them. Ino and Sakura were already fighting over Sasuke, but Naruto was far to adapt at tuning them out he hadn't noticed.

"Yo!" Naruto grinned. "I haven't seen you guys for a while! How've ya been?"

Shikamaru waved his hand dismissively. "We've been alright, as good as you can get with Ino on your team. So troublesome, but what can you do?"

Choji grinned, and offered Naruto some potato chips. "Asuma-sensei is awesome, he really teaches us a lot. What about your sensei?"

Naruto smiled happily, hating that he had to act this way to his friends. "Kakashi-sensei is amazing! We learn so much!" Naruto forced a pout on his face. "But he made me get rid of my jumpsuit! I can only use orange tape now..."

Shikamaru appraised him for a minute before nodding. "I was wondering why you didn't look like an orange monstrosity. You must really like your sensei, not even Iruka could get you to give up the jumpsuit."

"It wasn't that," Sakura answered for him. "Kakashi-sensei bought him a whole new wardrobe and burned anything orange that Naruto had. It was more like an intervention."

"Wow! That's something I never thought would happen!" Kiba and Akamaru walked up, followed by Shino. "Your sensei finally had enough of looking at that eyesore?"

"Shut up, Dog Breath!" Naruto snapped, keeping into character. He and Kiba were known for having a friendly rivalry.

Akamaru sniffed him and barked back to Kiba. Naruto had to keep himself from gasping as he understood what the dog was saying. 'He smells different! Almost like a wolf, but still like a fox.'

Kiba frowned at Akamaru, before sniffing Naruto himself.

"Dude! Personal space!" Naruto flinched away, not having to act. He wasn't that great with close contact, people tended to hurt him when in close range. Only Kakashi, Iruka, and Jiji could get close without all his senses going off on a rampage.

"You're right," Kiba commented to Akamaru. "You been hanging around any wolves lately, Naruto?"

Naruto fought back panic and blinked at them stupidly. "Wolves? Where would I have happened upon a wolf?"

Kiba shrugged, but Shikamaru was paying close attention to him. He had probably said something that wasn't in character, damn it! Why was it getting so hard to act, anymore? Was it because he really didn't want to?

"I don't know, but you really need a shower. The smell of foxes and wolves don't go together!" Kiba laughed and Naruto's completely blank face.

"Well, you need a breath mint, Dog Breath." Naruto shot back. It wasn't the best comeback, but at least it was in character.

"You newbies are far to loud for you own good!" A silver haired boy with glasses walked up to them.

"Who are you?" Sasuke snapped. Naruto mentally sighed at the idiocy of his teammate. This guy was older than them, and obviously more skilled. You don't go around provoking everyone you meet! Some day it was going to get the entire team in trouble, and where were they going to be then? Dead or injured, that's were!

Shikamaru glanced at him in surprise, almost as if he could read his mind. Naruto quickly schooled his face into a curiously blank expression as he vaguely listened to the conversation. Mostly he tuned out and went over possible reasons for his lack of control with his personality. Someone was going to figure it out soon, if this kept up!

It wasn't until Ibiki walked in that Naruto returned his focus.

"Alright you bunches of whelp!" Ibiki smiled cruely. "Welcome to hell!"

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