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The entire village had gone nuts, Naruto noted. It seemed with the revelation of her female status, everyone had decided that they needed to stare at her whenever they saw her. Normally, Naruto would be able to ignore the stares, but this was beginning to get unnerving.

Why the hell was it so hard to believe she was female? It wasn't like she'd told them all that she was male! It was almost as if they thought it was her fault that they never noticed.

Kakashi-sensei had begun laughing at anyone would said anything about her status. He'd been one of the few that always known her gender and was finding the entire situation hilarious.

Anko had apologized for not making it in time to help her team when Orochimaru had cornered them. Naruto had tried to assure her that it was alright, but Anko wouldn't hear of it. She was under the impression that giant man-eating tigers shouldn't slow her done any. Naru was surprised that her sister figure would think that way (Seriously, Naru could by one not being a problem, but six? No way that wasn't going to slow anyone down!) but Anko was adamant that it wasn't an excuse.

On the other hand, Naru was getting closer to all of the rookie nine. Kiba had apologized for all of his comments, having thought she was male at the time and that it wouldn't be taken that harshly. Shino looked very amused at his teammate's predicament, and Hinata had stopped fainting whenever she talked to her!

Ino had taken to teaching her the ways of the female, much to Sakura's amusement. It seemed that they were both focused on making sure that she was as feminine as possible, though Naru thought that it was pretty much a lost cause.

Shikamaru still blushed around her, but Naruto knew that was because of the way he'd found out she was a girl. No one wanted to walk in on someone of the opposite gender (at their age) and he would likely be doing that for a while. Choji just found the entire thing amusing beyond belief, and often teased them both for the accident.

Kono had taken the news very well, as he didn't really care about the differences of gender yet. It didn't matter if she was male or female as long as she still played with him. Naruto thought that was the most mature response she'd gotten, which was sad seeing as he was a six year old boy.

Jiji was currently laughing at the council, who was in apparent shock. He'd told her that when they complained about his hiding of her gender, he pointed out that her birth certificate said she was female and that it was their own stupidity that blinded them from seeing the truth. Naruto thought this was very amusing.

Kakashi-sensei had assigned them all different training instructor for the month between the next exam. With Kakashi being the only other person with the Sharingan, he'd been forced to focus on Sasuke, much to Team 7's annoyance. They'd preferred learning as a team to solo training.

Now, Naru had originally been forced to deal with Kono's perverted instructor before he'd been knocked out by a even bigger pervert. Said pervert was now taking a rather painful beating.

"Geeze, kid!" The white haired man groaned. "What did I ever do to you?"

Naru hissed in anger, "You're a peeping tom! What other reason do I need?"

The man really looked at her then, before paling. "Sorry, kid. But really, did you need to beat me into the ground?"

Naru nodded, looking very serious. "This is the only way that perverts learn!"

"Have you ever met a woman named Tsunade?" The man asked very seriously.

Naru shook her head, she'd never heard the name before, though she had the feeling that she should really know it. "Nope, dattebayo!"

The man stared at her with wide eyes, before looking around as if he was searching for something. Naru cocked her head at him in confusion, not sure why her sentence had caused him to react that way.

"What's your name, kid?"

"Uzumaki Naru, dattebayo!" Naru beamed at him. "Everyone calls me Naruto, though."

"Name's Jiraiya," The man grinned at her. "What are you doing here, anyways?"

Naru rolled her eyes. "The super pervert was supposed to teach me for the Chuunin Exams, but that's out, since you knocked him out. Now I'm going to have to find a new teacher!"

Jiraiya rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "Whoops, sorry Naruto. I tend to attack people who attack me first."

Naru sighed, not really blaming the guy, though he was still a pervert. "It's fine, I'll just ask Kaka-sensei to find someone else."

"No need!" Jiraiya grinned. "I knocked out your trainer, so I'll just take his place!"

Naruto looked at him, trying to find any hint of deception in the man's face. "You're not joking just to get one up on me, are you? 'Cause if you are, it ain't funny."

Jiraiya looked at her, honestly confused. Just what was this kid talking about? Didn't Sarutobi-sensei tell her about him? Wait, was she still a gennin? Dang, he still had to wait before she was allowed to know who he was! He hadn't expected to run into his goddaughter here, though. It was a good thing she hadn't been in the springs when he was peeping, that would have been embarrassing! "No, I'm being honest."

"You're a Konoha shinobi, right?" Naru narrowed her eyes. "Hokage-jij will know you, right?"

Jiraiya rolled his eyes, "He'd be going senile if he didn't. He was my sensei, after all!"

Naruto's eyes lit up, Sarutobi-jij was this guys sensei? Score! She was totally going to take him up on the training offer! One of the Sannin, asking to train her? No one was going to believe it!

"You got a deal!"

Jiraiya stared in awe as Naruto conversed with Gamabunta. This really hadn't gone how he was expecting it to. He really hadn't thought that Naru was already conversing with the Kyuubi (or that the Kyuubi's name was Kurama)! Their training sessions where very interesting, however. The fact that Naru summoned Gamabunta on her first try was amazing and Jiraiya felt a distinct pride for his goddaughter.

"Oi, Ero-Sennin! You just going to stand there staring, or are we going to practice something else?"

"Bwahaha!" Gamabunta laughed. "Ero-Sennin? I love this girl! Bwahaha!"

Jiraiya just smiled at the nickname. So much like her mother and father that it was amazing no

one had made the connection before. It was only a matter of time, however, before a Nara really took a look at her and figured it out. Those lot were lazy, but each one was a genius.

"Yeah, laugh it out!" Jiraiya yelled at his long time companion. "Just wait until she decides on a nickname for you!"

Gamabunta ignored him and continued to laugh, but Naru had a thoughtful expression on her face. Jiraiya grinned, Gamabunta would learn, as everyone else who knew the girl had. If she liked you, you got some sort of nickname. Whether it was humiliating or not.

"Well, gaki, we're going to learn some taijutsu next." Jiraiya grinned as the girl cheered. He was going to make sure that his goddaughter was always prepared for any enemy! Maybe he should search out Tsunade and ask for advice about training females?

After the Chuunin Exam, of course. It would be nice to know that his goddaughter knew who he was.

Sarutobi chuckled from where he watched the training sessions. He should have known that Jiraiya would be the one to meet the girl first. Tsunade would have been far more vocal in discussing their mutual goddaughter's training and lack of knowledge of who they are.

The rules that the council had decided upon ensured that Naru was left unaware of her heritage until she reach Chuunin, a feat that they hadn't thought was possible.

With the revelation that Naru was in fact female, the council was rather split on what to do. Naru was the daughter of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato, and she resembled both of them so closely that people where going to start putting together the pieces. The adults of the village had always wondered where the Yondaime had managed to find a child for the sealing and had always assumed that the babe was an orphan. After all, everyone knew that Kushina was pregnant with a little girl, not a boy.

Nara Shikaku had already figured it out, and had gaped at the girl mindlessly after the match between herself and Inuzuka Kiba. It wasn't hard for the man, as he and Minato had been very close. Being close to Minato meant that he was also close to Kushina and could easily recognize their daughter now that he knew he real gender.

So far, Shikaku was the only one the guess the secret that had been plaguing the village for thirteen years. Most pretended that they didn't want to know who Naruto's parents were, but everyone knew they all wanted to know.

Sarutobi was amazed that a simple mistake of gender had been the reason that people had remained unaware of Uzumaki Naru's heritage. She acted just like her mother and was a feminine version of her father! Kakashi had known who she was on sight! Jiraiya had also recognized the girl, and he had never even met her before! How was it that his village was so blind to the truth when they wanted to be?

Sighing, Sarutobi wondered how long it would take before the council decided that telling the girl would be in their best interests? They were currently reading the report of Team 7's first C-Rank mission, which was now classified as A-Rank. Momochi Zabuza had been terrified of the child, after accidently groping her. There was also mentions that Naru hadn't tapped into the Kyuubi's power.

Kushina would be proud, Sarutobi chuckled. The morons on his council were undoubtedly remembering the kunoichi that Uzumaki Kushina had been, and realizing that Naru was just as vicious as her mother before her.

Either way, this exam was bound to be interesting.

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