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Danny Phantom-Confessions of an A-Lister

"All right kids," said the Guide. "Feel free to explore the cave as much as you want. Just be sure not to touch any of the rock structures and stay within the public areas.

Danny looked around the cave in amazement. Despite going to places like the Ghost Zone, getting to go to outer space, and going to the future, seeing something as beautiful as this cave was just as cool.

"This is impressive," said Danny. "It's a shame that Tucker couldn't make it."

Danny's friend Sam nodded. "I know, but I'm sure he is enjoying himself playing video games."

"Probably," said Danny. "It still doesn't make up for missing all of this."

The two teens walked around and came to what was called the Crystal Grotto. It was a deep hole going straight down with a single pillar of crystal quartz going from the bottom to the top of the cave. When you shined a flash light into it the crystal shimmered and shined. Danny and Sam stood next to the pillar. "It's beautiful and peaceful," said Danny. "I'm always amazed how nature makes things like this."

"It is," said Sam. "It's a real nice spot." Sam paused as if thinking about something. For a while she had been working up the courage to tell Danny what her true feelings were and after a long time, she finally decided that today would be the day. Sam took a deep breath. "Danny," she said. "There is something I have wanted to tell you."

Danny smiled. "Sure Sam," he said. "What's on your mind?"

"Danny I…" started Sam.

"Oh my gosh," said Paulina interrupting Sam. "This place is so dirty. It is totally messing up my pretty shirt."

"Come on Paulina," said Star. "You promised you would take my picture next to the pillar."

"That was before I walked into here and got dirt in my fingernails," said the Latina girl. The two girls came inside the Grotto and stopped short. "Oh great," muttered Paulina. "Now we have losers in here with us. Could this not get any worse?"

"Oh look," said Sam annoyed that the two A-Listers had shown up right when she was going to confess to Danny. "Someone forgot to clean up the bat guano."

Paulina looked at Sam insulted. "Did you just call me bat poop?"

Sam gave Paulina a look of mock surprise. "You actually know what guano is?" she said. "I'm impressed Paulina, I guess there is something between your ears other than air."

Paulina put her hands on her hips. "Of course I do," she said. "I use bat guano based face cream to keep my skin nice, smooth, and free from blemishes."

Sam smiled. "No wonder when I'm around you I want to gag," she said.

"Listen Goth girl," said Paulina. "Just because you look like a reject from a freak show doesn't give you the right to make fun of me. I'm should leave before your bad fashion sense rubs off on me."

"Good," said Sam. "It was getting pretty crowded in here with your ego taking up so much room."

"Quit yelling," said Paulina. "Your voice sounds like nails on a chalk board."

The two girls kept arguing until Mr. Lancer walked into the cave. "Ladies," he said going up to them. "Everyone can hear you two yelling. You need to come with me and be quiet."

"Now look at what you did," said Paulina.

Sam looked incredulous. "Me," she said. "This is all your fault. If you hadn't started insulting people…"

Danny could hear the two girls arguing down the tunnel as Lancer lead them out leaving him alone in the Grotto and sighed. "Great," he said. "So much for a peaceful trip."

"Tell me about it," said Star from behind him causing Danny to jump. He had forgotten that Star was there. "All I wanted to do was have Paulina take a picture of me in front of the crystal pillar and now I doubt I will get the chance."

Danny smiled at Star. "If you want I can take the picture for you."

Star returned the smile and blushed as Danny's hand brushed past hers as she handed him the camera. "That would be awesome," said Star."

Star stood in front of the pillar and adjusted her hair. Danny focused the camera. "Say cheese," said Danny. Star smiled and Danny snapped the picture.

Star walked up to Danny. "How does it look?" she asked.

Danny clicked on the display and showed her the picture. "Looks good," he said.

Star bit her lower lip as she studied the picture then frowned. "Can you take another one," she said. "I don't like the way it looks."

"Sure," said Danny readjusting the camera. "I always wanted to play professional photographer."

"You're doing a good job of it," said Star fixing her hair.

"It's really easy when you have someone a pretty as you to take pictures of," said Danny.

Star and Danny both looked surprised when he said that. The two teens just gazed at each other before they looked away. Danny coughed in his hand as Star tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and blushed. After a brief silence Star walked back to the pillar and struck another pose as Danny took the picture. They went back a forth several times before Star was satisfied with the results.

Danny gave the camera back and Star shyly took it. "Thanks, Danny," she said smiling. "You really made my day by doing this for me."

"It was no problem said Danny," said Danny. "I'm glad I could help."

There was an awkward silence as the two seemed to look more at their feet than each other. "I guess I'll finish taking pictures of the cave," she said with a little giggle in her voice. I'll see you late."

"See you later," said Danny smiling broadly.

Danny watched as Star walked to a wall that had little crystals embedded in the walls called the Celestial Light and started taking pictures of it. Suddenly Danny felt the ground start to shift and for a moment he thought that he was phasing on accident when he heard the rocks start to shift then fall. "Earthquake," yelled Danny. Danny heard Star scream as they both ran for the entrance but before he got there, a large number of rocks fell kicking up dust. Danny lost his footing and fell down. Then as soon as it started the earthquake was over.

Danny coughed and got to his feet as the dust started to settle around him and looked around. He was trapped in a cave in the middle of the Amity Natural Cave Park. For a moment Danny felt a twinge of panic before he realized he could just phase through the rock and escape. He was about to do just that when he heard a moaning coming from behind him. Danny turned on his flash light and saw Star lying on her side.

Danny rushed over. "Hey," he said. "Are you alright?" When he got to them he saw the length of blonde hair with the ever-present orange flower in it. "Star," he said kneeling next to her and giving her a gentle shake. "You ok?"

Star opened her blue eyes and looked at Danny. "Fenton," she said sitting up. "What happened?" She looked around. "One second I'm looking at some crystals, next thing I know the ground shakes and I wake up looking at you."

Danny looked her over checking for injuries. As he did he couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was. Truth be told he had a crush on her for a while now. "Earthquake," said Danny holding out a hand. Star just looked at it. "Sorry," said Danny starting to withdraw his hand. "I forgot you don't touch geek."

Before he moved it, Star grabbed it and allowed him to pull her up. "That's more Paulina's thing," she said dusting herself off. "I just do that so I don't get kicked out of the A-list."

"Right," said Danny not fully believing her. He played the flashlight around the area until it rested on a pile of rocks. "That used to be the entrance," he said walking over to it. He handed Star the light and started to move rocks until he couldn't move the bigger ones. "Looks like we're not digging ourselves out," he said.

Star got a panicked look on her face. "You mean we're trapped here…forever?"

'Not really,' thought Danny. He could just phase the two of them out, but he wanted to hold off on that until it was absolutely necessary. "I'm sure we'll be fine," he said to her. "They will start digging us out soon."

Star sat down and hugged her legs to her chest. "Yeah," she said rocking slightly. "We'll just sit here with the light and we'll be fine. They'll come for us." Star started hyperventilate a little. "Just as long as we have the light we'll be fine."

Danny shot her a worried look. "Are you ok?" he asked. "You seem…jumpy."

Star took a deep breath and calmed down a little. "I'm sorry," she said. "I'm a little claustrophobic."

Danny sat down next to her. "And you came in here?"

Star gave him a weak smile. "Nuts right," she said. "As long as I knew there was a way out and plenty of light I was fine, but this," she waved the light around. "I wasn't expecting, as long as the light is on I will be fine."

"That's…" started Danny.

"Stupid I know," said Star.

Danny shook his head and smiled. "I was going to say brave," he said. "It takes a lot to face a fear like this and not let it affect you."

Star looked a little surprised then smiled. "Yeah," she said. "I guess it was kind of brave of me. Thanks."

"So how do you want to pass the time?" he asked. "We have nothing better to do for the moment so how about I pop in a movie until they rescue us."

Star laughed at the lame joke and was about to reply when the light started to dim. "Oh no," said Star in a low voice. She gave the light a few shakes but it continued to go dimmer until it went out completely. Star started to hyperventilate again. "No please," she said still shaking the flash light. "Not now."

Star started to panic until she felt arms surround her and pull her into a warm embrace. She felt the heat from Danny's lips as he whispered into her ears. "Don't worry Star," he said softly. "I'm right here next to you. Just breathe."

Star closed her eyes and took deep breaths and slowly calmed down. "I'm okay," she said after a moment. "I'm fine now." As she felt Danny pull away, she wrapped her arms around his waist. "Please," she said. "Don't let go. I know it's silly, but this is the only way I know you're here and that I'm safe."

Danny was surprised. "All right," he said readjusting his position. "I promise I won't let go."

Danny felt Star's head rest on his shoulder. They stayed like that for a while before Star spoke. "Danny," said Star. "Did you mean what you said when you were taking my picture?"

"I did," said Danny. "I think you are one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen."

Star silently sat next to Danny for a moment. Danny could tell that she was thinking about something. "You want to know a secret," she said after a moment. "Something I've never told anyone."

Danny was still a little surprised by all of this. "Sure," he said.

"I envy you and your friends," she said. "I envy the way you act, how you always seem to have fun, and how close you guys are."

"You envy me?" he asked surprised. "You're on the A-list and one of the most popular girls at the school."

"Pfff," she said. "I'm nothing special. Paulina and I aren't even close friends if even that. It's nothing like you and Sam and Tucker. I'm just Paulina's personal satellite." She sighed. "That's me, Star aka Sputnik. I'm just a tiny dot orbiting Planet Paulina."

"That's not true," protested Danny. "I know for a fact you are a beautiful and smart girl who doesn't need anyone else to get noticed. She may be Planet Paulina, but what good is a planet without a Star to give it light and warmth." Danny couldn't believe he was saying this, but he continued anyway. "That's what I think when I see you," he said. "Not a Sputnik, but a Polaris, the north star that guides people. That's why I like you."

For some reason she felt butterflies in her chest when he said that. She never thought that someone especially Danny Fenton thought of her that way. Star tightened her grip on Danny. "That is both the cheesiest thing anyone has said to me," she said. "But it is also the sweetest thing." She looked up and tried to imagine how his face looked. "And you know something else?"

"What's that?" asked Danny.

"I like you too," she said. "I've always liked you despite how I acted."

If Star could see the look on Danny's face it would have been priceless. "Then why do you always act like you do?"

Star sighed. "Because I was afraid," she said. "Afraid of what Paulina and the others would say, afraid that I would lose the popularity I worked hard to get, afraid of what you would say and what the Goth chick would do if I told you."

"What's Sam got to do with that?" he asked.

"You are clueless aren't you?" she said. Danny just blinked before Star continued. "I was afraid most of all by rejection. I thought that you and Sam had something and that if I told you I had a crush on you, I'd be shot down

Danny almost jumped off the rock he was sitting on. "Hold on," he said. "You have a crush on me?"

Danny could feel Star nod her head. "Yeah for a while now," she said. "That's why I was mean to you and dated Kwan. I was hoping that I could make my feelings go away."

There it was. All of her feelings lay bare before him. All of her fears, her hopes, and dreams. Danny didn't say anything and Star began to worry that she had made a mistake telling him all of this. "Danny," she said hesitantly.

"There's nothing between me and Sam," said Danny suddenly. "We're just friends."

Star smiled. "If that's the case," she said. "Would you like to go out after we get out of this hole?"

Danny thought for a moment. "I know you're afraid of losing your friends and I like you a lot, but if we go out I don't want it to be a secret," he said.

Star was about to answer when they both heard the sound of rocks falling. They both turned and saw the rocks at the entrance fall away and beams of light passing over them causing them to cover their eyes. "Journey to the Center of the Earth," said Lancer. "We found them. Someone call the paramedics."

"Danny," yelled Sam running up and hugging her friend followed by Paulina. "We thought you were hurt."

"We're fine," he said releasing himself from her hug. "I'm glad to see you guys are okay."

"Wow, Star," said Paulina walking up to them. "I'm surprised that you we're able to stand being cooped up in here with a geek for so long without going nuts."

"It's a good thing she was here," said Sam. "The air escaping from between her ears gave them something to breathe."

"We should get her washed off so she can get the stink of looser off," retorted Paulina.

The two of them began to argue as Danny looked at Star. "You didn't give me an answer," he said.

"Answer to what?" asked Paulina.

Star looked at Paulina then back to Danny. Star could walk away right now and everything would be the same. She would be popular and envied and of course miserable. "Come on Star," said Paulina pulling her away from Danny. "Let's get out of here."

As Paulina led Star away Danny's face fell. "All right," he said feeling foolish for saying what he did. "I'll see you later."

"As if," said Paulina. "Me and Star are going to the mall so I can do something about her outfit, it's totally clashing with mine right now."

As Paulina pulled Star farther away, Sam put a hand on Danny's shoulder. "Come on, Danny," said Sam. "She's just a satellite caught in Planet Paulina's pull and that's all she'll ever be."

Star stiffened when she heard what Sam said and turned around. Her eyes locked with Danny's and she remembered what he told her. Star's eyes found Danny's and he gave her a small smile. "I'm Polaris," she whispered. "Not Sputnik."

Paulina stopped pulling her and gave her a funny look. "What was that?"

Star ignored her and walked purposely back to Danny and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him fully on the lips. Both Sam and Paulina's chins hit the ground. Star savored the coolness of his kiss for a moment longer then pulled away. "I'm free Friday," she said. "Dinner and a movie?"

Danny's smile turned into a grin. "Pick you up at 7?"

Star nodded and gave him a quick kiss on the lips as a paramedic walked over to the two of them to check for injuries. As they walked out of the cave they held hands leaving a still gaping Sam and Paulina behind them. Star smiled and rested her head on her new boyfriends shoulder. "I'm Polaris," she repeated to herself. "and I'll never be a satellite again."

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