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Danny Phantom: Confessions of a Rock Diva.

Above the Founder's Day Festival.

How do you tell someone that you love them? It's a simple enough statement and a simple enough process. I swear in my 15 years of being alive and the last 30+ years of me being dead I have said I love you at least a dozen times and it was easy every time. Of course none of those relationships lasted, and the last time I really felt love when I told someone I loved them they spurned me and I died when my house caught fire while I was out cold from crying myself to sleep.

In hindsight I might have gone a little overboard with that one. Now I find myself pining after a 16 year old kid who I spent the better part of two years fighting and aside from the massive age difference and the whole him living and me dead thing and the fact he has a girlfriend, I still can't stop thinking about him. After my breakup with Skulker (One of the best decisions I ever made though at the time I was devastated) I was a mess. I spent the better part of a week at that bar strumming away crappy love songs and living on tips and alcohol. My friends tried to pull me out of it, but I just ignored them.

I was in a downward spiral when Danny walked in. I remember when he walked into Necropolis that day looking for his girlfriend and sat down next to me at the bar. I'm not sure exactly what happened considering at the time I was a little buzzed…ok I was drunk, but I remember listening to him ask about Skulker and brushing aside my warning that it was a trap. When Danny said that, I was instantly jealous. Skulker would never have done that for me. I believe I told Danny as much and gave him the location to Skulker's base. Danny said he owed me one and then without thinking on my part I grabbed him and kissed him. At first I expected him to recoil, but instead he pulled me closer and in that instant I was lost in the most beautiful moment I have had in a long time. Then…it ended. Danny broke away from the embrace we were in and I have to admit that I closed my eyes when the kiss ended. I just knew in my heart that when they opened that I was going to see a look of disgust on Danny's face and I didn't want to see that. I wanted to hold on to the moment for as long as I could. Finally after what felt like forever, I opened them. Much to my shock and surprise I saw Danny not looking at me with disgust, just curiosity and uncertainty. When he said my name I just turned my back to him to hide the tears I felt coming to my eyes.

After we parted ways I just sat down and started playing the first song that came to her head. I'm still not sure what song it was, but I know it was from the heart. I followed Danny little while later and got there in time to see his friends load him and his girlfriend up into that bus of theirs and drive off. I was pretty happy that Danny had not only survived, but had saved his girlfriend as well. I was about to fly off when in the distance I saw a flash of light on what looked like glass. I flew over there and much to my surprise found Skulker. All I can say about what happened between me and Skulker that day is man I love violent therapy.

After sending Skulker off to the abyss for what I thought was a permanent vacation, I started asking my friends how I should handle the Danny thing. Kitty was less than helpful as her relationship advice was to just change my personality to act like Danny's girlfriend. Spectra suggested that I just overshadow his girlfriend and then I would get what I wanted. Neither piece of advice was something I wanted to do so I turned to my other friend Desiree for help. Things were going great until my ex decided to start getting his revenge by kidnapping Desiree, slaughtering several of my friends, and, less I forget, make sweet love to my chest with a sword. Skulker made a major mistake by not making sure I was dead. I'm going to pay him back for everything that he did to me and those I care about. The only problem is that I'm by myself. Everyone that would help is dead, hurt, or missing.

That brings me to my current dilemma. The one person I know can help me happens to also by my enemy the goody-two shoed Danny Phantom. The same guy I have, for some reason that I can't fathom, I have fallen in love with. I would like nothing more than to tell him but I'm worried about what he will say to me. Danny does have a girlfriend that he seems to be in love with and that makes me on the outside looking in, something I'm not used to. I really want to tell Danny how I feel about him. I want to let him know that I've fallen for him and that I want to start a relationship with him. I just don't know how to tell him. We have been enemies since the first time I met him. How do you get around the fact I tried to kill him and take over the planet? How do I tell him that I'm falling in love with him while he has a girlfriend? I hate being on the outside.

Ember was shaken from her thoughts when she looked down at Danny as he gently kissed Star on the mouth and felt her heart clinch. Ember briefly imagined that it was her that Danny was kissing. Ember allowed herself a moment to day dream before she concentrated and raised his aura enough to set off Danny's ghost sense. She felt a momentary thrill when it forced him to break his kiss and look around for the source of the disturbance. Ember slowly floated away making sure to leave a trail that Danny could follow into a music store. Ember walked in and was relieved to see that the place was empty Ember waved at the clerk who waved back and returned to typing on a computer. Ember came here often enough that he knew her on sight and knew not to bother the rock diva.

Ember sat down in a chair that was at the back of the store in an area that was used to listen to sample music and waited. It didn't take long before she heard the bell ring that goes off and saw the door open admitting Danny inside. Ember felt a sense of joy in seeing him, but that was quashed by seeing the other person who walked in with him. She had been hoping that Danny would come alone, but his girlfriend Star had decided to tag along.

Annoyed, Ember crossed her arms as Danny walked up to her. "What do you want Ember?" asked Danny looking at her suspiciously.

Ember stood up and looked at Danny nervously. She had a whole speech planned out, but now she was for the first time in her after life, at a loss for words.

"Dipstick…Danny," she said thinking it better not to call him that. Ember tried to say what she wanted to next but the words just would come out. Ember took a deep breath and said the one thing she never thought she would ever say to Danny Phantom. "Danny, I need your help."

Danny looked at her in surprise. "You need my help?"

Ember nodded. "Something major has happened in the Ghost Zone and you're the only one who can help me."

"Sorry to interrupted," said Star. "But why should he help you? Aren't you trying to kill him and take over the world with your music, which I have to say is absolutely fantastic. I have all your songs on my phone."

Ember smiled at the complement. "Thanks," she said. "But to answer your question, I did want to take over the world and I have tried to kill him, but that is all beside the fact that I really need his help." Ember turned to Danny. "Something bad has happened and we are the only ones who can stop it."

"What happened?" asked Danny.

Ember took a deep breath and started at the beginning. As she told her story, Danny's eyes got wider and wider. By the time Ember had finished, Danny was sitting down thinking about what she said. "Technus and Youngblood are dead?" he asked in disbelief.

Ember nodded "Maybe Johnny as well," she said. "He was in pretty bad shape when I left and I don't know if he was going to make it. Box Ghost is missing. Wulf, Poindexter, Kitty, and some others are badly hurt and Necropolis is a wreck."

Danny sat back in his chair stunned. "Skulker did all of that?" I don't believe it. I knew he had changed when I fought him last, but this…this is beyond anything I thought possible for him." Danny clinched his fist. "He also got stronger somehow. To take on everyone like that and not get hurt means that he got some serious upgrades from somewhere. If he had tech like that when we last fought then we might not be having this conversation."

"I really think losing to you in the way that he did really pushed him over the edge," said Ember. "Skulker was the most feared Ghost in the Ghost Zone. After all the losses to you and your friends, ghosts just didn't take him seriously anymore. I don't know where he got the upgrades, but because of them, Skulker is a lot more dangerous."

"Any idea where he went next or what he was looking for?" asked Danny.

Ember shrugged. "Something to do with the Source," she said. "Kitty said that was where he was going."

"What's the Source?" asked Star.

"I don't know," said Ember. "According to legend, it is the place from where the Ghost Zone came from and if a ghost takes even the smallest drop of the Source, it will make them super powerful."

"If that part is true," said Danny. "Then why haven't you or anyone else taken it?"

"It's supposed to be guarded by some crazy monster or warriors, I forget which," said Ember. "So that keeps a lot of ghosts away. The rest stay away from it because if you take it, you will die and not be reincarnated as a human."

"That doesn't seem to bother Skulker any," muttered Danny. "But what does he want with the Source and Desiree?"

"To kill you is my guess," said Star. "He has to want revenge for the beating you gave him."

"Then why kidnap Desiree?" asked Ember. "It's not like she would help him." Ember sighed. "I don't know what Skulker's plan is, but I know that my friend is in danger and you are the only one who can help me save her. You've got to help me; you owe me for helping you save your girlfriend."

Star looked at Danny. "How did she help?"

Before Danny could respond, Ember spoke up. "I told him where Skulker was holding you," she said. "Baby pop found me at a bar and said he owed me one for telling him where to find you." Ember looked at Danny pointedly. "And if you think that little peck on the lips was what I wanted from you, you can forget that."

Danny suddenly felt an intense sense of dread crawl up his spine. Ember looked over at Star and took a step back as Danny slowly turned and faced his girlfriend who was giving Danny a harsh stare. "You kissed her?"

"Star I can explain," said Danny holding his hands up. "I didn't kiss her, well I did but I'm not the one who uhhh but I ummm well..."

Danny started sputtering while Ember struggled not to laugh in spite of the situation. Seeing the anger rise on Star's face was just too funny to pass up. Ember decided that it would be best to come clean before Star got to mad and perhaps force Danny not to help her. "To be fair," said Ember. "I was a little drunk and I didn't really ask him to kiss me, I just stole it. If it makes you feel better, the dipstick did push me away."

Star seemed really angry but then she closed her eyes and then sighed. "It's ok," she said. "As long as it was ONE kiss that's fine." Star looked pointedly at Ember. "As long as it was the last one."

Danny let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Star glared at him. "Don't think you're out of the woods yet Fenton," she said. "We will talk about this later." Star turned to Ember. "Then I need to say thank you for helping to save me. I would say I owe you one, but I think I'll let that kiss on MY boyfriend be payment."

Ember thought about pointing out that she had saved Star twice, but decided against it. She would save that one for later if needed. "Fine," said Ember. Ember looked at Danny. "Look I know we're not friends," said Ember. Ember's face fell and a look of disappointment crossed her features. "And we probably will never be friends," she whispered. Danny's eyes widened. She wants to be friends? Ember gave Danny a determined look "But right now I need your help. If you don't help me, more of my friends will get hurt and you can bet that when Skulker is done with whatever it is he is doing, he will come looking for you."

Ember waited expectantly for Danny's answer. Danny smiled and nodded. "I'll help," he said. "I promise that we will rescue Desiree and stop Skulker from doing whatever it is he wants to do."

Ember let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. This was more than she could have hoped for. If it wasn't for the fact that Star was standing right next to him, Ember would have kissed him again. "Thanks Dipstick," she said.

Danny smiled. "We better find out where this Source is and see if we can find any clues," he said. "We should get going right now."

"Yes we should," said Star. "I'm coming with you."

Danny shook his head emphatically. "No," he said. "If we run into Skulker, I don't want you to get hurt by him."

Star put her hands on her hips. "Look Fenton," she said. "I already told you that I can take care of myself," Star voice dropped to a whisper. "And I don't like the idea of you being alone with her." Star's voice rose. "Besides if something happens, then I'll be sure to hide until it's over."

"And what if the worst happens and I don't make it?" asked Danny. "I'm not running the risk of leaving you stuck in the Ghost Zone at Skulker's mercy."

"I said I can take care of myself," argued Star.

Ember watched as the two of them argued. She wouldn't normally get into things like this, but the thought of being alone with Danny had its appeal. "Actually," said Ember. "It's best if you don't come to the source with us."

"Why is that?" asked Star.

Ember thought for a moment. "Because if a human gets near it they run the risk of getting overshadowed by the spirit of a ghost that has already died."

Ember held her breath. She didn't know jack about the Source but was betting that since they didn't know anything either that Star would buy the lie that Ember was selling. Star didn't look convinced, but she finally sighed. "Fine," she said. "I'm not happy about this. I don't trust the fact you're going with one of your enemies to a place that could be dangerous."

Danny smiled and hugged Star. "I know," said Danny. "It might be a trap, and it might be dangerous, but I would feel a lot better if I knew you were somewhere safe and sound."

Star nodded. "Ok," she said. "But I'm not going to sit on the sidelines and do nothing. I'll grab Sam and Tucker and we will monitor you from your Dad's command center. If you find anything and need to get us to do any research or analysis then we will be able to do it for you."

Danny nodded. "That's a good idea," said Danny. "Also if we get in trouble and need a fast getaway you guys can come in the Spectral Speeder and back us up."

Star nodded. "Ok," she said. "I'll go get them right now. I'm sure Sam will be more than willing to come if it gets her out of having to help her mom show off all those frilly dresses."

Danny laughed. "I'm sure she would," he said.

Ember tapped her foot impatiently. "This is all good, but we need to get going. I don't want to have to leave Desiree in whatever trouble she is in too long."

"Alright," said Danny.

Star pulled Danny into a hug and brought her mouth to his ear. "Be careful and come back to me, ok?" she whispered.

Danny wrapped his arms around Star. "I will," he whispered back.

Star lifted her lips and kissed Danny full on the mouth. Ember shifted her feet uncomfortably as she watched with envy. Reluctantly the two teens parted. Danny turned to Ember. "Let's go."

Ember nodded and held out her hand. "Hang on," she said.

Star's eyes narrowed as Danny took Ember's hand. "Be safe Danny," she said and looked pointedly at Ember. "And you better remember not try anything or I will come after you."

Ember rolled her eyes as Danny smiled and in a flash of cyan fire Danny and Ember were gone. Star stood there for a moment before pulling out her cellphone and calling Sam. "Hey, Star," said Sam. "What's up?"

"Sam?" she said. "Danny's off on a mission and we need to help him. Can you meet me at Fenton Works?"

Star could hear Sam let out a joyous whoop. "I'll meet you there."

"Thanks Sam," she said. "See you soon."

Star hung up and looked back at the spot where she last saw her boyfriend. "Please be safe, Danny."


Skulker's portal opened up into Vlad's Laboratory. Vlad turned and watched as Skulker came through with Desiree slung under his shoulder. Skulker unceremoniously dropped her to the floor and then crossing his arms he turned to Vlad.

"I have what you want," he said. "Ember guitar, the processor chip Technus stole, the Source, and Desiree."

Vlad clapped his hand mockingly. "Very good," he said. He pointed to a nearby table that had restraints on it. "Place Desiree there if you would and be sure to restrain her." Skulker grumbled but did what Vlad told him to do and soon Desiree found herself held down. Vlad walked over to Desiree. "Ah my dear Desiree," said Vlad. "It is so good to see you here. I'm glad you could join me."

Desiree looked at Vlad with anger. "What do you want?" she asked. "Why did you have Skulker kidnap me and kill or maim all of my friends?"

"I didn't actually order Skulker to kill or hurt any of your friends," he said. "He did that on his own, but I did need you here because I have something very special in mind for you. It is something that only you will be able to help me with."

Desiree shook her head and glared in defiance at Vlad. "I'll never help you," she said. "I'd rather die again first than do anything for you."

"Well my dear," he said. "I can't allow you to die just yet. You see I have a problem that only your rather extraordinary powers can help solve."

"I won't help you," she said.

"We'll see," said Vlad walking over to the table where Skulker had laid out the other items that Vlad had him get.

Skulker glared at him. "Are you going to tell me why you wanted all of this?"

"Of course," said Vlad. "You see Skulker; I have almost everything that I have ever wanted. I have money, power, influence, and I control an entire city full of drones that will do whatever it is I want them to do. There are only two things that I lack in this world; the Green Bay Packers and the love of my life, Maddie Fenton."

"Maddie Fenton," said Skulker. "Who is she?"

"Oh I'm sure you have met her," said Vlad. "You just didn't know who she was." Vlad gestured to an image on a computer screen that showed Maddie clad in her blue hazmat suit talking with her husband Jack. "She is one of the local Ghost Hunters that are responsible for some of the weapons that have been used on you. She also happens to be the mother of Danny Phantom."

Skulker studied the image. "She is the whelp's mother?" he said. "Maybe I should pay her a visit. I could use her as bait for my next trap for the Whelp…or just kill her to make him suffer."

Vlad glared angrily at Skulker and pulled out the remote that controlled Skulker's armor and pushed the button sending arcs of electricity through the suit and into Skulker. "You will not lay a hand on her," said Vlad as Skulker's body into spasms. "You touch her but one time Skulker and your afterlife will be very painful for a long time."

Vlad released Skulker from the electricity. The hunter got up and glared daggers at Vlad but didn't do anything. "I understand," he said. "The only reason you would react in such a way is that you plan to make her your mate."

"Yes I do, but unfortunately she doesn't feel the same way for me that I do for her," said Vlad turning to Desiree. "That is why I need your help Desiree. I'm going to wish for you to make Maddie Fenton fall in love with me."

Desiree burst out laughing. "You idiot," she said. "I might have almost unlimited power to grant wishes, but I can't grant any wish. My powers are bound by certain rules and one of those rules is that I can't make two people fall in love." Desiree laughed again. "You could make your wish until you were green in the face and it would never happen. You did all of this for nothing."

Vlad flashed his fangs in a smile that caused Desiree to stop laughing. "Oh I don't think so," he said. "You see my dear I already knew about that particular limit on your powers before I had you brought to me. That is why I had Skulker get me some of the Source. When exposed to the right amount of the Source, a ghost's powers are increased beyond measure and whatever limits that were on their powers are changed. I believe that you will be able to grant my wish provided there is a spark of love in Maddie's heart for me." Vlad picked up Ember's guitar. "That is why I got this. It has the power to do what Desiree can't and make someone love someone else. Of course the difference being that Ember's spell is not permanent. A person with enough will power or an emotional shock can break it the spell and end the love. But it does provide the necessary love long enough for the wish to be ready and make it permanent. With Ember's guitar I will make her love me until I'm ready for the second part of my plan."

Vlad picked up the processor that Skulker had taken. "Which is why I also needed this," he said. "This will allow my machine to calculate and extract the proper amount needed to make sure that it works. Too much and Desiree would die immediately and too little and it will not work." Vlad looked back at Desiree. "Once I've exposed you to the Source I will get my wish."

"You can't do that," said Desiree. "The Source would kill me after the power boost."

"Yes I know," said Vlad. "But to win the game you have to sacrifice a pawn now and then." Vlad walked over to a large mainframe and took the processor and installed it. "The one unfortunate thing is it will take some time to get the right amount so you have some time to resign yourself to your second death."

"You won't get away with this," she said. "Someone stop you and save me."

"Who exactly will come to save you?" asked Skulker laughing. "Technus, Youngblood, and Box Ghost are dead. The rest of your friends that survived the attack at Necropolis are to hurt to fight. Oh and let's not forget that Ember's body lies in a puddle of her own ectoplasm after I put my blade into her heart and watched her die."

At that moment a monitor started to flash a red light and let out a beep. Vlad turned and looked to see what was causing it to go off. It was set to follow Danny when he came into contact with another ghost for the purpose of study. It proved to be effective in tracking his progress. Vlad watched as Danny and Star went into a music store and started talking to a very uninjured and very much alive Ember McLain. Vlad turned to Skulker. "Lying in a puddle of her own ectoplasm?" he said. "Blade to the heart? Watched her die? Either Ember had a twin or you are an incompetent hunter who let his prey play dead."

Skulker's eyes widened. "Impossible," he said. "I pierced her heart. She should be dead on the floor where I left her. How is she alive?"

Desiree started laughing. "Oh you are truly an idiot," she said.

Skulker stalked over to her. "What do you know of this?"

Desiree's smile was full of malice. "Everything," she said. "I remember every wish that I have ever granted no matter what state my body is in. You remember when you kidnapped me what you said before we left?"


"I wish you would heal," he said absently hefting Desiree in one arm and Ember's guitar in the other. "I would have enjoyed making you suffer longer."

Stalker's fist clinched until fluid came out of the palms as Desiree laughed. "You got your wish," she said. "Ember is all healed up and now she is getting allies to fight you." Desiree smirked. "Why isn't that the Ghost Boy who ALWAYS beats you into a pulp?"

"YOU WENCH," yelled Skulker extending his blade and placing the tip under Desiree's chin. "I should end your afterlife right now."

"Don't you dare," said Vlad his finger hovering over the button that would shock Skulker. "I need her alive."

Desiree smirked and gave Skulker a wink that caused the hunter's ectoplasm to boil. For a brief moment Skulker considered just jamming the blade into Desiree's head but with Vlad holding Skulker's life in his hands, Skulker knew he could not kill the genie…yet. Skulker retracted the blade and turned back to the screen and seethed at the image of Ember talking to the Whelp. "Leave her to me," he said through clinched teeth. "I will make sure to end her afterlife and this time I WILL take her head."

"You will not," said Vlad. "You will stay here and do as you are told. I have a more important task for you."

Skulker turned his head back to Vlad. "What task is more important than to kill them," asked Skulker.

"Because of your bumbling," he said. "Ember has alerted Daniel to your activities. If they follow any trail that you left, then that trail could lead them to me and that will ruin my plans."

Skulker sneered. "I left no trail," he said. "No witnesses and no evidence to show where I have gone."

Vlad walked over to Ember's guitar and started taking it apart. "That remains to be seen," he said. "I'm not entirely convinced of that and because of that I must move forward with my plans ahead of schedule." Working quickly Vlad took a pair of tweezers and pulled out some components and started placing them on the table. "These are the parts of Ember's guitar that gives her the love powers." Vlad walked over to a shelf and pulled a gun with a small dish on the end of it and started to place the components onto various portions of the gun. "This device will act as a love beam," he said handing it to Skulker. "I'm going to arrange a meeting with Maddie and Jack tonight. I need you to do two things. First distract Jack Fenton. Send him on a wild Ghost Chase while I'm at dinner with Maddie. Once Jack is distracted I want you to be at the dinner and when I give you the signal you are to shoot Maddie with that device and make her fall in love with me."

"Why not kill Jack Fenton," said Skulker. "I could do so easily."

"That is tempting," said Vlad. "But I want Jack alive to see me take all that he holds dear. Once his wife and children are mine and his life is miserable, then I will end it myself."

Skulker frowned. "You mean to keep the Whelp alive?" said Skulker dangerously. "You promised that I would be able to take my revenge on him."

"Did I?" said Vlad. "I'm sorry you're right Skulker, I did promise you revenge on young Daniel. But what better way than to humiliate his father and make his mother fall in love with me?"

"I would rather have his pelt on my wall," muttered Skulker.

"You don't have a wall anymore," said Vlad. "In case you forgot, Danny blew up your home."

"Yet another slight I want revenge for," he said. Skulker pointed his finger at Vlad. "You gave your word Plasmius."

"That doesn't matter," said Vlad waving his hand. "The little badger and I have unfinished business so I'm not going to let you kill him. There is good news for you. Since Ember is still alive then you can take all your frustrations out on her. After all, how often do you get to kill the same person twice?"

"Yes," said Skulker. "This time I won't make the mistake of leaving her intact."

Vlad smiled. "There's the spirit," he said. "Now all I have to do is prepare for tonight." Vlad looked at Skulker's damaged suit. "You may avail yourself of the weapons locker to reload and repair your suit and gear. I assume you will want to be at your best for Ember."

Skulker nodded and walked out of the room. Vlad turned to Desiree. "As for you my dear try not to go anywhere," he said. "We will be needing you soon."

Desiree sneered. "I will get out of this, Plasmius," she said. "When I do I will take my revenge on you."

Vlad smiled. "I doubt that my dear. When this is over, you will be dead and I will have everything I want. And it's all thanks to you." Vlad walked to the door. "Now if you excuse me, I have places to go and lives to change."

"You won't get away with this Vlad," said Desiree. "You will fail."

"My dear," said Vlad. "It is too late. After tonight I will have Maddie and as soon as my computer has the right amount of the Source I will make her mine forever. Now enjoy the last few moments of your afterlife."

Vlad walked out of the room and one again Desiree could only hold on the small rapidly fading piece of hope. Desiree closed her eyes and silently prayed that Ember would save her before it was too late.

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