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Chapter One: Team Seven!

Yep, everyone was officially way too stupid for their own good. Not many people would agree, but Uzumaki Naruto knew he was right. I mean, how else would they not know that one of the new genin and a long time prankster as well as an Academy student was, and had been, blind since age four?

Naruto smirked as he sat in his usual seat next to Uchiha Sasuke, the biggest prick in the world. He had finally been able to pass the genin exam, although he didn't complete it the normal way. Being who he was, he had managed it by defeating that traitorous Mizuki.

It hadn't been easy, acting like he was able to see; when to those who really looked it was obvious he could not. Only the Hokage was aware of his disability, and Naruto planned to keep it that way. The blond genin saw no reason for his to give up his secret after so many years of lying about it, training himself to be able to react like a both a person with and without sight.

Not even Iruka-sensei knew about his lack of eye sight, which would make him one of the most skilled people out there, and not the dobe.

Naruto was dragged from his thoughts as a loud screech directed at him tore at his sensitive ears. "NARUTO! I want to sit next to Sasuke-kun, so MOVE!"

'Fucking banshee, go bark up another tree, I don't care.' Naruto growled to himself, but for the sake of his sanity, he only ignored her. Being blind was one secret he would most likely never give up, but that hyperactive mask he had developed to protect himself? That could go.

The graduating genin merely stared at the silent, not hyper, and absolutely not smiling boy. It was like a complete personality change from what he had been only yesterday.

"Troublesome. Finally decided to act like yourself, eh, Naruto?" Shikamaru asked, not even raising his head from the desk it was on.

"Yep, I got bored with acting. It also got annoying when the only ones who noticed were you and Iruka-sensei. I mean, come on, no one is that happy and hyper all of the time!" Naruto whined, still a little put out by the only two people who noticed. After all, no one in the village had. The Sandaime knew, obviously (he knew about him being blind, so he definitely knew about his mask), since he had encouraged it in the very beginning.

"Really? That's just sad." Shikamaru sighed. "I would have thought someone would question how you seemed to always ace the written and taijutsu part of the genin exam if you were really an idiot. It was common knowledge that you were only helpless at the Bunshin no Jutsu."

Naruto watched in amusement as all of the other graduates smacked their heads into their respective desks. "Yep, they feel stupid, alright. Best prank ever." Shikamaru nodded in agreement, while Sasuke stared at the supposed dobe in absolute shock.

"I was only joking." That had been the dobe's favorite response when he had done something wrong. And come to think about it, he had never used that excuse when doing the Bunshin. 'How in the world did I miss that? Aren't I supposed to be the prodigy here? How was Shikamaru able to notice and not me?' That didn't sit well with the last Uchiha. He was the one who was supposed to be the rookie of the year, not Shikamaru, who seemed to notice more than he did. No, it must have been a mistake, a chance happening. After all, there was no way that lazy Nara Shikamaru was smarter than him.

"Calm down, class! It's time to announce the team assignments." Iruka called over the excited talking of the new genin. Instantly, they were all quiet, much to the teachers' surprise. It usually took much more to get them all quiet. Hmmm. Maybe it was the promise of no more Academies and the new life of a ninja? Oh, well, they were all in for a surprise, now weren't they?

"Team 1: Hakumi Mendo, Kinsumo Ami, and Kamimo Konku. Team 2: Kumo Hami-" Naruto tuned the scared teacher out, not caring about the other teams, mostly only wanting to know which team he would be on. Hopefully, it would have neither the Uchiha nor the Haruno (her mother was on the council, and the council hated Naruto with a passion).

"Team 7: Uzumaki Naruto," Naruto's head snapped to attention at his name. "Haruno Sakura," here, Naruto felt like banging his head against a wall. "And Uchiha Sasuke," Naruto was now positive that life hated him with a vengeance. He was teammates with both of the people he had wished to never see again. Hopefully, they weren't stupid as well.

"Why do I have to be on a team with Naruto-baka?" Sakura whined, clearly only unhappy with one of her new teammates.

"Hey, teme," Naruto whispered, getting Sasuke's attention. "I say as soon as the bell for lunch rings, we make a break for it. I can distract her, while you run."

"Why would you care?" Sasuke eyed the blonde in suspicion, Naruto could practically feel the gaze, and for not the first time, wondered what the Uchiha really looked like.

"Because, you're my new teammate, and I should get into the habit of helping you escape the females of your fan clubs. As for the males, you're on your own there." Naruto hissed back, he could feel the glares of all of the fangirls on his back. Thankfully, there were no fanboys in this class.

"I can live with that." The Uchiha was not too proud to turn down help from someone who could get him away from his terrifying fan club. Really, who was that obsessed with one person that much? Because that was what it was, an obsession.

Iruka had just finished the team announcements when the bell rang, signaling it was time for lunch. In a flash, Naruto replaced both himself and Sasuke with two Kage Bunshins', one henged as Sasuke.

They both appeared on the roof of the academy, the Sasuke Bunshin running like crazy from the terror of the fangirls.

"Nice job, for a dobe." Naruto narrowed his eyes at the comment, vaguely noting that Sasuke had moved over by what Naruto thought was one of the benches. He wasn't sure, it was harder to tell object apart than it was to tell people apart by their chakra.

"I thought we'd established that that was actually an act. I'm not really that stupid, but it was easier, and more fun, to act like I was." Naruto replied, making sure that he was 'looking' right were Sasuke was supposed to be.

"Yeah, but why would you go through all that trouble?" Sasuke asked, noting that he didn't usually speak this much to a single person in a month. The blonde was an acception apparently.

"That's easy to answer. I did it for practice. If we're sent on infiltration missions, we need to be able to act like completely different people to fool whoever it is we're trying to fool. What better way to practice than in your own village where people know you?" Naruto could almost imagine the gape on the stoic Uchiha's face. It would be easier if he knew what Sasuke looked like, though.

"You really aren't a dobe." Sasuke said, looking at him in stunned disbelief. "Why can't you do Bunshin no Jutsu, then?"

"I've got too much chakra. For me to even have a slim chance, I would need perfect chakra control. I don't have perfect chakra control, so it's impossible for me at this moment in time." Naruto answered, feeling Sasuke's chakra signature move, he made his eyes follow its movement, as if he was watching the Uchiha.

"What about your taijutsu, it's not really the academies stile, is it?" Sasuke turned to look in the blonde's eyes, daring him to lie.

"Not all orphans have the privilege of living in the orphanage." Naruto replied dryly. He could feel the challenging look turn into a surprised one. "You learn how to defend yourself fast, or you die of starvation because the older orphans have beaten you and taken your food. There are more of us than you'd think on the streets. The Kyuubi attack left a lot of orphans, and the orphanage can't take them all."

"Then why doesn't the Hokage do anything about it?" Sasuke growled. He may have been an orphan as well, but he had an entire empty compound to himself.

"What?" Naruto asked, slightly bitter. He was one of the unlucky ones. Kicked out of the orphanage, blinded at a young age, and left on the streets to fend for himself. He'd been forced to learn how to not only defend himself at a young age, but to also act like he had no disability so he could be entered into the academy and become a ninja, the only job he had a chance at getting. No one else would have hired him. "There's no other place for the orphans. We get a small allowance from the orphanage, but otherwise, you fend for yourself. If you save up long enough, you can get a small apartment, but that's it. After age five, you're on your own."

"Shit, are you serious?" Sasuke whispered, he didn't care that his stoic fa├žade had been dropped, this wasn't anytime for pretenses.

"For some, it's age four. Depends on whether or not people like you. The lucky ones can get to stay until age seven or eight, giving them more than enough time to raise enough money for an apartment." Naruto kept his sightless eyes on the Uchiha. "You fight, or you die. It's almost impossible to live off of the small fond from the orphanage, but people don't like to hire orphans. Most strive to become ninja out of desperation. We have enough fighting experience, so why not?"

"Is that why you became a ninja?" Sasuke asked, for once honestly intrigued by the blonde.

"Yep, that and Jiji inspired me to. Jiji and the other orphans are one of the reasons I want to become Hokage. I want to change the way the orphanage is run, and up the wages given to orphan that live on their own. Not one of them would live on the streets. If another orphanage was built, there wouldn't be any need for them to be kicked out at such a young age." 'Or to be blinded by an angry mob,' Naruto thought wistfully.

"That's not really a bad reason. We all just though you wanted to prove you were strong enough to do it." Sasuke frowned. The class had assumed way too much about the young blonde ninja.

"I know, but now you know that that's not exactly true, don't you?" Naruto shrugged.

Sasuke was about to say something as the bell rang, calling for the end of lunch. Naruto formed a hand sign and released the Bunshin. Their memories came flooding back to him. "Man, those girls are terrifying." Naruto muttered, walking back down the stairs the classroom.

"You have no idea." Sasuke shuddered, images of many, many fangirls chasing him all over the village flashing to the front of him mind.

As they entered the classroom to wait for their new sensei, Sasuke pondered what he had learned about the blonde. They knew he wasn't a hyperactive idiot now, but he hadn't expected the reason that the blonde strived to be Hokage. They weren't selfish at all. He could only wonder what the other reasons were.

Naruto on the other hand, was wondering if he told the spoilt Uchiha too much. Yes, the Uchiha was a fellow orphan, but he didn't know how bad all the other's had it. He was one of the lucky ones, that Naruto so envied. He'd never had to spend a day in the orphanage or on the streets. The villagers loved him, and would have easily given him a job. The Uchiha had it made as it was, everyone expected him to be a ninja, and no one would purposely sabotage him.

Sakura was unnerved as they sat there for three hours in complete silence waiting for their sensei to show up. It was even worse with Naruto no longer acting and that just added to the situation. Sakura wasn't sure if she liked this Naruto or not. This confused her since she was always wishing the hyperactive blonde would be a little more serious. To hear it was all an act for years was unnerving, to say the least. In short, Sakura had no idea what to think.

Finally Naruto moved. Standing up, Naruto went over to the chalk board, and picked up a chalk eraser. Tying a long piece of string to it, the blonde slid open the door just enough to fit the chalk eraser in. Moving over to the ceiling Naruto tied the string to a small hook that was used for the plants they had once had in the class. Sitting back down the blonde nodded, apparently satisfied with himself.

"What did you do?" Sakura asked, wanting to know what that was about. Sasuke was also looking at the blonde.

Naruto smirked and shrugged. It had taken him a long time to locate the hook and he was a little exhausted mentally. It wasn't easy focusing your chakra to work like a bats echolocation, but it worked, and it also built up chakra control as well. He could identify what the object was as well, even if he had never heard of it before, he was able to tell what shape it was in. It made being a ninja just that much easier for him. If he was right, he would be able to find enemies quite easily and be able to warn his team and sensei about them as well. Naruto had yet to come up with a name for his jutsu yet, but he was working on it. Hmmm. Maybe something to do with bats? Learning about them was how he was inspired to work on the jutsu after all.

Only a few minutes later, a tall man with a large amount of chakra in him right eye walked in. Naruto raised an eyebrow. Why'd he have that much chakra in an eye? Maybe he had a doujutsu; Naruto had heard that they required a large amount of chakra to even work.

As the door slid open the eraser smacked the man in the head, causing him to curse, and swung forward, before swing backwards with more force, and smacking the jounin in the eye with the less chakra. Naruto snickered as the poor man cursed even louder.

"My first impression is: I hate you." The man growled, holding a hand to his eye.

Sakura turned to Naruto, "How'd you know that he was going to be that tall?"

The blonde only smiled at her. "All the other jounin were, so why not him as well?"

The man broke into their conversation. "Meet me on the roof, and we'll begin." The man said before his chakra flared and he vanished.

Naruto sighed, waiting for Sasuke and Sakura to leave the room, before opening a window, focusing chakra to his hands, and climbing up the wall. Once on the roof, Naruto took a seat on the bench and watched as both Sakura and Sasuke came through the door and gaped at the blonde. Naruto just smirked and waved at them; ignoring the look he felt his new sensei give him. Hey, he had to practice chakra control before using his jutsu to sense things.

"Now that we're all here, why don't we introduce ourselves? I'll go first. My name in Hatake Kakashi. I like things, and I dislike things. I have many hobbies. Dreams for the future? I don't think I'll tell you. Now you, blondie."

Naruto scowled at the jounin.(At least, he hope that was the jounin and not one of his teammates). "My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I like ramen, plants, and pranks. I dislike people who judge others, and people that don't bother to get to know a person before assuming there isn't anything more to know about them than what they see. My hobbies include playing pranks and training. My dream is to become the Hokage."


Sakura glared at her teacher. "My name is Haruno Sakura, and I like *squeal* and I dislike Naruto-baka." Here Naruto looked in her direction in surprise, what'd he ever do to her? "My hobbies are *squeal, glance at Sasuke* and my dream is *squeal, blush, glance at Sasuke*"

'Oh great, a fangirl on her idols' team. Just what I always wanted.' Kakashi thought sarcastically. "The Brooding one, it's your turn."

Sasuke glanced at his sensei. Well if his sensei didn't have to tell him anything, why did he? "My name is Uchiha Sasuke. The rest is none of you concern."

Kakashi sighed. This was going to be one fun test tomorrow. "Meet me at training ground seven tomorrow, and make sure that you don't eat."

"Why?" Sakura asked, while Naruto promised himself that he was going to eat anyways.

"Because, tomorrow is the final test to become a genin!" Kakashi gave the group a smile. Or Naruto assumed he did from his tone of voice. Vaguely he wondered what his sensei looked like.

"But I thought we were already genin!" Sakura exclaimed, obviously annoyed at the thought of another test.

"Nope. Out of all the teams taking the test, only three will pass." Kakashi's tone was gleeful, as if he enjoyed telling them the bad news. With that, his chakra flared again and vanished.