Chapter Five: Demon Conversations

Uzumaki Naruto was not having a great day. He was sore, and his entire body hurt, and his stupid teacher was a sadist! "It's not funny!" Naruto snarled.

Kakashi just kept laughing, who knew that teaching a blind genin would be so entertaining. Sasuke and Sakura had finally given up on pretending that they was unaware of the blonde's issue, and were laughing as well as their sensei. Naruto looked so ridiculous, trying to learn the new form of taijutsu that Kakashi was attempting to teach them. "It is too funny!" Sakura laughed.

"No, it's not," Naruto ground his teeth together. "I'd like to see you do it blindfolded! Then we can see if it's funny or not!"

His two teammates shuddered at the mere thought, that would be horrible. And suddenly, Naruto was right; it wasn't that funny. It was amazing that the blond had made it this far with how hard it was for him to learn taijutsu, but that could have been part of his horrible grades. Naruto wasn't just an amazing ninja, but an amazing person. It would take most people years to be able to learn to function as a normal blind person, but Naruto had managed to become a ninja, create an alternate personality and keep his disability hidden for years.

Sasuke thought that this was the most amazing thing about his teammate. He couldn't wait to see the looks on his fellow ninja's faces when they realized that the blond had kicked their asses when he couldn't even see them. Dead last his ass.

Sakura was thinking along the same lines, though neither knew it. She was particularily interested in Ino's reaction, as she was sure it would be quite humorous. She wondered if Shikamaru knew, since he seemed to know the blond had been hiding behind a mask for years. It wouldn't be that surprising if he did, though. The Nara clan were known for three things: Their shadow jutsu, the men were very intelligent yet lazy, and the woman had anger issues.

Shikamaru had always slept through class, but his grades had really been up there when they graduated. Sakura had even heard from Ino that Shikamaru was the reason that they even passed the test to become gennin.

Kakashi kept laughing, as he sort of knew what Naruto was going through, as he couldn't use his Sharigan eye for long periods of training and could only use his left eye. Naruto sent a well practiced glare in his sensei's direction, which made each of his teammate shudder. That was beyond creepy.

"Hey, Naruto." Sakura said, having just thought of something. "How come you don't ever run into anything if you're blind! Plus, you always know where everyone is and you dodge Anbu regularly!"

Naruto blinked, he had wondered when they were going to ask that question. "I use my chakra. I learned that if you send out a pulse of chakra, it'll send back images of people, and if you get good enough, objects and plants as well."

Kakashi gaped. "You're serious? And you do this all the time?"

Naruto hummed, "Around new areas that I haven't been in before, but after a few days, I don't do it as often."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, "You passed out from chakra exhaustion earlier, but how is that possible when you have enough chakra to do that all the time?"

Kakashi blinked, then frowned, he hadn't even considered that. Naruto scowled, his eyes flashing in an eery way (which was even creepier since the blond couldn't see), "I have an idea. Maybe Kakashi-sensei should tell you about my other problem while I go yell at it."

Kakashi blanched, "You can talk to it?!"

"He, and yes, I can. And the bastard has a lot of explaining to do this time." Naruto closed his eyes, and the familiar sight of his mind came into being. This was the only time he was ever able to see, so it was welcomed with relief.

"KURAMA!" Naruto yelled, as the kitsune's cage came into focus. The giant fox was currently attempting to look as innocent as possible.

"Yes, kit? Is there something that I might be able to help you with?" Kurama spoke carefully. He had spent a good protion of his time imprisoned getting to know his jailor. One of the biggest things he had learned about the young ninja was that he had a temper to be reconded with. You did not want to be targeted by this child, whether he had a seal or not.

"You knocked me out! Why the hell did you knock me out?" Naruto growled, the thrice damned kitsune better have a good answer for this one, because he was treading on very thin ice here. Very thin ice indeed.

"They needed to know kit! You need some sort of ally in the damned village. With the last Uchiha on your side, the Hokage, and Copy Nin Kakashi? There's no chance that the council will go against you. They wouldn't risk lossing the Sharingan!" Kurama snapped, he'd be damned if the kit didn't see reason.

"And if they react poorly to your presence? What then? The council will know exactly what happened that day and they'll make sure I never do ninja work again! I don't want to leave Konoha, damnit! It's home, the only one I've ever known! I can't give it up!" Naruto was on the verge of hypervenalating. He couldn't be alone again, not again.

"Oh kit, you know that if I though there was even a chance of that happening I wouldn't have done it. You needed this kit, it wasn't good for you, hiding all the time. Now you can be completely free, if only around a few people." Kurama sighed, he was going soft. But this child, this blond haired child, the son of his imprisoner and his previous jailor, dredged up feelings he hadn't known were still there after the death the the Sage of Six Paths.

"You better be right, kitsune-baka," whispered Naruto weakly. "I'll trust you, but you better be right."

"I know I'm right. Go back to your team kit, their worried." Kurama gently forced the blond back out of him mind. He needed friends, allies to save him from the village, and if need be, from himself. 'Kushina, just what would you do if you knew the horrors the people you once protected dealt upon your only child?'


The world once again faded into black, and Naruto almost cried. He enjoyed the small time that he was able to see in his mindscape. It was the only time he had such a pleasurable experience. Sending out a pulse of chakra, Naruto felt his team still there.

"Baka Kitsune," muttered the irrate blond, though the care that the fox had expressed was still fresh in his mind. He always forgot about the kitsune when he was having a breakdown. At least he would never be completely alone, not while the fox was still imprisoned inside of him.

"Back already Naruto?" Kakashi sounded surprised.

"Of course, it never takes long to get answers out of the furball. He cares...sorta, in his own way. I think he grows attached to all his vessels, though. Nothing special in that." Naruto was saying this more to convince himself than the others, who were very confused.

Deciding not to ask, the training sescion continued as it had before the blond had left to visit his 'tenant'. Naruto was never more grateful

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