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Chapter Two

"Out of curiosity, is there a way to fix my eyes?" Harry asked a short while into their conversation.

Voldemort raised an eyebrow, "Maybe, Severus is working on it. I'm surprised that it took you this long to ask. I would've thought that would have been one of your first questions. However, you'll have to wait of few months to test his potion but it should be ready before Hogwarts. If that doesn't work, we'll have to see about you getting a seeing-eye dog. I hear that muggles find them useful."

Harry smirked, "Or you could just ask Sirius to do it. He does make a great guard dog and it gives him a reason to get out of that nasty house."

The Dark Lord rolled his eyes, not that Harry knew that. "Alright," Voldemort relented after a moment of thought. "I'll get a quick quill so that you can write the mutt. Don't expect anyone but Bellatrix to be happy to see him, though. That flea bag was nothing but a pain in the arse the last war."

Harry merely hummed and ignored the Dark Lord's complaining, to busy planning out what he was going to tell his over enthusiastic godfather. He assumed that Vernon was already dead, so that wouldn't be a problem. He'd also planned on asking someone to enchant the letter so that only Sirius could read it. It seemed like something Dumbledore would do, reading other people's mail behind their backs. No matter how illegal doing so was.

He never noticed the Dark Lord leave.

"How is he, milord?" a concerned Bella asked. Potter was family, after all.

"Oddly cheerful and not that surprised that he's blind. He remembers everything and doesn't seem to upset at being blind. He's also somewhat amusing," Voldemort answered with no hesitation to the question. Harry did seem to be doing rather well for someone who was nearly beaten to death and was now blind as a result of said beating. "He's asked to write his godfather and ask the man to act as his seeing-eye dog that the muggles use. His eyes have healed perfectly and are basically intact. Hopefully, the potion Severus is brewing will reconnect the nerves to the eye sockets, but it's not a sure thing yet, this isn't that common an occurrence."

The gathered inner circle nodded, this type of injury was not common in the magical world and they were not properly equipped for this. That was one of the few flaws of the magical world. It was a terrible but unchanging fact of their small (yet rather large) community.

Bellatrix grinned rather insanely. "Can I be the one to go get Siri? I want to see if the Order of the Flaming Chickens is there!"

The inner circle sighed; while that would be productive they were rather weary to send Bella to do anything on her own. Unfortunately, one had to be a Black to enter the property of Grimmauld, so she was the only option since Dumbledore had put the property under a Fidelius Charm. Really, did he honestly expect to be able to keep a born Black from entering the noble property of her ancestors? Only the Lord Black could do that and Sirius had shown no problem with having Bellatrix in the Ancient and Noble House of Black.

Sirius Black was not happy. It wasn't everyday that your convict cousin shows up in your should be Warded home (he felt rather stupid for forgetting that only a ward cast by the Lord Black-which was him-would be able to keep out a Black) with news of your godson having been blinded by his uncle during a what turned out to be a regular beating (and wasn't Dumbledore going to feel his wrath after Sirius checked Harry). The only thing that made this meeting any less troublesome was the prospect of being able to visit said godson, something that the Order kept regulated due to him being a 'bad influence'. It irked him that the bloody Dark Lord was more understanding than the Light side.

Plotting the destruction of Dumbledore for endangering his godson would only be a bonus after checking up on Harry. He mentally reminded himself to get Remus' help.

"When do we leave?" asked Sirius, anxiously. "And what about Remus? He'll want to know about this, as well as Fred and George! Is Harry going to send them a letter as well? And why is he sending me a letter when you just came and got me? Didn't anyone tell him that you could just come and get me?"

Bella blinked, that had never occurred to her. Why hadn't they just told Potter that they could go and get his godfather? "Umm, we didn't think of it?" she offered feebly. It an oversight on their part but hopefully the fact that Potter would get to speak to his godfather in person would be enough to have it overlooked.

Sirius sighed in annoyance. Seriously, people thought he was the stupid one? At least he was intelligent even when he was acting like a kid; he was far smarter than he let on to anyone that wasn't a Marauder. It was a Black trait; hiding exactly how much you knew. Sirius just went about it a different way than the rest of his family had in the past. He probably wouldn't have abandoned his family if his mother hadn't been 'Crucio' happy. His father was never around to put a stop to it so Sirius ran when it had become too dangerous to stay. The reason he hadn't been disowned was because Orion was the head of the Black family and Regulus had explained exactly why Sirius had run away (making sure that his father knew exactly what Walburga had been doing behind his back). Regulus, unfortunately, had opted to stay.

Sometime he wondered what would have happened if his younger brother had come with him. Would he still be alive today?

James, Remus, and the traitor had been well aware of the reason Sirius hadn't sided with family; that and he disagreed with the opinions of the Dark. Though it was beginning to look like he'd had the wrong idea about those views as he learned more about the Dark side every day. Dumbledore must have made sure that no one knew exactly what the Dark wanted, the old meddling coot. This meant that the only thing on the Dark side that Sirius really hated was Petter and at one time the Dark Lord for killing James. As he had since saved Harry, he couldn't hate the man too much for the death of his best friend and his wife. Sirius suspected there was more to the story than most knew.

And wow, wasn't this all so confusing and very complicated? It was going to take some work remembering all of that. Either way, he knew that he was on whatever side his pup was on and currently that seemed to be the Dark side.

"Fine, let's go. Before my head explodes from over thinking everything that's happened within the last thirty or so years," Sirius groaned, rubbing his temples in effort to stave off the approaching headache.

Bella laughed and held out a chain necklace to grab onto. "If the Dark Lord decides you're worthy, this will be your access to the Manor. If you join our side the Dark Lord will not mark you as you would be more valuable without the Dark Mark. No one would dare accuse you of being on our side after certain events unfold and the lack of a Dark Mark means you are not a Death Eater."

Sirius blinked; well at least he wouldn't be required to gain a tattoo. He hated the idea of someone being able to call him to an entirely different place against his will. The whole thing seemed rather creepy to him. Grabbing onto the portkey as he shock away those thoughts, Sirius felt the familiar tug in his naval and they disappeared is a swirl of colors just as the Order broke through Bella's barrier.

Harry sighed as Hedwig once again refused to take his letter to Sirius. He wasn't sure why his familiar was refusing as she never had before but he was sure that she had a good reason for it. She always did, he smiled fondly. Hedwig was far smarter than the average delivery owl.

In truth, Harry was just glad that she was alive. After the first month back at the Dursley's, Hedwig had disappeared from her cage and Harry was certain that Vernon had killed her to spite him. When Voldemort had walked in and told him a white owl had broken through his wards and kept pecking his hand until he recognized and offered to bring her to Harry, he had been shocked. Somehow his brilliant familiar had managed to escape before Vernon killed her and had located him after he was moved from Privet Drive to wherever it was that the Manor he was in was located at.

The Dark Lord had been very impressed with the magnificent owl and Hedwig seemed to like the man well enough. It seemed that, as always, his owl was still a far better at judging a person's character than he was. Any doubts about the Dark Lord had vanished with Hedwig's acceptance.

Hedwig had taken to acting as his seeing-eye bird ever since he had explained to the bird what had happened. The inner circle had thought he was crazy until the bird hooted (and Harry assumed she had also nodded from the silence that had come after the hoot); leading Harry to the nearest bathroom as Harry had, had to use it very badly (though how she had known that was a mystery even to him).

"Why won't you take this to Sirius? You took the letter addressed to Remus, Fred, and George just fine. Is there something that you know that I don't?" Harry pleaded desperately. He was tired of chasing the white owl around the room in a futile attempt to tie the letter to her leg. It was even harder to catch her than it had been before he'd lost his eyesight as he couldn't see where Hedwig was when she landed. Or if she landed.

Being blind, Harry had found, wasn't easy but it wasn't horrible either. Harry could manage just fine though a seeing-eye dog would be an amazing help. His magic was more powerful than it had been and easier to use. He could hear better and even smell better (not always a good thing). It seemed that losing one of his senses had increased his other senses and made him more aware of the magic around him. Harry was starting to wonder if he even wanted to regain the lost sense or if he was more content without it.

As it was, this wasn't that bad of a situation to be. Most were surprised at how quickly he had adapted to his new way of life. It had only been about four hours since he had woken up, after all. Harry was nothing but adaptable however; it was one of the reasons he was sure that he'd have done great in Slytherin. The house of snakes was cunning, adaptable, and ambitious. Harry, unknown to most, was all of these things and more. He adapted to every situation, he was cunning, and knew how to make others do what he wanted without them noticing, and he was also very ambitious compared to the other Gryffindors. He didn't want to ever be at anyone's mercy ever again and in a world at war that was almost too much to even hope for, let alone strive for.

His thoughts were interrupted by a gasp and a very familiar voice. "Potter?" Harry held in a groan. It was Draco Malfoy, of course, and he was pretty sure that there was a group of at least two other people with him. All of them identified as male to his magic (when had he gained that ability?) so hopefully Parkinson wasn't here. The shrewd voice of the pug like girl would be murder on his more sensitive ears than it would have been if he had still had his sight.

"What?" snapped Harry; he wasn't going to bother acting around them (a waste of energy, in his opinion) as he turned to face them.

"What are you doing here?"asked the voice of Theodore Nott. Harry rubbed his temples at the new headache that appeared. This lot was sure smart, he thought sarcastically.

"Trying to figure out why people are asking me stupid questions," drawled Harry in annoyance. He continued rather dryly, voice showing his disdain for the question. "What do you think I'm doing here? Having a party? I'm trying to get Hedwig to take this letter to my godfather but I'm having a little trouble catching her so if you don't mind…" he trailed off as he continued to feel around, hoping to connect his hand to feathers.

"The owl? How can you not catch her?! She's sitting right on the table in front of you!" Oh great, Blaise Zabini was here as well. So much for the Zabini family being neutral, Harry rolled his useless eyes before realizing what the other teen had said.

He frowned and reached out a hand. Sure enough, it met hard wood. Damn, Hedwig was a brilliant owl; keeping quiet and moving before he ever hit anything trying to catch her. "Huh, there is a table there." He mused aloud. He took a tentative step forward and sure enough, talons pulled at his hair as Hedwig took flight to somewhere else in the room.

Harry sighed, stuck his hand out and walked slowly in that direction. He heard only silence from behind him as he continued his search.

"Potter," Zabini began hesitantly. "What's wrong with your eyes?"

Harry snorted, so he had been the only one brave enough to ask? Well, might as well answer. It wasn't as if it was a big secret. "My glasses were smashed into them. They're completely useless, thank you very much. Now, I need to try and locate Hedwig. I need to get this letter to Sirius." Frustration leaked into his voice as he moved around the room slowly, making sure that he didn't run into anything.

"No need pup!" Harry jolted at Sirius' voice. Oh, so that was what Hedwig was trying to tell him! Said owl landed on his shoulder and nipped his ear affectionately, seeming to apologize for not being able to tell him sooner.

"You had me chancing you around for a half hour because Sirius didn't need to read the letter," Harry raised an eyebrow. "And you couldn't have just taken the letter and waited for him to get here because...?" It was a good question in his opinion.

Hedwig just hooted as if that was supposed to explain everything. Harry groaned as he realized his familiar's motives. "If you wanted me to practice getting around on my own, you could have done something different! Chasing you around wasn't easy, girl." He pouted as Hedwig butted his cheek with her head in amusement. Arguing with her was futile, he thought fondly as he stroked her feathers with a small smile.

Sirius snickered at the exchange. "Don't argue with her. That owl knows best and isn't afraid to peck you bloody until you realize," Sirius advised. "I'm sure this way was much less painful for you."

Harry grabbed the letter and threw it in the direction of his godfather's voice. A little magic made it fly straighter and without flattering. Harry was satisfied when he heard his godfather yelp as the letter made impact. "You're just sore because she pecked you for three days straight before you realized what she wanted," a smug Harry said, grinning.

Sirius scowled at his godson as he rubbed his cheek. "Your owl wanted me to write you a letter that wasn't encrypted! How did she even know what I was writing?! Or what an encryption is in the first place?" Sirius whined, pouting as he saw no sympathy from his young godson. Evil bird, Sirius thought petulantly.

Harry laughed at his godfather's misery. "Because she is the smartest owl I know," he answered smugly. Hedwig hooted in pride, clearly agreeing with him. Harry stroked her feathers in reward.

"Well," Malfoy broke in, seeming to be bored with just watching. "Anyone want to explain what's going on here? Because I for one am wondering what either of you are doing here. Especially Potter as last time I checked, the Dark Lord was after your life." Murmurs of agreement came from Nott and Zabini.

"From what I understand," Sirius answered before Harry had the chance. "They broke through the wards on Harry's relative's home and found Vernon Dursley beating my godson," Sirius snarled in anger, "and killed the family and brought Harry here. But the beating shattered his glasses into his eyes thus rendering him blind. I'm to be the seeing-eye dog that helps him get around without running into everything." Sirius seemed to take pride in the fact that his animagus form had become useful to his godson once again.

"That sounds about right to me," Harry hummed in agreement. "Now, speaking of seeing-eye dogs… Would you, Sirius?" He hoped his didn't sound as pleading as he thought he did.

"You know you didn't even have to ask, pup." Sirius sighed. "I just wish you would have told me about those damned muggles sooner."

Harry rolled his eyes and replied, "Yeah and let you go back to Azkaban? Wasn't happening. I was fine."

"Potter," Nott began, sounding as if he was talking to a child. "You're now blind. I don't think that you were fine."

"Could have been worse," Harry shrugged off the disability easily. "I could have ended up dead," he pointed out.

"You are far too nonchalant about this to be healthy," Sirius decided abruptly. "I'm going to see about getting you counseling. This can't be good for you."

"I'm fine," Harry stressed impatiently. "It's not like it hasn't been like this for years! Besides, I'm learning to adjust. It's not as bad as I thought it would be." He paused, "And I don't need counseling!"

Sirius let the matter go for now, "You're a strange one, pup. Don't you ever change!" Harry smiled at his godfather in thanks.

Malfoy, Nott, and Zabini remained quiet during the exchange, feeling that it wouldn't be their place to interrupt the heart filled moment. Each of them were still taking in the information they had learned during this short visit. It was hard to believe the way that Potter was brushing off having his uncle blind him. Beatings weren't a normal part of life! Child abuse was forbidden in the wizarding world due to the dangers it could cause on the child's magical core and mentality! Such and offence was punishable by a walk through the Veil in the Department of Mysteries!

They were sure of only one thing as they left godfather and godson to catch up; this summer was about to get a lot more interesting than the summers of the past. And they were sure that is was going to be Harry Potter's fault.

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