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Chapter Three

Fred and George Weasley were not enjoying a fun and carefree summer that they thought they would be during the summer before seventh year. Really, one would think that their mother would be proud that they had managed to get decent grades during their school career and had made it to the last year before they would be considered adults (not that they weren't already adults, having turned seventeen a few months before).

Molly Weasley seemed to find everything that they did in life to be wrong. Their grades weren't good enough! She'd complain. How could they expect to get decent jobs like the rest of the Wizarding World! She'd huff. They were wasting their talents with all that nonsensical pranking!

It was the last one that hurt the most, Fred mused as he glanced to his twin. George was lying on the other side of the bed in the small room they had been given at Grimmauld Place. So what if they were two nearly grown teenage boys! They could fit in the smallest room because they were twins!

"I'm crapped," sighed George as he attempted to leave room for his twin on the small bed.

"Make that both of us," replied Fred as he lay down. They might as well make the best of it, Fred decided.

"Wish Harry was here," George continued in a wistful voice. "He'd throw a fit if he knew we were forced into the smallest room while Ron and he got the biggest. He'd make sure that we got a bigger room with separate beds."

"Yeah," Fred agreed softly. Harry had always stood up for them when he thought they were being mistreated. Fred supposed that Harry would know what mistreatment looked like if his relatives were any indication. It had taken all their strength not to hex the gits into oblivion when they saw how Harry was caged in his room in their fourth year.

"I wonder when Mum and Dad will stop blinding themselves to the truth. It's obvious that Harry is being abused but they just won't see it," his twin raged.

"Probably never since Bumble Bee has them ramped around his fingers," Fred hissed with disgust. His parents just couldn't think for themselves without consulting 'Professor Dumbledore' first. It was nauseating and it was obvious to the twins why Charlie and Bill had left as soon as they could. Their older siblings had seen the truth about the Headmaster and his manipulations and couldn't bear to see their family torn apart by one man.

The twins grinned at each other when they remembered that soon enough, they too would be able to leave and start anew. The money that Harry had given them after the Triwizard Tournament had grown exponentially after they had invested in some muggle businesses. They were currently up to four thousand Galleons, much to the Goblins amusement. It seemed that the Gringotts bank had been fully warned about the Weasley Elders by Bill and knew exactly why Fred and George had opened a secret account under different names.

Fred was rather proud of the fact they had managed to keep the money secret long enough to turn seventeen. Their father couldn't touch one knut of it, Family Head or not. Gringotts had made sure of it. It was the first time that a family member had helped them, Fred thought happily as he remember Bill using his connections with the Goblins to give them one of the better deals Gringotts had to offer.

It was all because of Harry and his belief that they could succeed in their business as Master Prank Makers. Not even their own mum believed in them and yet, this nonfamily member had funded them with no thought of getting the money back. It was heartwarming.

"He's our brother," Fred stated aloud. "Maybe we should leave sooner than we planned as stage a rescue?"

George sat up with a grin that showed all his teeth. "I was thinking the exact same thing," his twin said in satisfaction.

That was something that didn't surprise Fred at all. Magical twins were different from normal twins that just looked the same. Padma and Pavarti could attest to that. They shared a mind and sometimes, even a personality. While the Patil twins had been lucky to gain a unique personality each, Fred and George hadn't been so fortunate. Their magic was the same, right down to the feel and function of it. Fred could use George's wand without trouble and George could use Fred's wand the same way. It was almost like they were one person.

It was that reason that the rest of the Weasley Clan couldn't connect with them. Bill and Charlie tried the hardest but they were gone too long most of the year for it to be of any use. Percy, they knew, loved them but he had fled the family as well, without looking back. Working in the Ministry was his life's dream and the twins couldn't have been more proud but it still left the feeling of abandonment.

Ron hated them, thought that they were too annoying and was jealous of their talent at pranks. Ginny had loved them once but Dumbledore had sunk his claws into their sister and the little girl they cherished had disappeared after her first year at Hogwarts.

Harry had befriended them, saved their sister, and took the effort to know them as Fred and George. Not the Weasley twins or the Demon Pranksters of Gryffindor but Fred and George. When he had nearly died in his first year, both had been terrified to loss the one person that made an effort. Jordan had tried at one time but he'd given up in their first year. The toilet seat may have not made it to him but Harry had grinned and hugged them both, thanking them separately and smiling the whole time.

Then the next year he had saved their sister. Not because Ron had asked him too or because he was worried about her, but because it was the right thing to do. He had told them that himself. That was when they realized how untouched by hate and greed that Harry truly was.

In his third year, Sirius Black was rumored to be after Harry's life. The godfather he never knew and the traitor of his parents. They knew that Harry was confined to the castle so they had made the excuse that Harry could use the map to go to Hogsmeade as a reason to give the Marauder's Map to him. Sirius Black would never be able to sneak up on their brother with that in his possession. Harry had grinned at them, reading their motivation behind the excuse, and accepted with honest thanks.

It had turned out that Harry was the son of Prongs. Sirius Black was Padfoot and he was innocent. Petter Pettigrew was Wormtail and he was the true traitor, to their horror. Even their defense teacher was a Marauder by the name of Mooney! The twins had never been so shell shocked in their lives and they had told Harry that the map was his to keep, as the son of Prongs. They were still allowed to borrow it whenever they needed.

And then the Triwizard Tournament happened. Their brother in all but blood was going to participate in the Death Trap that was the Tournament and they could do nothing to help him. The bets they had taken from people to amuse Harry (and make a little money) were their only option as Ron would throw a fit if he knew how close to Harry that they were. When he hadn't returned after the Third Task was over, they'd been horrified. To find out he'd faced the Dark Lord and watched Cedric Diggory die was saddening.

Then he'd given them the money he'd won, telling them that it was for their business. Fred still wondered how he'd even known but it was a mystery they'd never solve.

George grabbed his hand in a gesture of comfort, knowing what was going through his twins' mind as he could hear the thoughts in his own. "He'll be fine. We'll make sure of it even if no one else will."

"Everything is already packed," Fred offered, gesturing to the two trunks. "Shrink them down and we're good to go."

"Then what are we waiting for! Let's stage a breakout like the muggles have never seen before," the grins on two identical faces could only be described as evil.

Before they could start, a Snowy White owl appeared at the window of the small room, letter in tow. George retrieved it before he began to read.

Dear Gred and Forge,

No need to stage a breakout, I've already been rescued! So don't go and get yourselves in trouble, you two!

Uncle Vernon went too far this time and it had consequences. I'm blind now and I don't have much hope that this will change. For what good would it do me to try and fix what was my fault in the first place? I doubt the magic will work if a cure is found as I feel like this is part of a larger plan. Don't ask me how I know, I just do.

You'll never guess who saved me and where I'm at though! The Dark Lord and his Inner Circle broke into the Dursley's and killed them all, whisking me away to Malfoy Mansion to be healed. Severus Snape personally saw to me and is looking for a cure for my eyes. I appreciate the effort even if I know that it won't work. Maybe it can help someone else in the future!

Sirius is being sent a similar letter so that he can help me get around the Manor without too much trouble. Ever heard of seeing-eye dog?

I'm going to see if I can't get you two to be allowed to visit, so don't do anything stupid! …Why do I even bother? At least try not to die getting here because you two would never sit still for long enough to get permission.

I hope this letter finds you well,


"Well George," Fred began as he made his way to the trunks.

"I agree Fred. To Malfoy Manor it is!" George grinned.

Harry knew them too well.

Molly was just going to check on the twins when she heard the pop of Disaparation. Breaking into a run, the mother of seven burst into the room as if the demons of hell were after her.

The room was empty, two trunks and a pair of twins absent from where she had left them to settle in. Dust was all that greeted her and Molly felt her heart sink. First Sirius and now the twins? Who would the Dark Lord take next? Grimmauld Place, it seemed, was no longer safe.

As the Order arrived at the room where Molly stood (having been alerted by the alarms that someone had left via Disaparation) they saw the distraught mother take a deep breath in effort to control herself before turning a fleeing the empty room.

"Who's going to tell her that they left of their own free will?" Hestia asked with dread.

No one spoke up.

Albus Dumbledore stood in his office at Hogwarts, fuming. His carefully laid plans were shattering before him with the disappearance of Harry Potter and the deaths of the Dursley's. Tom had definitely been there and it was his signature that had killed Petunia and her family.

The only upside to this was that the Auror department in the Ministry had identified the signature of the Dark Lord on the bodies and in the Dark Mark above the house. Minister Fudge was horrified at the revelation that he'd been telling the truth about the Dark Lord's return. His denial, Albus thought viciously, had lost them the only one who could kill the Dark Lord!

If that bumbling fool thought to keep his position, well, he thought wrong. With the either death or kidnapping of Harry Potter, Fudge was well on his way out of office.

Albus had thought to salvage some plans but the disappearance of Sirius Black as well as the Weasley Twins had damaged those plans before they could even be remolded. It seemed that Voldemort was following his every thought as he kidnapped his other three important pawns.

Magical Twins that were bonded as close as Fred and George were only born every thousand years and when they were, they were always ostracized. Magical Twins meant that the world was becoming unstable enough that Magic herself was trying to fix the balance. With Fred and George on the Light side, the Dark would be stamped down farther than it was as Magic would aid her balance in any way she could. Even if it meant the sacrifice of balance in the world for they were her children. If they joined the Dark, than Light and Dark would be balance equally at last as Magic wished it to be. Dumbledore would not let this happened. The twins would have to die the next time he saw them.

The Light must rein over the Dark, as it had been doing for over a thousand years. Gideon and Fabian were the first Magical Twins chosen by magic. Dumbledore ignored the implication that there was only one generation between them and the Weasley Twins. He would not acknowledge that Magic was desperately attempting to fix the balance.

Sirius' disappearance meant the loss of the support of the Ancient and Noble House of Black. If Sirius managed to get free then all his plans would be ruined as his hand in sending the annoyance to Azkaban would be revealed. He would be ruined.

Harry, if he was alive, would never forgive him. His robbery of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter would be found out when Sirius checked on them with his godson. The Goblins would hunt him down until his dying breath if they found out about the fraud he committed.

So Albus Dumbledore made plans to have all three killed and Harry recaptured. He'd blame the Dark side for their deaths and regain his Chosen One's trust.

Harry would be his pawn if it was the last thing Albus Dumbledore did. He would prevent the true prophecy from coming out. He had to.

It was for the Greater Good, after all.

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