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Chapter Three

Harry had adjusted to the new lifestyle rather well after the confrontation, as had Draco. Once the winter Holidays ended, the entire family plus Harry had flooed back to Hogwarts to have a discusion with the Headmaster about Harry's schooling.

The look on the old coot's face when he learned that Harry wasn't under his charge anymore was hilarious, and Harry had felt the urge to cackle. Quirrel had been brought along for extra protection and Harry could pratically hear the man cackling in his mind. Both were fighting very hard not to show any emotion.

"Why ever would Harry need to spend most of his days at Malfoy Manor? Surely Hogwarts is safe enough! And young Draco as well?" The old man was pushing his boundaries for answers, which was fine. They wanted the man to know what he had caused. While the man probably wouldn't regret it, he would at least be given a warning that he was never to try and interfere with Harry or Draco again.

"As you are undoubtly aware," Lucius began. "Harry is a smart child, but rather shy and quiet. He spent the winter Holidays with us, as you know, and during that time, we accidently uncovered something. It seemed, the esteemed muggle family that you had left the boy with had deemed it fit to beat, starve, and torture him in order to rid him of the 'unnaturalness of magic'."

Albus froze, as if something had hit him. The blue eyes clouded, and for a moment, Harry and Tom were left astounded. It didn't last long, for then the eyes regained their usual twinkle, but this was definitely something to remember and think upon later. "Truthfully?"

"The word 'FREAK' is carved into his abdomen," Narcissa snarled. "I want to let you know that this child will never be left alone with you again! You obviously don't have his best interests in heart, leaving him with muggles and never checking up on him. You are just as aware as the rest of us about how muggles react to things that they can't explain! Did it not occur to you this child might be treated this way?"

Albus's face didn't change, but the eyes clouded for a moment once again. Harry narrowed his eyes, he had a bad feeling about this. Something about the clouding eyes of Dumbledore seemed off, as if there was something wrong with the man. Tom was also staring at the man in contemplation. This was far from the man he had known during his school years.

"I'm afraid I simply don't know what you're talking about. I was assured the Harry was quite safe with his relatives. Are you certain you aren't merely overreacting?" The Twinkle was back. Something was desperately wrong. Harry glanced at Tom. They would have to discuss this in detail later. For now, Harry had to keep up his act of an abused and hurt child.

Narcissa snarled at the man. She didn't like this. She knew that there was something more going on here, but had yet to figure out what. She saw the glance Quirrel and Harry exchanged, and she knew that Harry was far above lossing control as he had before. He had only lost complete control when she had told him that she was his family. That was far from the normal behavior of an abused eleven year old. Something was off. For now, though, she would remain ignorant. Lucius glanced at her, as if telling her he had too, noticed.

They left the office not a few moments later, leaving the man to himself.

Albus Dumbledore was not alright. He was cursing, yelling, and fighting as hard as he could, as he had been doing for the last fifty years. There was more to fight for now, however. Harry, a male version of his sweet Ariana. Oh, how he wanted to let them know something was wrong! They needed to know!

Grindlewald laughed loudly in his mind.

The fight fifty years ago had not gone as he had planned. Gellert had been perpared. He was not stupid and had recognized that he was lossing this war. And that didn't sit well with his one time friend. Gellert had researched a ritual that would place his spirit in the body of another, where the other spirit would be ejected and in essense, killed. But it had gone wrong, and Albus had remained in his body along with Gellert. It had been a constant battle since then for control.

And Tom, poor helpless Tom. Tom who had grand ideas for the wizarding world, if not a bit dark. Tom who had accidently killed another student and felt remorse. Tom who had killed his family in defense, his father with the gun. His grandparents who threatened to burn down the orphanage he lived in if he didn't leave. His uncle who attempted to curse him to death. All in self defense.

Gellert used this to his advantage, convincing people that 'Voldemort', a name Tom had used in school, was the next dark lord, putting the attention away from him. Starting a war greater than the last, and when the war began to turn tides in Tom's favour, he even created a fake prophecy to lure Tom to his death.

The shock had been when Harry survived. Gellert had just gained the perfect pawn. A child who reflected the killing curse! So, Gellert had placed him with the muggle adopted family of Lily Evan to be abused and broken, just like Ariana.

But Gellert didn't know everything. Harry was a Slytherin and escaping his influence left and right. It was hilarious. Gellert also had no acess to Albus's knowledge, so he didn't recognize Tom for who he was. A smart plan, possessing Quirrel. And he obviously knew Harry, who was so familiar with him.

Albus knew the sign of a soul bond when he saw one. Harry was a horcrux, the strongest none romantic bond there was. The Malfoy's suspected something, but obviously were out of the loop. Death must be very fond of both Harry and Tom, as neither had died, surviving things others would not have a chance to.

'Fawkes!' The pheonix was his familiar, and though Gellert thought even the animal was fooled, Fawkes only followed Albus's orders.

The bird trilled sadly from his perch. Gellert was far to used to this happening that he paid it no attention.

'If you ever see Tom or Harry in need, aid them. Bond to them if you must, but if the time comes, you must aid them.' Albus sighed sadly.

I would have anyways. Fawkes spoke back. The boy is an Elemental, of both Earth and Wind. It is my job to protect him, even at the cost of my bond with you.

Albus was shocked. A double elemental! No wonder the killing curse rebounded, elementals were nearly impossible to kill, especially pureblooded elementals. 'I wish you luck, my friend.'

One way or another, I will free you, my chosen. Fawkes trilled loudly, before disappearing.

Albus cackled so that Gellert could hear him, and stopped fighting. "What are you doing, you old coot!" The once Dark Lord hissed.

'You've lost, Gellert, my friend. I can't wait to witness what they do to you. Oh yes, things are much more interesting now. I pray for your soul, as your life is already lost.'

Gellert scoffed. "We shall see, Albus, we shall see."

Death gazed upon the land of the living and found himself far more amused than he had been with the future where the boy died. Oh yes, he had made the right choice in letting the two redo their mistakes. At the rate they were all heading, the world would end, and as the god of Death, that did not end well for him. The other gods would be furious, and that was saying something as he was the one who mostly delt with the human world.

Gaia (far from the evil the Greeks and Romans had described) would be furious at the death of one of her children, a child of the earth. Jupiter (he perfered the name over Zues) would be more than furious at the death of one of the children of the sky (He was far from the king of the gods, and he was the oldest, not the youngest). And the other gods favoured both Tom Riddle and Harry Potter. They had been beyond reasoning the first time he died.

There was far from hundreds of gods, like the ancient humans had believed. No, there were a maximum of twenty. They could not reproduce, and they did not fade. The muggles of current time were under the belief of there being no more than one. Death snorted, as if that were the case.

Death rather liked the two wizards as well. Harry Potter, the descendant of one of his favourite humans, and Tom Riddle, the descendant of the other. The third had died without children. Both were the soul owners of one of his gifts to their family. Albus Dumbledore held the other.

Ah, Albus, his fate was worse than Death. He was trapped in his own body. Gellert Grindlewald had defied the laws that Death had laid down. Those laws could only be defied for one of his favoured, and Death couldn't help but cackle at what this man's fate would be. He would not even reach paradise when he parished.

Sadly, there was no way to free Albus Dumbledore from his prison without the man dying. But Death knew Albus would embrasse him with welcome. Finally, Death made his descion. "You will have until Harry's sixteenth year. If you do not manage to defeat him by then, I will interfere and lend you aid."

And Death smiled grimly as he turned his attention to the future that would have been. No, he would prevent this outcome. It was not acceptable at all.