The Poll is no closed. Really, people, I didn't expect kind of response! *sweatdrops* over 200 votes in two days? Geeze...


1.) Sightless Eyes: 92 » 44%

2.) The Hands of Death: 43 » 20%

3.) Mangetsu Kitsune: 16 » 7%

4.) To Right the Wrongs: 15 » 7%

5.) Past Appearances: 14 » 6%

6.) The Eyes of A Wolf: 13 » 6%

7.) Silent Nights: 10 » 4%

8.) Savior in the Darkness: 2 » 0%

And we have our winner. Sightless Eyes will be the main focus of my writing. Hands of Death is still under rewrite, so that will have the occasional update more often than the others. Wow, not many people like Savior in the Darkness, do they?

Anyways, yeah. Thanks of voting! I'll start working on the next chapter of Sightless eyes. Don't worry! There will be updates for the ones that didn't win, just not as much as Sightless Eyes. I usually would continue as I have, but seriously? High School sucks and I really don't have the time to spend on all of them. Summer Break will probably bring more updates for everything, but don't hold your breath until then.

You're all Amazing!