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Chapter 1: Blood

Ichigo doubled over in pain as he tried not to cough up a lot of blood. He held his gut as he looked up into a pair of blue eyes. He clenched his teeth in anger as he panted for bloodless air. His knees were aching from landing on the ground so much. His orange hair was matted with sweat and blood. Ichigo's eyes were being blinded by dripping blood from his forehead, and his limbs were heavy from all of the hits. Ichigo cursed the man in front of him. The bastard wouldn't stop picking a fight with him. Most of their fights would end up bloody and sometimes close to fatal.

Grimmjow smiled a bloody grin as he pulled out a knife from his back pocket. He ripped open his shirt and put the cold blade to his chest. He slowly dragged the blade across his skin, cutting a thin string of red. Droplets of blood made their way down his abdomen. Grimmjow stopped the blade and threw it to the ground.

Ichigo grimaced at the stunt. To him, Grimmjow was repulsive. "Is he fuckin' insane?" thought Ichigo. "The guy's only a high school student. How the hell does he manage to get through a day without showing something so stupid?"

The blue haired teenager smiled wider and said, "You see that Kurosaki! I will always be better than you! I can withstand the pain of a blade, while you can barely withstand the pain of my fist. That's right! Soak it up, bitch!" He held out his arms like he was being praised like a king.

"You're fucking sick in the head, Grimmjow!" growled Ichigo. "You have no idea how repulsive you are or how fucking ridiculous you look right now." Ichigo pursed his lips when he heard Grimmjow growl in anger. He landed on his side after being back handed. Ichigo rolled onto his knees as he rested his forehead on the ground. "Fuck!" he mentally cursed.

"Quit acting like you're better than me, Kurosaki! You see! I proved myself again!" roared Grimmjow. "You are just too weak to measure up against me!" He pounded his chest with a fist. "I am the fucking king!"

"King, huh?" came a distorted voice.

Grimmjow looked back to see Ichigo's twin brother Shiro appear around the alley corner.

Shiro walked calmly as he had his fists in his pockets. "I don't think ya measure up t' such a name," he said. His eyes shifted to Ichigo's weak form.

"What the fuck do you want?" growled Grimmjow. He turned his body; his face was twisted into a sneer.

"Ain't it obvious? I'm here to protect my king. It's awful rude o' me not t' care for him," said Shiro turning his attention to Grimmjow. He pulled his hands out of his pockets and combed his white hair. His black eyes housed gold pools that dug into Grimmjow's image.

"Aw ain't that sweet," mocked Grimmjow, "the big brother is here to protect his little brother. Pft! Big whoop. Why should I be scared of you?" His body was facing Shiro completely.

"There's a lot o' reasons t' fear me," said Shiro as he looked at his black nails. He looked up at Grimmjow. "One is that I can make that little scratch on your chest int' a giant hole. Second is that I can kick ya ass. Third is that I can get my buddy Chad to kick ya ass. The list goes on." He tilted his head to look behind Grimmjow and called, "Hey, Chad. Ya got King? I know he's gotta be hurtin'."

Grimmjow turned his head to see a tall man helping up Ichigo.

Chad was about six feet and five inches tall. He has tan skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. He was usually gentle, but at times of conflict, he was a force of brawn. At the moment, Chad wanted to the beat the hell out of Grimmjow for hurting his best friend. "I got him," he finally replied.

"Chad," mumbled Ichigo, "it hurts."

"Shhhh," soothed Chad, "I'm going to take you home." He lifted Ichigo into his arms and started to walk away.

"See ya, Chad," called Shiro with a wave. He focused his attention back on Grimmjow. "Why ya always hurtin' my king, Grimmjow? What did he ever do t' ya?" He cracked his knuckles.

"Heh! I don't have to tell you shit, Shiro," growled Grimmjow. He was pissed that he couldn't finish off Ichigo. Grimmjow has waited for the perfect opportunity to put Ichigo in his place, and now the opportunity was ruined. He paced the pavement. "Good thing we're in an alley," thought Grimmjow. "I'm gonna tear him apart." He frowned when Shiro started to laugh. "What's so funny?"

"Ya," replied Shiro. He wiped away a tear. His distorted voice echoed in the alley. "I'm sure that ya gonna walk away, Grimmfuck. I don't need ya t' tell me why ya always messin' with my king. I don't care t' know. All I care 'bout is ya leavin' king alone. If ya don't, I'll make ya life a livin' hell." His smile faded when he uttered the last sentence.

Shiro observed the bloody man. Grimmjow had on his torn white school shirt and his school pants. "Dumb ass," he thought. Shiro wore the same uniform, but a uniform needed more care than what Grimmjow was giving his.

"Fuck you!" bit Grimmjow. "I ain't scared of your pasty ass. Just 'cause you can fight doesn't make you a badass." He winced when he felt the cut on chest burn from his dripping sweat.

The pale teenager cocked his head and replied, "I know I'm a badass, Grimmjow. What are ya? Nothin' that's what." He took a quick step forward and punched Grimmjow to the ground. He leaned over Grimmjow's form and said, "I'm always here t' protect my king. Remember my warning, Grimmfuck." Shiro smiled and walked toward the street.

Grimmjow lay on the ground and touched his jaw bone. The area thudded with pain. "Fuck," he thought. Grimmjow sat up and took in a deep breath. That was the first time anyone stood up to him in the four weeks he was at Karakura high school. The question he was asked wasn't hard to answer. The answer was hard to give.

He didn't want to tell his enemy that he picked on Ichigo because he envied him. He didn't want to say he envied Ichigo because he had friends and a real family. He didn't want to admit that he was adopted, mistreated, and friendless. Grimmjow envied Ichigo for all of those reasons, and he didn't want to admit it.

"Bastard," thought Grimmjow as he got to his feet. He walked toward the street and headed toward the corner. His home was nearby, but he didn't want to go to the wreck he called home. "Fuck that," grumbled Grimmjow. He went in a different direction; he went towards the Karakura hospital.

In the Kurosaki household...

Ichigo lay on his bed with bandages around his head, torso, and limbs. His father made sure to cover every injury on his body. He turned his head toward Shiro and Chad, who stood by his side in his room.

"Feel better?" asked Chad.

"Yeah," replied Ichigo. He groaned when his arm thudded painfully. He looked up at Shiro and asked, "Why did you help me? I could've handled the fight, Shiro. I could've showed him that he couldn't pick on me anymore." He winced when he moved his arms the wrong way.

Shiro frowned. "Ya my brother, king. Why wouldn't I help ya? I helped ya 'cause I love ya, and I don't want ya down on your knees beggin' for mercy. We're blood, king. I'll always have ya back."

"As will I," added Chad. "I may not be blood, but I consider both you and Shiro as my brothers."

Ichigo cracked a small smile. Despite having his some of his pride shaved away, he was happy that Shiro and Chad were there for him. "You're right, Shiro. We are bound by blood. I would have it no other way."

Chad looked into his friend's eyes and said, "Don't forget, Ichigo... Blood is thicker than water."

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