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Warning: Vaguely detailed rape (For the sake of keeping this story rated T), drama, violence (a lot!), and ending (hehem sorry).

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Chapter Ten: Blood is Thicker than Water

By the time Grimmjow and the rest of the family decided to check up on Nel, Nnoitra already had ripped Nel's dress to shreds. The reason for Nel's torn state was Nnoitra's dislike of her being so resistant.

"Get off!" sobbed Nel. She pushed at Nnoitra's chest with both hands.

The other didn't budge. He was growing more frustrated with Nel's attempts to dissuade him or push at him. He wouldn't have that anymore; Nnoitra wanted Nel. To have her, he would have to resort to more forceful measures.

Nnoitra growled when Nel pushed at him again. The woman looked up at him with fearful eyes that pleaded for him to stop his actions. Nnoitra had always been accustomed to Nel's pleading eyes in the past, for she used her eyes to childishly beg for stuff she wanted or to save him from what ever group of guys he pissed off. In addition to their use, her eyes always got him to do odd activities such as having a girls' night out with Nel and her girlfriends. Now that he was seeing the same eyes again, Nnoitra felt nothing. To him, Nel's eyes were annoying.

Nel's head snapped sideways when Nnoitra slapped her across the face. Instead of looking back at her attacker, Nel just kept her gaze on the other wall of the bathroom. She had to remember: Nnoitra wasn't the same anymore.

"He's gone," she thought, "for he feels nothing towards me." A tear slipped down her right cheek and onto her neck. Nel flinched when Nnoitra licked away the tear. She took in deep breaths as the rest of her dress was torn away from her body.

The other smiled at Nel's condition, for he sensed that she wouldn't struggle anymore. To test his theory, Nnoitra took hold of Nel's underwear and tore it away, leaving only the bra to remain intact. He looked back up at the woman's face.

He knew that for the past years, they have been separate, so the possibility of her being taken by another was fairly even. Nnoitra didn't like thinking of other men being with Nel. Granted that he had "loved" others, Nnoitra didn't feel the passion he did with Nel on their first go. So, he asked, "Have ya been with other guys, Neliel? After me?"

The woman didn't bother to look at Nnoitra. She didn't want to see him. Nel just replied, "No." The answer was like a whisper, barely audible to the human ear, but Nnoitra heard her loud and clear.

"Good," Nnoitra lauded. He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

The answer wasn't a lie. After her first time with intercourse, Nel didn't want to feel it again. The pain was just unbearable, and she felt that the scar on her heart would burn if she loved another. She would just think of Nnoitra and the way he handled her roughly.

When he kissed her, Nel's eyes shot open. The kiss was actually gentle. She did hear the praise in Nnoitra's voice, but she didn't think that Nnoitra would be that happy about her renewed chastity. Though his kiss was sweet, the reality of the situation bounced back onto her. Nel was stuck.

The odds of escaping Nnoitra weren't very good for her, so she kept her eyes and her mouth shut. So long as she didn't give herself willingly, she thought, "Maybe, I'll be keeping myself from him." The thought was nice, but the real encounter would take a huge toll on her physically and emotionally.

Because the green haired woman refused to cooperate willingly, Nel was carelessly handled and penetrated. To sum up the feeling, the penetration hurt, for she felt like her skin tore. The feeling of being torn just added to the pain in her back. She wasn't prepared for it, and she didn't want it. Nel hung onto the soap dispenser and the towel dispenser on either side of the sink to steady herself.

Nnoitra held onto the other by the hips. His body was heating up fast, so he swiftly let go of Nel's hips and threw off his sweater. A white dago covered his pale skin, showing his strong torso and arms. Nnoitra didn't hesitate to grab at Nel's hips and continue his torture.

The man felt great. He was enjoying his encounter with Nel. The feeling reminded him of the first time: sweet. Nnoitra was thinking that maybe Nel and he could be more. Besides the fact that he was taking her against her will, Nnoitra felt his old feelings resurface for Nel. The woman was still beautiful and strong.

"I want her," thought Nnoitra. "I don't want to let her go." His movements became sweeter and gentler, which was noticed by Nel, who still refused to look at him. He decided that he would have all of Nel, and that she and he would hide nothing.

Nnoitra quickly removed his dago. He would not cover himself from Nel, and the other would have to comply with his wants.

Just as the man was going to rip at Nel's bra, he heard a shuffling of footsteps outside the door, and he heard voices. "Shit!" he thought. With panic eating at him, Nnoitra sped up his actions to complete himself.

Nel could feel the hurry in Nnoitra's movements, and she could hear the voices outside the door, too. This was her chance. If she wanted to be helped, she had to scream. Nel knew that Nnoitra could be hiding another weapon, but Nel would take that chance. She felt herself coming to completion, so she thought that screaming something at the moment would make the yell for help natural.

When the time came, Nel screamed, "Ahhhhhhhh!" Her scream was interrupted by Nnoitra's hand covering her mouth. Her mind was fuzzy from the activity, and her body was still dancing from Nnoitra's continual torture. Nnoitra didn't seem to care too much about her scream, just what she wanted, for he was concentrating on finishing.

Just as Nel heard the door handle click, Nnoitra finished himself with a quiet grunt, making Nel feel disgusting and weak.

Before Nel had thought of her scream, Grimmjow was outside the door with the rest of the guys. He set down the bags and looked back at his friends.

Chad just chuckled and held a thumbs up for him. "Good luck, Grimmjow," he said. "We'll wait for you."

"What he said," added Shiro as he crossed his arms.

Ichigo shook his head at his brother's assurance. He tapped Grimmjow's shoulder and said, "You'll be okay. After all, you're just checking on your mom." He gave an encouraging smile.

"Thanks, Ichigo," replied Grimmjow.

Shiro saw Grimmjow go for the door, but he wasn't so sure about the guy barging in so quickly. When Grimmjow turned the handle a little, Shiro was sure that maybe the checkup was over rated. To help the situation a little, Shiro suggested, "Why don't ya wait a minute? Maybe she feels sick an' needs a second t' herself. Maybe if ya wait, she'll come out. A woman does need her personal space."

Grimmjow frowned and retaliated, "She's been in there for ten minutes now, Shiro. I doubt that she would do something that needs ten minutes. The woman's as tough as a rock and as poised as a penguin."

"A penguin?" repeated Shiro with a raised brow. "Ya ma seems more like a-" he was interrupted with double slaps to the back of the head by Chad and Ichigo. "Ow," he complained rubbing his head. "Ya want me t' be honest, right?" The question earned him another slap to the back of the head by Chad.

"You realise that you sounded like me, right?" asked Chad to Shiro. "You're the same way with Ichigo." He held out his hand, which was high fived by Ichigo.

"That's different," defended Shiro.

"No it's not," countered Chad. "Nel is Grimmjow's blood. If he feels the need to protect her, then he should go for it." He crossed his arms as he stared down at Shiro.

Shiro's left eye twitched. "Then why didn't ya let me go wit' m' King t' the bathroom?" he growled while shaking a fist at Chad.

Chad sighed and replied, "You're overprotective all the time, Shiro. Ichigo can handle himself in most cases. If he really needed help, I know he would back down and come to us for aid." He smiled when Ichigo raised his hand for another high five, which was granted.

With a pout, Shiro rebuddled, "Yeah, yeah, but Grimmjow's ma's a full grown woman." He was hit upside the head by Ichigo. Shiro rubbed at his sore head and grumbled about being mistreated.

"Ignore him, Grimmjow," said Ichigo. "Just check on Nel. I know that she would do the same for you."

The blue haired man nodded. As he was going to turn the knob, Grimmjow heard a scream. The voice was recognizable. He quickly turned the knob and burst inside. His eyes widened at the sight before him: Nel was on the sink being held in place by a tall man as she was thrusted into.

Nel looked at him with sad eyes and mouthed, "Help."

Grimmjow clenched his teeth. He saw blood dripping down the porcelain sink, and he knew where it was coming from. The blood; it made him see red. His former mother's face flashed in place of Nel's, and Ichigo's face was put into the mix. The faces continued to flash as he heard the man grunt in completion.

Ichigo heard the scream, too, so he, along with Shiro and Chad, burst into the bathroom after Grimmjow. The men were horrified. Ichigo was the most concerned, for he knew that Grimmjow would not take this lightly. "That tall guy's a dead man," he thought.

Nnoitra sighed as he pulled away and pulled up his pants. With a lazy glare, he looked back at the men at the door and asked, "Enjoy the show?" He frowned when none answered, and he narrowed his eye when the blue haired man was breathing harshly. He looked back at Nel, and he looked to Grimmjow. "I'm sorry," he said in sarcasm, "is she your girl?"

Shiro was in the back of the group, but he saw and heard everything. He could practically feel the tension rolling off of everyone. When he heard the last question, Shiro knew that Grimmjow would spring into an all out brawl. Grimmjow and Ichigo shared everything with him, and he knew. After observing Grimmjow, Shiro could read what the other was thinking or going to do.

He knew enough to know that Grimmjow had had enough, and he knew enough to know that Grimmjow would probably kill the guy. So, he would step in.

Shiro pushed the guys aside and came to the front of the group. "Actually," he started, "she's mine." He could feel everyone's eyes on him, but he didn't care. "Who th' fuck ya think ya are, one-eyed pussy?" growled Shiro. He crossed his arms as he glared at Nnoitra.

Nnoitra was surprised at the outburst of the pale male, and he was even more surprised when the male claimed Nel and challenged his status. He had to admit, though, that the white haired man looked scarier than the others, for his eyes were gold swimming in black.

With a maniacal grin, Nnoitra replied, "Heh, punk. As for me, I'm Nnoitra Jiruga Gilga."

The name seemed to echo on all of them. Shiro heard about the guy from the news and his brother. From what he knew, this was the guy who killed Grimmjow's parents. To show that he wasn't intimidated, Shiro replied, "Ah. Nice name. Mine's Shiro." He walked a little closer and added, "I heard ya like playin' wit' knives." The fact was true. Every murder Nnoitra committed was done by hand or knife.

The other just squinted his eye and reached into his back pocket. He pulled out a switchblade, which he undid to reveal crescent bites on the edge of the blade. Nnoitra held the blade in front of himself with sly smile. "What about it?" he asked.

Shiro just smirked and pulled out his own weapon, which happened to be the labeling knife. He held out the knife and said, "I like t' play wit' knives, too...Now, it's just a matta o' who's better."

"That a challenge?" growled Nnoitra. He didn't like the little punk: he was too cool and suave for his taste.

Grimmjow couldn't' believe that Shiro was taking the lead on this. He just wanted to pounce on the guy and hit him with all he had. And, here, Shiro was having a conversation. He shook his head and looked to Nel, who was panting in pain as she was still steadying herself on the sink. He looked to Shiro, who was walking closer to Nnoitra and making the other move back. Taking the chance, Grimmjow made his way to Nel, but he was cut short by a slash from Nnoitra's long arm.

He looked at Nnoitra after touching his face. He took his palm off of his cheek and looked at it; blood was streaming down his fingers. Grimmjow sneered and looked at Nnoitra, who was shaking his knife at him.

"Do me a favor, blue, and don't touch what's mine," growled Nnoitra.

"Really?" growled Grimmjow. He was seeing red again.

"Shouldn't have done that," came Shiro's warning tone. As Nnoitra was still focused on Grimmjow, Shiro slashed forward, making Nnoitra jump back in surprise. The other looked at him with a snarl on his lips.

"Heh," waved off Shiro. He continued to lunge forward.

As Shiro was keeping Nnoitra busy, Ichigo and Chad went to help Grimmjow, who looked to be torn between helping Nel and assisting Shiro. Ichigo nudged Grimmjow, who snapped his angry gaze at him. Ichigo frowned.

"Nel needs your help, Grimmjow," said Ichigo. He turned the other to Nel, who was trying to move herself.

Grimmjow's eyes saddened, and he shook his head. "It happened again," he growled under his breath. "I can't believe this happened again!"

Ichigo pursed his lips and took hold of Grimmjow's face; he stared the other in the eyes. "Grimmjow, listen to me. Don't worry about it. Nel needs help," said Ichigo. "She needs you." What he said was very true. Plus, he knew that Shiro's time fighting Nnoitra wasn't for no reason.

The blue haired man just nodded. He turned to Nel and went to her. Grimmjow noticed her naked form and blushed; thus, he took off his own shirt and put it over Nel. The shirt covered up to mid thigh. Grimmjow tried to move Nel, but the woman yelped when her legs were moved.

"I'm sorry, Nel," whispered Grimmjow. "I gotta get you outta here, so I need you to push past the pain."

Nel looked up at Grimmjow, allowing the other to notice the tear stains on her face. She smiled and said, "I know. Thank you, Mr. Grumpy Grim." The other smiled at the name. Nel set her arms around Grimmjow's neck and secured her hold.

Grimmjow, on the other hand, slid his right arm under Nel's legs and his other arm around her waist. With a count to three, he quickly lifted her. Grimmjow looked at Ichigo and said, "Let's get outta here."

Ichigo nodded and made his way in front to remove obstacles and open doors for Grimmjow and Nel. They burst through the front doors of the mall. He looked at Grimmjow, who was frantic with anxiety. He quickly suggested, "Let's go to my house. My dad's a doctor, remember? He can help with this." He received a nod. Then, they both ran for Ichigo's home.

The blue haired man didn't slow down. He only stopped when Ichigo had to open the door to the clinic.

"Dad!" called Ichigo. He quickly brought up his fist when Isshin popped up from behind. He turned while his father fell. "Dad, there's no time to mess around," scolded Ichigo. "Grimmjow's mom's hurt bad. We need you to look over her and bandage everything." His hands were set on his hips.

After the scolding, Isshin jumped to his feet with a new determined look. With a declaratory finger in the air, Isshin announced, "I shall do my duty as a doctor and help those in need!" He quickly directed Grimmjow to a room. After Nel was set down on a table, Grimmjow and Ichigo were shoved out of the room.

"I'll look her over," said Isshin with a serious face. "Don't come in until I call you." With that, Isshin shut the door and set to work.

At the time the guys got to Nel, Chad was going to offer to carry Nel, but Shiro had called him. He looked over and saw Shiro had sliced Nnoitra's knife out of his hand and kicked the other; as a result, Nnoitra was against the wall looking at his bloody hand.

Shiro was looking down at Nnoitra smugly and said, "I guess I'm better wit' knives." He heard Chad approach them, so he said, "Chad, I need ya t' finish off this joke."

"Joke?" snarled Nnoitra as braced himself against the wall. "Fuck you! Who the hell do ya think ya are t' think you can just take me on like that?" He was shivering with anger.

Shiro just chuckled and said, "Ay, Chad. On second thought, finish him, so he'll wake up in a bit." When his friend raised a questioning brow, Shiro answered his quiet question with, "I wanna label 'im."

Chad nodded and cracked his knuckles. He approached Nnoitra, who got up in a fighting stance.

"Come on, big man," taunted Nnoitra, "show Gilga what ya got." He grinned and fisted his hands.

The other pursed his lips and replied, "This shall hurt you a lot." When his words reached Nnoitra's ears, the other roared and lunged at him. A bloody fist came at Chad's face, but Chad swiftly moved aside and caught Nnoitra's wrist. He squeezed the wrist, making Nnoitra yelp and try to pull his arm free.

Chad looked at Nnoitra's face and said, "El Directo." With his right fist, Chad hooked a shot at Nnoitra's jaw. The impact immediately made Nnoitra pass out. As Nnoitra's body fell, Chad let go of the wrist, so the rest of the body fell to the ground without interruption. When Nnoitra's crown made contact with floor, Chad humphed and turned to Shiro.

Shiro was leaning against a gray stall and his arms were crossed. "That's gotta be the best right hook ya ever threw," he commented. The other nodded at him. "Pick 'im up. We gotta scram before the idiot wakes up."

Chad nodded again and picked up Nnoitra. He threw the large man over his shoulder and turned for the door. Shiro followed.

After getting through the staring crowd and past the suspicious security guards, Chad and Shiro made their way toward the alley across the street from the mall. Both men recognized the alley as the same place where Grimmjow had beaten Ichigo.

"Heh. This alley's gonna have one hell of a past," thought Shiro with a sadistic smile. He looked at Chad and nodded his head. The other nodded back and set Nnoitra down.

The tall man made sure to hold down Nnoitra's arms, while Shiro made his way over and pinned Nnoitra's body down with his weight. Nnoitra, however, wasn't awake. Shiro frowned.

"This won't work if he's awake," said Shiro aloud. "He has to know the pain he caused to everyone."

"That's quite noble," commented Chad from his position.

"Heh. The point is that he hurt blood, and I ain't lettin' 'im get away without some labels," explained Shiro with a narrow of his eyes at the back of Nnoitra's head.

"Nel?" asked Chad.

"No. Well, yes. Look, he got Grimmjow through Nel, and he's blood," replied Shiro. "Besides, Nel deserves some justice. If anyone's gonna annoy her in any form, I'd rather it be me." He looked up at Chad and was surprised to see the other smiling at him.

"You like her," teased Chad with smile.

Shiro sighed and pulled out his knife. "Just wake 'im up," he demanded. He watched Chad slap Nnoitra's face until the man woke up and started struggling.

"What the fuck?" panicked Nnoitra. He tried moving his arms, but Shiro's legs prevented him from doing so. "Ya little snotty bastards! Where the hell am I?"

"Shut the fuck up," came Shiro's response. "Right now, ya at our mercy, and I'm gonna show ya what a real psycho does wit' a knife." He twirled the blade and set one hand down on Nnoitra's back. "Just wait."

As Shiro was labeling Nnoitra, Grimmjow and Ichigo were finally called into the room. Grimmjow bit his lip when he saw Nel. The woman's torso was wrapped, and her hips were wrapped. Grimmjow walked to her side and set a hand on Nel's.

Nel looked up and said, "Hey, Mr. Grumpy Grim."

"Hey, Nel," said Grimmjow. "How ya feelin'?" He did his best to remain calm.

"I'm feeling okay," she replied. "Thanks to Doctor Kurosaki, you, and Ichigo." She gave the men a smile, which was returned.

Isshin reacted bashfully to Nel's praise, but his bashfulness didn't last long. Ichigo kicked the old man out of the room to allow for privacy. Just as he was about to leave, Ichigo felt Grimmjow's hold on his wrist. He looked back.

"You're blood, remember?" reminded Grimmjow with a smile. He turned to the other and added, "You're my best friend and my brother, Ichigo. You helped me become a better man, and you helped me get through the pain I felt after my parents were murdered. You're like an angel sent to me with a natural halo. You helped with Nel, too, so you stay." With a smile, Grimmjow embraced the other.

Ichigo smiled and returned the hug. "Love ya, too, bro," he said. He felt Grimmjow chuckle.

Nel cleared her throat and got the boys' attention. When they looked at her, she got to teasing Grimmjow about his "boyfriend," which didn't go over so well, for Grimmjow groaned about the title she was giving Ichigo. Ichigo and Nel just laughed. Grimmjow just shook his head with a smile.

Grimmjow felt the love, and he felt that he officially belonged.

Six years later...

Grimmjow entered the prison visiting area. He looked around for the right seat. When he spotted seat five, he walked toward the chair and sat down. Grimmjow had just graduated college and got a job at a local company. He was dressed in a white dress shirt and black tie. He wore black slacks and black dress shoes. His sleeves were rolled up, and his jacket was hanging off of his shoulders. His hair was longer and pulled back into a ponytail.

He heard a distant beep, so Grimmjow peeked through the window to see. He hummed to himself when he noticed the prisoner was his guy. Grimmjow didn't want to confront the guy at his younger age, for he felt like he would look like a complaining child. At his present age, Grimmjow felt more adult like. He was ready to face his parents' killer.

Just as Grimmjow pulled the phone receiver from its place, Nnoitra sat down in his seat. Grimmjow put the receiver to his ear and waited for Nnoitra, who took his time to do so.

"Never thought I'd get a visitor," came Nnoitra's voice. His voice was rough, and his eyes looked dark. His hair had gotten longer, too, so it was tied back into a braid. He frowned and said, "What brings you here, kid?"

The blue haired man raised a brow and replied, "Last I checked, I was twenty-four." He shook his head and said, "I came here for two things, Gilga."

Nnoitra raised a brow. "Before we get down to that," he said, "who are ya t' me?" Nnoitra really didn't know the guy across from him. All he remembered was that the blue haired man was there when he raped Nel.

Grimmjow didn't blink; he just answered, "I guess I'm sorta like your indirect victim. My name's Grimmjow Jaggerjack. I had only moved into Karakura when you killed your last victims, who were my parents. Then you raped my adoptive mother, Nel." He was disappointed when Nnoitra wasn't swayed by the story.

"Sad," came Nnoitra's uncaring voice. "You want me to apologize?" He was giving Grimmjow the most apathetic face he could muster as he was slouched in his seat. In reality, he was surprised about Nel being the other's adoptive mother. "Just like Nel," he thought, "always caring for others."

The blue haired man closed his eyes and shook his head. "I don't care if you apologize," he said as reopened his eyes. "Your apology won't bring 'em back, and your apology won't heal take back what you did to Nel." He leaned on his forearms. "As I said before, I came here for two things."

Nnoitra shrugged and asked, "What's the first?"

Grimmjow gave a half smile as he turned his head and called, "Hey, Junior! Get over here!" He waited for a child to run over. When the child came into view, Grimmjow smiled. He loved that kid.

The child was about three feet tall, slim, gray eyed, and green haired. The child had a round face, and his eyes were mostly covered by his messy hair. He wore a white shirt and blue overalls that were rolled up at the legs. Black chucks adorned his feet with long white socks. His limbs were really long compared to his torso, clearly showing the relations of his father.

"Ay, Big Brother Grimm," greeted the child with a smile as he got closer to Grimmjow. He jumped up and gave Grimmjow a high five.

"Hey, squirt," greeted Grimmjow with a bigger smile. He hoisted the kid on to his lap and turned the chair back toward Nnoitra. He picked up the receiver again and put it to his ear. "Can you guess who this little guy is?" he asked.

Nnoitra gaped at the kid. He recognized that the child had Nel's face and his body. He was utterly amazed and confused. "He can't be," he made out. Nnoitra touched the glass, covering most of it.

The child put his hand on the glass. When the hands looked to be touching, the child withdrew and looked down shyly.

Nnoitra looked back up at Grimmjow and asked, "What is this?"

Grimmjow frowned and answered, "Thought you'd be smarter than that." He sighed and added, "This kid is your son. He's five years old now."

The black haired man awed at the kid. "What's his name?" asked Nnoitra.

"I don't call him 'junior' for no reason," replied Grimmjow. "I call him 'junior' 'cause I don't like your name, Gilga." He sighed and answered more directly, "His name's Nnoitra. Nnoitra Jiruga Gilga, Jr."

Nnoitra didn't mind the distaste from the other. He just set his one eye on the child, who was still looking down shyly. His expression softened. The child was a mixture of him and Nel. That fact made his heart flutter, and he felt something for the kid. He touched the glass again. "That's my son," he thought. When Nel came to mind, he thought again, "Our son."

He looked back up and asked, "Why ya bring him?" He thought that using his son on a visit was just dirty. He was in jail, and the other knew he wouldn't get out until the end of time.

Grimmjow ruffled little Nnoitra's hair. At first, he disliked the idea of Nel having Gilga's baby, but Nel was against abortion. After the kid was born, Grimmjow grew to love little Nnoitra; the name was given to the kid because of Nnoitra's past friendship with Nel. That reason still puzzled Grimmjow sometimes.

Little Nnoitra was addressed as 'Junior' by everyone except Nel, who believed that little Nnoitra should feel comfortable with his name. The kid grew to love Grimmjow as a big brother figure, and he grew to love Shiro as a father figure. Grimmjow had to laugh five years prior when Shiro actually asked Nel on a date. When the kid turned three, Shiro and Nel were still dating, and little Nnoitra called Shiro "Dad." Of course, Chad and Ichigo still played a huge role in little Nnoitra's life. Chad was "Uncle Sado," and Ichigo was "Uncle Strawberry." Grimmjow got a good laugh every time little Nnoitra called for Ichigo.

When the kid turned five, he was too smart for his own good. The kid actually figured out that Shiro wasn't his real father for a ton of reasons both Grimmjow and Nel couldn't keep up with. The time came when Nel finally gave in and told little Nnoitra about his real dad. The kid was heartbroken that his real dad was locked away, so he asked to see his real dad. After about a month's worth of pleading, Grimmjow and Nel set up a date to see Nnoitra.

Grimmjow looked down at little Nnoitra and sighed. He answered, "The kid wanted to see ya." Then, he went on to explain the child's past achievements and new relations, which did include Shiro's role as the father figure. He saw the unease in Nnoitra's face at the fact that Shiro was being called "Dad."

"Can I talk to 'im?" asked Nnoitra. He wanted to hear the little guy's voice. He wanted to hear what he and Nel created together.

Grimmjow frowned but answered, "Yeah." He pulled the receiver down lower and asked, "Hey, Junior, ya wanna to talk to your dad?" He was met with gray eyes.

Nnoitra felt some pride when he heard his name associated with being the father. To him, he and Nel did a pretty damn good job at making a child.

Little Nnoitra looked at the receiver and took it. He needed both hands to steady the large thing against his ear. With an audible gulp, the boy said, "Hello."

At that moment, Nnoitra's heart melted. The kid's voice was perfect. He sounded his age, but his tone was very mature. Nnoitra gave a small smile and replied, "Hey, kiddo." His eyes were met with his son's, and he realized that the kid had his eyes. The kid truly was his replica.

"I heard you're going t' be in here for a while," said little Nnoitra. He looked nervous, but his voice sounded otherwise.

Nnoitra frowned and answered, "Yeah."

"Why are ya in here?" asked the child more bravely.

The father frowned and replied, "Daddy did bad stuff some time ago, so now he has to stay here." The child was still looking at him; his little eyes digging into his heart. He felt tears coming, so he took in deep breaths to keep from showing the tears. The kid was getting to him.

"Like what?" the child persisted. He leaned his elbows on the small protruding area in front of the glass. His attention was directed at Nnoitra.

"Just bad stuff," said Nnoitra with a sad eye. He sat up more and continued, "Listen, son. Daddy did bad stuff in his younger days. Be a good boy and don't be like daddy. Go to school and have good dreams." He took in a deep breath to keep from crying. "Most importantly, son, be a good boy for mommy, okay? She's very special, and I want you t' take good care of her. Don't be like daddy."

Little Nnoitra looked down and nodded his head. He replied, "Yes, daddy. I'll be a good boy to mommy, and I'll go to school and have dreams." He looked up hopefully and said, "I have one dream, now, daddy. I want you to come see me one day and not be in this place."

Nnoitra had to smile. He thought he'd die from his puddle of a heart. "Maybe someday," he said.

Little Nnoitra bounced with a large grin, which reminded his father of himself. "Okay, daddy," said he into the receiver. "I'll see you again, right?"

"Ya gotta ask your mom about that," replied the father.

The son just nodded and handed Grimmjow the receiver. He looked up at Grimmjow and said, "I'm going t' go tell Uncle Strawberry about daddy."

Grimmjow nodded and said, "Alright. Make sure you give your uncle a mighty punch from me." Grimmjow called the hits "mighty punches" for the sake of keeping the kid interested in hitting Ichigo. Ichigo was still his best friend. The man still treated him to Urahara's famous milkshakes, and he got to taste the secret milkshake Urahara mentioned earlier. He had to admit he tasted mostly strawberries, which pissed Ichigo off. He had a good laugh at Urahara's newly colored face.

The child nodded enthusiastically. He hopped off of Grimmjow's lap and ran toward the waiting room. He looked back and waved at his biological father. When he received a wave back, little Nnoitra made his way to Ichigo, whom he punched in regards of Grimmjow.

Grimmjow turned back to Nnoitra with the receiver to his ear. "That kid has a lot of energy," he said.

Nnoitra nodded in agreement. Before anything got awkward, he said, "I can tell he's a good kid." He sighed and asked, "What's the second thing ya wanna talk about?"

"Have you seen what's on your back?" asked Grimmjow with a more serious tone.

The other looked at Grimmjow with a glare. He nodded. "I think your buddy, Shiro, is more of a whack job than me," he said.

Grimmjow snorted and said, "I already know that." He shook his head and added, "What he did to you, it's called 'labeling.'"

"I can tell," retorted Nnoitra with a more pissed off tone. He hated the scars on his back, and most of all, he hated the scar on his abdomen. He remembered that day. His back was sliced up as he screamed his lungs out. Then, he was flipped over, and another label was placed on his abdomen. The scars on his back covered the entire area, and the scar on his abdomen stretched from his chest to his hipline.

He remembered that the big guy had take pictures before he passed out. On his first days in prison, the pictures were sent to him. Nnoitra was pissed. On his back were names, which included Nel's. On his torso was a word he would never forget: monster.

Nnoitra gulped and asked, "That crazy bastard showed you the pictures, right?" He was glaring at Grimmjow, who nodded.

"I heard you passed out before Chad could explain the labeling or do anymore damage. That and the cops were already there to pick you up," said Grimmjow. He sat back in his chair and added, "That's the second reason why I'm here."

"Figures," said Nnoitra as he switched the receiver to his other ear. "I didn't really think the guy was doing it for the sake of body art." His tone was really sarcastic at that point.

Grimmjow chuckled and said, "Shiro hates body art. For that reason, he uses it to punish those who hurt blood." He saw Nnoitra frown at the explanation. He took a brief moment to explain Shiro's philosophy and terms. Nnoitra just raised an eyebrow and commented on the oddity of the philosophy.

He just nodded and explained, "As for the labels, the names on the back are those who are considered blood. Blood is solidified with actual human blood. Our names are there for you to look at and be reminded of the pain you caused. The point of the labeling was for you to feel the pain others might feel. Usually those who are labeled are unconscious, but you were a different case.

"You were seen as a natural predator, a beast, or a monster." He saw Nnoitra sneer at the last part. "Shiro obviously thought of you as a mongrel, and you were labeled as such. In most labelings, the label and names are on the back, but because you were seen as a monster, your label was put on your stomach.

"That label is for everyone to see. The label is probably the most degrading of the entire process. Think of your label as some sort of dog tag," he finished. Grimmjow looked to Nnoitra and smiled. With his smile still there, Grimmjow said, "Remember the lettering. The lettering of the message written in your own blood. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about." After he said those words, Grimmjow got up and hung up the receiver.

When the visit was over, Nnoitra was led back to his cell. He stood there staring at the little mirror in his room. He didn't need to look at the pictures to remember the lettering. He practically felt it written on him. Nnoitra pursed his lips and stripped off his uniform shirt to reveal the jagged scars.

Another inmate was put into his room. They were roommates, but they still didn't like each other much. The inmate was a blond with funny teeth. He looked at Nnoitra and asked, "What's the point in having all those names on ya?"

Nnoitra turned around and smiled maniacally. He simply replied, "To remember that blood is thicker than water."

The End

Author's note:

Hey, soooooo...this is the end. I'm sorry. I really am. I couldn't help myself. I just had to finish it because the ending was burning my brain.

I loved adding little Nnoitra. In my mind, he looks so adorable. :) I think Grimmjow got his revenge via the labeling explanation and bringing the kid. It's like rubbing your last cookie in someone's face. Oh well.

I hoped you all enjoyed the story. I loved writing it.

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