Author's Note: Um, so. Who saw "Voice in the Night"? I dunno 'bout you guys, but... um. Yeah. Did I ever mention Bolin's my favorite character? There are hardly any Korra and Bolin stories out there, or in here, despite the amazing potential bond between them just waiting to be explored. I have made it my mission to explore said bond and potentiality... later.

This is just for some unapologetic schmoop.

Story Notes: Takes place after "Voice in the Night". Slight spoilers.

Full Synopsis: After returning to the Air Temple to rest for the night, Korra eyes the gift she'd received from one kind Earthbender and is immediately comforted. Shameless drabble. Slight spoilers for Episode 4 "Voice in the Night".

Master Tenzin wants her to get some rest.

"You've had quite a complicated day. Rest is a must at this point," the Airbending Master had insisted, not unkindly, earlier upon their return to Air Island. Though he sometimes may be the Master of understatement at times, Korra acknowledges to herself secretly that he is right and she does need to rest.

Especially since some of her fears are now alleviated and she can sleep without waking in a cold sweat.

Upon entering her room after changing into her night clothes, the soft sniffing from Naga catches her attention. The polar dog is curled up under the window frame, silvery moonlight seemingly making her frost-white fur glisten almost magically, and she gives Korra a friendly bark.

But it is what's on the window ledge that catches the Avatar's attention.

It's a flower; a deep red roselia. Its thin, healthy green stem stretches upward from the small vase she made earlier after Bolin had made a surprising visit to bestow it to her, and the full petals bloom beautifully under the moonlight.

The ultimate sign of peace and health. That everything might just... be okay.

Even with the exhaustion weighting upon her mind and body, just a thought in the direction of the carefree Earthbender who had given her the rose- after proudly mentioning he'd grown it himself for the occasion -draws an unstoppable smile to Korra's lips.

She moves over to the window, bends over and gently inhales the sweet fragrance. As her eyes slip close momentarily, her mind recreates the ealier image of Bolin's wide smile as he had handed her the flower and cupcake- which had been delicious -and the way his green eyes had been so full of happiness and poorly concealed excitement.

To see her. To visit her and let her know that he was grateful to her.

It is flattering, really, to think of him going out of his way to express his thanks and cheer her up. Because, with his infectious laughter and impossibly kind eyes, that is what he had managed to do.

With a smile, Korra moves away from the rose and slips into her bed.

As her eyes close and her mind eventually drifts to sleep, the faint fragrance of the flower lingers in her nose and the phantom ring of Bolin's comforting laughter echoes in her ears.


Whew! I just went online to watch Episode 4, and after I saw Bolin give her those gifts... I squeed so hard and immediately came here to write a quick little something. I have to work in a few hours... but I don't care!

Who cares about getting a good night's sleep when Bolin needs to be exhibited?

Amirite? Or amirite?

I thought so. ;)