*Len's point of view*

'I can't read the clock' that was your lame excuse. Surely everybody can read clocks. 'Snack time is at FOUR' I said, pointing a finger at the clock, watching your confused face. You stared at me, until you finally said 'muffins'. I believe what snack it is irrelevant to your immunity to clocks. Why do you ignore every teaching word said to you? It's such a stupid way to go. Why do you hate clocks? … Ignore that. I don't even know why I even said that. Why am I even talking to myself? I'm so confused… maybe I wasn't concentrating on the time, the snack, or anything around us; maybe it was your sparkling eyes… why am I like this? This is all new to me… what the hell is wrong with me? This forbidden feeling weaving through my body… could it really be love…? No, that's stupid… me, love my sister, my twin? What nonsense… well, that's what my head says, my heart disagrees… oh, what insanity… talking to myself… hang on, wait a minuet, I just noticed your eyes peering through, watching my every move, your delicate ears listening in… crud...

*Rin's point of view*

What did he just say…? Was he talking about me? No… that's just idiotic and desperate… why did I even think that? But… he DID say his twin sister… and I'm his only twin, right? That's no good… oh, he's seen me! Should I hide or stay? ARGH! I DON'T KNOW! Ok, calm down Rinny, no need to get worked up… umm… argh… I'm so confused… my brother fell in love with me… what do I do? Maybe I fell into this forbidden crush first… no, no… just… no… it's so wrong… we're TWINS, brother and sister, it's so wrong to love him in that way. But, is it? Is it that bad? It might not be, I mean… its normal for a guy and a girl to be in love, isn't it? … But maybe its not, maybe its just messed up… its forbidden, but then… so is the love of a princess and knight! It has to be a prince, doesn't it? Well maybe not! … I wonder if Len is thinking the same thing… well… if one of us had the courage, one of us would have moved… wow, Len suddenly looks adorable… my heart is throbbing… no, no… I don't want this… or do I? It's a battle of my head and my hearts… do I? Don't I? Why is this even happening? I want it to stop now… but… I can't move? I shouldn't get bound up in this… maybe if I go somewhere else it will go back to normal…? But, do I want it normal? I'm getting light headed and every second longer makes me want to be in his arms… no… just shake it off… what is this feeling? It feels wrong, or is it right?