The twins skipped along to the apartments, where the rest of the Vocaloids lived. Len was a little shakier than Rin, as there was the possibility of them being separated and sent off. That would be anybodies nightmare, being separated from your love of life, destined to never see each other again... the apartments were coming up, Rin looking as if she was completely unaware of what might happen as if it had disappeared from her head. They strode through the revolving doors, being greeted by the receptionist. In a small while they were confronting Kaito... Len shakily knocked on his door; scared half to death as it slowly creaked open... he was standing there, smiling... "Rin, Len, come in!" he beamed, signing for them to enter. Rin suddenly realised what they were doing as they came in and sat on the luxuriously soft sofa... Kaito noticed their nervousness, but was too polite to ask. "So, what can I do you for?" he asked, bowing jokingly. Rin and Len looked at each other with looks almost saying the same thing – 'you do it! No way am I going to!' Kaito stared in confusion, wondering what was up with them. After some few seconds, Len finally stuttered "I got Rin pregnant..." at that, Kaito's face went from smiling to almost anger. Len cringed, trying to bury his head in Rin's flat chest. Rin could only hug him, glancing up at Kaito with a look speaking what was on her mind- 'please, don't hurt us'. Kaito stopped, his expression changed to a straight poker face. He sighed "why did you? That's despicable, sex with your own sister..." both Rin and Len blushed, feeling the awkwardness. But that wasn't going to ruin their relationship. Nothing could ruin it now. Kaito was staring at them, still disbelieving. Rin got up, grabbed Len's arm and trotted out, it was too awkward in there. way too awkward for her liking. Len sighed, wondering if Kaito would tell everyone, what if their actions were more devastating. That would be horrible.

Rin blushed and stared at Len, feeling slightly awkward after confronting Kaito. She was finding it hard to believe that she was really pregnant with her brother's child. Suddenly everything seemed so wrong to Rin, she glanced over to her brother, and everything seemed to be corrected... Len stared into Rin's calm eyes, she stared into his. Everything seemed perfect... until, bounding through the streets, being as energetic as normal, Miku ran up to them. Len looked away, as did Rin. They both muttered "stupid tealette" under their breaths, hoping she would just run past. But no, she stopped right in front of them, beaming a psychotic smile. "HI LEN ... and Rin..." she started screaming, spitting at Rin's name. It was obvious she had a crush on Len, but Len hated her. Rin tried to drag Len around her, but Miku just stepped to the side to block her. "Where are you dragging him, you witch! He has rights! He's not your puppy dog!" she screamed, trying to pry her away from him. Rin glared at her, thinking about how devastated Miku would be if she knew... Miku glared back, and then flexed back her arm, flinging back to punch Rin in the stomach. Len grabbed Miku's arm, throwing her onto the floor. "Nobody hurts the baby." He growled, being over protective of the child growing in Rin. Miku glared, unsure of what he meant by 'baby' ... Len dragged Rin past her, and with a grudge kicked some mud in Miku's face. Miku was almost in tears after what just happened, she was devastated... but the twins could care less about Miku's feelings.