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Bella smiled at me from her spot in the doorway as she raised a brow in question. I laughed; realising that I had been staring at her with a wistful expression for a good few minutes now. I couldn't help it, she was absolutely gorgeous.

She laughed along with me and joined me on the bed, I removed one arm from behind my head and stretched it out on the pillow next to me; inviting Bella to curl into my side. I smiled contentedly as I wrapped my arm around her back and buried my nose into her hair, inhaling deeply; her scent was intoxicating.

"You're always sniffing me..." She mumbled into my shoulder with a breathy giggle, causing me to laugh and mutter a half- hearted apology. She looked back at me sceptically and narrowed her eyes. Rightly so; I wasn't sorry at all, I loved it.

"You smell good." I told her honestly with a shrug.

"You usually do, but right now...not so much." She said as she turned her head away and crinkled her nose with a mock-grimace. I hoped she was exaggerating but then again, yesterday had been a long day and I could use a shower.

She didn't seem too perturbed by it as she peppered my collar bone with chaste kisses before leading a tingling trail up to my jawline. As she continued her ministrations over my cheeks, I licked my lips in anticipation of the sweet manna that was Bella's plump lips. I had survived 28 years without kissing but apparently I was now addicted; it was such a demure act but yet so intimate and Bella was oh so inviting.

I closed my eyes as I exhaled deeply through my nose in impatience as Bella bypassed my lips with a chuckle and continued her journey to my other cheek and down my jaw again. She pulled back with a mischievous glint in her eye and bit down on her succulent lower lip to conceal her smirk. She broke out in giggles when I greeted her with my patented pout. I tapped my pursed lips with my index finger expectantly and she leant in, pressing her full lips to mine and it was heavenly. We continued to kiss languidly for a few minutes, her long chestnut hair falling around us, creating a curtain from the outside world. She eventually pulled away, placing three feather-light kisses on my lips.

"Do you have to go?" Bella asked, with a pout of her own; I kissed it and she chuckled.

"Soon, Emmett wants to talk to me about my parents; my father is kicking up a storm over these ridiculous divorce papers. I said I would talk to him about it today."

"What time do you have to be at work?" she asked innocently as she kissed my lips with a theatrical smacking sound. I chuckled and sighed as I looked at my watch.

"An hour ago." I mumbled with a shrug and a half smile. Her face blanched and she started apologising ridiculously.

"Oh Edward, I'm so sorry. I should have woken you earlier but you were a very comfy pillow." She said with a sheepish smile. "Will you get into trouble?"

"No Bella. To be honest I doubt anyone will notice. Which is kind of sad." I said with a shrug and a smile.

"Aww… well I would notice." She smiled. "You are the office hottie after all."

Her smirk had turned mischievous and she hit me with a pillow, I laughed when she clearly used all her strength to swing it at my abdomen but I barely flinched and she huffed in frustration.

Bella bit on her lip with a nervous expression as snuck a finger under the hem of my undershirt and lifted it up slightly; I pulled my other arm from behind my head and sat up leaning back on my palms and watching her intently. She tilted her head to the side and looked on in what appeared to be fascination.

Her brow furrowed and she bit down harder on her lip as she stared at the bare patch of my stomach that she had just expose. I really didn't understand this girl. Although, I felt at ease with Bella; as if I had known her forever; I was still over run with nerves around her. Even though the action was innocent, there was still an inherently sexual undertone to the intimacy of the situation.

I lifted a trembling hand to her face and plucked at her lower lip with my thumb before she could do any real damage to her perfect cupids bow.

"Your abs are really hard." She said before she let out a single chuckle and shook her head slightly. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that. I don't know what I was thinking." she laughed as she blushed furiously; I loved that. I hugged her and kissed her head with a smile on my face.

"Emmett made me start working out a little when I started college. I just carried it on I guess…" I trailed off and drew in a jagged breath as her index finger lightly traced the hair on my stomach. All of a sudden, Bella's eyes widened and she whipped her hand away quickly as if it burned her.

"Speaking of Emmett, we should probably get you going if you are going to meet with him today." She said and I nodded. "Listen; if you want to go freshen up, I will put you some breakfast on before you go. Use the shower if you want." She replied sweetly and just in time as my stomach growled loudly. She was giggling deliciously as she pulled me from the bed, or attempted to at least.

We got up and Bella headed for the kitchen, still in the impossibly tiny pyjamas and I went to the bathroom to shower quickly. Looking in the mirror, I really did look dire. I had managed to get a kiss looking like this?

I showered quickly, trying not to think how many man points it had cost me to use her body wash and shampoo this morning. I dressed back in the shirt and dress pants from yesterday, circumventing the tie and jacket.

I left the bedroom and found Bella in the kitchen; she was singing lightly to the radio and swaying her hips gently in a hypnotic motion. She stilled to flip something in the frying pan on the stove, and I walked up behind her, placing my hands on her hips and resting my chin on her shoulder. She leaned her head back to meet me with a light peck to the cheek.

"It's French toast and bacon is that ok? I just thought you would appreciate something quick." She said with a nervous smile.

"Sounds lovely, thank you. " I said as I returned her kiss on the cheek.

She motioned for me to sit down and joined me with the food. She elected to sit next to me rather than opposite and so I took advantage of the situation and placed my palm on her lower back. At this point I just needed to have some contact with her as much as possible. It was like we were inextricably linked, it felt good to have this kind of connection with someone.

"How are you feeling about last night, baby?" Bella asked tentatively.

"I honestly don't know, I never imagined that I would be able to tell anyone about it. I've never even been totally honest with my therapist. I feel like a weight has been lifted, I feel closer to you." I said as I gently brushed a lock of hair from her face.

"You should be proud, you did so well. I'm proud of you anyway." She said as she placed her hand on top of mine at the table and gave it a gentle squeeze. I kissed her hair in thanks.

"I feel so relieved though. You took it much better than I thought you would." I said honestly and she frowned angrily but her voice was gentle when she spoke.

"That is your father, putting thoughts in your head. Never be scared to tell me anything Edward. I'm not going to run away screaming. Stop worrying." She said as she got up and moved to sit sideways on my lap, I welcomed the motion gladly. We ate in silence for a few minutes before I spoke again.

"I'm' so lucky that I found you." I said honestly and she brought a piece of bacon to my lips.

"Because I feed you bacon?" she laughed and I shook my head. Silly girl.

"Because you are perfect…" I said as I placed a lingering kiss to her forehead and she leaned into my touch.

"It's time to move on baby." She said simply as she got up to move the plates to the sink.

"Thank you for everything Bella." I said sincerely and she shook it off with a wave of her hand.

I thought carefully about a polite way to tell her that I needed to go. She had been a wonderful host; I hated just leaving so abruptly. When I looked up and noticed that she was looking at me with a knowing smirk on her face.

"You need to go." She said and I nodded. "That's ok baby. I hope it all goes well for you today." she added sincerely. I nodded and thanked her as she handed me my jacket and I headed to the door. I had been so relaxed all this time, like we were trapped in our own little haven, but now I was suddenly nervous. I opened the door and stepped out, turning back around to face Bella again.

"I really don't want to go." I said honestly.

"I don't want you to either." She laughed and looked at her feet nervously. The action hid her beautiful eyes from me and I just couldn't have that so I reached towards her face and gently lifted her chin with my fingertips. When she looked up her eyes were dark and she was biting her lip again. She was stunning.

"Can I call you later beautiful?" I asked hopefully.

"Of course you can, you don't have to ask Edward."

I nodded and licked my lips as I looked at hers in anticipation.

All of a sudden, Bella surprised me by throwing her arms around my waist and hugging me tightly.

"So proud of you." She stated with conviction. I smiled back and kissed the top of her head in appreciation.

She tilted her head to look up at me and I couldn't see anything but her, I couldn't hear anything else, nothing else existed; only us.

She rolled her lips together and her little pink tongue flicked out to wet them. I ran my fingers through the hair at the side of her face and moved closer to her, she responded with small smile and pressed herself into me. Her body moulded against mine perfectly, every curve of her flawless frame found its ideal place against my front and I leant in towards her face buried my hand completely into her hair. She laid her tiny hands on my biceps and squeezed gently sending an electric shock down my arms as I tightened my hold on her with my other arm on the small on her back.

I looked into her eyes and she leaned up on the balls of her feet, our lips met and she sighed against my mouth, I felt the top of her soft tongue brush against my lower lip and I gasped and loved the feeling of her tongue rolling against mine. She dropped back down onto the flat of her feet and her face broke from mine abruptly, leaving me wanting. My mouth was hanging open as I stared at her intently.

"I can't do this Edward." She said and I instantly panicked but thankfully she didn't notice. "You are really fucking tall. It hurts my feet to stretch." She said with a scowl.

I wrapped my arms around her tightly and leaned her back against the doorjamb and moved in to claim her mouth as my own as she sighed and moaned against my lips and I pressed my hips against hers. Every cell in my body was on fire. She was perfect and made me feel so alive. It killed me to do it but I had to go. Emmett was not known for his patience and he had called over an hour ago.

I softly broke the kiss and placed soft gentle pecks on her lips and cheeks before bringing her head to my chest and inhaling her scent deeply causing her to giggle slightly against me.

I reluctantly let her go after kissing her one more time and left her apartment building with a huge smile on my face.

After leaving Bella, I made a quick call to Jasper; seeing as I clearly wasn't going to make it into work today. I couldn't bring myself to care too much though. Spending the night with Bella had improved my mood exponentially and I was doing pretty well at blocking out the crap that was trying to creep its way to the forefront of my mind.

I didn't feel too guilty when Jasper answered on the first ring; clearly he was not busy today either.

"Jasper Whitlock at your service." He said as he exaggerated his already pronounced southern drawl. I rolled my eyes at his little performance.

"Jazz, it's me." I said with an amused smile.

"Well, howdy stranger, where are you?" he asked and I stifled a chuckle.

"Did you actually say howdy just then? That's bad Jazz…"

"Shut it. So, what's going on? Why y'all only just headin' home?" he asked with a laugh.

"How do you even…?"

"Emmett text me, he said…" he started but I cut him off.

"I don't want to know what he said. He's worse than you. He lives in the gutter. It's nothing like that Jasper." I said in a firm tone, I wasn't about to argue with him when Bella's virtue was in question. That's how rumours start.

"I didn't think it did. I know you're a perfect fucking gent, just like me; which is why I resent you comparing me to your brother. He has a dirty mind and dirtier mouth, I on the other hand, am wholesome and lovely." He said and I shook my head in amusement. He wasn't fooling anyone.

"Anyway, I need you to cover for me today; I won't be making it in. Sorry Jazz." I said distractedly as I thought about Bella again. My mouth formed a frown as I wondered if it was too soon to text her.

"Cover with who exactly? No one cares about us Eddie." He said, I managed to resist the urge to berate him for the use of that awful nickname.

"Seriously, a girl from upstairs saw me in the lift the other day and asked me to fix her printer. At first I got excited cos I thought it was a euphemism but no, she just thinks we are IT. 'oh are you not the computer guy?' That's all I get. "He said with a petulant sigh, he sounded genuinely disappointed, I was amused.

"Lauren might miss you though…" he said with a vindictive chuckle and I narrowed my eyes as I tried to think.

"Who's Lauren again?"

"Boobs Edward, boobs on the front desk." He deadpanned as if it was abhorrent that I didn't know straight away.

"Oh right." I said, pretty much blanking that statement. " well, if the execs come down tell them I had to go out for something." I said, hoping that he could be serious for a few minutes.

"Maggie was asking after you though." He added and I smiled. Maggie was good to us, like a second mother.

"Tell her I'm fine and will be in tomorrow. Thanks Jazz. I have to go I'm home now and Emmett wants to talk about the shit that starting with my father." I said as I got ready to hang up the phone.

"Is it really that bad?" he asked sounding concerned. He messed around a lot but when it came to it, he was a brilliant friend.

"It's worse." I deadpanned.

"You know just because you have a girl now, we can still hang out." He said and I felt guilty, I had been a crappy friend to him lately.

"I know, listen… give me a call later and we'll sort something out. I have to go."

He agreed and I hung up and rushed into the house. I was greeted with a very angry looking and pacing Emmett. He looked up as soon as I entered. I stared at him in question.

"Thank fuck you are back, maybe you can talk some sense into her! She's being fucking ridiculous." He said as he gestured angrily at my mother. My grandfather looked as though he would reprimand Emmett for using that language about our mom but she waved it off. I looked around confused, waiting for an explanation.

"He wants to see her." Emmett shouted wildly, his face was bright red and he looked like he was barely keeping hold of his control.

"Your father wants to see Alice and your mother agrees." My grandfather clarified. I set down my jacket and keys and took a seat next to my mother. Emmett continued to pace opposite us.

"Oh I see, I can't say I'm surprised." I said honestly, I knew my father would end up playing this card.

"You knew this was coming?" Emmett questioned in disbelief.

"No, I knew nothing but I suspected. Alice is an easy target. Think about it, she's always been daddy's little princess but her and mom are close too. She can be his go between." I said with a determined nod and my grandfather grunted in agreement.

"We can't stop him from seeing his daughter. It's up to Alice." my mother said with tears in her eyes, I put an arm around her shoulder as I sat near her on the sofa.

"What does he want?" Emmett demanded.

"Nothing, he wants nothing. He's just playing his little games. Fuck him. Let him see Alice but not alone. We'll be there. Not mom though. He wants to play doting dad now? Amazing! He can play it to all three of his kids. I'm not putting up with his shit anymore, none of us are. Once he sees that, he'll sign the fucking papers you put in front of him." I said with an exasperated sigh.

It was silent for a few moments and when I looked up three sets of wide eyes were on me.

"What?" I said with a bewildered expression. Emmett opened and closed his mouth a few times before he spoke.

"You seem… different." He said cautiously and eyed me up and down.

"You're ready to confront your father on this?" my grandfather asked and I nodded.

"We need to nip it in the bud before he goes too far. I'm sick of this shit." I said honestly, sounding braver than I felt.

Emmett eyed me suspiciously again before he spoke.

"How is Bella? Is she the cause of this sudden personality change?" he asked, shaking his head dramatically.

"She's part of it. You know he threatened me with telling Bella about what happened?"

My mother gasped and Emmett just nodded, my grandfather turned away and faced the sink in the kitchen, I knew this was hard for him to think about; for so many reasons.

"Yeah well, there is nothing for him to tell. So let him try something else now." I said in a hard voice as I got up and poured a cup of coffee to avoid the eye contact.

"You told her?" my mother asked in a timid whisper and I nodded. Emmett pressed his lips together and nodded slightly with proud eyes and my grandfather clapped his hand on my shoulder but still avoided eye contact.

"Yeah I told her everything last night. That's why I ended up staying. Neither of us wanted to end it on that note."

"I don't know what to say man, well done; I guess." Emmett said proudly, I waved him off.

"I'm just sick of the bullshit. Let's move on." I said dismissing his praise.

"One question; not that I don't welcome it, but why are you so brave all of a sudden? Why so willing to fight him now?" Emmett asked it wasn't an accusation or a criticism; he was genuinely curious.

I was about to speak when my grandfather interrupted.

"Because now he something to fight for." He said with a pointed look and Emmett nodded, my mother remained sat on the sofa and gave me a watery smile.

"Anyway, the papers came. Its horse shit. Absolutely fuck all, she's not signing these." He said waving a small stack of papers at me. He seemed to be losing some of his rage but not his anger.

My mother sat looking morose.

"That is all that remains of my marriage." She said solemnly, Emmett looked like he was about to speak but I shook my head at him no, he would only upset her further. She wasn't upset about losing my father; it was just the end of an era for her.

"So, what's the plan Em?" I asked, he sighed in response.

"We organise two meetings, one for him to see Alice if she wants, but she doesn't go alone; we show a united front on this one. You will have to take her though Edward. I'm representing mom so I can't really do it." he said and I nodded, I hadn't considered that. "And another one; an official meeting, to discuss terms of the divorce. Oh and I'm going to try and find Jessica. If we can get her on side, we can really speed this fucker up." He said with a smile but it didn't reach his eyes. He looked like he had the world on his shoulders. I offered him a supportive smile in return, he nodded back at me.

I enjoyed my coffee and the silence for a moment until I heard a scratching noise and the sound of Abby whining.

"What's that noise?" I asked already knowing it was Abby but hoping for an explanation, Emmett's eyes lit up and he spoke first.

"Oh yeah, there's something up with your dog dude. She's been goin' bat shit crazy." He said with a smirk, I frowned. I had never had any trouble with her before.

"Yeah we can't let her in here. We've had to lock her in the den, she's bitin' chairs and shit." He said with a nod and I shook my head in disbelief.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. That woman called around last night and Abby was growling at her something awful and then trying to bite her chair. She was really uncomfortable, bless her. She was fidgeting on the chair and looked terrified, and then she just rushed out." My mom said with a light giggle and I tried to be patient, I really did.

"Who was it?" I snapped then quickly apologised.

"Oh god, what was her name….? erm… oh yes, Maggie. You know, the lady from work. She was asking after you dear. She wanted to check you were ok" my mom said and I looked back at her confused.

"Isn't that nice of her dear?"

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