Harry and Luna had been together for a week or so, when something happened between the two of them that might have just changed their lives forever- Harry had

impregnated her; it was just a lucky thing that the results came back negative; otherwise trouble would have struck; the main worry he had now though was he'd told

his father, and now he had to face his mother to tell her the news; he knew he'd be in a lot of trouble, however he also knew that part of it wasn't entirely his fault. He

trudged home after yet another evening spent with Luna; the two were careful this time not to make the same mistake they'd made a bit over a month before. He

walked through the door; Lily hadn't yet come home, so it was only Harry and James in the house; Harry sat in the lounge room, his heart pounded through his chest;

James wasn't entirely angry being a lady's man himself back in his day; he knew how Harry felt; although he wasn't too pleased; he knew how Lily was going to react

to this. Not long after the door opened and Lily walked in.

"Hey guys." Lily chirped.

"Hello mum." said Harry flatly. He swallowed hard as James entered the living room.

"Hey dad." Harry smiled weakly.

"Hi." Said James unenthusiastically; he sat down in front of Harry on one of the sofas and motioned for Lily to do the same.

Harry felt a sudden rush of guilt flood his panic out, he stared down at his feet as he thought over what to say. Lily looked at him; she could see something was on his

mind, "Harry, what's happened?" she asked, with an edge of worry to her voice.

Harry looked up at her, "I-I messed up... badly." he said guiltily.

Lily didn't say anything for a while as she studied her son, apparently trying to figure out what had actually happened, "... how badly?" she finally asked.

Harry sighed, "Pretty bad... a lot."

James couldn't say anything; he frowned unknowing what to do or think; they'd already had the talk and Harry knew his father wasn't mad but how would Lily take

this? She was just in the shock stage right now... or the worried stage; he couldn't tell. Perhaps it was a bit of both.

Lily sighed, "What exactly did you do?" it was now that Harry had to tell her; he hoped she didn't freak- she took it well so far...

Harry looked up at her, guilt ran through him, "I-I nearly got Luna... pregnant." he said, his heart gave a painful lurch; he could tell this wasn't going to be pretty.

"WHAT? HOW?" Lily shrieked. "WHY?" her eyes wide, Harry couldn't tell if she was shocked or angry.

Harry didn't know how to tell her; he felt it best to just stick with what happened, "and she was or is still in love with George..." he looked at Lily's expression and felt

he needed to explain. "She wanted me to help her with her homework and we talked... she told me she didn't love George... she loved me... and she kissed me... and

then it just... went too far." Once he'd finished he looked to James who'd closed his eyes, whether it was because he didn't know what to say or it was a bad image for

him; Harry just didn't know. He sighed, "I-I don't even know how it happened... it just did..." his voice cracked as he held tears; he was confused to what happened;

he'd never felt so alone. Guilt overtook him as Lily facepalmed; her reaction didn't help ease his guilt; only made it worse.

"She took the test... just luckily they came back negative but I still messed up..." he said, just trying to defuse the tension.

Lily looked as though she were about to snap, "Harry, you blithering idiot!" Harry now knew she wasn't happy but she wasn't angry either.

Harry looked at her, "I know... I'm sorry mum."

Lily walked out of the room for a while, James muttered, "told you she'd react like this."

Harry nodded and muttered back, "I know... I was expecting it."

James took his wand out and looked at Harry. "Just in case Lily tries to hex your parts off." he winked.

Harry sniggered, realized it could possibly happen and gulped, "I hope you're quick with that, dad."

James rolled his eyes, "Harry... you're mum and I have duelled before; I've got quick reflexes."