James walked into the living room and looked at Harry, "uh... hello Harry." he said awkwardly.

Harry looked at him and smiled, "It's alright, dad. I have it all figured."

James raised an eyebrow at him, "do you really?"

Harry nodded, "Tents are used for protection, so there is periodic camping involved." he said seriously.

James facepalmed, Lily watched on, folded her arms and mouthed, "Your mum" to him. James sighed and sat down on the couch.

The confused Harry looked up at James and asked, "Did I say something wrong?"

James looked at him and sighed dramatically. "Harry I'm sorry I have to be the one to tell you this but protection has nothing to do with tents or periodic camping." he

said solemnly.

Harry freaked out, "WHAT? NO PERIODIC CAMPING?" he yelled.

"Nope. None at all." James said coolly.

Harry thought for a moment, "camping periodic? Camping penis protection?" he asked, as though begging for hope.

James looked at him completely confused and explained everything about condoms and protected sex.

Harry sighed, and looked at Lily; he was confused about what James had just told him, "mum... tell me how to find time to put a condom on when someone is already

doing... stuff!

James couldn't do anything but sit on the couch awkwardly after he'd explained everything.

Harry's mind finally clicked into what James had spoken to him about, his eyes were wide as he sat there; he felt like he'd be haunted forever. "I DON'T WANT TO

BECOME PREGNANT!" he yelled after a while of silence.

Lily who was now back in the kitchen and burnt the turtle soup was rolling on the floor laughing. James facepalmed, and told Harry very slowly and gently, "Harry, only

girls get pregnant."

Harry looked at his dad; he felt rather relieved but confused at the same time, "oh... but..."

Before Harry could finish, Lily called from the kitchen floor "how unaware can you be?" she laughed.

"BUT HOW DOES A BABY FIT THROUGH A MAN'S TUBE TO INJECT A BABY INTO A BELLY?" Harry asked; he felt rather scared as much as he felt confused.

Lily looked at him, through the doorway of the kitchen. "Ermmmm..." she said in thought.

"Mum! I'm scared!" Harry yelled.

Lily didn't say anything; this was all too awkward for her, "... I have... to... go to the Ministry. Yeah... loads of paperwork there."

Harry frowned, "can you teach me later?"

Lily looked at him, "yeah... later."

Harry smiled at her, "thank you." He said, "I am still sorry though what happened with Luna; you do forgive me, don't you?" he asked; he'd been paranoid he'd ruined

everything; he didn't feel he deserved forgiveness.

Lily looked at him, "just... don't let it happen again."

"I won't mum." Harry said and hugged her tightly.

Lily hugged him back, she felt relieved that awkwardness was now over.

"Really, that scared me. I don't ever want to be pregnant again!" he said.

Lily frowned, "Harry... boys can't get pregnant."

"The boy must be for the baby to get there..." he said.

"Yeah but he... passes on the small baby and it grows in the girl." She said; the awkwardness was slowly creeping back. "I have to go now, Harry." She said, in hope

she didn't have to talk about it anymore.

Harry looked at her confused, "Okay mum... I love you." And with that, Lily headed off to 'the Ministry.' Apparently, as Harry thought; where James had gone. He sighed

and continued to ponder how a baby goes from the guy to the girl; he then remembered something his father said. "I have to ask him when he comes home..." he said

to himself.