Hey guys! So I've been a fan of Dance Academy since it first started and, not gonna lie, the death of Sammy hit me pretty hard. He was my favourite character and let me tell you, a fair amount of tears were shed with the last three episodes. So I thought I'd write about it from Kat's perspective and how she's really struggling with it but keeping everything sort of bottled up. I hope you enjoy! :)

It had all been slowly sneaking up on Kat until the accident. She wasn't like Tara – she didn't wear her heart on her sleeve, didn't reveal her emotions to anybody. She was the bright and bubbly girl, the friend who always cared for others more than she cared about herself, who dealt with the problems of others but didn't take the time to assess how she was feeling. Even when she felt sad or angry she would plaster that smile on her face an act like everything was fine.

But it had all been building into something scary. All the things that had hurt her, that she had pushed aside, had all been contributing to the crack running through her heart, and it was with the unbelievable loss of Sammy that caused it to completely break in two.

It had begun in first year. Kat loved Tara, she really did, but Tara had hurt her in the past. Having a crush on and then dating Ethan, idolising Kat's mother, cheating on Kat's brother. Yes, Kat loved Tara, but it was always the Tara Show. And then Tara had gotten together with Christian, and Kat was forced to swallow her feelings and pretend to be happy for them. Kat had failed first year, fallen out with Myles, was forced to attend normal school with girls who didn't understand her. Then she and Christian had kissed, something Kat had wanted for a very long time, yet how could she possibly enjoy it when she knew she was betraying Tara? And then Tara had found out. Even after Tara had forgiven Kat, and Kat could finally be with Christian, it wasn't right. Because Christian was still in love with Tara.

Kat wasn't the jealous type. Or if she was, she kept it buried. But Tara always seemed to get everything. In the ballet department, Kat didn't mind – it was obvious Tara had talent. But it was with guys. Yes it was a silly thing to be jealous of. Kat never had issues with being alone – she liked being single and independent. But first Tara had taken her brother away from her, and then Christian, and then, even though Kat didn't like him in that way, Tara had even taken Ben's affections.

Sammy had always been the constant in Kat's life. He was the rock, the glue that held everything together. He cared deeply for everybody. She had yet to find somebody who disliked him. He was the voice of reason, the person to have a heart to heart with, the shoulder to cry on, the supplier of cake.

She still couldn't quite believe he was gone. Two weeks ago it had happened. Fourteen days. Unlike some people, who can't seem to remember the time when they received devastating news, Kat could remember every detail with painful accuracy. Everybody had been rehearsing for Peter Pan. Kat could remember wishing rehearsal would end so she could go to the Prix and cheer on Tara and Sammy. She had been partnered with Ollie since Christian was god knows where. Miss Raine came in and told Zach that she needed to interrupt rehearsal. The music had been turned off. Miss Raine had been standing very still with an odd look on her face, like she was trying to control it to make it look calm when in reality it seemed she was having a massive internal struggle.

It remained silent for almost an entire minute. Everybody was watching her expectantly. Zach was looking confused. Everybody had come up level with Kat and Ollie and was watching Miss Raine, who looked like she didn't know which words to use.

"Miss Raine? You okay?" asked Kat, who felt she needed to fill the silence.

Miss Raine met Kat's eyes. They were shining, almost like Miss Raine was tearful. "I have… there's… I have bad news," she said, her voice eerily calm. "I require all students to return to the boarding house immediately."

There was a sinking feeling in Kat's stomach, though she wasn't sure why. Maybe it was because Miss Raine was obviously effected by this news, and she was the iron woman – nothing fazed her. Everybody gathered up their bags and clothes scattered around and followed her as she led the way. The walk back to the boarding house seemed extra-long, and was made in silence. For whatever reason – maybe she felt what Kat was feeling too – Abigail and Kat walked with linked arms. Once back home, everybody seated themselves. Miss Raine was murmuring to Zach in the entryway, and then he left, his phone to his ear and a distressed expression on his face.

"This looks bad," said Ben, who was standing with Kat and Abigail at the side of the room, in a tone of disbelief, like nothing bad ever happened at the Academy.

Miss Raine went and stood before the sofa and the expectant faces of the students. Then, without further ado, she said: "There's been an accident."

"Who?" Ollie said after a moment's pause.

Miss Raine seemed to take a deep breath. "Sammy Lieberman."

Kat's heart stopped. Her blood felt frozen. She didn't think she'd have the ability to, but she seemed to move forward slowly. "What?"

Miss Raine looked to Kat. "He was hit by a car."

"But he's okay?" said Ben. "I mean, he's in a coma or something?"

Miss Raine looked to the ground, and then back up, her eyes once more locking with Kat. "He died on the way to hospital."

That was when Kat's heart shattered. There was a collective gasp, someone was crying. No, no, no, no. "Oh my god," Kat managed to choke out. Her eyes burned as tears started running down her cheeks. Her shoulders shook. The room was filled with noises of disbelief and grief and sobbing and it couldn't be true, it wasn't true…

Ben put a hand on Kat's shoulder, and she turned to him and wailed into his chest. He put his arms around her and she could feel him shaking with tears. She closed her eyes and shut out the world. Her head was spinning.

"Katrina, Kat…" Miss Raine was behind her, she could feel the woman's hand on her arm, her back, but nothing would soothe her. Kat turned away from Ben to Miss Raine, her face wet with tears.

"It doesn't… how…"

"I know," Miss Raine said. And suddenly Kat was hugging Miss Raine, crying into her shoulder, and Miss Raine was murmuring something in her ear and trying to calm her. Kat had never imagined Miss Raine as a comforting or compassionate person and here she was, hugging her.

After a while Kat managed to stand back, and she sat down on the sofa from a moment, her heart still beating too fast. How was her heart still beating when it had just been ripped apart? For a moment she just sat there, her mind focused on the beating of her heart, sitting alone, everybody else wrapped up in their own shock. How was it possible that Sammy had been before her mere hours ago and now he had moved out of existence? He was probably on a cold slab somewhere in the hospital morgue. What if they had got it wrong? It wasn't him? He was at the Prix right now? Kat stood. "Miss Raine… are they sure? What if-if they couldn't identify him properly?" And the tears resumed.

"Kat, they did-"

"We have to go to the hospital," she cried. To see him. To see that it was him.

Miss Raine's hand went to her arm. "I know it's hard, but the Lieberman's have asked to be alone," she said, her voice shaking.

"We're his family!" Kat gasped, and began hyperventilating, when suddenly she saw Tara in the doorway. Tara rushed forward and Kat cried again, because if anybody knew how Kat was feeling, it was Tara. They were his sisters, his best friends, two legs of the tripod.

Tara pulled away and glanced around the room. Her face was stony, blank, expressionless. How was she not a mess like Kat? But then Tara said: "Abigail."

They ran off, hand in hand, to find her. They heard a shower running as they passed the bathroom and went in. She was there, fully clothed and drenched in the water. Her eye makeup was running and she was shivering. Kat leaned forward to turn off the spray and Abigail glanced up. Her face seemed to break and collapse into itself and crumpled to reveal a vulnerable, distressed girl. Her cries were heartbreaking, but Tara was all business – she leaned forward and grabbed Abigail's arm, and pulled her from the shower. She howled and slipped from the shower, and Kat caught her and suddenly Abigail was clutching Kat to her, sobbing, and even though she was completely drenched and freezing cold, Kat hugged her back and cried with her, and then Tara grabbed a large towel and wrapped both of them up, and then Tara stood with her own arms around Kat and Abigail in the towel, and there were no words.

There were no words.