Multiplayer will come into this. I've got an idea, don't worry.

She was going to kill Nathan Drake.

Elena hurtled up the steps, each one cracking like the gunfire she had been forced to listen to earlier. She jumped into the elevator, hitting the button to send it up. She twitched nervously, memories of the death playing in her head. And Nate…

She leapt out and ran to the fuse boxes. No gun, so she'd just have to try and… oh, just turn them off. Why not? She pulled the switch and the power went off. She heard cries of distress as people reacted to it. She slipped away and moved to the stairs. She touched her swelling belly tenderly as she made her way down the stairs.

"It's okay baby. It's all fine." She soothed, not quite sure with what she had said.

She got to their room and took a deep breath. Here we go again…

She pushed open the door and made her way past the baby magazines. She got to the bedroom to find Nate sitting on it, engrossed in…

Unplayable 3's damn multiplayer.

She crossed her arms and stood by the door.

"Why are you still playing? I turned the power off." She fumed.

Nate looked around and smiled. "Nice to see you too preggers."

She scowled. "It's your fault I'm like this."

Nate sat up. "No uh. I don't control crazy female hormones."

"I didn't mean that. I was talking about getting me pregnant."

Nate nodded. "That was a two way thing."

"You raped me."

He sighed. "Elena, I've told you before. What happened in Yemen was not my fault. It was a two way thing."

Nate looked at his wife as his character was killed over and over again. She'd wanted to watch the parents channel but Charlie and Sully had invited him to a game so…

"Look Elena, come here and give me a cuddle." He prayed for her crazy hormones to go in his favour.

They did.

Elena clutched her stomach, now visibly pulling at her large shirts and padded over to him.

He looked at her as she snuggled next to him. She'd put on weight, which wasn't a bad thing. They'd had a nice quiet time of her pregnancy so far, now going into the 5 months part, and to ease restlessness she'd brought a game. Unplayable. He didn't care for the characters, thought they lacked emotion and kinda reminded him of stuff and the plots were lame, but the multiplayer was good.

Hitch: Charlie also had it. And he was good.

He looked back at Elena, a bit of sauce on her face, probably having stopped off to eat while going to try and turn the power off to get him to stop playing. She got mad sometimes due to hormones. Nate just lived through it. But now she was docile, lying next to him.

Nate stroked her belly, making her close her eyes and there… she was asleep.

Nate turned back to the game where Tate Make was being killed.

"Hello mate. Care to actually fight?"

"Yeah Charlie. Elena interrupted."

Sully spoke up, his mike crackly. "Yeah yeah yeah, ladies. Let's get going."

Sully ran forward into a grenade. FYI: Sully sucked really badly but he thought he was the best. Not quite Sully.

Charlie ran forwards and Nate tracked him. Charlie had legacied so many times ND had given him a special level. And guns to go with it. He was playing as Christopher Curler, a bald English gentlemen introduced in U3. Despite not caring too much for some of the characters he had become protective of Elain Fryer. He didn't know why, but her spunky attitude reminded him of a certain pregnant woman next to him.

Still, he didn't want to put her in danger during multi so he didn't play with her. Instead he played with this dick who kept messing up the relationship. Loser.

Anyway, as if he could be unsafe with Charlie around. The guy was a beast.

Charlie ran forwards and two guys came. Charlie made his guy throw a grenade above his head, before punching one and ducking under the others punch. The grenade went off blowing the head off the two guys as Charlie kept low. He rose and raise his pistol taking out a sniper who had been blinded by the grenade. See, badass.

Charlie started climbing the wall, Nate following, Elena snoring beside him. Sully joined them, complaining about his TV. Yeah, okay Sully.

Sully got to the top first and was yanked by a guy waiting. He put his pistol to Sully's head and attempted to shoot him. Sully punched him, but was kicked for his trouble. Charlie made it too the top and ran towards Sully. The man put the pistol to Sully's head, but Charlie whipped his up and blew it out of his hand. Sully slipped and nearly fell but Nate caught him and held him steady.

Charlie got kicked down by the player who was one hell of a fist fighter. He stomped on Charlie's face but Charlie dodged and kicked at his knee, before flying up and tackling him to the ground. A set piece came and blew Charlie off his feet as the building tipped sideways. Charlie scrabbled for purchase before the brute hit him. Charlie kicked at him, but the brute pushed him away. Charlie fell off the edge, barely hanging on. Charlie was in fear. Nate knew why. Charlie had never died and ND were going to give him a medal if he kept it up, and this could be the end.

The player came over and pointed his gun at Charlie's face and fired. The guy toppled over and fell off.; Charlie was hanging there, breathing heavily, a pistol in his hand.

He climbed up and looked at Nate . "Close one, eh?"

Elena moved next to Nate, as he quit the game, using the excuse:

"Tired pregnant wife."

He put the controller down and scooped Elena up in his arms.

"Come you, bed time."

Elena muttered something and clutched Nate's shirt.

Nate sighed and moved to the bed with her, putting her down gently and brushing her lips with his own.

It'll start to get going next time, you'll see.