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Catch Me In Midair

Part Twenty-Six.

Harry and Andromeda had already left Narcissa's room and stood in the hallway as Draco closed the door gently behind him.

"She's so proud of you Draco, even now when she's hurting like this she told me how much she loves you and how proud she is." Andromeda smiled at her grown nephew, feeling a sting of regret and sadness of not having been there to see him grow into the man he was. "I promise you that I will take care of her, you don't have to worry about that."

"I believe you and not just because you raised an amazing daughter." He felt another bit of himself settle a smooth over knowing that his mother was proud of him, "Because of the trust I saw my mother give you and the way you treated her."

"She's my little sister, I love her. Always have no matter what's happened between us." Andromeda leaned in and brushed her lips over Draco's cheek. "Now I really have to go home and tell my Ted what's what. I'll see you both soon again." She smiled. "As my sister said about Mr. Snape and my daugther. You also make a very striking pair. Congratulations on your bonding. Have you thought about marriage?"

Draco blinked, it might have crossed his mind, vaguely, once or twice but, "I haven't had the opportunity to give it much thought."

"Ah of course, you've both been busy. Didn't mean to be nosy." Andromeda smiled again, said her goodbyes and went to use the Floo to get home.

Harry looked at his mate somewhat shyly. Until recently he hadn't believed he would make it out of the war alive...Marriage...It had only brushed his mind during his deepest dreams.

He caught Harry's look and opened his mouth to speak but then a familiar voice broke into the moment.

"Harry? Draco?" Hermione peered up from the bottom of the staircase, "Could you come down for a bit?"

Harry's eyes widened as he heard his friend's voice and he looked down to meet her eyes. He hadn't heard her coming to the Cottage but then again they had been with Narcissa behind closed doors. "Hi Mione." She looked well but tired, some small cuts and bruises but more beautiful than Harry could remember seeing her. Harry understood perfectly why she and Ron had gone to the Burrow but he had still missed them. "We'll be right down." He looked back and held out his hand to Draco.

He took his hand and squeezed as they made their way down the stairs and wound up staring at the two surviving Marauders as well as Ron and Hermione, "Please don't tell me something's blown up."

The newly arrived ones exchanged looks and Harry looked worried. "Something has blown up hasn't it?"

"No you clot-pole, why would you think that?" Ron rolled his bright blue eyes at his best friend. "Don't teach him such rubbish Feathers and you are a Slytherin to boot, you should know better than to jump to conclusions."

"Oh well I beg your pardon Weasley but things have a habit of blowing up just as Harry starts to relax don't they?"

"Ooooh birdy's testy today innit he Moony," Sirius rubbed his chin on his mate's shoulder, "He's got a point though so let's hurry this along before something does decide to blow up and ruin Harry's day."

"Mmm, maybe we should put him in a bubble; only let him out when we know things to be safe and un-ruinable." Remus smiled and his fingers found their way to Sirius' hair, stroking through the silky strands.

"Could someone just please tell us what's going on before I have time to paint the worst case scenarios in my brain." Harry begged.

"Patience Harry." Ron only flinched a little as Harry glared at him. "Okay first of all...I hope the two of you are prepared because you're having your NEWTs next week."

"What?!" Draco actually screeched and thanked heaven that his mother's room was sound proofed. "What do you mean we're having our NEWTs next week?"

"Just that," Hermione rubbed her ears, "Professor McGonagall and a restored Ministry representative have arranged for the two of you to take your NEWTs early."

Harry blinked. "Just why are we having our NEWTs early? Why only the two of us?" Harry was slowly working himself into a panic, he wasn't ready for exams, he would fail every subject.

"You will take your NEWTs early because you will be busy when we take them. Tell them why Snuffles, since you're the one who owns it." Ron was practically bouncing in place excitedly.

Draco moved to slip his arms around Harry from behind and sent calming emotions and confidence in Harry's abilities across their bond as Sirius took the floor.

"I own an island, off of Puerto Rico, it's private, an hour boat ride within the main island, has muggle repelling charms and concealment charms on it, and it's going to be your vacation spot." Sirius dropped his teasing, "Before you start to argue Harry, listen. You've given your entire life to this war, to the people here who've never given you anything back except invasion of your privacy, scorn, and ridicule. Now, so soon after Voldemort's death, it will be a thousand times worse and we don't want you to have to go through that anymore. You're newly bonded and need time and space to decide what you'd like to do with your life, time and space away from everyone who'll be pushing you one way or another. You deserve a break Harry and it's long past time you got it."

Ron jumped in before Harry could get a word out because he could see Harry was still going to argue and protest. "Remember fourth year Harry the media coverage then, remember fifth year and their stint to make you seem insane. As Sirius says it will be a thousand times worse now, everyone's going to want a piece of you Harry. Just think about the drama around your relationship with Draco will provoke. You are both going to be torn apart. There will be talk about love spells and Feathers only being with you to escape consequences...I don't believe it you know that but people will talk." He looked at his best friend. "Go, relax, swim in the ocean be together and figure out where you want to go and what you want to do in peace and quiet as a couple."

"I-I...What do you think?" Harry turned his head and looked at Draco. He had to admit it sounded more than tempting. Harry had never been off the British Isles and the thought of escaping the backlash sounded good...but a little bit cowardly too.

Draco considered. He didn't fancy dealing with Malfoy Manor any more than his mother did and on top of that he knew that if anyone pushed at Harry right now he'd lose his temper and be the one exploding. He knew there was a wizarding community on Puerto Rico if they needed anything from the magical world and that the muggles there would be so used to tourists they wouldn't turn a hair at them if they decided to go exploring the main island. They'd have enough stimulation along with the break and relaxation to make it a perfect paradise. "What about contact with you lot?"

Sirius fiddled absently with the short tail Remus had his sandy brown and gray hair pulled back into, "It's fully equipped with floo of you want to call or come for a visit or vise versa. You won't be cut off."

"A huge fireplace it is, in the middle of the tropics." Remus smiled and his skin prickled pleasantly from Sirius' ministrations.

"We'll all be in touch, maybe Mione will come through the Floo too, just to see Malfoy's bum again." Ron dodged his girlfriend's sharp elbow.

"I wouldn't mind going away with you, being alone." Harry spoke lowly, his eyes on Draco. It still felt a little bit like a coward's way out but it could perhaps save his sanity. Harry didn't think he could handle being the center of attention right now.

Draco bent his head to murmur into Harry's ear, "I think it's what we both need pet. We both need a break from wizarding Britain, we both need time and space to completely heal," his hand laid over Harry's heart, "this has been battered enough with no chance of time to recover. It's time you took that time, time you got to be a little selfish after seven years of being selfless. I say we take the offer."

Harry turned his head more and placed kisses along Draco's defined jawline. "Then let's do it, since it's private and warded you can fly all you want to...I'll bring a broom." He turned to his family. "We graciously accept your offer, thank you for thinking about us." Green eyes slid over to Hermione. "Now Mione...Please help me study."

She chuckled, "You're not as far behind as you think Harry but of course I'll help. Draco will have to handle tutoring you in the potions portion though."

"That's no problem," Draco rubbed his cheek against Harry's.

"We're all willing to help." Remus smiled at the two young men who were so obviously in love, it was heartwarming. "Sirius is rather clever after all and I am an ex professor. We'll have you getting top marks in a jiffy."

Harry could feel excitement start to bubble low in his stomach even as relief coursed through him at the thought of escaping Britain and most importantly the Ministry.

Draco spoke quietly, "I have a favor to ask however. While we're gone, B..Sirius," it was the first time he'd used Lord Black's given name, "I would appreciate it if you would work with Severus to clear Malfoy Manor. You as well if you have the time Remus...please."

"You are family Draco, the mate of our Harry...You don't even have to ask. Of course we'll do it. We'll clear it and keep the Ministry from confiscatinghalf your heirlooms as well." Remus smiled, deciding to worry about working with Snape later. "The Ministry are quite busy groveling for the newly freed and reinstated Lord Black here so they have no choice but to listen to him."

Harry beamed at his godfather and moved to hug him tightly. He had always wished Sirius would be cleared from the charges brought against him and now he finally was.

"Congratulations," Draco still wasn't what you'd call fond of Sirius but he meant that congratulations both for Harry's sake and because he understood being caged and hunted.

Sirius ruffled his godson's hair, "Thanks Feathers. Oh you'll be pleased to know that with Neville, Minerva, and my testimony on her behalf your mother won't even be charged. Sni-er Snape was charged and cleared pretty damn swiftly thanks to something Dumbledore left behind, pensieve memories, and Minerva's word. I'll even play nice with him...and no of course that has nothing to do with the hexes I was threatened with by Nymphie and Ginny."

"Well some of those threats were because you keep calling Tonks for Nymphie...I can actually sympathize with her there." Remus gave his mate a look. "But yes, we'll both play nice with Snape as well. He's important to you Feathers and he's very important to Tonks, like it or not he's also family now."

Sirius gave a mock shudder, "Yes, he's the creepy uncle or cousin that er..." he trailed off at Harry's look.

Draco shook his head, "It's fine Harry. Severus is creepy to most people, well to almost everyone really."

Ron did try to keep his composure, he really did but the ernest expression Draco wore as he said that about Snape did him in and he had to grab Hermione's shoulder to keep himself upright as he broke down in mirth. "He really is creepy but I suppose he'll grow on us, family usually does...Like mold."

Remus had to chuckle too at that. He'd never thought he'd be so lucky as to have an extended family like this one, never thought he'd actually be lucky enough to have his Sirius and be able to go out with him in public. Stand tall beside him and let everyone know that this wonderful, beautiful, brilliant man was all his.

Sirius caught the look on Remus' face and had to lean harder against him and nip the edge of his jaw. It had taken a long, long time for him to convince Remus that he did indeed want him, all of him and wanted to be with him. His Moony just didn't see how amazing he was and just how unworthy Sirius was to have him. He didn't like that Remus got so down on himself but he was not complaining in the slightest that Remus didn't see just how little Sirius was worth. He'd go bananas if Remus ever saw just how lowly he really was and left him for someone better.

A thrilling shiver went through Remus, just as it always did when Sirius touched him and he couldn't help himself. Without a thought to the young people around them he grabbed Sirius chin and hold him still for a kiss. A kiss where he tried to pour in all his love, want and absolute adoration of the man that could have anyone he wanted and that had, against all odds settled with Remus. Remus knew how incredibly lucky he was and he would do anything in his power to make sure that Sirius would never regret settling.

Sirius made a happy growl into Remus' mouth and returned the kiss with every iota of emotion he felt for his mate. His hands went into the coarse graying brown hair, knocking the tie out as he carded his fingers through.

"Eep!" Hermione turned a bright tomato red and hid her eyes. Really wasn't it enough she'd been subjected to Draco and Harry?

Groaning about obliviation Ron buried his face in his sweet smelling girlfriend's neck. No one smelled as good as Hermione did, her scent made him dizzy, whatever he was doing.

Harry was torn, on one hand it was like watching his parents make out in front of him, which was highly disturbing. On the other hand though he watched Sirius and Remus with...Awe and maybe a tiny bit of jealousy. He wanted what they had and he wanted it with Draco. Sirius and Remus had had it rough, impossible almost and they'd made it through it, found their way to the other side and still being together. Harry admired that.

Draco shook his head as Remus' hand found its way to Sirius' arse, "Oookay you are in mixed company!" He wasn't disturbed by the two's extreme display of affection, mainly because he'd grown up seeing his parents exchanging kisses and cuddles in the privacy of their home and once or twice it had gone to groping before they'd snapped out of it. It was normal and, to him anyway, a sign of a healthy, good relationship. He slid a look over at Harry and hoped that he'd have a similar relationship with his own mate even after years had gone by.

Remus groaned but removed his hand from Sirius' very tempting and grabworthy bum. "Oh youth these days, aren't you meant to be adventurous and open minded? Still here you are acting like grannies." He gave Sirius' bottom lip another nibble before he moved away from him reluctantly, holding his mate's hand to keep some physical contact between them.

"You are more than allowed to do anything you want but maybe not right in front of us." Harry smiled. "How would you feel if I jumped Draco here and now?"

Sirius shuddered, "Ewwwwwww. We didn't mean to get to groping though, it just happened. I'm pretty happy about it though."

Draco snorted then buried his face in the back of Harry's shoulder as his own started to shake with laughter, the sound of hilarity muffled by Harry's shirt. It was so similar to what his mother had said when he'd sought reassurance after an older cousin had told him that his parents had never wanted him, that he'd been a 'mistake'. So similar that it brought the image of the two Marauders explaining that they were expecting to mind and just the image of either scruffy, wild haired Sirius or steady, scarred, occasionally ragged Remus pregnant was hilarious to his mind.

"He's cracked, I knew it would happen eventually but I would have bet on a bit later." Ron watched the giggling, gigglingMalfoy with wide blue eyes.

"Hmmm." Remus wondered what it was that was so amusing but it was still refreshing to see that the littlest Malfoy felt comfortable enough to show mirth in front of them, even if it was at his and Sirius' expense.

Harry reached back and rubbed Draco's side, waiting for his amusement to subside.

Draco sent the mental images and the memory of his mother explaining that while her pregnancy with Draco hadn't been planned, that it had 'just happened' she'd been more than happy to have her baby boy to Harry as an explanation for his laughter.

Seeing the images and the thought of one of his godparents expecting was enough to send Harry into a fit of laughter as well. Wondering what their cravings would be and seeing them waddle in his mind's eye.

"Oh Merlin...It's contagious. Maybe they've caught the brain bigglers Luna was on about." Ron took a step backwards and looked around wildly, as if expecting to see the mythical creatures.

"Nargles and Ron, whatever has Draco laughing has been shared with Harry over their bond and personally I'm just glad to see them both happy." Hermione poked her boyfriend gently in the side, right in his most ticklish spot.

Giving out a sharp giggle shout Ron almost folded in on himself in an attempt to protect his sensitive spots. "Well of course I'm glad that they're happy too, still think they're a bit cracked though."

"Normalcy is overrated." Harry said and wiped away the tears of laughter welling up in his eyes.

Sirius tilted his head, "Care to share the joke so we can all laugh then Harry?"

"Remember that you asked for it Snuffles dear." Harry's eyes sparkled. "I was imagining one of you preggers, cravings, waddlings and hormones all rolled into one."

Remus coughed into his fist and looked down at his feet.

Hermione eyed Remus even as Sirius turned a fetching red and Ron choked as Harry's words registered, "Hm a pregnant werewolf, good lord Sirius should invest in extra house insurance if that happens."

Sirius turned redder even as he couldn't stifle the surge of longing. He'd love to see Moony full with their child, to have a child with his mate.

Harry looked at his blushing godfather and the still fidgeting Remus and almost dropped his jaw. "Oh my god, it's not just an amusing brain image is it?"

Remus shifted uncomfortably and leaned closer to Sirius, whispering in his ear. "This was not how I wanted to let you know."

Sirius spun and staredat Remus, vaguely aware that Draco's laughter had ceased abruptly. "Moony? You...really?"

Remus nodded carefully. "Poppy told me when she checked my hip after the battle. I thought it was just after effects from the attack..."

Sirius' arms closed around Remus tightly, bringing him close as the thought of the giant throwing his mate during the battle played hell with his mind. "Is...it's alright?" His eyes searched his mate's.

Smiling calmingly Remus took one of Sirius' hands in both of his and placed it on his still very flat belly. "It's perfectly alright, safe and healthy as could be. Poppy's run every test and diagnostic and everything is as it should be."

Draco grabbed Harry and pulled him along as he nudged Hermione and Ron out of the room. This should be a private moment between the two men.

Sirius smoothed his hand over the flat spot beneath his hand before falling to his knees and speaking to the life that was probably barely started inside his mate, "Hello there little one. Oh you're going to be so spoiled rotten and so very, very loved."

Remus looked down at the man he loved more than life itself, not even aware of the tears spilling over and running down his cheeks. This was a life he had never even dared to hope for. His hands buried themselves in Sirius' hair and he sunk down on his own knees, leaning into his mate. "You're happy then?" Remus needed to hear it since this was nothing that they had planned or even talked casually about.

"Gods yes," he licked at a tear on Remus' face, "Just having you as my mate was more than I ever thought I could hope for, now we'll have a child? It's everything I've ever wanted, you and Junior here are everything I've ever wanted." He nuzzled Remus' throat, "My mate and my child. Are youhappy about this?"

"I wanted you since before I knew what love and want even was. Having you as mine was more than I ever hoped for and now this," He looked down at his stomach before looking up again, meeting Sirius' eyes. "It's my wildest hopes and dreams come true. Something I never ever thought I would be blessed with...Yes Pads; to answer your question I'm so happy. Deliriously happy and terrified at the same time."

He rubbed his nose against Remus' his heart in his eyes, "We'll be scared out of our minds together then won't we?"

Remus nodded and pressed his lips against his mate's once again. "Scared but together we can do it right? You and me and our pup." He wrapped his arms tightly around Sirius, soaking up Sirius' strength and love. "I need to talk to Feathers though, I don't know how the Wolfsbane will react with the baby." From now on forward their child came first no matter what, Remus wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the life inside him.

Sirius nodded, "We'll talk to him later then. For now, come sit with me on Bill and Fleur's couch and we'll be all snuggly and mushy."

"Mmmm, I like the sound of that love." Remus smiled and got up off his knees, pulling Sirius along with him toward the couch. He pushed his mate down on the plush pillows, sat down next to him and cuddled close, never being one to say no to closeness with his beloved one.

Outside Draco bent to pick up and study an interesting rock, his mind going to Remus' condition. He knew that there were adjustments you made to Wolfsbane to make it safe for an unborn babe with the mother ingested it but he'd not yet learned those variations and he'd never risk Remus' baby by trying to brew one without ever having done so before. He'd have to whine Severus into making it.

Harry trailed after Draco, looking at different sea shells before dropping them on the sand again. He was so happy for Sirius and Remus' sake but still, it was a little of a strange feeling. The thought of his godparents becoming parents of their own. No one deserved a bit of family bliss more than they did though. "What are you thinking about?" He hurried to catch up with his veela.

"Hm?" Draco slowed to let Harry draw even with him, "The Wolfsbane. Remus will have to get it from my godfather now. I don't know the alterations necessary to make it safe to drink for the baby. Which means I'm also pondering avenues to see to it my godfather is civil."

"Ask Tonks to ask him. If he cares about her even a smidgeon like I love you then he won't be able to say no and be anything but civil about it...At least to their faces." Harry put one smooth, sea shell in his pocket, wanting one more reminder of their time at the Cottage.

Draco chuckled, "I do so enjoy that sneaky Slytherin hidden beneath the Gryffindor. That's just what I'll do then."

"You rub off on me I suppose." Harry grinned and pushed his glasses into place. "In more than one way."

"It's rapidly becoming my favorite thing to do." He gave his mate a smile then angled his head in the direction of Ron and Hermione, where the redhead had tripped and fallen face first into the surf and was now soaked with Hermione trying to help him up while consumed with giggles, "Should we go help or leave them?"

"As amusing as it is to watch the hero in me says to go and help before Hermione falls over too, from laughter." Harry and Draco moved to where Ron was lying like some sort of ginger seal in the surf, his hair and clothes plastered against his skin.

"Slippery bugger of rocks." He cursed as he once again tried and failed to get up from the shallow water.

Hermione giggled some more, "I-I'm sorry Ron it's just you look so..."

"Like a drowned lion in a rainstorm," Draco tread carefully over the rocks and reached down to grip Ron's forearm to help him to his feet.

"Watch it Feathers, I'm not above drenching your feathery arse as well." Ron glared at him as he made his way to his feet before glaring daggers at the small rock that had dared to trip him.

Harry hid his grin and sent both drying and warming charms Ron's way.

"And here I was being nice, helping you to your feet when I could have just left you to flounder like some sort of sea life washed ashore." Draco tsked, "Really no need to take your foul mood out on me."

"Sorry..." Ron grumbled. "I'm just sick and tired of tripping over my own feet all the time." How could he ever even dream of becoming an Auror when he couldn't even stand on his own two feet without falling over.

Hermione managed to get a hold of herself and started plucking seaweed from her boyfriend's shoulders, "You've still got to get used to your growth spurt is all. Besides there are clumsier people."

Draco moved back to Harry's side and slipped an arm around his mate's waist, "Like my cousin. Trips over air though she manages to make it look cute."

"Ah, well I rather not look cute or trip at all." Ron shrugged and leaned down to kiss Hermione's cheek before removing some more seaweed out of his hair. "Thank you for helping me upright and the drying and warming charms." He nodded at both Draco and Harry.

"Of course mate, you'd do the same for us." Harry fought down his amusement, knowing that it wasn't what Ron needed at the moment. "Comfort yourself with the fact that your growth spurt hasn't affected you in the air. Any team would be lucky to have you as a keeper."

"Yeah?" Ron perked up a little.

"Yeah." Harry confirmed.

"Much as I loathe to admit it, yes. You would make a decent professional Keeper." Draco looked as if he'd just been made to eat worms.

"Aw Feathers, coming from you that makes my heart all a flutter." Ron blinked his lashes at Draco and placed his hands over his heart.

Harry snorted and looked at his friends fondly.

Hermione shook her head, "All three of you are so damaged." She kissed Ron's cheek. "I think you and I need to head back to the Burrow for the evening though, you've probably got sand washed into your clothes. I'll come over tomorrow to help you study Harry, and Draco too if he feels he needs it."

"Mm, I have sand in places sand should never touch." Ron squirmed uncomfortably. "You're right though, we should get back, Mum's expecting us for dinner."

"We'll see you tomorrow then?" Harry stepped forward and gave both his best friends a hug.

"Don't ask me to repeat this but I'll probably join the studying too, no harm in getting a head start for exams." Ron looked somewhat sheepish and eager at the same time.

Hermione heard him and beamed, "I'll bring you with me then if Molly doesn't need you tomorrow." She gave them a wave, "See you tomorrow Feathers."

Draco lifted a lazy hand in farewell before Hermione and Ron disapparated with a soft pop. "She's getting better at that, losing more sound with each apparation."

Harry nodded. "It wouldn't surprise me if she'll become the first one to achieve completely soundless apparation." When Hermione put her mind to something there wasn't much that she couldn't do. Harry admired her greatly and was once again reminded of how lucky he was to have her in his life.

"So do you think Siri and Remus have had enough time to themselves?" Harry still couldn't wrap his head around the fact that they were going to have a baby. "I will spoil that child absolutely rotten you know?" He smiled over at Draco.

"Oh they're likely still snuggled together but yes, I think they've had their time to talk and get settled." Draco flicked a leaf off Harry's shoulder wondering how in the world it had wound up there, "I think their sprog will be spoiled rotten by several people, you included pet."

Grinning Harry leaned against Draco as they walked toward the cottage at a leisurely pace. "I firmly believe you will spoil him or her right along with me, no matter the child's parentage you will melt...I'm starting to know you by now. Under all your prickles you have a huge, warm heart and gods, I love you for it." He reached up and ran his fingers through Draco's hair, it had grown longer during the months since Draco had come to him and brushed against Draco's cheeks and neck like silver silk. "I like your hair like this, not so controlled."

"Hmm," he let his eyes droop, "Much longer and I'll have to start tying it back." His mouth turned down a bit in worry that hair that long would remind his mother fartoo much of his father.

"Pigtails maybe, or a braid...Yeah a braid would look very good." Harry could feel Draco's worry and wanted to make it go away again. "Still, I like it just like this, long but not too long. It's actually kind of perfect. Also no matter how you'll choose to have your hair in the future you'll always be you, no one else. Remember that."

"A braid will work," he brought Harry's hand to his face and nuzzled it before murmuring, "It's not safe for me to cut my hair. If someone malicious got hold of even one hair or feather they could work a spell and force me to obey them in all things," he shuddered, "needless to say I'm not particularly keen on that happening, so, braid."

"No cutting it then." Harry cupped Draco's cheek, rubbing his thumb along a sharp cheekbone. "No one is ever allowed to tell you what to do except for me." He gave Draco a small grin but felt a small coil of worry at the thought of someone trying to control his mate in that way. "You'll luck stunning in a braid though and I can unbraid it at night, wrap your hair around the both of us until we come from the sensation." Harry's eyes grew dark and longing at the thought of it. Apparently he had a hair fetish as well as a feather fetish...Maybe it was as simple as a Draco fetish. That he could definitely live with.

Draco hummed, "I like the thought of that. I do love it when you play with my hair."

"I know." Harry husked with a smile that was brimful with promises. Harry couldn't help it. With the knowledge that Draco and he were going to go away, he wasn't going to have to play the posterboy hero. No speeches, interviews or Ministry offers, it was like a huge weight had fallen off his shoulders. Leaving him almost giddy.

"Watch it pet, and don't start something you can't finish," Draco's voice was a soft purr, "We'll save that thought for later hm? Otherwise Bill and Fleur might neuter us."

"Sadly you're right and being neutered would put a permanent end to our fun so we'd better wait." Harry heaved a put upon sigh as they climbed the few steps to the cottage.

"And just think, in a week we'll be able to have that fun whenever and wherever we'd like. On the bed, on the floor, against the door, the list goes on and on." He actually swished through the door, a smirk fixed firmly on his lips. He was a veela and in love but he was stillDraco Malfoy after all, being wicked was just part of who he was.

"Evil bloody tease." Harry grumbled and sent a glare toward his traitorous groin before shuffling in after Draco, thinking all sort of disgusting things to get rid of the problem Draco'd left him with. "You just wait; I'll get back on you sooner or later."

Draco looked back over his shoulder with sultry eyes, "Oh I'm counting on it. For now we'll make chit-chat with your dogfather and Remus."

"Hmm." Harry was still looking put out but a smile tugged on his lips as they walked into the sitting room and saw Remus and Sirius snuggled up together, they were absolutely adorable. He padded over the floor and sat down in an armchair opposite the couch. "Congratulations again, have you given any thought to where you're going to live?" Harry couldn't see anyone raising a baby at the darkness of Grimmauld Place.

Sirius beamed and nuzzled Remus' neck, "Hmm well there's always Black Manor but you know, I've got more money than Merlin, no reason we couldn't get a place all our own."

Draco perched himself on the arm of Harry's chair, "I'd enlist Hermione's help with that, as the two of you will be busy enough with the babe coming and all that."

"Hermione would love to help you, it's the kind of thing she lives for. Get ready for pamphlets and magical showings galore though." Harry grinned. "Seriously though, I absolutely think you should find a home of your own, something that's only yours and just how you like it."

Remus nodded already dreaming about the perfect home. He didn't have a fortune like Sirius but he wasn't dirt poor anymore either. He'd pull his weight.

Sirius smiled, that was it then, "Somewhere on the moors what do you think Remus? A place for Moony and Padfoot to run and for a little sprog to practice flying without muggle eyes poking in."

"You know me like no other. It's like you're in my mind." Remus kissed behind Sirius' ear and down his throat. "A house on the moors sounds perfect to me, it's the house of my dreams."

Remus was always kind but it was unusual to see him this unguarded and relaxed. Harry thought it was nice and like this he could definitely see the appeal.

"Well of course I know you, I'm yours Moony."

"That you are just as I'm yours. We belong to each other Pads." More kisses followed.

Draco shook his head and pondered the vague change in the two men. He didn't think it was just because they were having a baby. Both of them seemed...easier, less stressed. Then again they no longer had to worry about Sirius being shunted back to Azkaban nor fear they'd lose each other in a war so it made sense.

Harry leaned back in his chair and smiled, looking at his godparents, seeing their happiness and the way they finally could relax he knew that something good had come from the end of the war. That no matter the loss and his sense of not having a purpose it was worth it when his loved ones finally could be free. His hand went up and stroked at the sliver of pale skin showing between Draco's trousers and shirt as he listen to his family's conversation.

Draco leaned subtly into the touch, enjoying the goose pimples it brought up.

Sirius snickered softly at the sight of the feathers on Draco's head raising then lowering happily at Harry's attention. The beds in the beach house on the island would get quite a work out starting next week. He had no doubts that Harry would pass his NEWTs with flying colors.

To be continued...

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