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Catch Me In Midair

Part Twenty-Eight.

Sirius looked up and up at the castle manor Hermione had managed to locate for them on an isolated Scottish moor. "Why in the name of Merlin is this place not already sold to someone?"

Hermione shuffled the papers she was holding, "Because the previous owner specified that no one could purchase it if they weren't 'proven soldiers of high societal ranking in magical society' meaning that only a Lord with a seat on the wizengamot who's gone to war and been decorated for service can buy it. How many bright shiny medals did the Ministry pin on you again?"

Remus grinned at his mate who certainly had several of medals both from this war and the previous one where he'd been innocently sent to Azkaban. "I think the Order of Merlin both second and first class should do it, the rest can be icing on the cake." He turned his head and looked up at the castle manor again, it was absolutely beautiful and despite the size of it, it still managed to look both homey and a part of the surrounding nature. Remus had fallen in love with it at first sight and the thought of raising their family here almost made him ache with longing.

Sirius turned to grin at Hermione, "I think you were pinned with more than me. I mean seven orders of Merlin, two orders of Morgana, something that hasn't been awarded for half a century, various commendations and accolades for your part in Voldemort's defeat and Bellatrix's execution, yeah I think you've got more than me." He chuckled at the vivid red on her cheeks.

"Don't embarrass her Pads; Mione more than deserved all the medals and awards she got." Remus smiled at her but his eyes kept drifting back to the house and the land surrounding it. Now in summer the moor was an explosion of colors and though the full moon was over a week away Remus could almost feel what it would be like to stretch out and run across the land without worry, run and explore just for the fun of it.

"I know she does Moony. And it's a little petty of me but when all the NEWTs scores were revealed at the medal ceremony and she had the highest scores in a century, even higher than Voldemort's, even though she spent her last year mostly on the run, the looks on the faces of the little boogers who were hoping to see her fail at something, ah it did my heart good. Just proof of how bloody brilliant our little River is."

Hermione turned even redder at the compliment and cleared her throat, "Can we get back to the point? Is this the place you want or no?"

Sirius hummed, "What do you think Moony? Does this feel like home?"

Remus found it hard to tear his gaze away from the blushing young witch next to them. It was true that Hermione was brilliant, she really was the smartest witch of modern times, maybe even all times but the most endearing thing about her was that she was still so humble. Her heart was big enough to match that intelligence of hers and it made her infinitely precious in Remus' eyes.

Finally able to concentrate on the question his mate had asked him, Remus smiled. "Well we haven't been inside yet, it can be a bloody nightmare in there but yeah...From here it feels like home." He placed his hand on his abdomen, when he wore clothes you couldn't see anything but when he lay on the bed, flat on his back without his shirt then you could notice a small bump there. Their pup was growing.

Hermione looked down at the papers she held again, "According to the files the inside has been maintained, each of the rooms are in varying colors though a large theme is from the original owner's family crest," she riffled through, "Light blue and yellow with walnut trim and moldings. And-" she produced a key, "We can go in to look around."

Sirius laughed delightedly as he tugged his mate over to him, his own hand going to rest over Remus'. "Hermione I just adore you. Can we adopt you?"

"Oh Pads." Remus laughed, he didn't disagree though, they really did love Hermione and anyone would be happy to have her as a child. He eyed her speculatively. "If you'd agree and if we do end up getting this house it would be yours too you know...teeeeempting." He sing songed with a smile.

She rolled her eyes at them, "I have parents already, who Ron and I will be going to find in a week. Besides we don't need legalities to be family."

"We know that Hermione, we'll always be family and proud of it." Remus knew how much she missed her parents and he didn't want her to feel bad. "You and Ron are going to find your parents and bring them back before you know it."

"I certainly hope so," she folded some of the papers back up.

"Of course you will, after all you lot found the horcruxes. Your parents will be loads easier to find and so much more pleasant." Sirius smiled at the soft laugh it got out of her, "Now, what say we examine this castle hm?"

"Yes, let's go see if the inside is as inviting as the outside, free of old clan ghosts flashing us what's beneath their kilts." Remus pulled on Sirius' hands as he walked toward the entrance, he was really much too excited about this but he couldn't help himself.

Hermione chuckled and unlocked the door, opening it into a large entryway with a dual staircase all done in welcoming yellow and warm red with creamy marble tile with roaring lion heads at the base of the stair banisters. "If this didn't predate the founding of Hogwarts by a good fifty years I'd say that a Gryffindor decorated this entryway."

"It's perfect." Remus' eyes were wide as they took in everything about the entryway, the soft colors, warm, gleaming wood and the stained glass windows above each stairway. "It's home," Remus felt more comfortable and at home here than he had since he stepped into Hogwarts and made his very first friends a lifetime ago.

Sirius looked at the banisters and imagined a little boy or girl sliding down them wildly or dressing up the lions. He closed his eyes and tilted his head, nodding. Remus was right. This was home; it felt like the castle itself was welcoming them. "I don't think we need to see any further, do you Moony?"

"No I don't." Remus walked across the gleaming marble floor and imagined the castle filled with life, joy and children's laughter. He walked to Sirius and wrapped his arms tightly around his mate. "This is the place for us, I can't explain it but it's like we already belong together, this castle and our family. Imagine Yuletide here, twinkly lights and burning logs. It's a wonderful place and it deserves to be lived in, not to sit here alone, empty and waiting."

He nodded, "You don't have to explain, I feel it too. Hermione," he turned towards the witch, "contact the real estate agent and tell him we'll take it, whatever the asking price."

She smiled, "I already set up a meeting at Gringotts for tomorrow at noon."

"You sure about the adoption thing?" Remus smile threatened to split his face. "I mean what's the harm in having double sets of parents? Twice the gifts and twice the loving."

"I love you two but no, you're more like uncles to me. Adopt Harry," she waggled her hand at them.

Sirius grinned, "Why Mione I do believe you read my mind."

"I would love it if we were to adopt Harry in an instant, even with the knowledge that he and Feathers are off having an obscene amount of sex at the moment." Remus grinned and hugged his mate again. "Are you and Ron stopping by the island on your travels to find your parents?"

"We plan to yes, and afterwards as well. It's not the same talking over floo. It's been wonderful to see Harry so relaxed and...free though." Slowly she'd noticed a bright sparkle edging into his eyes, one that she'd not seen since that first meeting on the train over seven years ago. It was wonderful to see.

Remus nodded. "I know what you mean, the tension and the shadows that had always been there with Harry are not there anymore. At least not right now. Feathers are looking relaxed and well too, like he doesn't have to pretend or be a certain way, alone with Harry he can just be himself."

Sirius grinned, "The sun, surf and sex doesn't hurt either," he dodged the swat Remus aimed at him, "to be serious though, it's a good thing. They're settling into each other without the rest of the world bitching about it. When they do decide to come back that means they'll be strong enough to tell the twats to shove off."

Hermione nodded, "And the little gnats are already having their nasty moments so it's best they don't have to witness that as of yet."

"Oh yes, both the Ministry and the Prophet seemed to take it as a personal insult that their golden hero pulled a disappearance act before they could think their teeth into him. Of course they are supporting the rumors about Harry having gone off the deep end and the even more insane ones that says that Draco has kidnapped and brainwashed him. They don't need to be in the middle of all that crap. Hopefully by the time they get back the vilest ones will have gotten it out of their systems and we'll have found a way to gag the others." Remus' eyes flashed amber with irritation. He was all about freedom of speech but he hated the way some abused that privilege to spread nothing but lies.

Hermione hummed, "I have something that will put a sock in Rita Skeeter at least and where she goes the horrid mass of media vultures follow. I'll take care of that before Ron and I leave." Her eyes flashed in temper at the thought of Skeeter's vile quill. She was going to make it clear to the bloody bint that if she wrote about Harry in anything less than glowing terms ever again the Ministry would receive an anonymous tip about her animagus form. That would shut her up.

Sirius nodded, "And since Neville passed his NEWTs and is of age he's taken on the mantle of Lord Longbottom and the Hufflepuff seat on the Wizengamot. With him and the other Lords such as myself who realize the time for good and honest change is past due and Amelia Bones as Grand Warlock we'll get the Ministry settled soon enough. Arthur will do more than his fair share and every Auror has already made a firm supportive stance in Harry's favor. We'll get the worst of it gone by Yuletide."

"I know things are changing for the better, sometimes I just get impatient and wish it happened quicker. They are changing though and once we manage to get Kingsley to agree to become Minister it will all be good. As good as it can be anyway." Remus reached for Sirius' hand again as he did his best to calm down, he tried not to give in to his moodswings since they could be a little more volatile than the usual pregnant person's. His wolf seemed close to the surface all the time now and the hormones weren't helping.

Sirius squeezed his mate's hand and drew him close into an embrace. He somewhat understood why Remus was so unsettled. The wolf needed to den down now and they didn't yet have their den, their safe place, and it made the wolf anxious and brought it close to the surface which in turn made Remus nervous. "Kingsley will take the job as soon as he sees that the only others capable of it are just as bad as Crouch and Scrimgeour were."

Hermione nodded, "It won't take much longer for that. Now why don't we all head back to the Burrow? It's almost lunch time." Her lips twitched at the growl Remus' stomach made.

Scarred cheeks flushed pink. "Well it's been a long time since breakfast. The expression hungry like a wolf is rather accurate you know and Molly's cooking isn't helping." He snuggled close to Sirius as they started to move out of the castle, Remus bit down on his tongue when he almost wanted to say goodbye to the house and that they would see each other soon.

Hermione locked the door once they were out, "Plus you're eating for two. Come on and let's get back in the carriage so we can get to the floo and feed you and...what are you calling the baby until he or she is born again?"

"Eh," Remus hand went to his stomach again. "Sirius tries a different ridiculous name every day but most of the time we just call him/her sproggie." They piled into the carriage since the talk about food could make Remus agree to most things these days.

"Sproggie then." She shook her head, "When will you find out the gender or are you wanting to be surprised?"

Sirius grinned, "My vote is for surprised but Moony-"

"I don't handle surprises well; in my experience most of them have been bad. I like to know in advance, knowing what to plan for and what to expect." He gave Sirius a fond look. "We're trying to find some sort of middle road that will be acceptable for both of us."

"You mean you'll know and he won't?"

"That's about the size of it. We're going gender neutral colors for the nursery and picking out names for both a boy and a girl." Sirius played with Remus' fingers.

"It will be a bit awkward but it will work for us, I get the calmness of knowing and Siri will get his surprise. I'm quite good at keeping secrets." Remus smiled. "Go on Pads, tell Hermione some of the name ideas you've had so far." Every night as they went to bed Sirius came up with a new name each one more ridiculous and complicated than the last one.

"Antigone Artemis Alistronia Agatha."

"Good God no!" Hermione looked horrified.

"Awww it's my favorite for a little lady, well what about, Icarus Ieolus Illarion Izydorak?"

She choked, "Oh for the love of...can't you take even naming your child seriously? You make that pun and I'll make you mute for a week."

His mouth snapped shut.

"Thank you." Remus' said with feeling as he looked at Hermione and then at Sirius. "You are brilliant Pads and we both know there's absolutely nothing wrong with your imagination. Please find some names that will not make our pup want to gut us when he or she reaches school age."

"I already have I just wanted to have some fun first," he pouted.

"Hmm, no pouting, you know what happens when you pout and we don't want to scar dear Hermione anymore that repeated sightings of Feather's bum already have now do we?" Remus' voice grew huskier and he kept his eyes firmly on Sirius' lips.

"Oh by Morgana please no. What names have you really thought of Sirius before I splash water on the both of you."

"Shannon for a girl and Leander for a boy. Moony can pick middle names."

"For a girl Beatrice after my mother and for a boy Regulus, for obvious reasons." Remus answered and willed his libido under control with some difficulty, along with massive moodswings the hormones also made him very amorous. He'd only have to look at Sirius to want to drag him away to the nearest private, dark corner.

Hermione nodded, "Those work beautifully. So what's the reasoning behind your choices Sirius?"

He grinned widely, "It's a seeeeeeeecret."

"You'll find out in time." Remus nodded with almost as wide a grin as Sirius. "Oh look here we are...Food!" Remus beamed as the carriage rolled to a stop so that they could take the Floo to the Burrow.

Sirius chuckled as they all scrambled out of the carriage to the floo of the little pub in the middle of nowhere. He'd enjoy seeing Hermione's face when she realized the reasoning behind the names he'd chosen.


Draco waved Hermione and Ron off alongside Harry and watched them step through the floo to one in Australia then he snickered.

"What's so funny love?" Harry wrapped an arm around his mate's silky, sun warmed skin, happy that the sunblock potions Draco brewed himself kept his skin as pale and lovely as always. Harry's skin on the other hand had turned a dark golden color all over. It had been nice to see Hermione and Ron even though it had forced them to actually dig out some shorts and shirts out of their mostly untouched luggage.

"She hasn't figured out where the names Sirius chose came from she's so distracted." He leaned happily against Harry. "It's just a bit amusing to imagine her face when she's not so busy and she realizes Shannon is the name of a well known river."

"But she will be surprised and happy when she does figure it out and when she figures out why he chose Leander as well." Harry's fingers teased the tips of Draco's hair that had grown even longer and was teasing the edges of his shoulder blades now. "Lion's man, fitting yes?"

"Mmhmm," his eyelids fell half shut, "it was good to see them in person again." He chuckled, "Even last year had someone told me I'd miss Granger and Weasley's faces I'd have recommended a good mind healer. How things change."

Harry grinned. "They do yes, sometimes even for the better." Harry still loved Draco's reactions to having his hair played with; he didn't think he would ever tire of it. "And it was very nice to see them again. Was it just me or has Ron grown even taller? Like a bloody beanstalk he is."

"I think he's just stopped slouching is all," he tugged Harry to lay with him on the large chaise facing the humongous picture window of the beach, "the honors ceremony and the acceptance into the Auror training program boosted his confidence quite a bit."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Harry pulled Draco close and continued to run soft strands of blond hair between his fingers as they watched the waves roll in toward a white beach. "I'm glad he got honored and that he made it into the Auror program when I wasn't there. Ron needs to feel that he can accomplish it all on his own...And he can, he's the only one who hasn't seen it before."

"Too many brothers I should think. Which reminds me, we are not, when the time comes, going to have more than five."

Harry sputtered and pulled on Draco's hair a fair bit harder than he'd intended to. "Five! You want five children?"

"Ow," he reached up and pulled Harry's hand out of his hair, "first of all I said no morethan five. Second why are you stammering, it's not like you'll be the one carrying them."

"Err, sorry." Harry was still wearing a gobsmacked expression. "I hadn't thought anything about who would carry them to be honest...I just thought...I would count myself blessed if we had maybe...One."

Draco snorted, "Should I not mention that veela are extremely fertile then? I don't drink that blue potion every day for the taste you know."

"Ah...okay." Harry relaxed some but was still wild eyed. "I do want to have babies with you Draco, of course I do. I can't think of anything that would make me happier but when we decide that the time is right, perhaps we can start with one and see how it goes from there? I might be a shite parent you know."

Draco kissed the hollow of Harry's throat, "You won't be a shite parent plus you'll have plenty of practice by the time we do reproduce what with the two little Weasleys coming and the itty bitty Blacks that Lupin will be having."

"Mmm." It was difficult to think at all when Draco kissed him there, Harry tilted his head backwards to give his mate more room to do as he pleased. "Practice, yessss, practice. Practice is good, very good."

Draco shivered, "Oh you're evil. You know how hot and bothered I get when you hiss like that," he nipped at Harry's skin, his fingers going to the buttons of the bright orange Hawaiian shirt his mate wore.

"Would I do that?" Harry's eyes gleamed as he slipped into Parselmouth and told Draco exactly what he wanted Draco to do with him. His own fingers went to the thin white shirt his mate wore and pulled it over Draco's head, dropping the shirt on the floor next to them before raking his nail down the expanse of Draco's beautiful, slender back.

He growled and lifted his head to capture Harry's mouth, tangling their tongues together as he yanked on Harry's shirt, popping off the remaining buttons and giving him access to the tanned and leanly muscled chest. His hands stroked over the skin, fingers tracing teasingly little patterns around the nipples without actually touching the little nubs.

Instantly the small nubs tightened and puckered, as if craving Draco's touch and Harry found himself arching up against his mate in an attempt to persuade him to touch him more, to stop teasing. He ran his tongue over the roof of Draco's mouth, licking his teeth and the inside of his cheeks, wanting to taste all he could. Harry's hands went under the loose board shorts Draco was wearing, squeezing that gorgeous arse as he continued to arch against Draco, throwing one long leg over the other to keep him in place.

Draco didn't intend to go anywhere. He ground down, groaning at the delicious friction of his clothed erection rubbing against Harry's. He sucked on Harry's tongue and barely ghosted his fingers over his mate's nipples. Already a firestorm of need was building in his blood and he just couldn't get close enough to Harry.

Harry bucked up against Draco as he squeezed his mate's arse harder; the friction of their cocks rubbing together was delicious even through their clothing. Draco was so hot and Harry couldn't keep his hands off him, or his tongue or his dick. Harry Potter was made for Draco, to love him, care for him, kiss him, touch him and be inside him. The barely there touches to his nipples were driving Harry crazy, he needed more and he tried to tell Draco that wordlessly by arching and bucking and moaning into his mouth but Draco could be the biggest tease on the planet. "Nnnghhh, Draco, I needyour mouth on me."

"Do you," he stroked down Harry's sides to play with the waistband of his mate's shorts, "and just where do you need my mouth on you at?"

"You are such a bloody tease." Harry bucked up against Draco, trying to get his erection within reach of Draco's hands. "I want it everywhere, all over, devouring me."

"I am a tease yes but," he nosed at Harry's neck, "I always eventually deliver on my teasing." His tongue flicked out and licked a stripe up his mate's throat, ending it with a nip to his chin. He placed scattering kisses down that throat and scraped his bottom teeth over Harry's adam's apple before sucking on the skin at the hollow of Harry's throat. He let his claws come out and very carefully used them to scratch painless patterns over Harry's belly.

"Oh God." Harry was trembling, every nerve ending on fire where ever Draco touched him. His body was tight as a bowstring and his hands pulled out of Draco's shorts to rake up and down his back before firmly burying themselves in Draco's hair, scratching his feathers. He always fell apart beneath Draco's mouth, when Draco slept Harry could spend hours just looking at his lips. A damp spot was growing at the front of his shorts and they were getting uncomfortably tight as he squirmed beneath his mate.

"No, Draco remember. Though I do understand that I'm good enough to make you forget names," before Harry could respond he covered a nipple with his teeth and his claws were slicing through Harry's shorts, shredding them and tossing them away. The scent of his mate so hot and bothered for him almost made him shake as he curled his hand around Harry's cock. He couldn't wait to have it inside him, to straddle his lover and lower onto the shaft until he was stretched wide and filled up so deliciously.

Harry's sharp intake of breath and widened eyes proved more than well that those thoughts and images had traveled over their bond and Harry could honestly say that there was nothing he wanted more than that either. A simple wordless spell vanished Draco's shorts and another had his fingers slick and ready as he brought them down between firm cheeks to circle that tight, pink entrance.

Draco made a hungry sound and threw his leg over Harry's hips as he plied his mouth on his mate's chest and pushed back invitingly against those fingers. He sent a heated image of himself riding those fingers then riding Harry's cock over the bond. He was hard and leaking already and he wanted his mate inside him.

"Fuck you're driving me crazy love." It came out as a half smothered growl and Harry eased two fingers inside Draco, curling and stretching them. He wasn't terribly worried about hurting Draco since it wasn't exactly a long time since the last time they had been doing this. That didn't matter though; Harry would never ever get enough of Draco, never stop wanting and craving him. As he continued to prepare his mate with one hand he used the other to pull Draco down toward him so that he could kiss and bite that long, white neck, marking it in red, purplish bruises. "Come on baby, ride me."

A moan came from Draco as he pushed back and rode Harry's fingers, letting the heat and pleasure shimmy up his spine and through him. It wasn't enough, not really but it still felt so, so good. He'd never get tired of the way Harry touched him and brought his body to life. He arched his head back, giving his mate better access and flicking one of Harry's nipples, rolling it in his fingers and playing with it in a counter rhythm to the fingers pushing in and out of him.

Harry's nipples had a direct connection to his cock, every time Draco flicked or rolled one between those claw tipped fingers his cock jerked and leaked more precum. His balls were already tight and pulled close to his body and Harry knew he wouldn't be able to deal with more of this, he needed to be inside Draco. To be able to push up inside that exquisite tight heat. He slipped another finger inside Draco, stretching him more as he bit down even harder on Draco's neck, laving the bite with his tongue afterward to soothe the sting.

Draco whined the slight sting to his neck and the slightly bigger but not big enough stretch sending shocking shivers through him. He raked his claws lightly down Harry's chest, riding the fingers for a few moments more until it became too much and not enough all at the same time. He shifted, making Harry's fingers pull out of him, and whispered a spell to slick up Harry's cock. He reached back, his body arching as he positioned the hard erection at his hole, then sank down with a long, pleased moan.

Harry tossed his head back and his muscles tensed when he was suddenly enveloped in silkytight hotness. It was so good; there could be nothing better than this, for the two of them to be one. His hands found their way to Draco's hips, gripping them tightly and leaving a smear of lube on Draco's left hip. He pushed up at the same time as he pulled Draco down on him, groaning at the slick slide of their bodies. "You feel so good Draco, love you so much."

His hands flew back, gripping at Harry's thighs, a sharp cry breaking from him and he panted, "Love you too and by Merlin the way you feel, the way you fill me up and stretch me out, so fucking good." He braced his knees on either side of Harry's hips and rose up then lowered again, Harry's hands helping him move and guiding the direction. He set a steady, quick pace, bouncing on Harry's cock and grunting softly each time he took his mate back inside his body.

"And I love being inside you." Harry was panting his eyes firmly fixed on the gorgeous man riding his cock. Draco was pure beauty and Harry still found it hard to believe that he was his. "The way you grip me and pull me deeper inside, the way you milk me; it's the best feeling ever." He let Draco's hips go to run his hands up Draco's sides, thumbing his nipples and stroking up Draco's neck and jawline, his own hips still flexing and pushing upward at every down stroke. "Merlin you're beautiful, you take my breath away."

Draco used the bond to communicate that the feeling was reciprocated as he really couldn't gather enough breath to do more than moan, mewl, whine, and pant. Harry's hands on him were like live wires sending electricity through his entire body, pleasure mounted and built, his balls growing tighter with each slick glide of Harry into him.

Harry was teetering on the edge, so close to losing himself in Draco but he wanted to feel his mate come first, to feel that delicious squeeze around him as Draco fell apart. He brought one hand down to grip Draco's straining cock, stroking it roughly with that twist at the end just as Draco liked it. Harry loved feeling Draco's cock in his hand, it fit there. "Come for me baby."

A sharp high whine escaped from Draco as he did just that, cum spurting out of his cock over Harry's hand and stomach, every muscle in his body clenching as the shockwave of ecstasy slammed through him. He shared the orgasm with Harry through their bond knowing that it would send his mate over, it always did, and let his allure lick at Harry's senses.

The double sensation of both his and Draco's pleasure sent Harry soaring over the edge, coming so hard that his vision turned bright white and he was afraid he almost blacked out for a moment. His body became limp, even his bones turned into jelly form as he released himself inside his beloved one. He pulled Draco down until the other was resting on top of him, they were sticky, sweaty and exhausted and Harry had never felt better.

Draco made a content sound somewhere between a purr and a soft moan and nuzzled against Harry's chest. By the gods he love making love with Harry. Everything felt more real and more alive during and afterwards and the pleasure was like nothing he'd ever thought he'd have. "I think I'll just start calling you my own personal sex god."

Despite being a limp noodle of sated pleasure Harry burst out laughing, his eyes sparkling as he smoothed his palms up and down his mate's back. "That is one title I might actually get used to and wear with pride." He pressed a kiss to Draco's temple as he continued to chuckle. "What should we call you then? Sex kitten?"

"Don't you dare. I do not in any way resemble a...Harry Potter why are you laughing?" His tone was wearily insulted.

"Because you are wonderful, because I'm happy, happier than I ever dared to believe I would ever be and because I love you." Harry continued to smile like a loon, he couldn't turn it off.

Well insulted outrage just couldn't remain after Harry said that and Draco relaxed, "Clever bastard. I love you too you berk."

Harry just wrapped his arms around Draco and kissed him again, still smiling. He loved his veela and he was starting to learn how to handle his mate and defuse his volatile temper but he wasn't quite as big of an idiot as to let on to that little fact. One thing was for sure though; life with Draco Malfoy would never ever get boring.

Draco sighed, content in Harry's arms but a chime followed by a familiar voice made him groan in irritation.

"Draco are you and your mussy head there?"

Groaning Harry snapped his eyes open and summoned a soft blanked for them to wrap themselves in. At least they had learned not to succumb to their urges in view of the fire place after that time Ron had called on them and screamed for a good half an hour afterwards about needing a mind healer. "You better answer her; she's not going to give up." Another thing Harry had learned. Pansy Parkinson was as tenacious as they came and her voice only got louder the longer she had to wait.

Draco growled and hitched the blanket around his waist and went to glare into the flames, "Pants this had better be good. I just got shagged and you're ruining the afterglow."

"Don't growl at me little Chub-wub. You need to get back here, post haste."

"And just whydo I have to do that?"

"The old bastards on the Wizengamot are circumventing Bones and trying to seize the Malfoy Lordship and properties citing your father's crimes as reason. They're calling it retroactive payment."

"What?" It was an angry growl and a very naked Harry Potter came into view. "They can't do that, everything regarding the Manor and the Malfoy fortune was settled before we left to come here and Lucius was pardoned for his actions regarding Draco during the battle."

"They're using his actions from the first war as grounds and claiming that you're being controlled by veela allure so yes Potter, they're doing it." He gaze tracked up and down his body a feline smile lighting behind her eyes. Draco was a lucky bastard from what she could see. "Your godfather and Longbottom are doing what they can to stall them but your presence is needed Potter, before they go and try to grab Narcissa from Ireland." Her own eyes matched the temper now blazing in Draco's. If those bastards tried to hurt Narcissa right now she'd take them apart, piece by tiny bleeding piece.

Harry's own eyes were blazing and he was filled with a white hot rage. Oh those bastards didn't know who they were messing with, they wanted Harry to throw his weight around? Fine, he'd show them exactly who he was and what he could do. No one messed with his family! "We'll pack and close up the house; we'll be in London before supper time."

She nodded, "Good. Draco," she met his eyes steadily, "I've already got list and file. See you at...well where will you two be staying?"

Draco half turned and lifted a brow at Harry, "Where arewe going to stay?"

"I honestly don't know but I'm certain Sirius will let us stay at Grimmauld Place until we find something...Wait, no." Harry steeled himself. "We are going to prove a point, let's stay at the Manor. It's not theirs yet and it never will be."

Draco reached out and took his mate's hand, squeezing and letting a rush of affection sweep across their bond. It would hurt a bit, for both of them, going back to the Manor, but the others had long since cleared out the Manor of curses and dark objects so it wasn't dangerous. The only things laying in wait there would be memories.

Pansy nodded and smirked, "Good call Potter. We'll make a Slytherin out of you yet. Blaise and I will see you at Malfoy Manor then, possibly Blaise's mother too, she is livid."

"See you in a few hours Pants."

"Thank you for letting us know." Harry nodded as they closed the Floo call. Looking down he suddenly became aware of his state of undress. "Oh bloody fuck, why didn't you tell me I was putting my dangly bits on display for your honestly very scary friend?" The shorts he'd been wearing were shredded beyond hope so for now Harry just tied his discarded shirt around his hips. He looked around the house and the rolling sea outside the window, he would hate to leave here but Harry knew that they could only hide from real life for so long. "Well time to pack up then, it looks as if we're going home."

Draco nodded. He'd miss the time here and the peace but they'd had their vacation from the rest of the world and now, now it was time to give that world the kick in the arse it was asking for.

To be continued...

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