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Catch Me In Midair

Part Thirty.

Pansy double checked her appearance, making sure it was neat and she looked like a formidable woman in her solicitors robes, and picked up the briefcase with the files and proofs and the receipts of Lucius' donations. They were all in the waiting area of the Ministry, Harry and Draco wearing cloaks, allowed to obscure their features after they'd shown themselves, privately, to the Aurors on duty, all of whom were solidly on Harry's side.

"Give them hell Pants." Blaise reached out to pull on a sleek, black lock of hair before making sure it was in perfect place again. He didn't want to face Pansy's wrath, he knew how much time she'd spent to make sure she was perfectly put together.

"Oh I intend to."

Harry poked at his tailor made navy blue robes underneath the cloak he wore. "Are you sure I'm not looking as a clown?" He turned and hissed in Draco's ear.

Draco turned to murmur back, "Harry would I let you look like a clown in public when so much is on the line?" He was in white robes beneath the cloak. His would make a less than subtle point about innocence and goodness, making the most of the 'angelic' looks his mate swore he possessed, but he'd chosen Harry's to project authority, trustworthiness, and strength. Pansy's were a severe and serious black, projecting an image of no nonsense and sobriety. As his mother often said, image could be everything and together they projected an image that would have the members of the Wizengamot who weren't rotting with corruption viewing them as honest.

"Clown in public yes...With this much on the line, no." Harry stopped pulling at his robes before they would wrinkle or be less than perfect. Draco had planned all this in miniscule detail and Harry was not going to be the one to cause a single flaw. He really, really hated waiting, he knew it was necessary but that didn't mean he hated it any less. Harry wanted to do this, wanted to see the faces of the corrupt old wizards when they realized they were about to lose everything. It might be petty and even a bit on the cruel side but that didn't change the fact that he wanted it.

Draco laced his fingers with Harry's, "You're such a Gryffindor pet. Let the Slytherin out to play."

"If I go any more Slytherin than I have after these few days I'll go scaly. The lion needs to roar as well." None the less his mate's touch calmed him down and Harry gave Draco's finger a squeeze."

An Auror came out of the Wizengamot chamber, "They're ready for you."

Pansy inclined her head politely, "Thank you."

As they passed the Auror, he gave Harry a smile, "Give them hell Sir."

"I'll do my best; I'll certainly do my best." Harry grinned a crooked smile at the Auror and pulled his hood further down his face.

The chamber where the Wizengamot held court looked a lot like it had the last time Harry had been here, at fifteen and scared out of his mind that he would be permanently banned from the only place he truly called home. It didn't seem as scary this time around, Harry could see the smug looks on the old wizards that were behind this and the frustration on a few of the others, including Amelia Bones herself. Harry and Draco kept their faces hidden, waiting for Pansy's signal.

Draco listened with half an ear as Pansy masterfully summed up the unfair persecution of the Malfoy family and pulled out the proofs and receipts to the charities to pass them over to Madam Bones.

"By the Wizengamots accusations and demands that Lucius Malfoy pay an amount equal to the entire Malfoy gross worth posthumously for damages, these receipts show that he has done exactly that over the past seventeen years, has in fact, paid [i]over[/i] the suggested amount of restitution to various charities directly dealing with reconstruction and the care and housing of orphans from the first war."

There was a dissatisfied grumble throughout the room and a tiny smirk appearing on Amelia Bones' features. One of the wizards rose, straightening his robes and hat before clearing his throat. "Even with these receipts as you so conventionally have provided how will we be sure that the money really made it to the victims of the war? Lucius Malfoy was notorious for finding ways to white wash his dealings and line his pockets even whilst claiming to do it for charity. I for one think that the accusations and demands stand."

There was a murmur of agreement and several of the wizards and a few witches sat up straighter.

Pansy lifted a brow, "I can also provide statements from the reconstructions workers and orphanages and social workers about the directdeposit into their accounts from Lucius Malfoy's personal one as well as statements on how it provided them the monies needed to continue to do their jobs after their funding was actually cut by a Wizengamot vote headed by the main accuser against the late Lord Malfoy, you Member Heacox."

The rotund wizard sputtered and almost fell back down in his seat before composing himself again. "I...Well, the Ministry didn't have any more funds to spare on the horrors caused by Death Eaters and their even viler Lord. Especially not since the Death Eaters, which Lucius Malfoy was a known member of continued to wreck havoc and horror on our poor lands."

Harry smothered a snort, that sounded completely hollow even in his grantedly un-knowing about these matters' ears.

"The Ministry had no funds Member Heacox? Even with such wealthy men as yourself available to donate to the reconstruction or was it," her voice hardened, "that you were more concerned with your own gain than you were with assisting those harmed by the men and women you accepted bribes from." She pulled every last bit of proof against the members who'd taken bribes out of her briefcase and handed them directly to Amelia Bones as she signaled Harry and Draco to shed the cloaks. "As legal representation of the newly instated Lord Malfoy and his bonded mate Lord Potter, I am counter accusing Members Lennox, Dorning, Trevalyan, McGinty, Jenkins, Perkins, Wilshire, and most especially Heacox of taking bribes from known Death Eaters. Member Heacox even took a bribe from Voldemort himself." The name rang in the silently shocked chamber, holding even more punch as people had once more slipped into calling him You-Know-Who.

This time Heacox did fall backwards in his seat, gaping and scrambling frantically for something, anything to say that would make this nightmare go away and turn suspicions away from him. "I-I only did that as a way of trying to find out his plans...With risk to my own life I might add."

"Really?" Harry tilted his head. "And did you tell anyone of what you may have learned then? After accepting Voldemort's money and buying that new mansion of yours I mean?" He stood up and walked forward in the chamber. "Also I find it very strange that you waited until I and my bonded mate were out of the country before making these accusations. Especially since the entire Malfoy family were cleared of any crimes of war in this very court even. I would be very happy if you could clear these issues up for me Member Heacox...As curtisy to one who's also faced Voldemort at risk to my very life as a matter of fact...As one who killedhim."

Heacox couldn't get a word out; he suddenly found it hard to even get air into his lungs. He hadn't counted on this. Potter and Malfoy were supposed to be away, everything was going wrong.

Normally Pansy would have been put out by Harry stepping on her oratory toes if she'd not been counting on just this.

Draco moved to stand half a step behind Harry, showing that he supported his mate without taking over, "I myself would like answers to the question of why, when this accusation first entered the court, I as the new Lord Malfoy, was not immediately owled a summons. I was quite capable of receiving owls, as a veritable laundry list of people who fought at the battle of Hogwarts can attest."

An old, wrinkled lady who looked as if a strong wind would blow her over rose to her shaky feet, "It is Wizengamot policy to send out owls upon the instant of accusation Lord Malfoy, however I do believe it is Member Lennox's job to do so." The frail old with turned bright, clever, and stern eyes onto a middle aged wizard who'd been turning the color of paste. "Care to explain Member Lennox?"

Draco concealed a smile. He knew well who the old witch was, Hesper MacIntosh. Older than Dumbledore and almost never made a vote or stirred herself to do more than attend Wizengamot hearings. Her word was practically law among the Wizengamot as she was utterly incorruptible and more respected than any other member.

"Ah, well you see your Grace...There has been a lot of summons and a lot of trials lately. I'm afraid it may have slipped my mind." Lennox turned even paler with a tint of green as if he was about to throw up.

Harry fought the urge to smirk, if only because their stern looks made a greater impact than a smirk would. It was actually rather delicious to watch them squirm.

"Don't you lie to me young man. In the summer of 1996 there were twice as many summons as there are now and yet you missed not a single one, including the ridiculous railroaded 'trial' of Lord Potter, which I do believe you took a great amount of glee in." Her eyes narrowed, "Miss Parkinson, who precisely did Lennox allegedly accept bribes from?"

"Walden McNair, Bellatrix Lestrange, and, though she was not a marked Death Eater, Dolores Umbridge." She wanted to preen at the disgusted looks given Lennox in that moment. Umbridge's name was hated, everywhere. Almost as much as the Lestrange name.

All of the wizards and witched who had expected to get a nice new sum of galleons into their accounts were squirming and shrinking back in their seats, hoping and praying that the attention wouldn't be turned on them. They were more than happy to sell out Lennox and Heacox if it would spare their own hides.

"This farceof a trial makes me wonder how many other descendents of Death Eaters and war criminals have been trialed and lost their fortunes. It also makes me wonder where that money has ended up, which causes they have been donated to and how many people it has helped." Harry's eyes were a very cold green. "As Lord Potter I hereby place a petition that these records will be made public and accounted for."

Hesper nodded, "I second that."

Amelia Bones banged the gavel, "Moved and seconded. The Wizengamot will open discussion on that directly after this trial. As the receipts prove, the late Lord Malfoy did indeed pay the exact amount Members Heacox, Lennox, Dorning, Trevalyan, McGinty, Jenkins, Perkins, and Wilshire have previously demanded be paid plus one knut. Also, as Lucius Malfoy is no longer able to be held accountable for his past actions and his son and widow are in no way responsible for those actions during the first war the Malfoy title shall stand. The asinine accusations against the current Lord Malfoy regarding his veela blood and possible manipulation of Lord Potter, due to previous discussion, vote and experts opinion and fact are proven false and should they ever come up in this court again I shall personally see to the investigation of the accuser. Member MacIntosh, do you hold that the sum for restitution in the Malfoy name has been paid?"

The old witch nodded, "I do Madam Bones."

"And does the Wizengamot at large, barring the accusers, also agree?"

"Aye." It was a unanimous reply from all sides of the nearly round chamber except of course for the accusers who had somehow turned paler than snow.

In a strange way Harry was happy that they had been stupid enough to try and go after Draco. If they hadn't who knows how many other life they could have continued to destroy and how many fortunes they could have stolen.

"The Wizengamot rules in favor of the Malfoys," the gavel banged once more, "and will immediately move to deliberate upon both the publication and investigation of previous trial records and the accusations against Members Heacox, Lennox, Dorning, Trevalyan, McGinty, Jenkins, Perkins, and Wilshire. Lord Potter your presence as accuser shall be required should it come to trial. I will personallywrite and send the summons. You, Lord Malfoy, and your solicitor are free to go today."

Harry bowed deeply. "Thank you your Grace. Of course I will appear if and when I am summoned. I thank the court for their time and their justice." Harry's voice warmed when he spoke to the head of the Wizengamot and as they filed out of the court chamber he reached for Draco's hand and kissed his knuckles in front of every witch and wizard there. Harry wanted to make it perfectly clear where his loyalties lay, where they always would lie.

Draco smiled softly, forgetting for a moment that they were in public, happy for the affection.

Pansy however remembered and noted the looks on every Wizengamot members' face and nearly did a dance out of the chamber to where Blaise and his mother waited for them. "Oh that was too brilliant. Potter I am impressed."

"Thank you, coming from the queen of Slytherin that's quite a compliment. Not that there's ever a hardship to kiss my mate. That's something I'll do gladly and anytime." He pulled Draco close and proved just that, kissing him eagerly. "Congratulations to your win Lord Malfoy."

Pansy chuckled as Draco melted against Harry, wrapping his arms around the brunette's neck and murmured in an aside to Blaise, "Well I wasn't talking about the kiss, though that was wonderful icing on the cake. Blaise you should have seen him, he got right in their faces and demanded an accounting. A little seasoning and Potter could very well be better in politics than Lucius was."

"Isn't that a scary thought? The savior of the wizarding world going into politics...He'd be able to do anything." Blaise shuddered, imagining a world of outspoken bravery and Gryffindor red. "Still I imagine that Potter wasn't the only brilliant one. I believe you shone Pants, like the star you are."

She pat him on the head, watching his mother charming an Auror nearby, "Charming man. Too charming. you're dangerous. It's a good thing you've got me and Draco to keep you humble. I mean without us you'd never know about that wart on your-"

A slender long fingered hand placed itself firmly over Pansy's mouth, smothering the rest of those words. "Yes well, that was something we agreed to never ever speak of again. Don't go there Pants, I have secrets of yours too, remember that." Blaise gave a long suffering sigh. "See what happens when I try to compliment you...You make a crap lady Pants, don't let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise." He looked over at his mother. "How much do you bet that, that poor sod will end up daddy dearest number nine?"

Her eyes twinkled over his hand and she held up four fingers then made a percent sign with her hands to indicate forty percent chance. She did so enjoy twitting him. He made it so fun. She nudged his hand off her mouth, "Not much, you'll note that your Mum is only being flirty, not using the succubus allure." She tapped him on the nose, "Oh why can't there be someone mostly like you out there except a little less needful of sexual partner variety, a little more paternal and a lot more physically active." Blaise preferred to lounge on the beach while she ran up and down it, swam, or climbed the cliffs.

"Oh you flatterer you, you make all warm and giddy inside with talk like that." Blaise blinked almost impossibly long lashes at her. "It is probably like I lament the fact that I can't find a woman almost exactly like you but a little less outspoken about every little thing. Someone who can actually sit still for a whole hour without having to be restrained. You make the best friend possible though and I would be completely lost without you."

"Right back at you, you sexy bastard." She looked at Draco and Harry, "Alright you two break it up! Not in the middle of the Ministry for Merlin's sake."

Harry pulled kiss swollen lips away from Draco's with a sheepish look and removed his hand from Draco's behind. "Sorry, couldn't help myself."

"Just like the two of you haven't been able to help yourselves all over the Manor...Without any silencing charms...The Manor is large there is an echo you know." One of Blaise's brows rose in a move he'd learned from his head of house and then practiced diligently in front of a mirror until he was sure he had it down.

Draco set about straightening himself up, "You are just jealous that I'm getting plenty. Feeling a little frustrated there Firestorm?"

"Oh stuff it Chub wub...You think I couldn't get some if I applied myself?" Blaise huffed and decided to go interrupt his mother and save the poor Auror before he was devoured whole.

Harry's cheek were a little pink but he inched closer to Draco again. "It hasn't been allover the Manor yet. We still have the grand ballroom and the observatory left. Not to mention all the out buildings."

Pansy chuckled, "Don't forget the stables."

"Why Pants have you been spying?" Draco lifted his brows.

"I don't have to. My imagination and the sounds are more than enough," she grinned at him.

"No modesty. Merlin help the poor man you ever set your sights on."

"Well behaved women seldom make history and I intend to make history."

"I don't doubt that you will Pansy." Harry smiled brightly at her, happy that he was beginning to be able to call her a friend, not only of Draco but of himself as well. "Just remember us plebians when you're up there at the top." He turned back to Draco. "Oooh we still have your Quidditch pitch left too...I still can't believe you have your own Quidditch pitch on your grounds...And you still could never beat me." He flashed his mate a grin.

Draco narrowed his eyes, "Potter is that a challenge?"

Harry blinked at him innocently from behind his glasses. "Perhaps."

Pansy whistled lowly, "Oh Potter you've done it now. I do believe I'm going to take Blaise and his mother out to dinner while you two...settle up."

Draco stepped closer to his mate and grabbed his lapels, "You, me, on the pitch, now."

"Oh lead the way Malfoy, because on the pitch all you will see is the back end of my broom." Harry's grin was wide and dirty and he only gave a quick nod to Pansy as the two of them hurried so they could exit the Ministry and apparate home to the Manor.

Pansy watched them go with a shake of her head, "You could not payme to witness what's going down on the Malfoy Quidditch pitch tonight. So," she hooked her arms through both Blaise's and his mother's, "Shall we go indulge ourselves at The Golden Mermaid?"

"Why Pants, I think that would be an excellent idea. Say goodbye to the nice Auror now Mummy dear and let's go have a brilliant dinner at Pants expense." Blaise flashed white teeth in a very charming smile that almost had the receptionist witch swooning.

Livia trailed a finger down the red faced Auror's chest, "Goodbye and thank you, for keeping me company." She walked out with her son and Pansy while the Auror was busy getting himself back under control.

To be continued...

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