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Catch Me In Midair

Part Thirty-Three.

Sirius finished dressing the twins in their itty bitty jumpers he'd begged Molly to knit specially for this and the woman had come through like a champion. It was only a month since their birth and they were still tiny but growing every day. Remus was in bed recuperating from the full moon and though the twins had fussed a bit they hadn't turned furry or seemed in any pain so it seemed as though they'd either not gotten the bulk of wolf genes or that they'd not show any signs of being affected by lycanthropy until a certain age. Either way he loved his children and their Mama and he hoped Remus wouldn't kill him for this. He tied the ring onto Leander's bootie and picked the twins up to bring them in to Remus.

As usual Remus felt achy and almost hung over but even the moon seemed easier to handle now that he had his family to concentrate on. Even Moony was giddy about the twins and seemed gentler or maybe that was just Snape's new Wolfsbane potion. He perked up as the door to the bedroom opened and Sirius came in carrying their children. It was almost silly but Remus missed them the moment they were out of sight. They had only been with them for a month and Remus couldn't imagine how life had been without them here.

"Hi." He reached out his arms ready to hold his babies. Sirius handed him Shannon first and Remus furrowed his brow as he saw the text on Shannon's tiny jumper. 'Mama will you-' He looked up at his mate questioningly as Sirius handed him Leander. Remus trembled slightly as he read the other jumper. 'marry our daddy?'

"A-are you serious?" Remus shook so bad he was afraid to drop the twins as he kept his gaze locked on Sirius.

Sirius sat next to him on the bed, looking nervous as a mouse in a room full of hungry cats, "Of course I am. If you don't want to it's fine really I mean it's not that I'm not happy with you now I just want you to be my spouse as well as my mate but if you don't want to I understand completely and-" he blinked at the finger cutting off his nervous babbling one of the twins settled in Remus' lap to free a hand.

"Hush you." Remus said softly, the pad of his finger feeling rough against the warm fullness of Sirius' lips. "You are everything I have ever wanted, the only one I have ever really loved. You've given me a mate and beautiful children. You Sirius Orion Black are my reason for living and you think I wouldn't want to marry you...Are you a complete idiot? I love you and of course I want to marry you, more than anything."

A beaming smile slowly crept across Sirius' face until he practically lit up from within, "So you gonna leave the ring dangling off of Leander's sock or are you wanting me to put it on for you?"

Remus wiggled his hand in front of Sirius, smiling like a loon but unable to stop himself and not really wanting to either. He was happy, why not be allowed to smile? "I'm waiting, there's a finger here that looks awfully naked."

Sirius laughed softly and pulled the loop that held the ring to the bootie, catching the simple band inscribed with runic symbols and slipping it onto his mate's finger, "We can't have that now can we?" He leaned in to brush his lips over Remus' briefly.

"Absolutely not." Remus whispered against Sirius' lips as he looked at the ring, it was perfect. Beautiful and perfect without being flashy or gaudy. "Thank you Siri...You have no idea how much I love you."

"If it's even half as much as I love you then we've got enough love to cover the moon." He lifted a hand and ran his fingers through Remus' hair. "There really are no words to describe the depth of my love for you Remus, none at all."

"You have all of my dreams come true, given me more than I could even fantasize about. This...You and our babies, what he have right now has made everything else worth it. All the hardships and hurt because it lead us here, to this." Remus nuzzled Shannon's baby hair and stroked his fingertips over Leander's chubby cheek.

Sirius shifted so that he was close to his mate, arms around his little family, "Yeah. as much as I'd have wished things not go as badly as they did, I wouldn't change anything because then I wouldn't have this perfection right here and now."

Remus leaned back against Sirius, smiling as both their children looked up at them, Leander with Sirius' beautiful gray eyes and Shannon with amber colored ones, their small hands and legs flailing until they could grab on to each other, Shannon suckling loudly on Leander's fist. "I feel exactly the same of course I have regrets and wishes that some things could have turned out differently but I wouldn't trade this for anything." He nosed at Sirius' neck. "So~o, when do you fancy our wedding to be?"

"Well I thought I'd discuss that with you. It's January now and personally I vote for a warm weather outdoor reception so..."

"April, let's get married in April when the wild flowers have just started to bloom and the leaves are new." Remus knew he sounded like a girl but he didn't care, he loved spring, everything coming back to life after a long winter. Everything fresh and filled with promise of things to come. He couldn't imagine a more perfect time. "It will be warm enough to have the reception outside but not too hot for the cubs."

"Sounds perfect. Now do we want to plan it ourselves or bring Molly in?" He rubbed his cheek on Remus' shoulder.

"I'm sure I'll regret this more than once over the coming months but let's bring Molly in. She could use the distraction of planning a wedding and I think we're going to have our hands full with these two." He nuzzled both babies, smiling in utter adoration as their lids grew heavy and they fell asleep in his arms, Shannon still with her brother's fist in her mouth. "Every moment with them is precious; I don't want to miss a thing."

"I'll floo her tomorrow then. I vote we just be lazy for the rest of today then. Just us and the babies and me changing nappies, making bottles, and cleaning up spit and other infant messes." Sirius' tone was amused. He didn't mind the lack of sleep, he'd had worse, or the diaper changes or making the bottles, none of it bothered him because he'd done worse and because it was for his little ones.

"Mmm, see still as brilliant as always. I absolutely second that vote. I love you." Remus snuggled into Sirius, making himself as comfortable as he could get while he kept sneaking glances as the ring on his fingers, still finding it hard to believe even after all these years that Sirius Black was with him. That soon he would be able to call Sirius husband. "I'm sorry I'm not up to helping that much today, I'll be better tomorrow."

"Moony, I don't care about that. I'm happy to let you get some rest after a full moon. Taking care of the nitty gritty part of our babies is far from taxing."

"I'm still sorry, you know me, I hate feeling useless or like a burden. Right now though, with you here next to me and our children in our arms...It's all perfect."

"You couldn't be a burden if you tried." Sirius kissed his mate's temple, "but I do know how you hate to be idle. Look though, our sprogs are napping, we should join them don't you think?"

"Good idea, we'd better savor any chance for sleep when we can get it." Remus shifted so that he and Sirius were lying on either side of the twins, making sure they couldn't roll out of the bed or any horror like that. "Sweet dreams love...It will be strange to fall asleep when this seems like a dream, a perfect one."

"Not a dream Remus. It's a perfect reality for us." Sirius snagged Remus' hand and kissed the ring. "I love you. Dream of me," he winked.

"Always Pads." A small tired smile lit up Remus' face as he fluffed the pillow underneath his head, his ring clad hand still stretched toward Sirius. "I love you too." The sound of the twins soft, sweet breathing mixed with Sirius' breath lulled Remus to sleep, feeling completely relaxed and completely safe.

Though he was tempted to stay awake and watch his mate sleep, Sirius knew better. If he didn't catch a nap now he'd be strung out later so he placed his hand in Remus' and closed his eyes, letting contentment sweep him under into sleep.


Pansy was panicking, completely utterly panicking, to the point of losing her mind and actually destroying a pretty lavender dress she'd spent hundreds of Galleons on. She'd intended to wear it to Sirius Black and Remus Lupin's wedding but her panic induced anger ruined that, now she flung herself face first onto her bed in a storm of temper tears. She was screwed. So very, very screwed.

Hearing sounds of actual distress from Pansy's side of the flat had Blaise hurrying over. He'd known her long enough to know when the upset was real and when it was fake and this was very much real. They'd been lucky to find this flat to share in London. It was close to where Blaise was studying to become an Unmentionable as well as close to Pansy's law school, sharing had made sense both in terms of saving money and because neither of them really liked being alone.

He knocked on the door softly but didn't wait for a reply before turning the knob and entering Pansy's bedroom. "What in the world is the matter Pants? What's wrong?" Blaise cautiously moved closer and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I'm an idiot," her voice was muffled into her pillow, doleful and utterly miserable. She rolled over and looked up at him, "Just thought I'd have a little fun with a wicked lion, one with a brain and spine and a sneaky streak a mile wide. Mess up the sheets and maybe have dinner every now and again and if dancing happened to be a part of the package all the better since I enjoy it as well as the occasional gift. Just fun, you know what I mean." She ran a hand down her face, "But now, by Merlin's doxie infested knickers, it's gone far beyond just fun on my part damn it."

Blaise hummed softly under his breath and reached out to smooth a wayward strand of silky dark hair behind her ear. "I know exactly what you mean since I'm sort of in the same boat." Flashes of bright red hair, laughing eyes and wickedly skilled hands ran through his mind. It was pathetic really...manslag Blaise Zabini falling hard for a Gryffindor, to the point of wanting no one else. "What do you want to do about it Pants? Crying in your bedroom over a boy...No, we can't have that darling."

"Circe I don't know. I'm turned inside out Blaise. You know me I don't do jealousy and neither I nor George have said anything about exclusivity but today I was walking past the shop and saw that bint Alicia Spinnet practically throwing herself at him, Blaise it took every ounce of control I have not to charge in there and turn her into a newt and he didn't even look interested in her! Well no more than any man does at a nice pair of tits anyway. Then I got to asking myself why I was so..." she waved a hand knowing he'd understand, "and I'm in bloody love with bloody George Weasley! My stomach is in knots just thinking about it. Ugh love sucks! How can Chub-wub like it so much?!"

"Well for one thing he's already got his man...Bonded soulmates and all that trite." Blaise made his way further up Pansy's bed, leaning against the headboard and gathering his friend into his arms. "Also Alicia Spinnet has nothing on you darling...Her tits aren't even that nice, the left one is much smaller than her right and she stuffs her bra." He traced one of Pansy's wing shaped brows with a long finger. "If George doesn't want you then he's a moron and from what I've gathered both he and his brother are fairly intelligent. Instead of being little Miss Mopey you need to man...or in your case woman up, pour yourself into that dress you have...the one that's like liquid death of sexiness and go get your man." Just because Blaise was too much of a coward to after the one he wanted didn't mean that he would let Pansy be miserable. There was no doubt in his mind that George was as stuck on her as she was on him. How could he not be?

"Uh-huh, and what about you then? Are you going to bury yourself or grab at what you want?" She bent her knees up and crossed her legs, one foot jiggling in the air. "Because the Firestorm I know wouldn't be sitting on his very fine arse while the chance for a permanent lover passed him by."

"How did this become about me?" Blaise tried to sound flippant but even in his own ears it rang hollow. Sighing he rested his head against the headboard and closed his eyes. "I'm fucking scared. No one has ever mattered before, not like this...What if he doesn't want me?"

"Then he's a moron," she used his own words, "I vote we tag team them, that way we can be scared together. You can wear those dragon hide pants that are almost illegally tight and the screaming red silk shirt that most people want to rip off, the one that plays peekaboo with that pretty mocha skin. I'll woman up and wear the dead sexy dress and man-killer heels if you'll man up and we give each other back up."

Well there it was, a chance to make a grab for what he wanted. Blaise didn't want to be a coward and as much as he loved his Mamma he didn't want to end up like her so he slowly nodded his head. "What the hell, let's do it. Let's go all out and bag ourselves a couple of lions. And if all else fails at least we'll have each other. I love you, you harpy."

She sat up and gave him a squeeze, "I love you too you great libidinous lump. And hey when we succeed at least we won't have to worry about our men looking askance about how close we are." She got off the bed and poked him in the arm, "I'm going to start getting ready, beginning with lotions and potions and other things to make me smell especially delicious and feel it too."

"Fine, fine go scrub and rub and do whatever it is you do to become irresistible. I just need a shower and a change and I'm done...Just gorgeous that way you know." He gave Pansy a cheeky wink and rolled off her bed to let her get started. Blaise walked across the large flat to his own bedroom and bathroom, showering quickly and then digging through his closet until he found the dragon hide trousers and the fire engine red shirt that Pansy had talked about. When it came to fashion he trusted her completely. He slid on the leather trousers without wearing anything underneath and buttoned two buttons in the middle of the shirt, leaving the rest of them open. Blaise was aware that he had a very nice body, there was no harm in showing it off...Hopefully Fred would like it too, both body and the rest of him.

Damp hair curled around his neck and tickled the edge of his shoulders as he walked to the living room to wait for Pansy to get ready. Blaise agreed that it was fortunous that Fred and George would understand the closeness he and Pansy shared because no matter the lover he didn't think he would be able to live without her, she was too great a part of his life. He understood that about Fred and George as well, how much the two of them needed each other.

Pansy took her time, lathering, slathering, spritzing, pinching, applying make up, styling her hair, putting on lacy knickers and high stockings and then slipping into her killer dress. Like the shirt she'd told Blaise it was red, a blazing scarlet with a halter neck, plunging back, indecently short skirt, and it hugged her in all the right places, concealing just enough to drive a man's imagination wild. She slipped her feet into her four inch, ice pick red high heels then sauntered out, her wand in a tiny clutch that had an extension charm on it. She smiled at Blaise and nodded, "Looking good my friend, now let's go knock them dead."


Fred finished arranging the stock for tomorrow and stepped back to eye it critically. Technically they were closed for the day but even after hours there was work to be done. He shook his head at the display of Bouncing Bum Burps with a sigh. He'd wound up losing after tripping during that wild dance and twisting his ankle and so George got to name the new product, which was doing brisk business despite horrified mothers everywhere. "You about done there Georgie?"

"Yeah, just a sec Freddie." George carried the new boxes of supplies they'd gotten and put them away in the back at their proper places. He might be a slob when it came to his home but their business was another matter entirely. Everything needed to be in its rightful place so both he and Freddie knew exactly where to find it when needed. After finishing he wiped his hands on his trousers and walked out to his brother, eyeing their store with immense pride. "It was a good day don't you think? Business is picking up again."

Fred leaned on a counter that held their more expensive products, rings and such that had unique effects. "Yeah. Things are starting to fall into rhythm again. It's a good thing." He was talking about more than just the business. Things were finally hurting less when Percy came up in thought or words, the sting finally easing for him. He actually had a gorgeous sneaky snake to thank for that. Blaise Zabini had listened to him talk through how he'd felt, one of the rare things he'd not been able to do with George because it hurt his brother too. But Blaise had listened and given his quiet understanding and soft advice that helped him come to terms with Percy's loss.

George nodded and tapped his fingers on the glass. Their family was slowly healing and they had a beautiful niece and an adorable nephew to spoil. George quietly wondered if it would be okay to call on Pansy later. They hadn't made any plans for the evening but it had gotten so far that if he didn't see her for a day he missed her like crazy. George couldn't stop thinking about her. She was brilliant, funny and beyond beautiful, she never hesitated to tell him off when he acted like a fool and stand by him when he needed it. She was almost too good to be true and he couldn't help but fear when the bubble would burst, when she would move on to someone better or more powerful than him. "It's a very good thing." He finally agreed with his brother after a long pause. "So dinner tonight, fish and chips or Mum's left over Shepard's pie?"

"Mmm actually I was thinking to give Blaise a call. You could give Pansy a goose and we could make it a double date if you like?" Fred gave his brother a crooked smile, "I've got it bad Georgie. That kind of bottom drops out of your stomach when you think about them leaving bad."

"You too huh?" George matched his brother's grin. "I was just wondering how pathetic it would make me if I called Pansy today when we were together yesterday. Merlin Freddie, we sure know how to pick 'em don't we?"

"Yeah I guess we do. You at least are arse over tits for someone who wants monogamy with her chosen. Me? I fall for the three quarters incubus. I keep waiting for him to decide I'm not enough. It's never wracking and I haven't dared bringing up making us permanent yet. I'd rather have him for a little while than not at all so I'm not keen to ruin it but I'm losing my mind here. I'm gonna have to ask him if he's up to making more of what we are."

George cupped his brother's neck and brought their foreheads together for a moment before letting go. "Oh Freddie, he's a complete tit if he doesn't realize what he has in you. I don't know if it makes a difference but Pansy mentioned in passing that Blaise has spent his nights home at their flat lately." He ran a hand through his hair. "I need to speak with Pans as well. I saw Michael Corner flirting with her a few days ago and I really, really wanted to go there and plow my fist into his stupid, grinning face. Pansy wasn't even flirting back."

"I feel you. I practically want to go on a rampage when people leer at Blaise. Think maybe we should go by their f-" he stopped when the bell over the door rang and started to lean past George, "I'm sorry we're cl-" he ground to a halt with a squeak and lost his balance, sprawling onto the floor as he stared at the sight of the sexy bastard he'd gone mad for in sinfully tight leather trousers and a gaping bright red shirt that exposed a wealth of mocha skin that he just wanted to lick every last centimeter of.

Blaise raised an eyebrow and walked inside after holding the door open for Pansy. "Already falling at my feet? The night haven't even begun yet but I can't say that I mind." He flashed Fred a grin to hide his nerves and held out his hand to help the redhead up.

Fred took the hand, savoring the contact, and got to his feet, "Well they do say gods should be worshiped."

George couldn't even breathe after catching sight of all his wet dreams come true. His eyes were wide open and his face was redder than his hair as he kept staring at the image Pansy made, all clad in red and with miles and miles of smooth pale skin showing.

Her lips, painted the same siren red as her dress, curved up as she walked over to him, heels clacking on the floor, "Well hello there handsome. Feel like taking a lonely lady out for dinner."

"Oh I'd take you anywhere you want, all you have to do is ask." George's voice was gravelly as he looked at Pansy, taking in her beauty. "Bloody hell you're gorgeous." The words slipped out before he could stop them or even try to be more refined in his compliments. "I'd love to take you out, as long as you can stand being seen with something like this." He ran his hands over his own work clad appearance.

"Hmmm," she slipped her wand out and in a trice banished the dust from his clothes but left them as they were, "I am more than content to be seen with you." She sidled up closer and hooked her arm with his.

"Then I'll happily take you out and I hope the lovely lady won't be lonely any longer." George smiled and basked in her closeness. She might be out of his league but damn it if he wouldn't fight to his last breath for a chance to keep her.

"How about you Fred, fancy a night out with me?" Blaise had yet to let go of Fred's hand after pulling him up off the floor.

Fred's thumb traced absently over the skin of the inside of Blaise's wrist and he smiled, "I can't think of a better way to spend the evening."

Blaise's smile warmed and he relaxed a little. "Good, then should we go? Some good food, good wine and perhaps some dancing?"

Oh the chance of holding Pansy close on a dance floor, it was a tempting, tempting thought and George wouldn't mind at all making it reality. "Let's start with dinner shall we?" He leaned down and sniffer her, unable to stop himself. "You smell so good I could eat you up."

She ran a finger over his bottom lip, "We'll save that for dessert." She looked over at Blaise, "Shall we all four start off together then split off for the dancing?" She looked back at George, "Or would you prefer having me all to yourself for the entire evening?"

George exchanged a look with his brother and nodded his head. They both needed to talk with their sexy as hell snakes and though there were strength in numbers this was something they had to do on their own. "I want you all to myself all the time but I can take tonight to start with."

Her heart skipped a beat at that simple statement, "Well then, you can take me to dinner and Fred," she gave the George's brother a smiled before winking at Blaise, "can follow Blaise home where he can introduce him to the wonders of real Italian cooking."

Fred's brows lifted, "Oh-ho you cook do you Blaise?"

"I do, I promise you that you haven't lived until you've tried my sauce." The words came out like a purr as Blaise stretched. "Come on and I promise to feed you."

Oh Fred would follow that voice and that arse into hell. "Lead the way then. I can't wait to have some of your sauce on my tongue."

Blaise only chuckled as the doorbell rang and they exited the shop.

George shook his head and wished his brother the best of luck in his mind. "Shall we? How do you feel about the Golden Goblet for dinner?" He waved his wand to dim the lights before locking up and setting the charms so no one could break in.

"Sounds divine." She fell into perfect step beside him, "I was running errands earlier today and saw that the Wheezes looked very busy. Are things picking up?"

"They are." He nodded and looked sideways at Pansy before wrapping his arm around her slender shoulders as they walked. "It seems people finally dare to laugh again, to see the humor in things without feeling bad or guilty for it. It's nice and not only for the profit."

She nodded in understanding, "It is nice. You were talking to one of your old teammates as I went by, Spinnet I think it was," she didn't think she knew but she was trying for casual, "did she make it through the war well?"

"Yeah, Lizzie and her family made it through well, I'm glad for that. She was in the store looking for a birthday present for her little brother Alphonse. We talked old memories while her boyfriend chose the gift." George smiled, it had been nice catching up with Lizzie again. "Her boyfriend is French so she's moving across the canal to be with him."

Had she not wanted to give herself away she'd have pumped her fist in the air in victory. Spinnet had a man and wouldn't be after hers. "That sounds lovely. I do hope he treats her well, for his sake if nothing else. If he doesn't then he'll have you and Fred coming after him, and Harry too when you think about it. By Merlin the three of you...well four if you include Draco as where Harry goes so does he, together in a scheme, the world's foundations would be shaken."

"I'm sure that will happen sooner or later but not for Alicia Spinnet's sake. She will always be a close friend but I think we'll leave her protecting to her family and concentrate on the ones dear to us." He gave her a look and a smile as they got close to the chosen restaurant. He didn't add that he would move heaven and earth at a single crook of Pansy's finger, for her he would do anything. "Lizzie is still best friends with Katie and Angelina and well...Angelina hurt Freddie, I don't forgive easily even if he does."

Pansy waited until they were seated with their orders given to the waiter, "I didn't quite understand that one. I mean she saw, all through Hogwarts she saw how close you and your brother are, did she really think that would change with her added to the mix or your adult responsibilities?"

George shrugged. "I don't know, maybe seeing it from a distance and living in the middle of it are two different things." He ran his finger up and down the elegant stem of his wine glass as he spoke. "Fred and I have a bond I can't even begin to explain, it will always be there. It doesn't mean we love our chosen ones less, we just need each other. She didn't understand, couldn't handle that. She wanted to be the only one Fred leaned on, confided in and that will never be. You understand don't you? You and Blaise have the same sort of bond."

She reached across the table and took one of his hands into both of hers, "Yes. Neither of us have ever really understood how that bond was formed because really, a hot blooded Italian three quarters incubus and the icy cold daughter of two purebloods who procreated only to create a tool they could use to bring themselves higher up the ranks, two more different children had never met but the instant we locked eyes, there it was. Like it had just been waiting for us to meet to spring into existence and fit the puzzle together. If anyone ever tried to sever that bond I'd skin them alive myself and then I'd get nasty."

"The beauty of a bond like the ones we have is that you don't have to explain or understand it, it just is and I think we're all better people because of it." George smiled and stroked his thumb over her soft skin. "I understand perfectly because I would do the same to anyone trying to sever the bond Fred and I share. I would happily have destroyed Angelina if Freddie had let me, the only thing that makes it better is that Fred didn't really love her, not completely." George grew silent for a while. "I will always protect my brother...Is...Is it a usual occurrence for Blaise to bring his dates home and cook for them?" This was a thin thread to balance on but George had to ask.

She squeezed his hand gently, not taking offense. Blaise's very nature made it a perfectly logical question. "Never. He's never brought his dates into his home and I doubt any of them even knew he could cook, he's very stingy with that talent. To date only his mother, myself, and Draco have eaten his food."

"Good...I mean that's nice...Oh to hell with it, I'm glad. Freddie is crazy about Blaise, hopelessly and helplessly smitten." He squeezed her hand back, gathering his courage. "Much as I am with Blaise's flatmate, this gorgeous, wonderful creature that I can't stop thinking about."

Every ounce of tension melted from her, "Well thank goodness because let me tell you, unrequited feelings are very bad for Blaise's flatmate's complexion...and her wardrobe." She traced a pattern of freckles on the back of his hand, "Joking aside George, it's reciprocated. Earlier I was screaming into my pillow until Blaise gave me a kick in the pants. You see I've never let myself be vulnerable to getting bayonet in the heart before and it had me acting very Un-Pansy."

"I promise I will take the very best care of your heart Pansy and give you mine in return." He reached out with his free hand and traced his knuckles over her soft cheek. "I've been going insane lately, longing for you even when I was with you. I saw Michael Corner smile at you and wanted to rip his head off. I want to stand next to you, support you in everything you do and call out for everyone to hear that you're mine."

She leaned into the touch, "I likely shouldn't tell you but I was madly jealous over how close Spinnet was leaning towards you in the Wheezes. I almost charged in and hexed her hair off." She lifted one hand to tuck a wild lock of red hair out of his eyes, "I'll keep your heart safe George and stand beside you and make it absolutely clear to everyone that you belong to me and vise versa and they ignore that at their own risk."

George Weasley being the person he was gave a loud whoop of joy, not giving a damn that they were in a fancy restaurant as he launched across the table and caught Pansy's lips with his, kissing her long and hot before finally pulling away. "I love you lady snake, I really, truly do."

She blinked past the daze the kiss had put her in, blushing prettily, and smiled, "And I love you my sneaky, sneaky lion. You just crept right past my walls and pounced."

"Like any lion worth his name would." He nodded happily so full of joy that he could burst. He had never felt like this for anyone before and now that he knew his feelings were answered he would hold on to it with everything he had. "We should eat but I vote we skip the dancing so I can get right to the dessert, licking and tasting every single inch of you."

She smiled in a very smug, feline manner, "Sounds good to me. Would you like whipped cream on top?"

"Oh bloody hell..." George groaned and shifted in his seat. "Where is that waiter with our dinner? I'm suddenly only in the mood for dessert."

A low husky chuckle escaped her, "Wait until you see the flimsy excuse for knickers I'm wearing, one good tug and they'll probably fall apart."

The moan escaping George was low and tortured as he had no problems imagining what was beneath Pansy's slip of a dress. "You're a wicked woman Pansy and Circe help me but I love it."

She just chuckled, "You'd better." She hoped Blaise's evening was going as well as hers.

To be continued...

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