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Catch Me In Midair

Part Thirty-Four (Final Part).

Blaise hummed to himself as he added more rosemary and oregano to the simmering tomato sauce from the pots of fresh herbs he had all over his kitchen. He loved cooking, it was something that came naturally to him and it relaxed him like few other things did. His hair was in a small tail on top of his head with plenty of dark locks escaping and curling around his ears and neck.

The pasta was baked and laid waiting for the sauce to be done before being boiled and the salad was just about done as well. He dipped a spoon in the thick sauce and brought it over to the table where Fred sat, watching him cook. "Here try this, is the seasoning alright or does it need more salt?"

"Mmmm," Fred swore his tastebuds broke into Ode to Joy at the flavors skipping over his tongue, "I'd say it's just perfect. You're an out and out amazing cook you are, and coming from a man who grew up at Molly Weasley's table that means something." He licked his bottom lip where a bit of sauce had dribbled.

Blaise flashed a pleased grin and bent down to run his tongue in a quick swipe over Fred's bottom lip. "Mmm, tasty." Straightening up again he walked back to the stove and turned the heat down on the sauce and brought the pasta water to a boil instead. It was almost ridiculous how happy it made him that Fred liked his cooking. "Pour us some wine will you, while I finish up here?"

Fred drew his lip through his teeth, as though scraping the taste of Blaise into his mouth, then got up, "Red or white Captain Sexy?"

"Always red with pasta at least with this sauce." Blaise answered lightly, grinning at his new nickname. He'd always been more fond of the richer, heavier taste of a nicely aged red wine. White wines gave him a headache and loosened his tongue too much so they were best avoided.

"Hmm," Fred chose a simple cabaret from the selection available and poured it into two wine glasses. "So what have you been up to lately?"

"Hm?" Blaise pulled out two large deep dish bowls and stirred the pasta, feeling if it had softened and boiled properly. "Oh nothing much really, studying mostly. What was I thinking deciding to become an Unmentionable at the Ministry?" He shook his head but smiled at the same time. As rough as the studying was it was a job that fit his sneaky Slytherin heart like a glove.

Blaise put the ready pasta into the bowls, poured sauce over and crumbled Mozzarella cheese on top of it before placing one bowl in front of Fred. He placed the salad on the table between them and sat down with his own bowl in front of him. "Ecco a voi spledidi, eat up." He motioned toward the fork and spoon.

Fred grinned, "You were thinking of legal ways to be the sneaky man you are. And if memory serves you study well, according to your grades from Hogwarts I mean. Sexy, brilliant, sneaky, and loyal to the core," he spun some pasta around his fork and toasted Blaise with it, "a man after my own heart."

He was not blushing at that, definitely not! Blaise Zabini didn't blush and that was that. "Ah well, I try." He said quietly and took a bite of his pasta. "How about you? What have you been doing except building an empire?"

"Mostly that and avoiding Angelina." Fred swirled his wine around in the glass, "I haven't told George, because it was hard enough to keep him from hexing her the first time round, but she's been trying to 'make amends' and get back in my romantic graces," he snorted, "claiming that she just got a little over whelmed and reacted badly. She's still not quite getting the message that she's not getting a second chance."

Blaise's hand tightened around his wineglass until he feared he would crush it. "What?" It wasn't a growl, well not exactly but there was definitely a very sharp edge to Blaise's voice and he was already going through his arsenal of curses and hexes thinking of one to use on Angelina Bloody Johnson. No little bint was allowed to touch what was his!

A red brow lifted just a hair as Fred continued, "Angelina's a good person, but she's the type who wants all of a person, every last little bit. She felt slighted because there's a part of me that is always for and with my brother. She got right pissed about it and issued an ultimatum in a temper," he took a sip of his wine, his brown eyes going hard at the memory, "in a temper or not the second she said it she buggered herself and any more chances with me. I don't care how pissed she was, no one tells me it's either them or my brother."

"Well that an unusually stupid and selfish thing to demand anyway." Blaise was still struggling to get his temper back under control; Fred had made no promises to him so he really had no reason to be jealous...Though he was. "Anyone who's ever seen you and George together can tell how important you are to each other, how much you need each other. As cheesy as it sounds it's perfectly clear that you're two halves of a whole." He took a sip of his wine. "Theo was like that when he was with Pansy, trying to forbid her from seeing me, accusing her of fucking me behind his back." Blaise made a scoff of disgust. "I would never come between Pansy and the one she's with but I will never stop needing her either."

"Nor she you. See you get it," he gestured with his fork, "which I'm damned glad for because your pretty little black mamba has my brother wrapped around her finger. I'm hoping she's at least half in love with Georgie. You want to set a brother's worries to rest?"

"You have no need to worry. Pansy is bum over boobs for your brother, earlier today I found her crying...Crying because she'd fallen in love with George and was worried he was just in it for the fun of it. Pansy doesn't cry...Ever! Not when her parents disowned her, not when Draco went missing, she feels but she doesn't cry so believe me when I say her feelings are real." Blaise spoke with conviction, hoping his soul sister would get a happy ending this evening. "Err...You don't have to tell her I told you that though."

Fred chuckled, "My lips are sealed. If they weren't she's skin you and I'm rather enamored of your skin so I've a vested interest in keeping it intact."

"Thank you and just so you know, my skin and I are more than pleased to let you do what you wish with it." Blaise smiled and raised his glass in a silent toast.

He took a chance and stepped onto wobbly ground, "Would that include calling you mine?"

Blaise's breath hitched. "It does, as long as I can call you mine as well." He answered slowly. "There hasn't been another since we started...whatever this is. I just want you to know that." He ran a hand through his hair, leaving it in disarray. "I'm rubbish at this and I'm scared to death I'll bollocks it up but I want you Fred Weasley, want us."

Fred hadn't been expecting that, hadn't been expecting Blaise to not have been with anyone else and that the part incubus hadn't had sex with anyone but him floored him and left him both incredibly humbled and incredibly horny at the same time. He reached across the table and cupped the back of Blaise's neck, "I'm yours, I have been for...bloody hell I think since that dance where I tripped and embarrassed myself."

"Ah but what a spectacular spill it was and it certainly had me noticing you and how...Limber you were." Blaise simply got up from his seat, walked around the table and dropped down on Fred's lap so that he could wrap his arms around him tightly and kiss him.

Fred returned the kiss eagerly, hands falling to Blaise's waist, slinking under the loose red shirt to stroke the sinfully smooth skin. He nipped at the full bottom lip of his lover and murmured, "Well never let it be said I'm not flexible. Out of curiosity, did you and Pansy deliberately tag team me and George tonight or should we move this into the privacy of your bedroom?"

"I'm hoping Pants will be as busy as I plan to be. You did see what she was wearing right?" Blaise licked the hollow behind Fred's ear, his fingers clenched in red hair. "We should go to my bedroom anyway though because Pants will rip my bollocks off if we fuck in the kitchen, she's weird that way." Still Blaise made no effort to move, continuing to lick, touch and taste the gorgeous man he was perched on the lap of.

"Aw and I was hoping to christen your table, maybe eat my dinner off that sexy body of yours," he ran his lips along Blaise's jaw, "pasta and sauce with essence of Blaise, now that's a gourmet meal. But I was too focused on you to notice what she was wearing so I'll take your word for her being busy."

"But that would make me all sticky and filthy and my skin taste best au natural." Blaise grinned and got up from Fred's lap only to grab his shirt and pull him up too and out of the kitchen. "Don't worry about the food, the great thing about a simple pasta is that it tastes just as good reheated. Right now I'm hungry for Fred."

"Mmm," fred went along with a wide grin, "Alright but I'm going to eat dinner off you one of these days while we christen the table, then we'll christen the bathroom to clean up." His hands went down and around to cup the very excellent arse clad in leather as he licked a line up his lover's throat.

"Mmmm, as long as you continue to do that you can do anything you want." Blaise moaned as he finally made it to his bedroom and dragged Fred inside, slamming the door shut with his foot. He'd never allowed a lover inside his bedroom before, never bringing them home where he lived but he wanted Fred there, it felt right.

Fred walked Blaise towards the bed and toppled them both onto it, his mouth applying itself to creating a hickie. "Be careful what you offer, you never know what I might come up with."

Blaise arched up against Fred as his red shirt snapped open all the way. "Oh I'm hoping it will be wicked and imaginative. I have full faith in you." His low chuckle was heated and breathless as Fred suckled the thin skin of his neck, making him groan.

He chuckled warmly and plucked the few buttons of his lover's shirt open to run his hands up warm skin, "By Merlin is it any wonder I'm in love with you?"

Stilling completely Blaise cupped Fred's face and pulled him up so he could look into velvet soft, beautiful brown eyes. "I love you too, I do." It was the first time Blaise had said those words to someone who wasn't his mother, Pansy or Draco and he felt wide open and completely vulnerable but he meant it, he did love Fred with everything he was as flawed and imperfect as he was.

Fred moved a hand over Blaise's heart, feeling the fast beat that he knew didn't have anything to do with arousal. "I mean it, with all that I am; I do love you Blaise Zabini. Enough that I'd tell my mother off if she spoke badly about you." Nothing aside from George had ever been that important, not even the business. The business he and George had snuck around to bring into being, not told his mother off over it.

"I mean it as well. I love you, so much. I am what I am but with you I don't want anyone else, only you in every way. I want more that your body I want everything." He leaned up and kissed Fred's brow, his cheeks, his eyelids and his lips. "I don't want to come between you and your Mamma though, you don't have to tell her off about me, believe me I'm used to anything she could possibly say."

He nuzzled Blaise's nose with his, "The best thing about my Mum is that she won't care where you're from, who your parents are, or what your past is. She'll have two requirements, both of which you fit tidily. One, do you make her son happy, and you do, very, very happy." He kissed the tip of Blaise's nose, "and two, do you love me. Again you've got the requirements for Mum approval sewn up. Unless someone Imperios my Mum, I don't think I'll have to tell her off. I just would if it was necessary."

Smiling Blaise kissed him again. "Mamma will like you too...In fact maybe too much. Just don't be alone with her okay." It was said half joking, half seriously. Blaise adored his mother but she was who she was and she couldn't help that. "Now...I'm here all hard and aching and I think we should leave the parent talk for later, a bit of a mood killer."

"Well we can't have that now, can we?" Fred captured his lover's mouth with his and dedicated himself to making sure tonight was a night to remember.


Draco shook his head at his mate fighting with the cravat on the formal robes and went over to start straightening and fixing it, "Of course your godfather would choose high formal robes for this and not even bother to teach you how to fix a cravat. Other than that, you look ready to stand up for him."

"Why should he teach me, he knows I have you. Fashion expert extraordinaire." Harry smiled and tilted his chin up, giving Draco room to work. "Can you believe it? They're finally getting married after all this time, I think it's wonderful. I'm glad Merryweather gave me time off or I would have walked off the pitch anyway. Nothing is more important than family." He looked his mate over. "You look absolutely dashing by the way."

"Well of course I do, good breeding and all that." He started layering the cravat into a simple, elegant fountain, "Merryweather has his wife so he knows the importance of family and being there for them. That donation Sirius made to the home pitch didn't hurt either."

"No I'm sure it didn't." Harry stood still as Draco finished his cravat and then he nipped at Draco's chin lightly. "It also doesn't hurt that for some reason Merryweather is absolutely terrified of you, why he is I have no idea."

"I look like my father aside from the nose and chin," he pinned the cravat in place then stepped back to study his work, "Lucius' reputation carries far and memories are long. Some of the intimidation carries over, plus there's the veela reputation." His eyes twinkled in amusement, "He probably thinks I'll throw a fireball at him if he looks at you wrong."

"If he only knew how wrong he was, soft and sweet as a teddy bear you are." Harry leaned in for another kiss, fiddling with the end of Draco's braid which had grown quite long now. "Thank you love, now I won't look an embarrassment in front of all the guests...I'll look almost as dashing as you."

Draco nipped at Harry's bottom lip, "Teddy bear my arse, but yes you do look delicious." He opened the door and waved Harry out, "Let's go check on your godfather and make sure he's not panicking shall we?"

"Brilliant idea." Harry nodded and walked down the hall to Sirius' room and knocked on the door before opening it and taking Draco's hand as they walked inside. "How are you doing Snuffles? No cold feet I hope."

Sirius looked up from where he'd been picking at his nails, "Me? Bloody hell no but...what if Moony changes his mind? What if the DRCMC descends and tries to block it? What if it rains? What if-"

"What if little blue men descend from the sky and do a tap dance on your heads before pissing in the buffet and turning into pygmy puffs with wings and flying away?" Draco's tone was droll.

Harry shot his mate a look before turning to his godfather. "Snarky is right you know. The DRCMC wouldn't dare coming down on this and you know it. Remus has put up with you for over twenty years so why would he change his mind now? Things will be perfect Sirius; you'll marry Remus with all of us watching, your children being right there with you. This is a happy day, stop worrying and treasure it instead. Even the weather is cooperating and being Scottland that is a rare thing indeed."

Sirius laughed, "I'm being ridiculous I know but I want this so much and after Azkaban, wanting something so much...you're so terrified something will take it away before you have it. I'm still missing memories. Bits of joy and happiness I'll never get back."

"I wish I could get them back for you, take away the hurt and erase what happened to you because you don't deserve what happened to you at all." Harry crossed the floor and hugged his godfather. "But...You have the rest of your life in front of you, to fill with bright and happy memories of Remus and of Leander and Shannon. It doesn't make up for what you lost but it's still great."

"Oi you're in the future too you know. Don't think you're going to get out of family time just because we've got the little pups now. You're still our cub too," he ruffled his godson's hair.

"Gah! Black do you have any idea how long it took or how many combs died to make his hair look fashionably tousled instead of mussy?! You just killed it!"

Harry just laughed at Draco's disgruntled expression. "You're the one who always tell me my hair is beyond help, this is just further proof of it. Besides deep down you like it and you know it. It makes your hair look even more gorgeous in comparison." He flattened his hair as best he could, feeling doubtful about the result but honestly not caring.

"Stop, stop! You're just making it worse!" He went over and pushed Harry's hands away while glaring at Sirius for all he was worth then summoning a little hair gel and a comb. "No possible way I can get it back to tousled but I can make it a little less mussy," he scrunched and fiddled.

Sirius' lips were twitching at the sight, "Sorry there Feathers."

"Uh-huh suuuure you are."

Harry said nothing just stood there patiently while Draco fiddled and primped his hair. He exchanged a look with Sirius, filled with silent amusement but he loved Draco too much to say anything out loud. It was a small thing and it made Draco happy no matter how much he grumbled so Harry happily put up with it, knowing he wouldn't see any difference in his hair at all.

"There, that's the best I can do for now," Draco stepped back and wagged the comb at Sirius, "No touchy! Touch it and I will teach your children exactly how my father turned you putrid green for a month without anyone, even Dumbledore, being able to reverse it!"

Sirius' eyes widened. That had been one of the worst months in his school career. Not only had he been puke green but he'd smelled like it too. "Like hell you would."

"Oh he would, believe me he would." Harry said and kissed the pointy tip of Draco's nose. "But he won't because we've all learned our lesson that my hair is off limits now haven't we? Thank you for saving what could be saved."

"You're welcome. He can ruffle your hair after the ceremony without fear of repercussion. as soon as the reception starts people will be going mad anyway."

"You're an evil man Draco Malfoy. Your father really taught you how he did that?"

"Of course he did."

"And you never used it on Harry?"

"Don't give him ideas here, if you make me green and vomit smelling I will pluck every single feather out of you in your falcon form just so you know." Harry glared at Sirius.

There was another knock on the door and Bill stuck his head in. "You almost ready? The other groom is starting to get impatient and there was something about Leander already trying to chew his way out of his robes...Do the twins even have teeth yet?"

"Leander has his first tooth and you should know about baby teeth, how many teeth marks has your little angel left on your hands?" Sirius grinned.

"Well of course I thought that was just Vicky being awesome and perfect and ahead of every other child in progress and knowledge." Bill grinned back and wiggled his bandaid covered fingers. "Still you should come down and get this party started...Before Ron chews his way out of his robes as well."

Draco snickered and shook his head, "I am going to laugh loud and long when he and Hermione get bonded, just because he'll have to stay pristine a lot longer than he's heretofore managed. I can hear him crabbing about it now."

Harry chuckled as well. "For Hermione he would do it though, not even complaining all that much. At least not within her hearing range." Harry understood Ron perfectly though, Ron felt like a fraud when dressed up, like he was pretending to be something he wasn't and that was a feeling Harry knew very well. It had taken this long for Draco to manage to convince him to buy clothes that were actually his size.

"I for one am singing Hallelujah that Moony is a man and I don't have to give an opinion on this lace or that. Speaking of, let's go." Sirius poked Harry in the arm.

"Yes Snuffles, let's go get you married off. Make respectable men out of the both of you." Harry smiled and pat his godfather's shoulder as they made their way out of the room and downstairs, hearing the talk and laughter of all the people gathered out in the garden to watch the wedding.

Draco kissed Harry's cheek, "I'll go find my seat love, keep the mutt in line."

Harry nodded and watched Draco leave, damn it if that man didn't look good walking away. He watched as Draco sat down next to Hermione and Ron and just ahead of the twins and their chosen snakes, all of them looking almost ridiculously happy together.

"Are you ready Sirius?" Harry asked as he heard Remus walking over, getting last minute advice from Molly.

"Harry if I was any more ready I'd be coming out of my skin." He turned, hearing Remus' voice making pleasant, non-committal hums to Molly's advice, and sucked in a slow breath. By Merlin his mate was a sexy man and the dress robes displayed that so fucking well. He half wanted to just beg Remus to apparate directly to their bedroom with him after the ceremony.

Remus noticed his soon to be husband and his face lit up in a brilliant smile and hurried over, running his hands along the lapels of Sirius' dress robes. "You're looking so handsome."

Molly made some sort of weepy sound and pulled on Harry, motioning for him to go outside and take his place. Harry of course obeyed, he knew better than to cross Molly Weasley.

"You are both looking very handsome. Now let me go sit down and then you can walk out together to get bonded...Oh such a happy day." She leaned in and kissed both their cheeks before hurrying out to Arthur who was saving her a seat.

Sirius smiled crookedly, "She's right. You look even handsomer than usual and shush, I'm allowed to think you're the best looking bloke in the world if I want." Silver eyes sparkled with love and honesty tinged with a little fun.

"I'm not going to start our married life by arguing with you but you've always been a little off in your knob." Remus smiled, feeling warm inside from Sirius' words. He knew they weren't true but as long as Sirius found him attractive then Remus didn't care about anything or anyone else. "I love you."

"I love you too Remus," he trailed his fingers along his mate's jawline, "You make my heart fly."

Remus brushed a kiss over Sirius' lips and reached for his hand, his ring gleaming in the April sunshine. "Let's go get married, before Lee actually manage to chew his way out of his clothes and before Shannon decides to show off her lung capacity...I just want to marry you."

"You won't hear me arguing, let's get hitched." He squeezed Remus' hand and stepped out onto the runner leading up to the altar and the officiate.

To be honest Remus didn't register most of the guests at the walk down to the altar or even the smiling wizard waiting for them there. He did notice Sirius' hand in his own, the sunshine on his face and the fact that he would finally, finally become one with Sirius in the eyes of the law as well.

Sirius was feeling a similar haze as the ceremony took place. He knew he said and did the appropriate things but he was focused on the gleaming honey amber eyes of the man he was finally pledging himself to. Before he knew it the officiate was announcing them as bonded.

"Ladies and gentlemen may I present Lord Black and Lord Consort Lupin-Black, what magic and love have joined together this day let no one tear asunder."

Cheers and claps sounded among those who had gathered to witness their friends getting married and Shannon did let out a bellow that echoed across the moor. Remus only grinned and kissed his husband before gathering his daughter into his arms. They were a family in every way and no one could ever say differently.

Harry was smiling brightly hugging hid godparents in congratulation and kissing Shannon until she giggled. A year ago they'd been preparing for the battle of their lives and now they were here, Harry found it amazing and he sought out the reason his soul was whole and smiled at Draco.

The veela's mouth curved up in acknowledgement, half ignoring Blaise and Pansy poking him in the back and whispering that he'd be next. He'd let Harry decide when to take the step of marriage. At this point though it was secondary to him. He had his heart and happiness, his reason for being and life was perfect.

~The End.~

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