Gristle sat on the edge of the island and looked across the dark waters to the tunnels beyond. Access to the island was available only by the guards stationed beside the drawbridge. The water was filled with Pyrimo, carnivorous fish, and a goblin the troll had once angrily flung into the water had been stripped to the bone in seconds. Gristle didn't so much fear the fish as the water itself, he couldn't swim, predators or no, so he was trapped, a slave of the Drow, doomed to guard their rothe herds until he died.

As he contemplated this, he realized that Rizzen's work cycle was ending.


Rizzen hated goblins almost as much as he hated his own people. The young Drow had been born a slave to the House Hunzrin, and now was assigned the most degrading of tasks, herding the rothe. A task given to goblins...

He thanked The Elder Eye for sending Gristle to protect him, else the abuse and humiliation would have been enough to send him willingly into those deadly waters. He moved toward the small outcropping of rock where the troll sat, staring across the moat. He was bone-tired and hungry, but after seeing the lengths Gristle had taken to stay fed he rarely cursed his own hunger anymore. A goblin shouted an obscenity behind his back, but he ignored it. They hated him. He was a Drow, and even though he was a fellow slave, he belonged to the same race as their hated masters. They could strike at him with impunity, at least, until Gristle had taken him under his protection. Rizzen wasn't sure why the troll helped him, but he was grateful. He sat next to the troll, a small black form beside a great green-brown giant.

The troll put an arm around the weary Drow, and Rizzen fell asleep almost at once. He slept for several hours, in Gristle's arms. Gristle looked down at the fragile creature leaning against him. He could easily crush him, he'd killed Drow before, secretly and not-so-secretly, Drow placed no value on the lives of others, including others of their own kind. If he killed a Drow in a way the others found amusing, he might even be rewarded. A strange people... But he'd never harm Rizzen.

They were alike, both slaves, both alone...

Rizzen started to stir, and soon he was awake.

"Contemplating a swim?" He asked dryly.

"Trolls don't swim."

"How do you know that, since you're the only troll you know?"

"I don't swim. I'm the only troll I know. So trolls don't swim."

The Drow smiled, "Again you've outwitted me, Gristle. One day we shall have to... What the Lolth?"

Out of the corner of his sharp eyes, Rizzen saw movement near the bridge, he turned and watched as one of the two guards left his post and walked out of sight. The second stood still for a moment, then fell, sinking to the ground and revealing a small, grey-skinned humanoid with four arms.

A Chitine.

They were under attack. But why hadn't the guard sounded the alarm? Just then a guard shouted and a blade buried itself in his chest, he fell face first into the muck.

Then all hell broke loose.

The goblins swarmed the guards, screaming and shouting, oblivious to wounds, tearing them apart with their bare hands and then with stolen weapons. The Mistress Overseer began to make frantic signs with her hands, attempting a spell. Rizzen pounced, taking an old rothe bone and striking her across the face, breaking bones. The woman snarled and reached for her sword, but her blade bit into troll flesh, and Rizzen watched in horror as Gristle's right arm was severed at the elbow. "GRISTLE!" He shouted, but the troll was unaffected by the pain, he reached out with his left hand, clutched the dazed slaver by the head, and ripped it clean from her body.


"It'll grow back," He pointed with his remaining hand, "Bridge is down. It's our chance!"Rizzen considered his options, if he stayed, he'd die a slave with the stench of rothe dung in his nostrils. But the Chitine were vicious enemies of the Drow, they'd show him no mercy.

He decided to put his faith in Ghaunadaur, and the two ran across the bridge and into the darkness...

To be continued.


This is a re-work of my aborted story The Legend of Uru Drowbiter, which became far too complicated, so I began again from scratch.

Trolls can regenerate lost body parts fairly quickly.

Rothe are yak-like animals that serve as cattle in the Underdark.

Pyrimo are fierce fish that dwell in the Underdark. They are small, but incredibly deadly, and can strip a Drow to bone in seconds. They're also considered a delicacy.

House Hunzrin is one of the Noble Houses of Menzoberranzan, although a minor one. They are notable as the major suppliers of rothe for The City of The Spider Queen


The Elder Elemental

The Elder Eye

The Elder Evil

The Faceless One

The Lord of Slime

The Lord of Oozes and Shapeless Things

The Lord of Nothing


Alignment- Chaotic Evil

Class- Greater God of Decay, Drow, Filth, Oozes, Outcasts, Ropers, Slimes

One of the most ancient of gods, Ghaunadaur was among the first beings to crawl from the primordial ooze of his world. He is a vengeful god, but powerful. He once fell in love with Lolth (Which shows you how truly insane he is, not mention his incredibly bad taste) and went on a rampage when he learned that she had used him to further her own goals. Madmen, monsters and outcasts worship Ghaunadaur. Some, like Rizzen, are desperate beings searching for comfort outside of Lolth's web... Some sources describe Juiblex as an 'aspect' of Ghaunadaur, others as a separate entity. I list him as an avatar of Ghaunadaur. Rizzen doesn't fully understand Ghaunadaur or his cult, he only knows that Ghaunadaur is a powerful god and an enemy of Lolth.


Race- Troll

Gender- Male

Height- 9'

Weight- ?

Alignment- Neutral

Class- Fighter

Sold to the Drow at a young age, Gristle has spent most of his life guarding the rothe. He's fiercely loyal to Rizzen, and would do anything to protect him.


Race- Drow

Gender- Male

Height- 5'1"

Weight- 87 pounds

Alignment- Chaotic Neutral

Class- Commoner

Patron Deity- Ghaunadaur

Rizzen was born a slave to the House Hunzrin, and, because he's all thumbs as a swordsman, he was assigned to care for the rothe, a job reserved for the lowliest of slaves. Yes, Rizzen was named after Rizzen Do'Urden.

Pyrimo and House Hunzrin were created by Elaine Cunningham in her book Daughter of The Drow.

Rizzen Do'Urden belongs to R.A. Salvatore

The other canon characters belong to TSR.