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Chapter 7 (17 pages, 5.364 words)

The awkward moment is gone relatively soon and his parents send us to clean up. Luckily, we have paint remover in the bathroom. After I scrub at his back and at my hands, we stink of that choking smell of paint remover so we hop in the shower.

When we return to the living room with our hair wet and clean clothes on us, we're greeted by more people than we left. I'm sure we weren't gone for that long.

Bella and Alice arrived too, with little Carlie who is busy tormenting my poor cat. They are running around the living room. Pussy sees me and zooms to me, mewling loudly.

Aw. Poor thing.

I scoop her up and give her a sound kiss on the top of her little head.

"Kitty? Can I please play more with kitty?" Carlie asks me innocently, staring at me huge green eyes – a perfect replica of Edward's eyes.

Pussy burrows further into my arms, looking worried at Carlie.

She never had anyone to play with and that's why she doesn't like it. I hope that is, or maybe she is too old for running around?

"Sorry, sweetie. It seems she doesn't want to play," I explain softly.

Carlie pouts and reaches to pat Pussy's head, which makes my cat hiss and scratch the little girl.

"Hey! None of that, Puss!" I snap as Edward crouches to Carlie to inspect her hand.

"Bad kitty," she hiccups and turns into Edward. I feel bad, but I couldn't have known she was going to scratch. I don't think I've seen Pussy aggressive toward anyone.

Maybe just toward the guy on first floor, who always stinks of alcohol. I totally understand her there.

Bella crouches on her other side, browsing through her bag for a band aid probably.

"Sorry," I state sadly. "You're a little, naughty thang, you know that?" I scold Pussy then turn to head to the attic. I don't want to do it, but she deserves to be a little punished.

I drop her on the floor of the attic and she looks up at me heartbroken.

Don't cave, I encourage myself. Just turn around and go.

I close the door and descend to the living room where Bella and Edward are still worrying over Carlie who doesn't seem that concerned about her fresh scratch.

She comes to me looking worried. "What did you do to kitty?"

"She's punished for hurting you," I explain. "Does it hurt?"

"No!" she gasps turning to Edward. "I want kitty!"

"Maybe if you were nice with kitty, she wouldn't have hurt you," he tells her seriously. "It's not nice to tug on her tail."

"But I was playing!" she whines turning to me again. "Can I say sorry?"

"Let her chill for a while," I reply softly. "She's extra excited about being in a new house."

Carlie nods then goes to the couch which is wrapped in plastic and sits down. Bella goes to her trying to explain that it's not really her fault. Way to confuse the kid.

Edward told her she wasn't allowed to chase Pussy and now, Bella is telling her to do it responsibly.

Elizabeth calls us to the kitchen area and offers everyone plastic plates with food. I jump on the counter and start munching on mine when Edward joins me. He leans next to my leg and puts a hand on my knee.

"It's not your fault, baby."

"I don't know what came over her," I tell him sadly. "She's really friendly with everyone."

"I bet she's never been around four year olds," Edward says amused. "Don't worry."

"True." I nod, looking at Carlie who is still on the couch with Bella who's coaxing her to eat. "Do you like the surprise?"

"More than you know, though it would have been nice to be alone with you."

"We can spend the night here?" I suggest, kissing his brow. "Hmm? Sound good?"

"I'd love that but where are we going to sleep?"

"That, my sweetheart, is a surprise." I wink making him scrunch up his nose.

"It's a good thing I love you, Jazz."

I grin then tilt his head to me. "You, mister, have a lot of groveling to do for calling me Jazzy during your panic attack," I say seriously.

Edward bites his lip and kisses me softly. "Sorry, baby. I take it calling you Jazzy is a no-go."

"Don't say that ever again!" I snap, narrowing my eyes at him. "Don't even think it! Forget about it."

"Got it." He nods, pecks my lips then heads to the living room. "Love you, Jazzy!" He winks and scurries away.

"Masen, you'll get it for being cheeky!" I shout after him.

"Please!" he shouts back. "TMI?" he adds quietly when the others stop talking.

I shuffle after him, wrapping my arm around his waist. "You've got to forgive him. No offence, Liz, but did you drop him on the head a lot while he was a baby?"

"None taken." She laughs. "He used to run into walls when he was a toddler," she says contemplatively.

"Mooom! Must you embarrass me every second?" Edward groans.

"I merely answered Jasper, honey."

"Can we have cake?" Carlie asks loudly.

"That's a surprise for pappy, but way to ruin it," Alice mutters.

She goes to fetch the cake from the kitchen and then we start singing poorly, but it has the desired effect – Edward turns red and tries to make us stop singing. What's a birthday party without embarrassment on the feted person's side?

He reluctantly blows the candles, cringing at the number and catching my eye. I'm over the age thing and I assure him of that by kissing his cheek and whispering how much I love him.

Once everyone has their share of cake, Edward and Carlie are into a contest of who whistles louder.

Whoever invented the party whistles was deaf or had bad hearing.

To get away from the extra loud sounds for a while I decide to check on Pussy. I almost forgot about her.

I open the door to the attic and find her perched on the low windowsill. She doesn't even turn to me. I guess she's upset I locked her in here.

"Hey, sweet thang," I whisper and kneel next to her, stroking her head and back. Against her better judgment, she purrs and closes her eyes in content. "Daddy's sorry, but you were bad down there."

Her tail twitches.

"What? You think it's okay to randomly scratch people? Especially little kids?" I gasp in mock-shock.

Pussy stretches, showing me her long claws. Maybe it's time to visit the vet and have them cut.

"There you are! Dad said you disappeared up the stairs and I had a feeling I'd find you here," Edward says from the doorway. "Is she okay?"

"I think she hates me," I admit.

"Don't be silly, love. No one can hate you," he assures me. "I have something for you. Come here, Pussy."

Her head picks up and then she jumps and trots to him.


I'm jealous on Edward for getting my cat's attention.

He takes some granules from his pocket and she eats from his palm before rubbing her head on his leg, mewling.

"I can't believe you, Pussy!" I shout. She doesn't even turn to me.

Stupid cat.

Edward rubs her head smirking at me. His eyes travel to my easel.

We're working on the painting every day, but I don't get to do much because he ends up on top of me telling me how hot I look while painting. At this rate, I'll finish the paining in…ten years.

"Are you going to behave next time?" I wonder. "I really need to finish it, Edward."


"You say that every time," I protest. "Seriously. I'll shackle you to the wall just to finish it already. It just needs the finest touches and it's done."

"Yes, please. It really needs the finest touches. And some firms touches." He winks making me laugh.

"Take your mind out of the gutter, Edward!" I exclaim. "In all seriousness. I need to finish this. The dick is the center piece but the painting needs more that a dick splashed in the middle of the white paper!"

"Okay, okay. I promise to behave," he says solemnly.

"I really want to believe you, but it's kinda hard knowing what you did in the past. And last week, when you nearly poured red paint over it!" I shuddered.

"Sorry, sorry."

"Let's head downstairs before they come looking for us and die upon seeing your dick on display," I joke just as someone knocks.


The door opens and Bella pokes her head inside as I have just enough time to step in front of the painting, looking guilty I bet.

"Hey, guys. Carlie's tired. We're taking her home."

"Okay. I'll walk you," Edward offers, glancing at me. I nod.

"Oh, you're painting! Can I see?"

"No!" I look at her panicked.

"Oookay?" She drags the word uncertainly.

"Sorry, B." Edward takes her by the shoulders and tries to steer her away.

"You've made me curious. What are you painting?" Bella insists.

During the diversion, Pussy springs out seeing the door open.

"Hey! Get back here!" I yell after her and chase the stupid thing uncovering the painting.

Bella gasps and her hands go to her mouth. Edward's eyes are as wide as saucers. And when I realize that she has seen him naked, I want to die.

"I'll go get the cat," Edward blurts out then turns on his heels and disappears down the stairs.

I smile meekly at Bella. "It's definitely not what you think," I tell her.

"I know you paint nudes, but that's porn."

"Bella," I whisper and go to close the door. "It's for Marcus."

She gasps. She knows of him.

"I didn't know about him. This is the only time I'm helping him. It's my original painting and I plan to go to license it if I have to keep it safe. Edward told me everything about them."

She nods slowly then moves closer to the painting. "It's really good."

"From which point of view?"

"Artistically," Bella says giggling. "You really have talent. Edward wasn't joking. You caught everything on paper."

"Thanks." It's embarrassing. We're staring at Edward's dick admiring it with a critical eye.

Could it get any worse?

I have my answer when the door opens and Elizabeth steps inside.

"Mom, not…there," Edward groans, but it's too late obviously. "I was showing her the house," he explains though no one asked him.

"Is that what you're painting?" she asks, staring shocked at me.

I guess I lost her respect.

I stare at my feet and nod numbly. She must probably hate me.

"Is it for sale?"

"I'm going to be sick," Edward moans, cringing.

Bella saves us by taking Elizabeth downstairs. I go to Edward and hug him. He's so stiff I'm afraid he'd pull a muscle.

"Let's forget that even happened," I beg him.

"Jazz, I can't forget that Mom thinks I have a nice dick. Is it possible to die of embarrassment? I'm teetering on the edge of it then."

"Shh." I kiss him softly. "Let her think whatever she wants."

We finally descend, but Edward seems to be in shock. I bid farewell to everyone while Edward just stands there allowing everyone to hug him.

Once we're alone, I take advantage of his state and drag him to the attic. I have a painting to finish. He sits on the windowsill as always and I paint and paint and paint. Only when the sun disappears from the sky I stop, and that's only to turn my lights on. I designed the lighting of the room and it's so bright as if almost it's daylight. I love it.

"Are you almost done?" Edward asks some time later.

I'm crouched in front of him, making sure I caught everything on paper. "Almost," I answer. "Why?" I return to the easel and bold the ridge of his dick.

"I'm losing feeling in my right leg."

"Let me finish. Just a minute. Don't move, please," I beg him and move my easel closer then look over the original and the painting.

It's done. It's perfect.

I just run my brush over a few finer details on the base of his dick and as a last minute thought, I add just the faintest beads of pre-cum.

"Done, Sweet Cheeks. Thank you." I lean to kiss his mouth.

"Finally," he groans and grabs his right thigh in his hands, rubbing. "I'm never offering to be your muse again."

"Well, you should have known what you signed up to," I say lightly.

He scowls. "I felt like Rose from Titanic."

I snort and grab his face in paint smudged hands and kiss him deeply. "I love you."

"I love you, too," he whispers against my lips, bringing me closer. "Can we fuck now?"

I laugh and take my pants down after grabbing supplies from the back pocket. I kneel and open his legs then start preparing him. He doesn't need much preparing, but I don't want to hurt him.

Edward braces himself on the upper side of the alcove of the windowsill, wrapping his legs around me and moaning. I stand and lift him just so I could slip inside.

"Fuck!" I shout, my head falling back. We haven't tried such an angle before. He's sort of suspended, holding on the walls, his back pressed into the window while I dive into him.

He's so damn tight.

Always tight.

Always hot.

Always hugging me perfectly.

"Yes! Yes! Jasspeeer!" he whines, trashing in my arms. "Harder," he begs.

I comply and grip his hips tighter then start thrusting so fast I'm afraid we're going to fall out the window. I can't stop, though. Edward moans louder and louder, his dick is twitching madly between us.

"Don't touch yourself," I whisper roughly. I want to make him cum without him touching himself. I angle my hips just so I brush his sweet spot with every push. He starts making keening noises, almost mewling.

I lean forward catching his lips in a sloppy kiss and his whole body seizes up then he's yelling into my mouth, his heels digging into my ass, his head banging against the window then he becomes slack in my arms.

He makes a mess. There's cum everyone – our chests, his face, the window. Holy fuck. I made him cum so hard. That thought and the way his ass muscles are spasming around my dick propels me into a blinding orgasm.

Edward whimpers when he feels my warm cum filling him.

I lower us to the floor, breathing hard.

"I think you killed me," he mumbles, closing his eyes, smiling lazily.

"Can you turn around? Please?" I plead him. I've always wanted to see cum rolling out of someone's ass.

He rolls on his chest, groaning. I lift him until he's sort of kneeling, only that his front is pressed to the floor.

"Can you open and let my cum out?"

Edward moans loudly. "Don't talk dirty now."

I snicker and open his cheeks. "Try, for me."

There it comes and I stare amazed as the white substance is trickling out of his ass and down his thigh. He shivers and a sudden sick urge takes over me. I lean in and lick the trail earning a whimper from Edward. I start kissing his cheeks then the dimples above his ass before moving up his back, paying attention to his moles until I'm draped over him, nuzzling into his neck.

"You're fucking amazing. I think you just made one of my crazy fantasies come true," I whisper nibbling on his earlobe.

"You can make one of my fantasies come true, too. I always wanted to get fucked on a bike. Can we try that?" he slurs into the floor.

"Sure thing, Sweet Cheeks. Once we finish with the house and I finish my business with Marcus, we can take a mini vacation somewhere. We'll take the bike."

"Yes, please," he breathes. "You said something about sleeping here."

I chuckle. "That's a present… Oh, shit! The presents!" I shout shocked.

"They gave me presents while you were here making peace with your cat."

"Pussy!" I shout even louder, sitting up.

After I make sure Pussy's fed and has water, I take my old sweater from the bag I packed and put it in the living room. She looks at me surprised then rushes there and rubs all over it, purring. I'm glad I can surprise her. Maybe she'll forgive me.

Then, I take Edward to our bedroom which I made sure to lock. He's even more surprised when he sees where we're going to sleep. A bed. The bed – the one he wanted.

I had it installed a day ago when Edward was held up at work. It took me a long time to figure out how to do it, but in the end I put it together pretty quickly.

"Holy shit! You bought the bed!" he exclaims, looking at me shocked, surprised and a little upset.

"It's the one we saw. You said it looked nice, but we couldn't buy it last week," I explain, biting my lip. "Are you mad I bought it without you?"

"We didn't buy it because it was too expensive!" he shouts. "Did you really buy a one grand bed? Are you fucking insane, Jasper?"

I shrug. "It's pretty sturdy."

He chuckles, shaking his head and enveloping me in his arms. "And when you think that a few months ago you were asking to loan a grand for a place in an art exhibition."

I kiss him slowly. "I didn't buy it to show I have money. I bought it for you. You liked the bed."

"Thank you," he whispers softly. "Let's see if it's just as soft as it looks."

We crawl on the bed and wrap around each other. It's soft. It's perfect. It has Edward in it.

Our first night in the new house.

The next morning, we carry everything from my studio to the house and I talk to the landlord, giving him the money for the rest of the month. Then we go to Edward's parents' house and start packing from there.

By the end of June we're installed, but still working on the house.

I have a place in a famous art gallery and I even get calls with a request to paint some thing or another.

I finally give Marcus his painting. I ended up painting strips of the rainbow colors around the dick; probably subconsciously showing everyone my preference for men. Marcus said he absolutely loved the painting and it went to his art gallery in New York.

He calls every now and then and tells me how everyone asks about J.W. and he gives them my contact information.

Edward encouraged me to open my own gallery. It's a lot of paperwork and even more labor work. I contacted Esme, the real estate agent, and she helped me with the interior design.

I'm hoping that by the end of the year to open it to public.

I have sections with my work because since people started requesting paintings, I started doing other stuff, not only nudes. They're still my favorites, but there's something about painting a fruit, or a landscape. And they all turn out pretty well.

Edward's great with finances and all that shit so he ends up being my associate after much pleading from my side. He's going to quit working at the bank because he doesn't really like it.

We'll have our own small business.

In the middle of August, on a hot day when all I want to do is stay inside and chill, Edward wakes me up with hurried whispers. At first, I think something's wrong, then I see how he's dressed.


"What are you wearing?" I croak out, rubbing my eyes.

The corners of his lips curl up. "It's all part of the plan. I prepared everything, don't worry. You just have to get up, wash and eat. We should leave before rush hour hits."

"Uh, what?" I groan. All I want to do is sleep.

"Come on, Goldie Locks! Get up!" He simply hoists me up by my wrists and drags me to the bathroom.

"Whoa, man," I protest. "What's the hurry?"

"You know the trip we plan for a few weeks? I want to go today," he says excited.

"Seriously? I mean, shouldn't we have discussed this first?"

"Stop resisting, we're losing precious time."

I finally listen to him because I really want to go too. We've been planning to go to Springfield for three weeks now. We're going to take my bike because he's adamant about the bike sex. I'm not opposed to it; I just don't know where we could do it.

While I'm brushing my teeth, I go to the kitchen to see what we have for breakfast. It's too quiet in here.

Where's Pussy? She usually greets me at the stairs.

I go in search for Edward. He's packing last minute stuff.

"Hey, where's Puss?" I ask around my toothbrush.

"I took the liberty to drive her to Bella's half an hour ago. Did you want to say goodbye?" he asks worried.

I'm too shocked to answer. I just nod and shuffle back to the bathroom.

When I'm done with everything and dressed in a similar leather outfit as Edward, we can go. I still can't get over how hot he looks in leather.

While I lock up, he's stuffing the duffle bag in the small trunk my bike has. I go to him and press my lips to his asking for entrance. He smiles and opening his lips. We kiss for a few minutes until he leans away and hands me my helmet.

He came home last week with the biggest smile asking me to guess what he got. I was busy, trying to finish a painting which I had to give the client in three days and I wasn't up to his games. He kept whining to guess until I played his game, but my eyes and mind still on the painting. Eventually, Edward left my work space, grumbling.

At dinner, I asked what he wanted to tell me but he said I was too busy for him. I reasoned that the painting was really important. Only when we went to bed, laying there in the darkness he told me what got him so excited earlier. He bought his own helmet.

"We need to stop for gas," he pulls me out of my thoughts.

I nod and look at him as I finish strapping helmet.

Holy fuck.

He looks so sexy wearing that red helmet. I want to kiss him again and I can't. Damn.

I mount the bike and Edward climbs behind me. Before I start, I look at his feet to make sure they are placed correctly.

They aren't.

I grab his right calf and move it away from the engine then his left one. "Keep them like that or you'll get burnt."

"Okay." His arms circle my waist and he hugs me tightly.

"Try not to kill me," I add amused.

"Sorry, but I'm a little afraid."

"You'll be okay. Just hold on to me. Pat my thigh or something if I go too fast," I say, looking in his deep, green eyes.

He nods and that's all I need. I start the engine and Edward squeaks making me laugh. Then we're moving. His arms squeeze me tightly until he gradually relaxes when he realizes there's no danger.

It's not that I don't like speed, but we're still in the city and I have him behind me. I have to be responsible.

We get gas and some chocolate, because you just can't leave a gas station without something besides less money for the overpriced gas.

When we hit I-55, I start driving faster and Edward makes some noise again. It's just the adrenaline rush at first, because he soon relaxes. One hand goes between my thighs and the other holds me over the stomach.

"It's such a rush!" he shouts.

"It's freeing!" I shout back.

The road is relatively empty for a Saturday morning and it winds ahead making it look never ending.

Suddenly, Edward pats my leg quickly. "Stop!"

I press the brake so fast I almost topple over the handles. The tires groan at the impact with the ground and few pebbles. Worried, I turn to face him, taking my helmet off.

"You okay?"

"I want to take a picture with the sign," he tells me seriously, pointing to the road sign next to which I stopped. It says Route 66.

"You scared me, you idiot!" I sigh in relief. "And seriously! You want a picture with the sign?"

"You painted my dick. You have no room to argue." Edward takes his helmet off and goes next to the road sign.

If someone passes us now, they'll think we're crazy. I take my phone out and go a few steps back to catch him and the stupid metal board.

He shows me his thumb and grins.

"Say cheese!" I joke.

He grins widely and almost hugs the pole. I take a few pictures.

Edward looking in awe at the sign.

Edward hugging it.

Edward gripping the pole with a hand and with one showing me the peace sign.

Edward on my bike under the sign.

I feel like I'm taking a road trip with a kid. If he's going to stop at every Route 66 establishment, we're only going to be in Springfield by nightfall … if we're lucky.

When he's done molesting the road sign, he makes me take a picture with it too. I lean against it with my arm folded over my chest. I bet I don't look happy.

Finally, we hit the road again. As we're only fifty miles away, he pats my thigh again. I see what he sees. It looks like a restaurant that has the Route 66 name all over it. No way. I'm not stopping for the kid.

"I need to piss!" he whines.

"We'll be there soon."

"Jazz!" he whines, squeezing my thigh so close to my dick. "Please!"

"I'm going to fucking hurt you if you stop for pictures." I make sure I can take the turn and park in front of the restaurant.

I think he really needs to piss because his helmet appears in my arms as soon as we stop then he's running to the doors. I dismount and lean against the bike. I haven't ridden for so long and I'm sore all over.

When Edward returns, he says he wants pictures, winking at me.

At noon, we arrive in Springfield. Finally. We check into a Four Seasons hotel and then go to lunch.

The two days spent here are amazing. I hope this is the first of the many cities I'll see. I know for sure N.Y. is on the list because Marcus invited me to visit his gallery this winter.

We visit the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, a National Historical Park that includes the preserved surrounding neighborhood, the Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices State Historic Site, the Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site, the Old State Capitol State Historic Site and a number of other historical sites.

There is a huge amusement park and of course we go there on Sunday after we checkout of the hotel. We spend the rest of the day there, and Edward insists he wants to be in the park for sunset. We sit on a bench and watch the sun lowering.

He takes my hands making me turn to him. He's kinda white and swallows convulsively. I wonder if he's going to get sick, but before I can express my worry, he brings my hands to his lips and kisses my fingers.

"I really love you. So much." His voice is thick with emotion.

"I love you, too. I still can't believe only a few months passed since we met."

"I've never felt so at ease, so myself with anyone," Edward tells me. "You make everything so easy, Jasper."

"You too, Edward." I grin and lean to kiss him.

He pulls back, swallowing loudly. "I just want one more thing from you," he says seriously. "Maybe two," he adds as a second thought.

"Anything, sweetie."

His green eyes are almost dilated. "Marry me."

My throat closes up as my eyes fill with tears. In my shocked state, I still make sure he's not just saying it. His face and eyes are so earnest I don't have the heart to let him wait. Grabbing his cheeks in my hands I peck his lips repetitively.

"Yes. Yes. Yes."

Edward laughs, hugging me. "Thank you."

Did he really think I'd say no?

But he wanted something else from me.

"What else do you want? You want to do it now?" I ask slightly worried, though I'll do it without blinking.

"Mom will kill me if she misses my wedding. No. What I want…is a child."

"You have Carlie."

"Our child," he whispers. "I sort of talked to Bella…"

My eyes widen at the news.

"She's willing to help. I want the baby to be ours. I want to combine our sperm. What do you say?"

He's really thought of it. A lot. In depth.

"Uh, yeah," I whisper, still socked. "But…"

"Yes?" he says worried.

"That means she'll be artificially inseminated. Okay?"

Edward laughs loudly, freely. "Of course!"

We seal the discussion with a deep, long kiss. Then we go to my bike.

"I hope you haven't forgotten about your promise," Edward murmurs in my ear as he mounts behind me.

"Now I know why you wanted to wait for nightfall." I chuckle.

We drive until we're almost to Chicago when I see the forest.

Oh, why not?

Without warning, I jerk to my right making Edward give a short yell of surprise. I park just behind the first line of trees.

I hang our helmets on the handles then switch seats with Edward. I'm still worried someone might see us, but I decide to live on the wild side.

I unbutton my pants and take my dick out. Edward has to shimmy out of his leather pants then he straddles the bike, facing the front, showing me his ass. There's a plug in there.

"Oh, you naughty boy!" I chide lightly.

"Yes. I've been naughty," he whimpers. "Punish me."

I tap the base of the plug earning a guttural groan from Edward. I'm so wound up that I skip over the foreplay and just take the pug out, letting it fall on his pants that are on the ground.

I press my hand to his back, making him stay against the bike as I guide my lubed dick inside him. The angle is odd and I can't move.

"This isn't working, Sweet Cheeks."

"Can I be on top?"

"Let's try," I agree, leaning back in my seat as he climbs on my lap.

This isn't working either. We're afraid to let go in fear of toppling over.

"Why don't you lean sideways over the bike?" I suggest.

This position works. And we're both grunting and moaning in no time. Every now and then I see headlights passing one way or another on the highway. It's turning me on even further. It seems to have the same effect for Edward.

It doesn't take us long to find release. I'm thankful he aims his dick to the ground or we'll have to fight over his cum painting my precious baby.

Once we're dressed and ready to head home, we're both relaxed and I can't wait to be in our soft bed.

By the end of the year we're running our art gallery called JEWM after our initials, we're married and Bella is two months pregnant with our baby.

I still can't believe how a simple loan changed my life.

~ The End ~

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