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It was a regular school day. I of course had to serve a detention. This time was with the Principal. Apparently I vandalized something. So yeah, I scratched a little message on the desk for Professor Pistachio to find but big deal!

Miss Madeleine's gone so I have to put up with Professor Pistachio all the time. I know I'm staying back but jeez! This guy is crampin' my style!

Last class of the day is Professor Pistachio's class and I am just fighting to stay awake.

Sorbet is a cute water magician a few years younger than me. She's got dark wavy hair and blue eyes like the sea. She's one of those girls you'd look twice at going down the street. She was just the kind of girl for me. My girl…

My other classmates are all aware that I love her but she isn't. I want to tell her but the right moment hasn't exactly hit yet.

I daydream of vacations and schemes that will get me rich in now time and before I know it the bell has rung and it's time for me to go to the office. With any luck, Principal Biscotti won't be there and I'll get a free pass to skip.

I start walking the opposite direction of the crowd and toward the office and then I realized Sorbet was behind me. I slowed down to talk to her.

"Hey, where you going?" I asked her.

"Oh, hey Pico," I loved the way she said my name, "I'm heading to the office to go ask if anyone has found my phone yet, I lost it a while ago…"

Whenever Sorbet talked I felt my cheeks flush and all I could think about was how much I wanted her.

"I'm going to the office too," I added grinning. Sorbet raised a perfectly plucked brow.

"What?" I demanded.

"You got a detention? What'd you do?" She asked.

"I just wrote that Professor Pistachio used a-" I started.

"Ok. Never mind," Sorbet interrupted not wanting to hear what I had to say next.

We both stood in front of the office door and I decided to put on my little gentleman act. I opened the door for Sorbet and followed her in.

Most men only do the gentlemen act by holding the door open so they can walk behind girls and check out their butts but I had more respect than that… sometimes.

I shut the door behind us with a loud clang. In the process I knocked over a vase.

"He's not here…" Sorbet said turning around to face me.

"Good thing too, he would've been pretty P-Oed if he saw me break his vase," I sighed in relief.

"Guess I'll ask him tomorrow," Sorbet turned and started to head out the door.

Sorbet caught me following her out the door and she scolded me.

"Oh, no! You're staying here!" Sorbet said smiling pointing to a chair. I grunted at her and ignored her.

Sorbet reached for the bronze door handle and when she tried to turn it, it wouldn't. Locked.

"Locked?" Sorbet looked at it quizzically.

"Damn it! I don't want to be here and now I'm LOCKED in!" I shouted and began banging on the door. Sorbet sort of backed off and let me carry on my freak session.

When I gave up I turned to her pretty face.

"I guess I'm stuck in here with you…" I muttered as I sat down.

Sorbet came over and sat next to me, crossing her legs like a lady. I had a sudden urge to grab her hand but refrained.

Principal Biscotti would be back soon. He probably headed off to the cafeteria to go pick up some magic donuts or something. Principal Biscotti wouldn't forget about me! I'm his favorite student!

Time passed and Sorbet and I had minor conversations about stuff like school, music and that crap. It wasn't until it was dark outside that I realized Principal Biscotti wasn't coming back.

Next to me Sorbet shivered. After school they turned the heat off.

"You cold?" I asked her. She nodded rubbing the back of her arms with her hands. I looked down at the school sweatshirt I had bought a few days ago.

I unzipped it and offered it to Sorbet. She accepted it and wrapped in my body heat.

Next Sorbet did something really weird. She leaned over and hugged me. She really was cold.

"What's this for?" I wondered slightly embarrassed. She shrugged.

"I'm cold, you're warm," She responded holding me tighter. I wrapped my tan arms around her frigid body and held her.

Her pale skin greatly contrasted with my tan. You know that little feeling you get in your cheeks when you blush? Yeah, well that feeling was over my whole body, it felt like electricity. All I could think of was Sorbet, how beautiful she was and the fact she was right here in MY arms!

The next thing Sorbet did was REALLY unexpected. Sorbet slowly tilted her head up and planted a gentle kiss on my chin. I swear my body felt as though it were on fire.

"Now what the HELL was that for?" I half shouted. I was smirking though. Did this mean that- Did it mean that Sorbet actually liked me? Sorbet's response was low like a whisper.

"Because you're so nice to me…"

See it pays off to be nice to a girl. Even though it was a pretty convenient we were trapped together in an office.

I kissed Sorbet a little more aggressively on top of her head. By the way, her hair smelled totally delicious! I wanted to stroke it, stroke her silky hair.

Nothing could have stopped me anyway, I dragged my large fingers through her delicate strands and then she laced her fingers through mine.

"Do you like me Pico?" Sorbet asked. I thought about it a minute and the pathetically nodded. She smiled showing off my favorite smile of hers.

Leaning forward I pushed my lips forward until they met with hers. And then I was kissing her. Sorbet and I were kissing. Her lips danced with mine and I loved every second of it.

My kisses trailed off, going up her cheek bones until I was around her temple. Sorbet held me really tight to her body and her hands traveled all over feeling my fine muscles and warm skin.

My hands wandered as well, feeling her nice figure and more of her silky hair. It was Sorbet and me. An earthquake could have torn through here and I wouldn't have noticed. Sorbet, my girl, was really mine. I held her in my arms and gave her the best kiss I could muster.

Sorbet herself was a pretty good kisser but she could use some training up.

Suddenly Sorbet got up from her chair and moved over to mine sitting on my lap. Straddling me. Sorbet had the higher ground and began kissing me first. Her hair made a dark curtain around us and the world around me swirled.

I closed my eyes savoring the moment. For the feel of her skin and the taste of her lips I loved her.

One of my hands found Sorbet's back and pulled her in our tightest embrace by far. I knew if we kept this up we would be here all night, but I didn't want to stop. Not now, not ever. For the moment I was invincible, Sorbet was mine and no one could take her from me.

"I love you, Sorbet," I breathed between kisses. Sorbet said nothing but pressed her lips against my lips harder. Her kisses crashed in waves drowning me in them. I dipped my tongue in and it began to move with hers. Our kiss was filled with red hot passion.

I brought my hands up and dragged them up her ribcage; feeling her curves. I felt Sorbet shiver in my arms and it wasn't because she was cold.

Oh, if Principal Biscotti could see me now! I laughed at the thought.

Sorbet and I panted through kisses and I wondered suddenly what the others would think of this… Would they be ok with it? Or would they be disgusted I was kissing a girl much too young for me? I should have graduated from this school years ago…

Sorbet stopped and tilted her head away from mine.

"What's the matter?" She asked. Her cornflower blue eyes studied my face. Her long dark lashes framed her eyes perfectly creating a lovely contrast of black and blue. Her lashes fluttered making me nervous.

"What will the others think?" I asked refusing to look at her eyes any longer.

"Oh…" Sorbet bit her lip. I'm pretty sure her skin turned a tone white. Sorbet paused and thought about what she could say to reassure me.

"What they don't know won't kill them," She said firmly. I nodded in agreement and let out a sigh of relief. If the others knew I was sucking face with her my reputation would be down the toilet. She was really much too young for me and the fact I still loved her anyway stung…

Sorbet obviously could tell what I was thinking and replied, "In Romeo and Juliet she was only 13 and he was 17." Sorbet, she was such a teacher's pet.

"I don't really think that's a good comparison because we aren't gonna die!" I laughed at the thought. I silently blushed at the thought of comparing us to that old love story. I hated reading that; it was all trash and I couldn't even understand it.

Sorbet stared at my lips as though expecting me to do something… I leaned forward and landed a much more delicate kiss on her nose.

We started up again, kissing much slower. Taking our time. Thinking about things just said. It wasn't all lust anymore. I loved her. I actually wanted to get to know her, to take my time…

I placed my hand on her exposed thigh and began to inch it upwards. Her skin was so soft compared to mine and I wanted to go on. Goosebumps rose on her flesh as I moved.

I was now on the frills of her dress. Her eyes pierced me, daring me to go on. Our lips burned and I felt as though I were on fire, together we made sparks fly.

I was now under her frills and I-

"What are you two doing in here?" A voice said in slight disgust behind us. I turned about ready to beat the tar out of our intruder.

It was the janitor.

"School ended hours ago!" The janitor eyed me touching Sorbet and his eyes got wide.

"Get out of here now!" The janitor bossed. Sorbet got off me and I placed my hand down at my side; cursing loudly for all to hear.

As Sorbet and I left the room I whispered, "Not a word!"

"Promise!" She hissed.

And we both headed home.

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