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Sorbet stood up at my side, she was a tough girl and the two of us were ready to show these pirates some smack for what they did to the both of us. I used my rage to set the flames that were to burn them.

Sorbet rose her arms and caused the thick pouring rain around us to turn to ice. Sorbet rose in strength during this weather while I was weakened. It took most of my strength just to keep the flames ablaze that were sprouting from my palms.

Sorbet and I stepped forward.

The sheet of rain had now turned to ice and Sorbet punctured the through the otters chests with sharp raindrops as though she were tossing darts. Red trickled down the pirate's bodies like fleeing spiders and turned pink as it mixed with the fresh rain.

I tossed thick flames at the pirates but the rain was so heavy I didn't manage to do much other than scorch their clothes. When I realized what I was doing had no effect what so ever other than pissing the pirates off, I let the flames die and relied on my fists.

Sorbet seemed to notice my plan and ceased fire with the raindrop shards. I charged at the pirates and began fist fighting. Every punch felt good to me knowing I was serving well deserved justice for what they had done to my Sorbet.

I decided to take out the ones that were getting close slashing their swords like maniacs, while Sorbet took out the ones in the back by forming baseball sized clumps of hail and nailing the pirates on the side of the head with them.

I didn't wanna admit it but her attacks were more effective than mine at the moment, she left at least a dozen pirates unconscious and lying in the mud.

I punched a few and sliced them across their round plump stomachs emptying their stomach contents and leaving a gruesome sight at the slickery muddy forest floor.

I tried not to look down cuz I knew I would gag at the sight. The pirates kept coming and I slashed at them while trying not to slip in the red mess that was growing at me feet of spilt guts.

The last of the pirates came at me and Sorbet. Two came at me at once and knocked the sword out of my hand as I slit one of the two's throats.

The second one came at me and aimed for my throat and pushed me onto the ground. I didn't even have time to be disgusted at the slimy bloody mess I was rolling around in when the pirate took a stab at me.

He missed and I knew I needed to act fast. I kicked the sword out of his reach and slid away from him grabbing a sword on the ground.

The pirate began to charge at me when a sleek ice clump smashed him square in the face and made him stop dead in his tracks falling over.

Sorbet walked over to me and took my blood soaked hand and helped me up. I stained her tattered blue dress with blood from those wretched pirates.

Her face looked somber and her eyes were a dull gray color, it reminded me of smoke from a burnt out fire.

She reached her arms out and hugged me tightly. I was hesitant to hug her because of the slimy mess all over my body but she didn't seem to care. I hugged her warmly and inhaled, she had a smell that always followed her around, it was like perfume but I knew it wasn't because she had always smelled this way. It was a scent that reminded me of home.

I looked beyond her shoulder and noticed Todd, Lassi, Mokka and Chai were all staring at us with wide eyes. Jeez we must have looked like we just came back from war.

Awkwardly, I backed away from Sorbet's sweet embrace.

She turned around and I offered her my shirt so our friends wouldn't have to see her body exposed like that.

She pulled the shirt over her head and we walked over together.

There was an awkward silence and then Lassi broke it, "Did you guys kill all those pirates…?"

"Well I don't know if all of them are dead or not," Sorbet said sounding out of breath.

"We need to hurry!" Mokka said, "The pirates will be shipping all the captured magicians to another planet"

"Really?! Now?" I asked surprised.

"Yes! Now let's go," Chai said.

Now together as a group we found a steep cliff at the end of the pirate village with pirate's busily shoving innocent people onto a grubby looking ship flying at the edge of a dock.

That's when I recognized a girl.

"Farina!" I ran forward… That's when hell broke loose.

The pirates sprung on Sorbet who was running behind me. I gasped in horror and ran to help her when Farina yelled out in pain as the pirates pushed her.

I knew Sorbet could help defend herself, but it might be hard against that many pirates. But owed Farina BIG time for freeing me. My heart told me to help Sorbet, but I knew I needed to help Farina to repay the debt.

Against my heart's wishes I went and helped Farina. I ran to her aid and beat the shit out of some pirates. I pushed two easily off the edge of the cliff and listened to them scream as they fell.

I helped Farina to her feet.

"Stay safe Farina!" I shouted as I started to walk towards Sorbet.

"Thank you, um it's actually-" Farina started but was interrupted by Sorbet's scream.

Todd came and began helping her out, I noticed new blood staining her dress.

"We need to leave now!" I heard a pirate shout.

As soon as they said that the pirate's scrambled to jump on the ship which began lifting off of Gren.

"No you don't!" Sorbet shouted before jumping on the ship, I tried to reach for her ankle as she jumped but I missed and almost fell over the cliff.

"Sorbet no!" I shouted.