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A/N: This first chapter is kind of a downer. Sorry. It's one big angst-fest.

Castiel never tires of this. The fluidity of what you could call his hands wrap around the inebriated male's neck. And Castiel twists hard, the same way some of the women used to wring out their clothes after washing them the riverside. His riverside. The drunken man sinks into the river, dead. The only sign the man was ever there was from the reverberating ripples in the clear blue water and the smell of sour grapes.

You see, Castiel is a river spirit, or God if you prefer. The river he is hosted in is located in Lawrence, Kansas, but Castiel has been there long before it had that name. He was an Angel of the Lord, a foot soldier but still an angel nonetheless. Several centuries ago whilst inhabiting a vessel, he was fighting in a battle against the children of hell and Castiel was trapped in holy fire, but yet his iridescent and intangible wings were outside the circle instead and throughout his entire existence Castiel has never felt more pain and anguish than he felt in those moments. His wings existed on a different realm, in spiritual form they were grace and on a physical form they were just the shadows of his grace. Feathers. It was not just his wings that were burning from the fire, it was his entire being; his grace, tortured and scorched and scalded, but through some miracle he fled as quickly as he could, faster than light, sound, faith. His wings were still blazing as he passed through dimensions and realities, through different planes of existence until he reached a river to try and extinguish the holy flames on his grace.

His grace was still damaged, almost like a loose thread on a piece of cloth and Castiel was unravelling, coming apart at the seams. The second his grace hit the dark murky water it was enough to douse the fire but still his grace latched on to the river. It was a life source, for sea creatures and humans and plants; there could be nothing purer that his grace could bond with. The muddy waters that came into contact with Castiel's essence turned a glistening sheer blue in the sunlight and the wilting reeds turned fleshy and green. The fish that swam listlessly with damaged scales turned reflective and gleaming and swam with a passion. The humans that colonized the area used to only use the muddy waters to discard their waste but after Castiel's presence they used it to quench their thirst and to wash their garments. The tribe of people thought that a water spirit had cleansed the waters and they were almost right. Some humans respected the waters whilst others like the drunken man would abuse it. And Castiel had to punish them. Those who would fish quietly or bathe, Castiel would leave alone and those who would be fools he would take for himself.

Castiel co-existed with the river, not like a parasite but similar as to how he inhabited his human vessel, James Novak. Ever since he bonded with the river it became harder and harder for Castiel to maintain a connection with his human vessel until he just left Jimmy Novak's body and just used the water as a vessel instead. When Castiel was the river, where he would control the waters to be still and calm or let the water rage down on the rocks and flood the banks. And yet, he was merciful and but there was wrath, and this made Castiel was the perfect being to reign over the waters.

Castiel has existed for an indefinite amount of time. In fact, you couldn't measure how long he existed with eras and periods, he existed everywhere at once. And throughout the entire time since he linked with the river he has been bitter and vengeful and angry. He blamed the demons who caused him this inane existence and his angelic siblings who let him carry on with it. So he took out his anger on the humans who dare defile his river. In fact, he was the river.

At first he used to do such plain boring drowning but then Castiel had other ideas. He had gotten creative over the years. He would make the water freezing and let the people die slowly from the cold. He would let the water boil the humans to death and claim them as his. He would grant them mercy for several seconds; let them think they have a chance of escaping before he plunged them back inside the water again. He would make the water thick and slow, like quicksand and let them sink slowly into the depths of the river. He would tip their boats or drag them away from the river bank or let their possessions get lost in his currents. Castiel had killed them all because they deserved it- they go about their lives using the free will his Father gave to them and yet they misuse and manipulate it, so Castiel makes them drown in their sins and shame.

But despite how many people lie sleeping in his riverbed, Castiel has never felt more alone.