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This story takes place after the battle in the north and is based off of the anime, not the manga. I got the impression that in the anime, Isley was more powerful than either Priscilla or Claire, so that's how his character will be written. Enjoy


"I apologize that it took this long, to find you. I'm proud of you for staying safe, that couldn't have been easy. I have no intention of returning to work for the Organization, just know, the journey will be more difficult than before. So, will you join me?" Claire asked the young boy standing before her, the boy who followed her all across the land, just to be with her. She found it hard to believe that someone would be willing to stay with her, but her mind was drawn back to Jeans last words, before she died returning Claire to her human form.

The boy in front of her smiled, glad that she was allowing him to continue travelling with her. "Claire, of course." He chuckled to himself, glad that they would continue travelling together, and glad that she survived without killing anyone else after that intense battle. Overwhelmed with emotion, his eyes start to water and he rushes towards Claire to embrace her. "I- I never want to leave you."

Surprised, Claire feels as if a dark cloud has lifted from her mind and she smiles at the boy embracing her. "Thank you, Raki."

As they begin travelling down the mountain, Claire looks back towards Jean's grave, her sword impaled in the ground with her armor placed before the blade, in the traditional "Claymore" manner. 'Teresa, I'm still alive. I can almost hear you say "that's the way it should be."' Claire is shocked from her thoughts when she sees an image of Teresa appear, smiling at her from above Jean's grave. Returning the smile, she returns to Raki's side as they continue on their way down the mountain, and she remembers something Teresa told her a long time ago 'Live as a human, grow as a human, die a human death. This is the greatest gift that I can possibly give to you, so use it well. Farewell, Claire.'

Meanwhile, two figures are travelling south. One of them, with the appearance of a young girl, is fast asleep carried by her companion. The other, a man with silver hair, keeps his gaze forward, his face a sea of tranquility. His thoughts however, are drawn elsewhere. He didn't expect to lose Rigaldo, nor did he expect Priscilla to be defeated by anyone other than himself. The claymore that fought her had intrigued him, he was able to tell that she was only 1/4th yoma from when he watched them fight, though he couldn't figure out how that had been enough to allow her to defeat Priscilla. 'It seemed as if she knew Priscilla from before, from what she was saying it seemed as if she knew of Priscilla killing Teresa of the Faint Smile. Teresa was condemned to death for killing a group of bandits, though she wouldn't have done so without a reason, and witnesses reported seeing a girl travelling with her. This claymore must be the girl who was travelling with Teresa; she must have had Teresa s flesh and blood implanted within her as a means to get revenge upon Priscilla. That would partially explain how strong she was, but only being 1/4th yoma, she should only have had half of Teresa s power, even awakened that wouldn't be enough to defeat Priscilla. What could have allowed her to become this strong?'

Shifting his attention back to his surroundings, he is shocked to notice a young man with black hair walking next to him. Spinning around, he shifts into his awakened state, holding Priscilla safely behind him and turning to face the stranger. "Who are you, how did you sneak up on me?" 'My senses are perfect, there's no way anyone should be able to sneak up on me, even distracted. How did he do that?'

Completely unaffected by the man's sudden transformation, the stranger turns towards the newly formed monster, his blue gaze steady on the large creature before him. "I was wondering when you were going to notice me. I was hoping to get some directions since I'm new to this area, do you think you could help me?"

Setting Priscilla down beside him, Isley shifted one of his massive arms into a large broadsword, knowing that anyone who could sneak up on him and knew who and where he was could easily interfere with his plans. Though he could feel no yoki aura from this young man, his bright blue eyes had such a strong feel that he knew that the man had a large amount of power, though without being able to feel any aura from him it was impossible to tell how strong he was. Lunging forward with such speed that even awakened beings would have trouble seeing, he swung his blade towards the stranger, intent upon finishing him as quickly as he could. His blade swung down towards the man, causing a large cloud of dust upon hitting the ground. As the dust settled, Isley was surprised to find the place where his sword had impacted to be an empty crater, with no trace of the man who had been standing there before. "I'm looking for a group; apparently they don't have a name though I've heard they're called the "Organization" or something like that. Any idea as to where I can find them?" Spinning his massive head around so quickly he nearly snapped his own neck, Isley saw the man sitting on his left shoulder, the massive Abyssal One still unable to figure out how this man could move so silently. He couldn't feel the man's weight, nor could he feel any air currents when he moved, it was impossible. Whirling around, he again tried to slice through the man as he fell from his shoulder through the air, but was blown back when the man swung his arm, causing a powerful flame to fly towards Isley. 'What is this? He is clearly using yoki, though even when he moves and attacks with what is clearly a large amount of power, I can't sense any aura from him.'

Spinning away from the powerful flames, Isley turned back to the young man as he landed gently on the ground, flames still encasing both of his hands. "Alright, I'm getting tired of your violence, my purpose here is to eliminate all traces of those who are a threat to humankind. If you are one of these threats I will have to eliminate you as well."

Shifting his weight foreword, Isley prepared to strike again, when he suddenly felt a faint spark of yoki from the man. Startled, he was nearly overwhelmed when the man began to shift, the color draining from his hair turning it a bright silver and growing large powerful white wings, while his eyes gained an even more hypnotic feel to them, but what surprised him the most was the massive aura that the man was emitting, easily several times more powerful than that of all three abyssal ones. Though the transformation only lasted for a second, Isley was overwhelmed by an emotion that he thought was beyond him, something he hadn't felt since the painful transformation from human to claymore. The feeling was more powerful than he had ever felt before.


Somehow, this man was even more powerful than the colossal beings that ruled this land. More powerful, perhaps, his entire army, along with Priscilla and himself. He suddenly found himself looking up at the man, after unknowingly returning to his human form from the shock of such a powerful aura. "I'll ask one more time, do you know where I can find this so called Organization?"