Chapter 5, Assault

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Attacks from chapter 3:

Conflagration, a quick burst of psionic energy emanating from the arms as they are thrown outwards. Though this attack has the potential to cause a lot of damage, its main purpose is to throw away a large group of enemies without expending a lot of energy, allowing the user to prepare for their enemies next strike. Most useful against large groups of enemies.

Psionic wave, the user focuses their energy into their hands and extends this energy out into a wave, creating a tangible shape with the energy that can be used as a weapon. This shape can be anything from a sword to a club. If enough focus and energy it used, the 'energy weapon' can be thrown at a target, then returned instantly back to the users hand.

Blade Hurricane, a thin line of energy is emanated from the users body, this line of energy is then made as weak and compact as possible. This thin line of energy has the same amount of force as the thin line of a swords edge and can travel in any direction with mind blowing speed. The only disadvantage to this technique is that no matter how compact the energy is, the line can be blocked by someone competent at defending themselves against psionic attacks.

Modified quicksword, similar to the original quicksword, yet focusing all of a users psionic energy into their arm, rather than their yoki. This technique is several times faster than the original, as well as more accurate and powerful, being able to turn an entire tree into sawdust in less than a second.

Having talked to Raven and Irene, Claire and Raki were beginning to trust her, thought they still found it difficult to believe that the Organization had actually created the yoma, let alone that something several times more powerful than the yoma and claymores combined actually ruled the Organization itself. As Raven described it, the process of creating a yoma is done when the monster in control of the Organization, called an 'Angel Prototype', or an uncontrollable version of Raven and Angelo, implants his own regenerating flesh and will into a human corpse. His will, combined with a substance able to recognize it, gave the new being a large amount of power, compared to a human at least. This meant that every Claymore and Awakened Being was, in a way, actually made from this Angel Prototype.

Even so, all three trained with Raven, the latter teaching Claire the subtleties of using her psionic energy in place of her yoki aura. Having learned that all humans have some kind of access to this energy, though it may remain locked away until awakened, Raki also began training to fight as well, though he could only use his energy to enhance his physical strength for now. All three had made enormous progress, Claire now able to faintly track the movements of Irene's newer version of the quicksword and even being able to counter it if she concentrated, and Raki could now cut down a full grown tree with a single swipe of his sword. Claire had also gone through some kind of therapy with Raven, teaching her to 'make her body her own.'

Every day, Claire and Raven would walk to the same stream. The two of them would then try to catch as many fish as possible using only their energy as a net. Not only that, but they had to float in the center and use their energy to hold them in place, all done while emptying the mind of every thought possible. "Your body is your own to use, certain parts just haven't figured that out yet," Raven had said about the more demonic side of Claymores. "If you can make each of your movements your own, so much so that you don't even have to think about them, that they can be done with an empty mind, then your body will soon follow and be yours. It's the same way with the emotional control required for the quicksword." She said when asked about the so called 'therapy'. "Besides, I like fish." Though Claire had great difficulty with this type of training, she could easily tell that her efforts were dramatically improving her ability to use her energy, and could even begin sensing the psionic energy from Raven and Irene, even when they weren't expending any yoki.

4 days had passed from when Claire and Raki had first met Raven, and the two of them both felt the new power that they had: Claire, near complete control over her body and power, and Raki, the new strength unlocked from his new ability to use his inner energies.

It was on that day, that the four of them began traveling towards the Organization, there they would meet Angelo, along with whatever the Organization and the Angel Prototype tried to put in their way.

The Organization, a group devoted to the eradication of the creatures known as yoma and the salvation of the people of this land.

Jumping forwards, Priscilla dodged a horizontal swipe intended to slice her in half at the waist, though it wouldn't have done much had it hit.

This group, known as the Organization, is actually responsible for creating those same creatures that they claim to hunt. Not only that, but they are being led by a creature far more powerful and malevolent than any yoma, an abomination abandoned even by those who created it.

Turning towards the offending claymore, Priscilla quickly knocks her out. Catching the girls claymore before it can even finish falling, she launches it towards another, dealing a crippling, yet non-life-threatening wound to the other.

Learning of this, two 'people' journeyed to the remote island, intent upon finding the truth behind the creatures and the 'humans' who hunted them. The two had split up, each following a part of their plan that would bring a downfall to the malevolent Organization, along with a salvation to those who had been the victims of the Organization's experiments. Several days later, the two would meet again, though with more than just the two of them now fighting for the land under the tyranny of the Organization.

When he arrived first, there was no doubt in Angelo's mind as to the malevolence of the Organization. The buildings themselves seemed to reek of evil, the scent of death and blood hung in the air, and the complete absence of any people combined with the twisted shape of most of the buildings gave the impression of a city created by the twisted mind of hell itself. Soon after their arrival, several Claymores, at least 80 at first glance, had sprung at the trio, clearly planning an ambush to stop the newcomers. 'I guess they had some backup, in addition to the 37 assigned to each of the regions of the island. This makes things a bit more interesting.' Angelo thought as he jumped back to the edge of the horrid city, watching as Isley did the same, leaving only Priscilla to fight back against the entire 'army' of Claymores. For a brief moment, Angelo questioned his choice to allow Priscilla to fight against the Organization's defenses single handedly, though he put those fears to rest when he saw her move towards the ambushing claymores.

Angelo stood, watching his student as she displayed the power and skill he had been able to teach her in the short amount of time they had traveled together. Though she remained slightly unstable mentally, she had regained almost all of her sanity, along with nearly tripling her powers from her training with Angelo. In addition, she had gained a precision in her movements, a graceful accuracy that would allow her to outclass even those several times stronger than her. Being this much stronger than the Claymores she was fighting against, it was an easy task to fight each of them to submission without landing a fatal blow.

Pleased with his students ability to handle the situation, yet disturbed by how the Organization had simply abandoned these warriors to the intruders, Angelo began walking away. "I'm going to take a look around, I've got a bad feeling about what's going on here." he called over his shoulder to Isley, the Silver King staring in shock at the girl whom he had forced under his control just a short time ago.

"Good god. Such power, such precision, she could kill me without a second thought if she chose to." Isley said as he watched Priscilla dash between a group of 8 Claymores, taking out several more before the first had even finished falling. "Most of these warriors are probably as strong as single digit warriors." he mumbled as he collapsed to his knees, that same emotion that he was becoming all too familiar with, the emotion of fear, finally overpowering him. "I don't-"

"I don't know what to do now?" A harsh voice interrupted him. "I'm finally feeling fear towards someone stronger than me? I'm too much of a coward to do anything about it?!" Isley turned towards the voice, somehow unsurprised that there was yet another who could sneak up on him, and saw a tall man standing behind him. He had a long black cloak and silver hair and eyes, along with long fangs that poked out from between his lips. "What else can I do? I'm not strong enough to face either of them now, Priscilla could kill me with barely any effort and Angelo could probably do so without even touching me. How can I do anything about that?" Isley said desperately.

The man had a thoughtful look on his face as he stepped closer towards Isley. He suddenly vanished, and a voice just by Isley's ear spoke "I could make you stronger, give you the power to face those who would stand in your way, you could be unstoppable." Isley turned toward the voice, seeing the man behind him again, his face just over Isley's shoulder. "And what would you have me do? What price do you have for this power you're giving me so freely." Isley spoke skeptically, simply because he was desperate didn't mean he'd be gullible. "Simple, I just want you to kill two people, the man you've been traveling with, Angelo, and one other named Raven. That is all, and this power is yours." The man spoke in a seductive whisper. After some thought, Isley turned towards the man once more, still in the same position over his shoulder, "Give me your name, and I will do as you ask." A wide grin spread across the mans features, his fangs seemly growing by at least an inch, as he spoke with a voice cold enough to freeze hell itself. "You can call me Vincente." He then bent slightly and plunged his fangs into Isley's neck.

Angelo had just finished checking his third building. 'It's strange, every building is completely empty. Not only is there nobody here, but everything, files, furniture, equipment, personal belongings, everything is gone. I think it's pretty obvious that this, alongside the ambush, means they were expecting us. What could they be planning? How does this all fit together?' he thought as he turned back towards where he came from, not wanting to leave Priscilla or Isley alone in a situation he knew nothing about.

He suddenly felt a massive burst of energy coming from the same place Isley and Priscilla were, and it all clicked into place in his head. 'The ambush, the lack of anything here, it was meant as a distraction. He's here, the Angel Prototype is right here.' He thought as he sprinted back towards Priscilla's location.

Entering the road where the ambush first took place, he saw Priscilla curled up on the ground shaking, surrounded by several bloodied, yet thankfully alive, Claymores. Running to her side, Angelo tried his best to comfort her, yet she seemed to be having a break down as she kept repeating the same thing. "It's him, it's him, it's him, it's him." She kept repeating this as Angelo looked around for Isley, not sensing or seeing him anywhere. 'Damn it, Isley's the only one who could have had that much of an effect on her, he's the only male who's beaten her, that's who this "him" is.' He thought as he remembered when he first tried to communicate with the troubled young girl.

Isley had finally agreed to take Angelo to the Organization, the Abyssal One knowing that he didn't stand a chance against this man in the condition he was in now. The two had been talking about how they were going to travel there when Angelo mentioned that stealth would be important as they traveled. "That may be difficult, knowing my partner's personality." Isley said to Angelo, as both turned towards the young girl sleeping in Isley's arms. "May I talk to her?" Angelo asked, though both knew it wasn't a request. Isley simply shrugged his shoulders before placing Priscilla carefully on the ground in front of Angelo. Isley then moved back about 50 feet. Though he was more powerful than the little girl, her unpredictability when woken could still make her a dangerous enemy in combat.

Angelo looked down at the young girl in front of him, feeling the energy that clashed in her body, energy that mirrored the conflicting torrent of emotions filling the troubled girl, even as she slept. 'I see, she's so troubled, but I think she wants to be a good person if she can, there's just too much confusing her right now.' He thought as he prepared to wake her. Kneeling by her side, he slowly placed a hand on her shoulder.

As soon as his hand made contact, her eyes burst open and a massive wave of energy blew Angelo back several feet. Priscilla was standing in the same place, a calm yet crazed expression on her face as she licked some blood off of her fingers. Looking down, Angelo noticed a massive chunk of his torso missing just below his heart, the vital organ pulsating through the tattered remains of his clothes. 'She's pretty fast at least.' He thought to himself as he quickly regenerated the missing part of his torso. He prepared for yet another injury as Priscilla rushed at him again, only to fall to her knees, trembling, just two feet from where Angelo was standing. He knew exactly what had happened as he turned towards the cause of Priscilla's most recent breakdown, his eyes narrowing at the source of the yoki wave that caused the girl to falter. As he knelt down the hold the shaking child, he heard her crying the same thing over and over again, "It's him, it's him, it's him, it's him." He knew that Isley had sent that wave of energy towards Priscilla just seconds before, and he knew that Isley had driven at least a part of Priscilla's mind into despair. In that moment, as Isley stared at the girl with cold, uncaring eyes, Angelo knew that the Abyssal One couldn't be trusted.

"Damn it Isley" Angelo swore under his breath. "Where are you?" He then noticed Priscilla lifting herself up, shakily stepping away from Angelo. "I'm sorry, but I need to face him alone." She said in a surprisingly steady voice. "Are you sure?" He asked, shocked. Priscilla nodded in response, "If I don't face him now, I don't think I'll ever be able to face anything again."

Angelo nodded slowly, uncertain about the condition of the girl he had trained, 'Is she truly ready to face the things that troubled her mind?' he thought.

Suddenly, the ground beneath Priscilla exploded in a massive cloud of dust and dirt, settling to show a massive creature with the body of a centaur along with 4 arms; one arm ended in a sword, one ended with a bow, another with arrows, and one with a spear. The creature was at least 50 feet tall and covered with red flames as it pushed its sword arm against an opponent a mere fraction of its size. Priscilla had shifted into her awakened state, her arms elongating and forming blades with her fingers, blocking the sneak attack by the monstrous creature easily recognized as Isley. 'What happened to him?' Angelo thought, as he watched the two try to over power each other. 'Though Isley was more powerful than her before, Priscilla had become much stronger than him as she trained with me, she should be able to overpower him easily, yet it looks like they are nearly equal. Isley's awakened state was never this massive before either, nor was it covered in flames.' He thought, until he realized what had happened. 'Of course, the Angelo Prototype most have done something to him while both Priscilla and I were distracted, that's what that massive burst of energy was. Well Priscilla, I'll do as you requested and stay out of it for now, but if things begin to look bad for you I'm stepping in. I hope you remember your training.'

Priscilla was using all of her strength against the massive form of Isley, trying to overpower him with strength alone. She then remembered something that Angelo had told her as they were training. "When you face an opponent, never go head to head with your power. If you're lock together in a stand still, not only are you both wasting exactly the same amount of energy trying to push against each other, but even weaker enemies will cause you to lose a lot of strength since you have to put everything you have into overpowering them. If they're just slightly stronger, have a bit more endurance, or have more concentration than you, then you're in big trouble." She turned quickly, letting Isley's sword arm slide right by her, his body falling with the force he was trying to exert on her. "Instead of trying to overpower your opponents with raw strength, try using your own skills against them. You are one of those who has the ability to fly, you're also very quick. Use these while fighting, yet don't telegraph your movements, and don't show them the true extent of what you can do. This'll keep everyone guessing as to what you're going to do next." She then rushed towards his falling body, dodging between arrows and the spear as they were launched at her while amplifying her speed with quick bursts from her wings, aiming her clawed hands towards Isley's unprotected face. Just as she was about to strike, she caught movement out of the corner of her eye and, on instinct, lifted her clawed hand to protect herself, just as Isley's sword arm swooped out of nowhere, pummeling her into the ground, where she rolled to a stop several hundred feet away. "When you do get the upper hand in a fight, take advantage of it, go for any openings you can. But you must still be prepared for your enemies counter, since any openings could be used to trick you into lowering your guard." Standing up, she faces Isley again with fierce determination.

As the two combatants reengaged each other, Angelo was watching from the sidelines, carefully watching his student as she fought, both do gauge how much she learned, and to ensure that things didn't get out of hand. Though he swore to stay out of the fight for now, he was determined not to let anything happen to his student. Sensing a familiar energy, he turned to look behind him.

"ANGELO!" Yelled an excited black haired young woman as she jumped excitedly into his arms. "Hello Raven, I was wondering when you'd show up." He said as he caught her. Giving a small pout, her expression then changed to a big grin as she gave him a fierce kiss. "I missed you", he said, placing his forehead against hers. "I missed you as well." She whispered, "But first, I'd like to introduce the friends I've made since we last saw each other, this is Claire, Raki and Irene." She said, motioning towards the three. "It's nice to meet you all." Angelo said, though none of the three heard them as they were watching the battle between Isley and Priscilla with a mixture of terror, intrigue, and a little hatred from Claire.

"What happened?" Said a shocked Irene, looking towards the fighting behemoths and gazing at all of the unconscious Claymores near where they were standing. "I'd like to know as well. What's she doing here?" Said Claire, motioning towards Priscilla with distaste. "Priscilla is my student, I've been teaching her to become stronger and to help her face the things that she's done. Whether you accept that or not is your own choice." Angelo responded with mild annoyance as he turned back towards the battle. "Is that Isley?!" Cried a shocked Irene. "Yep." Was Angelo's simple reply. "What happened?" Claire asked. "The Angelo Prototype did something to him, it made him a lot stronger than he was before, I'm interested in finding out just how strong he's become." Said Angelo, still gazing out towards his student's battle. "So you saw him, the Prototype?" Asked Raven with a hint of anticipation and excitement. "No, those Claymores were already prepared to ambush us and there was nobody else here either, every thing's gone as well. This all served as a distraction while the Angel Prototype did something to Isley." Angelo said, a hint of annoyance in his voice. "Wow, you must have been pretty distracted to fall for that, did you really miss me that much?" Raven said coyly. "More than you could imagine." He said, placing his arms around her.

Priscilla was still having trouble with Isley, he was far stronger than he was before. Everything she tried on him was quickly countered and she was getting nowhere in this fight. She had begun using her newly learned psionic attacks, launching energy spears at him that were either deflected completely or absorbed into his body. Realizing she would have to go all out in this fight, she began charging her most powerful attack yet, one that Angelo had taught her while they were traveling. Focusing her energy, she shifted her stance to a low kneeling position and began forcing the energy out into the surrounding air. 'I just hope I can do it right this time.' She thought as she remembered all of the times she messed up the timing earlier. Just as Isley was about to chop her in half with his sword arm, she unleashed half of her energy, swirling it around her body in a swirling torrent akin to a small concentrated tornado which Isley was quickly lifted towards. Just as Isley reached the peak of his flight in the mini-tornado, Priscilla unleashed a massive beam of energy directly upwards, the powerful beam slicing the unfortunate Abyssal One cleanly in two.

"What was that?!" Claire yelled in shock at the massive power felt from the attack. "That was a perfectly executed Iron Hurricane technique." Angelo said calmly. "I don't know if I could survive against her now." Claire said as she looked around the former headquarters of the Organization. Over half of the buildings were completely leveled, the only ones completely intact being the few surrounding the group itself. "I would appreciate it if you didn't try to fight my student, at least until she tries to atone for what she's done. Besides, I don't think it's over yet." Angelo called back to her, sensing the power still radiating from the mutilated Abyssal One.

Just as Priscilla was about to return to Angelo's side, she felt a massive wave of energy blast from where Isley landed. She slowly turned back towards his body, only to find the two halves slowly sliding towards each other, melding together with a sickening sound until he was once again whole. "No fucking way." She whispered, horrified as her opponent stood once again, completely unharmed. "I can't beat him. I just can't." She cried out, tears beginning to leak from her eyes as she shifted back to her child form and fell to her knees in defeat. Another wave of energy burst forth from Isley as the flame covering his body seemed to burn even more brightly, going from a dull red to a bright yellow as he advanced on the defenseless opponent. Priscilla simply hung her head in defeat as she cringed, trying to prepare for the pain of his next attack. 'Will it hurt to die? Will I feel any pain when he kills me? At least I can finally get away from him in death, though I'll never be able to live freely.' She thought as Isley swung his massive sword towards her.

She sat waiting for several seconds before realizing that she couldn't feel any strike connect, no pain filled her body, she didn't even hear his sword traveling towards her. Slowly opening her eyes, she gasped in shock at what she saw. Isley had swung his sword directly towards her head, intent upon cleaving her in half just as she had done to him just moments before, yet his sword never connected. His blade was hovering just a couple of feet above her head. She continued to stare as Angelo stood just before her, holding the massive blade in place with a single hand almost effortlessly. Turning towards his student he called out, his voice showing barely any strain, "What are you waiting for? GET OUT OF HERE!" She quickly complied, running to the rest of the group as fast as she could. "Raven, get these warriors out of here, I don't want anyone getting hurt."

As Raven, Irene, and Raki began gathering the defeated Claymores, Claire looked towards Priscilla with caution. 'I'll just have to trust her for now. Angelo implied that she wanted to atone for what she's done and I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, for now.' She thought as the two began helping Raven move the unconscious Claymores away from the headquarters.

Turning back to his former traveling companion, Angelo let a wicked smile spread across his features. "It's just you and me now." He said, throwing the enraged Abyssal One back with one hand. "Come to me, INFERNO!" He cried out, a blood red katana materializing with a red and blue aura into his outstretched left hand. Loosely holding the blade by his side, he advanced towards his foe.

"Oh my, he's summoned Inferno. This'll be interesting. I wonder if Isley will be able to keep up." Raven said, watching the two carefully. The group had finished moving out the Claymores and were watching as Angelo prepared to battle Isley. The Abyssal One was now emitting almost three times as much energy that he was when battling Priscilla and seemed intent upon destroying anything in his path. "How can he hope to fight anything like that? Isley's going to kill him!" Priscilla cried, tears flowing again as she watched her former master advance upon her teacher. "I hate to agree with HER, but I don't think he stands a chance. He has no yoki aura, nor is he showing any psionic energy. In fact, it seems like he's the weakest of all of us from what I can sense of his energy. I'm sorry, but he's done for." Claire said, looking towards the two combatants with a look of apprehension. Raven just grinned and looked towards her boyfriend, knowing full well how easily he could handle himself in a fight against an opponent this weak.

Isley was continuing to approach Angelo, the flames around him growing in intensity every second. Just as the two were just 20 feet from each other, Isley charged forwards with all of his speed, unleashing a massive wave of energy as he did so, causing the surrounding buildings to melt with the intensity. A massive shock wave blasted outwards as the two met, both holding the other at a standstill, blades locked together. Isley continued to push with all of his might, forcing the smaller warrior backwards creating a small trench nearly 3 feet deep as his feet dug into the ground. Suddenly Angelo disappeared, the massive creature falling forwards embarrassingly as he lost his balance, only to feel a sharp pain in his lower body as his back two legs fell away from the rest of his massive form. Quickly regenerating, he whirled around to face whoever had done that, only to find an empty road in front of him. "Looking for me?" A voice cried from Isley's left. Turning quickly, he saw a bright flash and cried out in pain as his upper body was cut diagonally in two, a pair of arms left on each piece. Regenerating once again, he began to feel the fatigue that this battle was placing on his body. None of the strikes were life threatening, yet they quickly wore down the Abyssal One. Unleashing one massive wave of energy, Isley incinerated the entire headquarters to the Organization, burning the entire complex to the ground. Falling to his knees, he hoped the attack had vanquished his opponent, only to find a red blade pointed directly at his face. "You're strong, but it's not enough. I wish you had made better choices when you were alive." Angelo stated, pulling back his arm, ready to strike the finishing blow to the fallen Abyssal One.

In that moment, Isley felt no fear, no anger, no pain. Simply the cold, hateful frustration with his own powers. 'Why was this child so strong? Why am I, one of the great Abyssal One's, falling so easily? I won't let it happen. I refuse to be second to him.' "I won't bow to ANYONE!" He cried, unleashing a flurry of raw power, the massive energy breaking apart the ground around him, a massive crater forming beneath him as his energy blasted Angelo away, tearing through his defenses and nearly ripping his body apart.

The group watched as the massive amount of energy began to settle around Isley, forming a bright sphere glowing more brightly than the sun. The sphere the burst apart, revealing a bright figure. A man, about 7 feet tall with large, feathered wings floated where the sphere had been, his body formed entirely from a bright flame. His arms both shifted rapidly between hands, swords, and whips before his body slowly faded. Sensing something behind her, Raven quickly turned, only to find the flaming figure standing there, his sword swinging right towards her neck.

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Attacks for this chapter:

Iron Hurricane, the user unleashes a torrent of energy that pulls in any opponents, then causes a blast of energy to radiate upwards to slice the enemy to pieces. It must be timed properly, so that the opponent is directly above the user, which is harder than it would seem with the energy swirling around randomly, as concentrating on the whirlwind would detract from the power of the energy beam.

Inferno Blade, a blade formed from energy used to slice through objects from a distance. Since Angelo's blade, Inferno, is imbued with psionic energy, it can launch these blades without drawing any energy from the user, as long as the user can resonate his/her own energy with the blade beforehand to control it properly, which is something only Angelo can do as the sword was built specifically for him.

This should give you an idea of how powerful each of the characters are from weakest to strongest:

8. Humans: Sid, Gaak

7. Claymores: Deneve, Helen, Miria (it didn't seem like any other's survived Pieta in the anime, correct me if I'm wrong)

6. Modified Humans: Raki

5. Awakened and Abyssal Ones: Dauf, Riful

4. Modified Claymores: Claire, Irene

3. Modified Awakened Beings and Abyssal Ones: Priscilla, Isley

2. Angel Prototypes: Vincente

1. Angels of Death: Raven, Angelo

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