A/N Hey there, thought I'd put up a little explanation of how the energy works for anyone interested, since I'm trying to update my fictionpress story more often than this one (not quite working out like that though, if you were a missing flash drive with a few unpublished chapters in you where would you hide :P ). In case anyone is interested, I'm basing the "new" Isley's strength and abilities off of Despair Embodied from DMC 2 (I don't own any part of the Devil May Cry series in any shape or form, as awesome as it would be), I felt this would be fitting since they're both high-ranking creatures (abyssal one, demon lord) and they both transform their limbs into the weapons they use. I'd also like to thank Rendus for pointing out an error I made in my previous lineup. I had initially placed Raki as being below both Riful and Dauf (awakened ones), but with the training he's been going through, along with his new fancy gear, his skills are enough to where he would be able to beat Dauf if they were both going all out. As Rendus said, with Raki's training in swordsmanship it would be pretty easy for him to find the weak spots in Dauf's armor. The main weakness of Raki, and the only thing I can think of making a difference in a one on one fight, is Raki's inexperience with using his training in real life-or-death fighting, but I doubt this would be an issue considering how well he could handle himself against Ophelia when both Claire and himself were injured. I'd also like to say thank you for the reviews I've gotten, I'm pretty new to this kind of writing so it's all really helpful, thank you.

Psionic energy is an energy source that the Organization of Shadows discovered that relies on extracting the energy within dark matter. This is similar to a nuclear reaction in that matter is converted into energy directly, however it is done in a more controlled way that any other nuclear reaction, and because of the nature of dark matter, whenever some of it is transformed into energy, it is replaced by more dark matter from elsewhere in the universe. With dark matter and energy making up 98% of the universe, this makes it one of the best sources of energy in existence. Because of the natural evolution of the human brain, it can act like a reactor and antenna, being able to control, manipulate, and transform dark matter and energy at will, though most of human kind is unaware of this ability as it is usually locked genetically, though certain genetic viruses (such as zombie, vampire, psion, and unleashed synthetic viruses) can infect a host and inject their own dna into the hosts brain cells, giving them the ability to manipulate dark matter and energy. The Organization of Shadows named the ability to control dark matter and energy, as well as the new types of energy formed from the conversion of dark matter into energy, psionic energy. Because of the large amount of psionic energy available to the people who use it, the energy must be controlled in a very specific, controlled manner, or else the energy can get out of control and cause significant amounts of damage, even self destruction. Because of this, most psions have a limited number of uses of their psionic ability in the form of memorized techniques, this reduces the chances of losing control of the psionic energy the person has control over, though there are some cases where a psionically inclined individual has enough self control to freely manipulate psionic energy, though they are usually limited by how much they can handle before the energy gets out of hand, their self control being their restraint level, this level also matches the amount of energy used to perform a specified technique, though since the energy can be controlled freely, without restraint, it is usually more effective than the memorized technique of the same level. In the world, there are (currently) only two characters who have the ability to use a limitless amount of psionic energy without the need to worry about self control, to the point in which their only concern is mental fatigue, these are the Blood God: Thanatos (an upcoming character, half antagonist half protagonist), and the Phoenix of Inferno (not in my fanfic sadly). The engineers of the Organization have also found a way to use machines to control psionic energy, though it is nowhere near as efficient or powerful as when used by living psions. Yoki auras are created by certain species of psions whose energy is "embedded" into their whole body. Because the brain has less conscious control of the energy, a significant portion is lost as radiation, like how filament lightbulbs get hot but more efficient flourescent bulbs stay cooler, yet brighter, without wasting as much energy. The aura, therefore, can be seen as a "leak" and could explain why those who don't suffer from that drain and have very little aura, like Priscilla when she was fighting Teresa, are often stronger.