Dear George,

Ever since you left me that night, all I have ever thought about was you. I know this isn't right but what can I do? I'm afraid I am still greatly in love with you, George Koizumi, the man who secretly stole all of my heart. Now you are gone, and I miss you more than ever. Every time, I visit Miwako, your name just pops up in every conversation we ever had. You are one cold-hearted man. But I am determined to forget you and start again with Hiro. So there.



I let the pen drop from my hand and I sank back into my chair. Another addition to the drawer of 'Unsent letters to George Koizumi'. It has been exactly six months since he had left me for Paris and the road to a healed heart is still looking pretty vague and arduous. These days, all I could do was to bury myself in work to stop me thinking about him. At least, Hiro is helping me forget about him with his constant sweet actions. But I really missed George's spontaneity, the way things were always fun around him. I sighed, I really should not be thinking about George when I have officially started dating Hiro. Just then, my cell phone rang, jolting me out of my thoughts.

"Hello, this is Yukari Hayasaka speaking."

"Carrie! This is Isabella!" It was such a surprise to hear this familiar husky voice of Isabella. If this is Isabella, then George must be close by. All of a sudden, my head was filled with so many burning questions that I wanted to ask about George. How has he been lately? Is he doing well, career-wise? Is he still making clothes? And… Does he still think of me? For that last question, I silently answered to myself: No, he doesn't. He has gotten over you since you were just his toy to begin with.

Without knowing, hot tears had started falling, washing away my light makeup, as if revealing my hidden true feelings for the one I long for.

"Carrie! Carrie! What's wrong? Are you okay?" Isabella's urgent voice sounded over the phone.

Sniffing and choking back my tears, I answered her quietly.

"Oh, Isabella, I'm fine, really. Please do not worry about me,"

"Oh, that's a relief, you got me worried for a while. Anyway, as I was saying, I will be coming back to Japan. You know, because of a project I had recently taken on needs me to be in Japan. So, I was thinking, will you come with Miwako and Arashi to fetch me from the airport? I miss you guys so much!"

In my mind, all kinds of thoughts was going through my head. Most importantly, will George be coming to Japan too? But I could not bring myself to say it.

"Hmm.. Isabella, that's wonderful. I will tell Miwako about it! See you then!"

And we hung up. With no mention of George in any slightest hint. This suspense was killing me. The prospect of seeing George again was overwhelming to say the least.

But then again, I was not playing fair to Hiro who loved me with his all. At once, guilt overcome me and I hung my head in shame. I was playing with Hiro's feelings and this was not right, coming from the perspective if a person who hated being toyed around. I had to make my decision fast, a steady blissful life or a spontaneous, almost precarious life