Ch 1 : It's not working

The clock ticked by as I waited for Edward to come home. It was 2 weeks since I gave birth to the twins and 4 months since Edward and

me married. Edward recently started working till late leaving me all alone with my 2 week old girls.

Not that I didn't love them, of course I did with all

my heart but I felt like I was raising them all on my own.

But I never said anything after all he is a doctor. I looked at the time 3:30 am he should

have been here around 5 or 6 hours ago. I tried dialing his number again but it just went straight to voice mail.

I hope he was alright because he

did not answer any of my texts either.

I jumped at the sound of one of my babies crying, I tried to go quickly to her room so she wouldn't wake up

her twin but to late- they both started crying.I have been hearing this every day and night when I have waited for Edward.

Bags were starting form under my eyes and I felt like I was going to pass out.

Maybe my parents were right, maybe we were to young to have kids after all I'm 24 and Edward's 25 we were just to young.

After calming them both down I went straight to bed, I couldn't handle this anymore this wasn't working. I

woke up the next day without Edward, just a note saying he had to go back to work.

That's it , I want a divorce. Maybe we just thought we were in love but not really in love at all.

The next day it was the only day Edward had 2 hours off , I told him what I wanted , trying not to burst into tears when I saw his

devastated face.We both decided that we would both take one of our girls.

After I took one of them- Renesemee and he took Carlie, me and Renesemee both fled to Paris, France and left Edward and Carlie in Forks.

Renesemee now has grown into a beautiful 14 year old looking mostly like her father.

She had his bronze hair and green eyes that got me to do anything she wanted with her father's pout. Today was the day she

was going to camp, all she really did was read like me and go to the arcade with Emmett my childish , all muscles , teddy bear brother and

with my laid-back cousin Jasper. So Emmett suggested that she goes to Camp Fun -o -refic to get outdoors for 2 months and meet some

new course like any mother I was worried to send my baby to a camp filled with boys and petty girls for 2 months and knowing

also like me she's a bit of a klutz. But I finally then agreed that it would get her out doors and meet some friends. All of Renesemee's bags

were in the limo and ready to go all it needed was Renesemee, but I just couldn't let her go. "Remember to text me every night and every

morning ok?" I asked. She rolled her eyes "Mom i'll be fine" she said but hugged me tighter. I kissed her cheek as she she waved by to

Emmett, my father Charlie, and me and Jasper hopped in with her to escort her on the plane. Is it normal that I miss her right now?


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