Chapter 31: Putting the break in break up

Renesmee POV

As we all continued down the trail after another 15 minutes Tanya said that she had to take " a water break". Even though dad assured her that we were close

she still whined and complained till we stopped. I rolled my eyes as she sat on the nearest and cleanest log and pulled out her purple sparkly water bottle

container and drank for 5 minutes- literately. When dad was checking the map Carlie and me at the same time saw a cute lizard crawling around the forest floor.

Carlie and me looked at each other and smiled. We both knew that we had to get Tanya to leave dad as soon as possible. I sat next to Tanya and asked her where

she got her water bottle container as a distraction while Carlie put the lizard on it. She told me she got it from a "close, close friend" and she raised it to her lips,

with the lizard on it. I have never heard a person shriek except for Alice. But I have never heard someone shriek 5 times as high pitched and louder then Alice.

That record breaker was yep, you guessed it, - Tanya. Dad automatically turned and rushed to her "what happened " He asked concerned. "Th- There wa- was a liz- ard on m- my

water thing!" Tanya sobbed. Carlie and me rolled our eyes. "Don't worry he's not poiseness" Dad assured her. Tanya glared at him but quickly burst into tears

once again. Dad hugged her and held her hand as we walked further into the woods. Once we arrived at our destination Dad, Carlie and me started setting up

the two tents- Tanya & dads and ours. Meanwhile Tanya stared in the mirror fixing her makeup for over an hour. After dad collecting wood and Carlie and me

playing concentration 64 , it finally came night time. We all ate sandwiches and marshmallows. Shortly after that we all went to bed , or at least that's what Dad

and Tanya thought. Me and Carlie spent almost half the night thinking of something till we had the perfect prank. The prank that would make all the other

pranks we pulled on her seem kidish. The prank that might finally put the break in breakup for Tanya and Dad.


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