Ch 4: This is war!

Carlie POV

"I win again" I announced smugly. "I bet she can beat you" said a tall brunette. The "she" came into view, it was the same girl from the

sword fight and insulted me. This will be too easy my dad and his sisters Rose and Alice taught me how and ever since then I beat them

every time. We started playing till we both had one card left, I had a blue 6 and the card the girl just put down was a blue 5. "I'm Carlie

and you are?" I asked her planning to make a bet if she wasn't a chicken enough to say no. "Renesemee" she answered. "Ok Renesemee

how about we make this a little interesting, I win you jump in the lake naked and if you win I jump in the lake naked, kay?" I asked her.

Junie and Rebecca laughed, they knew what I had because they were right behind me. Junie and Rebecca are my friends from school that

begged me to come to this camp this summer and surprisingly enough, i like it here. "Sure" Renesemee said bravely. I put down my card..

i won she gasped "You trick me" she accused. I just chuckled "ready to jump in the lake?" I asked her. She started undressing with her

back turned to us, lucky for her and us it was night time so we couldn't see much. I heard her take in a breath and dived in - she actually

dived in! Rebecca and Junie took her clothes and told me to take her sneakers but I think that was enough, I followed after their laughter

to our cabin. "That was hilarious" Rebecca said. "That would teach her not to insult you" Junie said agreeing with Rebecca. I nodded

smiling but then I remembered my dad knowing he would have not wanted me to do this, he raised me better. I bit my lip a habit my dad

said that I picked up from my mom "Let's go to bed" I mumbled. "What's wrong with you Carlie? getting a soft spot for Renesemee ?"

Rebecca taunted me laughing. "No just tired" I said "Night" I mumbled after turning off the lights. Out of the luggage I got my photo

album and went through it slowly till I came across a women with my eye color and a bit my hair color besides the bronze, laughing. On

the bottom it said "OUR WEDDING" and next to it "My Bella Cullen". It must have been my mom.I hugged the photo album close and put

it under my bed where no one can find it and drifted off to sleep. I woke up with a shriek from Rebecca and then from Junie. I sat up and

something sticky started pouring on me . "Ew" I groaned. I looked at Rebecca- she was cobered in shaving cream in the form of a beard

and mustache. She reminded me of Santa, I looked at Junie , their was oil and feathers in her hair. I felt the sticky stuff start to seep into

my clothes. I stood up walking towards the shower but slipped on the ground because of something slippery and landed on my bottom.

"Ouch" I muttered. "I know who did this" Rebecca said. "Renesemee and her minions?" Junie asked. "Yup and we are so gonna get them

back " Rebecca said. "I got whipped cream in my bag" I volunteered. "And I have balloons" Junie said. "And I have the perfect idea"

Rebecca replied. When it came night we all had everything ready, "Remember who ever wakes up at 5:30 wake the rest of us up kay?"

Rebecca asked. Me and Junie both nodded. "Guys get up" I heard Rebecca whisper shouting. We all got out of bed and walked to their

cabin and opened the door- they were all sleeping , I walked up to renesemee and put whipped cream out lining her entire body and 5

water balloons besides her bed so she will step on them. We put all the other water balloons around the room when we were finished with

the 3 girls. Then to top it off we put silly string every would have been proud of me. Rose is my slutty, bitchy, sweet when you get to know

her aunt. We walked out of the cabin and made a bunch of noise to wake up. When they started to stir we hid behind the bushes. "AHH"

we heard on of them scream , we laughed as we saw another on chant "EW EW EW" and Renesemee step on a water balloon. "Hello girls

what's so funny?" Head Lady Welma asked. "Hi Welma" we said in unison and turned back to the window . We turned back to her

"Welma?" we shouted. "What are you doing here " I asked her conversationally. "Cabin inspection" me, Rebecca, and Junie got in front of

the door. "Move along" she said . "No! I mean they all got really bad cold's in there, they were vomiting and all"I said laughing nervously.

"That's horrible! I need to go inside" she insisted. "Let her come in Carlie" Renesemee said innocently. I narrowed my eyes at her, "Move

out of the way" Welma insisted again. "You really don't want to go in there" I said. Welma pushed me out of the way and opened the door

, then oil started to pour on her head. We all gasped as she made her way into the room and slipped on multiple water balloons. "It was

her" Renesemee said angrily. "You started it" I shouted back at her in the same tone. "Did not" she said mimicking me.

"Did to"

"Did not"

"Did to"

"Did NOT!"



"That's ENOUGH!" Welma shouted. "Both of you's" she paused pointing a finger at me and Renesemee "pack your bags and move to the

isolation cabin!" she shouted angrily. Well crap..

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