"Takagi, Wataru Takagi!" Sato yelled through out the golf course. "Please come out this isn't funny!"

Takagi snapped awake, he was in a shed full of golfing equipment. 'Oh yeah the case. I fallowed the suspects to the course, but everything gets blurry from then on.' Takagi thought he could hear Sato's voice outside but he couldn't make out what she was saying. He tried to get up to open the door but ended up tripping over his pants, a strange phenomenon that he couldn't explain.

CRASH! Sato heard the equipment all crash to the ground in the shed. "Takagi." She yelled running top speed towards the shed. She flung open the door to reveal a small boy around the age of seven or eight.

"Class today we have a new student. Let me introduce you to Nobuyuki Sato." Kobayashi-sensei told the class. "Since Ai-chan is out today you can sit next to Conan-kun." Nobuyuki sat down next to the boy.

"I'm Conan Edogawa, nice to meet you." The small boy stuck out his hand in a friendly manor. The boy looked as innocent as a kitten, his hair was neat but still a bit messy, his blue eyes shined like two sapphires, full of kindness and acceptance.

"Nobuyuki Sato, same to you." The boy's face reddened a bit when he said Sato. He had always expected her to take on his last name not the other way around.

At snack all the kids gathered around poor Nobuyuki. "Nobuyuki-chan, where are you from?" "Nobuyuki-chan do you have any pets?" "Nobuyuki-chan do you like detectives?" that was the only one he took the time to answer.

"I love detectives. I want to be a police detective when I grow up." He shoved his hand in the pocket where he used to keep his wallet that possessed his badge. It felt odd, not being able to touch the cool metal, letting him know that he was doing a good job representing Tokyo's finest.

Conan found this boy familiar, everything from his tone to his style. He smiled timidly but hopefully. He just couldn't place where.

When recess finally came around 'Yuki-chan' (somewhere during the whole questioning session his name was shortened) had been introduced to the entire class.

"So, Yuki-chan where are you from?" Ayumi asked the boy politely

"I'd rather not say." He shifted uncomfortable on the balls of his feet, trying to disguise how bad of a liar he was.

"Are you related to Sato-keiji?" Genta asked towering over Yuki in an intimidating fashion.

"N-no she adopted me." Yuki was sliding anxiously toward Conan. His normal fear and shyness was only amplified as a child.

"Oh," Conan had seen the look before in those Chocolate eyes, repressed fear covered by anxiety. "Do you want to play in the park with us after school?"

"Yeah I'd like that." Yuki smiled sweetly, as though he really was a child. Maybe Yuki really was a child at heart.