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He could see himself in a mirror. He was normal again, twenty-six and back on the force. "Sato." He yelled racing to her desk. Some man he didn't know was sitting there. "Isn't this Miwako Sato's desk?"

"She quit years ago, something about searching for some detective that went missing twenty years ago. I doubt she'll find him though, he's legally dead. Aren't you her son or something?" the man looked at him as though he just lost his mind.

Takagi checked his wallet, on his drivers license in place of Wataru Takagi was Nobuyuki Sato. He dropped to the ground, muttering things even he himself didn't understand.

"Sato-san, are you okay?" The guy asked obviously worried "She's back in town if you wanted to see her."

"Thank you." He ran for the house that they shared until everything happened. "Miwako!" he yelled searching for her

"Takagi." He felt her fall into his arms.

A shot rang out precious liquid seeped through Sato's shirt, changing the pale yellow to a dark red. A menacing voice called "I thought I killed you the first time." A loud noise similar to the first rang again.

"SATO!" he yelled drenched in sweat realizing it wasn't real. He was still a little kid and Sato was breathing next to him.

"Yuki-chan are you ok?" Sato was looking over at him.

"W-what happened?" his face was a pale white, and he was obviously shell shocked.

"You must have had a bad dream. It's alright though it's all over now." She pulled him into a comforting hug.

"But what if it isn't just a dream? What if it all comes true? I wouldn't be able to live with my self if it came true." He said his voice barely under control. He hated the idea of Sato worrying for twenty years. It would drive him over the deep-end and past the point of no return.

"Yuki, what happened?" She moved gently sliding him onto her lap, turning him so they were face to face.

"Um…well, I don't remember." He decided on an excuse, but something in his eyes must have given him away.

"Why did you yell Sato instead of Miwako-neechan? That's the way you've always referred to me." She gave him a stern look saying that there was to be no lying.

"I got scared and I…I…I" he broke down. He didn't mean to start to cry but the dream mixed with her questioning him, it was too much. He was fragile as it is, he was filled with new fears and he knew that they were all realistic. He threw his small arms around her hoping for the smallest bit of normality in the screwed up world he was thrown into.

Sato's motherly instinct took over and she comforted the boy. He was curled up into a small little ball clutching her shirt. He fit nicely in her lap almost like he was meant to be there.

She lay down slowly and pulled the blanked up to cover them both. She could wait for her answers in the morning.

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