The next morning Harry and Ginny had nothing to do. Harry had quidditch practice later on, but Ginny was not allowed to fly any longer, although she remained captain.

They decided to open the hamper that Mrs Weasley had sent them. The first things they pulled out were the traditional Weasley jumpers that they would usually be given for Christmas.

Ginny's had two initials on this time a G and a P – Mrs Weasley was obviously pleased about their match! Harry's was dark blue this year, with a golden H as usual.

Underneath were countless food items, including homemade fudge, jelly beans and a huge stash of chocolate from Honeyduke's with a label attached that said 'Ginny, when I was pregnant, I craved chocolate constantly.'

Finally at the bottom, they found a hand bound book entitle 'M. Weasley's Guide to a Perfect Pregnancy and Practical Parenting'. Harry and Ginny giggled for a while, imagining Mrs Weasley badgering away at the book in secret.

In reality, the book was incredibly useful and gave all Mrs Weasley's tips for all stages of having children; after all, she had plenty of experience.

After opening the hamper, the pair headed down to the quidditch pitch where they had to split up for the first time in days.

Harry headed off to the changing room and Ginny walked straight out onto the pitch to wait for her team. They were not long changing and soon she gathered them in a wide circle so she could see everyone.

'Okay, guys, first thing we need to do is find a replacement for me; trials will be held next week. I want all of you there – we need to pick a few players we can have in reserve as Lucy and Grace also fall under the Marriage Law and who knows when we'll lose our keeper and chaser? Basically, this week we'll just get back into the swing of things and then after next week we'll begin the real training.'

They all stepped away from Ginny and kicked off from the ground. Harry relished in the fresh air and he was able to forget all his worries about Ginny and the baby.

Ginny was not enjoying herself quite so much. Sitting high up behind her in the stands were a pair of Slytherins. She did not even know who they were but guessed that Malfoy had sent someone else to do his dirty work for him.

She was relieved when Hermione sat down beside her and greeted her with a cheery,

'I can never pass up the chance to watch Ron play. How are you Ginny?'

'I'm okay 'mione; I'd be much better if those two idiots weren't chucking things at my back though!'

Hermione quickly glanced over her shoulder and pointed her wand at the boys.

'Saltare!' she hissed with a jab of her wand. Immediately the boys began to hop up and down where they sat. Their faces were pictures of panic and they quickly stood up to leave, only to find that Hermione had cast a jumping charm on them and they'd have to hop back up to the castle.

Ginny was in fits of giggles. As she placed her hands on her stomach to try and stop them, she suddenly realised that she already had a baby bump. It was tiny but was definitely a change from her normally flat stomach.

Her giggles stop all of a sudden and Hermione looked over at her in worry.

'Are you all right Ginny? You look like you've just seen a ghost!' Hermione smiled at the Muggle expression that was perfectly believable in the wizarding world.

'Yeah, I just realised that I already have a baby bump. It's just brought it home to me that there really are babies in there.'

'Hmm, shall I finish the practice so you and Harry can head home?' Hermione asked and Ginny nodded eagerly.

'Sonorus,' said Hermione as she pointes her wand at her throat, 'End of practice, you can all go and change now. Finite Incantem. Ginny, we'll just wait here and the boys should come and find us, hopefully.'

Harry and Ron headed over to the girls as soon as they left the changing rooms and they walked back up to the castle together before Harry and Ginny headed up to the Room of Requirement.

Ginny paced back and forth before the door and then led Harry into the room. She had imagined a bedroom with one large four poster bed and a roaring fire and they sat on the bed facing each other.

'Gin, what's up? You're so quiet.'

'I'm fine. I just had a bit of a shock. I realised that I have a baby bump and that we really are going to have two children by the end of the year. So far it's all been a bit of a dream and now it seems real.'

'I feel the same Gin. Can I see the babies?'

Ginny quickly stood up by the bed and lifted her top. There, between her hips was the smallest bulge. Only she and Harry who knew her body the best would notice, but it was definitely a new feature.

Harry leant across the bed and ran his hands over the bump. It was hard but still supple.

'That's amazing Gin, I can't wait until I can feel the babies!'

Harry's enthusiasm and optimism was infectious and Ginny threw herself back onto the bed beside him.

'I can't wait to decorate Grimmauld Place – can we think about it tomorrow? I made a list of colours and charms but I want you to have an input too.'

'Course, Gin, I'd like to keep Sirius' room roughly the same, but you can do whatever you like with the rest of the house...' Harry was interrupted by the rough kiss that Ginny gave him. They quickly succumbed to each other's wants and needs.

When they finally left the Room of Requirement, they headed straight down to the Great Hall for supper.

'Oi, Harry, your robes are on the wrong way!' shouted Lee Jordan so that the whole table could hear.

Harry and Ginny looked at each other with smirks.

'It's legal you know, and anyway, we can't cause any harm now, can we?' retorted Harry.

Lee had to concede defeat and everybody laughed. When the couple sat down in their usual places, they noticed that Ron and Hermione were absent.

Ginny asked Neville if he knew where they were, but it appeared that they'd not been seen since Quidditch Practice.

After a quick supper, the pair headed off in search of their best friends. Firstly they headed to the flat where the house elf in the picture refused to let them in and denied that Hermione and Ron had been in.

Next, they headed off to the library, quidditch pitch and finally the Room of Requirement, but still no luck and they decided to go back to the flat.

Harry was starting to get quite worried but Ginny reassured him that they would turn up in the end.

'Ron is like that annoying fly that just won't go away. I should know, I've had to live with him for seventeen years!'

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