So, yeah. This is really short. It's pretty obvious what goes on. Enjoy :)

I remember the days when I had free time to walk around town. My favorite stop was always the bakery. I would look in the window and see all of the beautifully decorated cakes. I knew better than to ask if we could buy one. We could never afford them anyway. On a random day, a special cake caught my eye. It was a wedding cake. The frosting was so white, it sparkled like the snow. Faint green vines were sculpted and snaked their way up to the top. Delicate flowers spotted throughout the layers had soft petals and hints of purple and pink. It made my mouth water. The topper had a paper arch with a bride and groom standing proudly under it. Real ribbons flowed to the crystal base, giving the cake a heavenly look. I noticed the baker's son smiling at me from behind the display window. Times like these made me wonder if I could ever be lucky enough to need a wedding cake.

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