Ever since what the people were calling "Ultimatum", the world had changed. Mutants were being hunted and put in concentration camps (something that combined Magneto's past with his fears). All superheroes in the city were being threatened by the imminent danger of being called a mutant and thrown away. The Ultimates were the only ones that operated government-funded and supported.

In the Traskelion, an Iron Man suit was roaming the halls. Everyone thought it was Tony in the suit so everyone said hi. All the suit did was nod in response to the SHIELD agents walking around. Then, the Iron Man turned into the central chamber.

Once the door was closed, out came Mysterio, with the floating head as ever. Mysterio walked through the doors and saw the Zodiac Key in the center of the lab. But as Mysterio made his way to the key, something smashed into him. Mysterio managed to shake the man off, but he was tugged down.

Above Mysterio was the real Iron Man. His suit, a mix of red and yellow, had his repulsor aimed down at Mysterio. Mysterio heard it charge, so he rolled out of the way. The discharge hit the floor, shattering it. Mysterio ran over to get to the Zodiac Key, but Iron Man raised his repulsor.

"Red Alert, enemy in the Traskelion!" Iron Man yelled.

Mysterio, however, managed to grab the Zodiac Key. Knowing that it was probably going to blow up the Traskelion, Iron Man lowered his hand. "Let's just talk about this."

"Talk?" he asked. "No, you shunned me. Left me for dead, Stark."

"What?" Tony asked, raising the helmet with a clank.

"I'm just an andriod," said Mysterio. "I have no problem destroying this builiding and all the personnel in it." And, thus, Mysterio raised his Key into the air, preparing to destroy the building.

In a last ditch attempt to stop it, Iron Man raised his repulsor and fired right at the Zodiac Key. Instead of blasting it out of Mysterio's hands, the Key was energized and started to glow. The more it glowed the more the building and time, it seemed, started to unravel. Finally, there was nothing left except a bright sunny day in the Traskelion.

A brand new day.