I had this idea when I was prancing around in my cape…I don't want to give too much away, but you can probably guess. No, she is NOT a girl Ranger.

Untouchable: Prologue

There she stood. She was one of those short people.

Her slight frame barely took up the volume of her cloak, and it billowed out behind her. It was almost as it was trying to swallow her up. But she was undeniably in control here.

Small in stature, it would seem fit if she was shivering uncontrollably. But yet she wore only a thin traveling cloak, unbothered by the elements swirling around her, whipping her long, dark brown, almost black, locks of hair in her face.

And then there were her eyes.

Dark, but amiable and outgoing. Intelligent and mischievous. Curious, but almost wistful, as if she had seen things beyond her years. And, one that trumped all others, an unmistakable layer of underlying sarcasm and amusement. Fascinating, really.

The girl threw a casual glance over shoulder, then shrugged. And on she stood, as it were a beautiful day out. In reality, it was the onset of a terrible storm.

Alyss observed her from behind a brittle bush, it didn't matter if she was quiet or not. Horace could have come stomping through and sneezing all he wanted, and the girl would not have heard a peep through the raging, infuriated wind.

She was quite a remarkable 13 year old. And Alyss had yet to figure out all her little quirks.

The tall blonde smiled inwardly. It was going to be an interesting week.

I don't know if I should continue, but I can promise you this: This mystery girl is not going to be yet another girl Ranger. Please tell me if it made sense, as this is my first OC. And, this is my second try at a REAL multi-chaptered story (as in not humor) and I'm trying to put a subplot in…somehow…lol. Tell me what you think, like if you like her/find her interesting and whatnot. I think I will continue…cuz I'm bursting with ideas! I sincerely thank you if you've read all this…remember that magical blue button right under this :)