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Chapter 5: Problems Start Arising

After exploring the kaleidoscopic range of rainbow colors and their numerous textures that stocked the interior of fabric shop, Carey's eyes were tired. So many colors bursting into her vision all at once was pretty overwhelming. She looked outside and saw that dusk was falling. Carey felt compelled to buy something, especially after she drifted among the racks for an extended amount of time. Almost everything in the shop she didn't need, or she didn't have the money for. The shopkeeper was throwing suspicious glances at her from time to time, as if she really had the nerve to steal something. She decided against buying something.

"Have a nice day!" The girl called over her shoulder as she strode out the door. After all, if she was going to survive she would have to make her own decisions and stop being such a softie. The shopkeeper took one look at her and scowled. The brat didn't even buy anything, he thought to himself. The young girl pushed through the snow which had been blowing in such a way that it didn't pile up against the door. Or maybe they were designed like that… Musing over this, she passed a couple bickering. They were too caught up in it that they didn't notice they were a mere foot away from the very girl they had been searching for.

Inside, a very irritated Will interrogated a very irked shopkeeper while Alyss stood to the side, thinking about all the things that could go terribly wrong that she could revise into something that was better fit for this situation. The woman wasn't a diplomat for nothing, after all. Time to step in.

Another exhausting day. Carey had retreated to her room a few minutes ago, which Jenny had so kindly pointed out to her. Gratefully, Carey sunk down on the mattress, a cup of tea in hand. She undid her cloak with one hand and tossed it over the back of a chair, the wood worn with time. The girl finished her tea, reflecting upon how lucky she was to be in such a giving position in such a nice inn and restaurant managed by such a nice lady. Her mother had taught her to focus on the good things in life and send out positive thoughts into the universe, and she would receive good things in turn. Michael called it, "Give happy, get happy." Carey missed him dearly. Even though she knew it wouldn't do her good to go out and mope around about what she was supposed to do and how to get money for things she needed and all that, she couldn't help feeling a tad bit down.

A knock on the door brought Carey to attention, and she ended up splashing water down her front from the basin she was using to clean her hands and face before turning in for the night.

"Come in," she said quietly, as to not wake anyone else up. She didn't know what time it was, although she knew she was very sleepy from the time differences. She was surprised to see Jenny holding a bundle of fabric. She was too tired to even think of who else would be visiting her.

"Here," Jenny thrust the bundle into her arms. "It's just an extra blanket and an old nightgown of mine. It's probably big on you but I'm sure it'll be fine for the night." she said briskly. "Don't worry about it, I've got plenty of nightgowns and blankets." Carey was so tired all she could do was blink sleepily at her. "Are you okay?"

"Wha-? Yeah, I'm fine, just tired. But I can't take this from you, it's yours," Carey protested once she realized that Jenny had given her her very own clothes to sleep in. "You've already given me enough." If Jenny was shocked that someone in need refused her, she hid it.

"No, no I insist." She gently steered Carey further into the room, then left her standing there. Jenny let herself out of the room. Carey just changed into the nightgown, she figured, why not? Then she flopped down onto the bed, eyes closing before her head hit the pillow. Dreams start to whirl around her brain, blurring the line between reality and dreamland.

Jenny walked downstairs, genuinely worried for Carey. I wonder if all Nihon-Jans are that nice… I'll have to ask Will.

After a long conversation and her second time that night trying to convince Alyss that it was perfectly fine that they could take her bed (it was still snowing heavily outside) and she would be fine taking the extra cot, she too was exhausted. Will, on the other hand, was quite ticked that Alyss had decided to argue with Jenny. Why shouldn't they be able to stay after Jenny offered (especially because it was snowing out)? They were, after all, almost lifelong friends. Will quite honestly believed that they had fun arguing. He had even consulted Halt about it before; Halt most definitely didn't know either. They decided (after a letter to Gil and his reply) that it was just one of those girls things that irked him.

Soon after, Jenny's restaurant and inn's inhabitants all drifted off to sleep, unaware of the dangers that beheld them the next morning…

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