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"It has been said that adoption is more like a marriage than a birth: two individuals, each with their own unique mix of needs, patterns, and genetic history, coming together with love, hope, and commitment for a joint future. You become a family not because you share the same genes, but because you share love for each other."
-Joan McNamara

Emily walked in to the BAU bullpen with a depressing frown on her face, her eyes where watery and red. She had been trying so hard to have a baby for the past year. She tried all the procedures, no matter how many she really wanted a child of her own. Today her hopes and dreams had been crushed. The words kept repeating in her head. "I'm very sorry but there's nothing else you can do. You won't be able to have a child."

Emily put her bag on her desk when she then heard the clicking of heels behind her. She looked up as JJ pasted by her

"We have a case" JJ said making her way up the stairs to the conference room with seven files in her hand.

Everyone gathered around the circler table and focusing on the screen in front of them as JJ quickly pulled up three pictures. "Okay so New York needs our help. This Shelby Martin age 20, she went missing four days ago after a class at her university" JJ said pointing to the first picture. It was of a young woman, she had long blond hair and bright green eyes. "And this is Trin Delainy age 19, she went missing two days ago while walking home from a soccer game." she said pointing to next photo. The African American girl had a big smile on her face with her extremely crimped hair tucked into a tight ponytail. "And last night Kathryn Collins age 19 went missing after visiting her sister." JJ enlarged the photo of Kathryn. She had light brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes.

"There's not much in common with these girls' other than their ages or there disappearances. Trin is African American and Shelby and Kathryn are not, but Shelby has blond hair and Kathryn's in brown so chances are that the Unsub doesn't care." Morgan spit out he was confused there was nothing connecting these girl. He flipped through his file reading the police statements from the nights they went missing.

"And none of them have turned up?" Emily said even though her mind was still focused on her misfortune.

"not yet and there keeping this case from the media for now." JJ said "well we need to leave as soon as possible. There's not really much of a cooling off period."

Hotch stood up "you right wheels up in thirty minutes" then everyone left except Emily and JJ.

"Are you okay, how'd it go" JJ gave Emily a smile then placed her hand on her shoulder.

Emily looked away as her eyes began to water "I can't have a baby."

JJ looks stunned sympathetically she said "Oh Em, I know how much you wanted this"

"I'm being punished for the abortion I had. That why I can't get pregnant!" tears began to flood her eyes and pour down her cheeks. JJ pulled Emily in for a hug knowing there was nothing that could stop her tears from falling

The fight had been rather fast. They had just enough time to read over all the case files and begin their profile.

"Well our Unsub doesn't care about race." Rossi said loudly trying to pull their attention away from Emily. No one really care for his word though, all there focused stayed on her. They could see she was upset, with her mind in the clouds as she stared out the window. Looking out the window was what she did when something was bothering her.

"okay Morgan and Prentiss you should talk to Kathryn's sister is in foster care and has been for two year. So Kathryn is probably everything to her she may have seen something and she will be able to tell us more about Kathryn okay with you guys?" Hotch wasn't really asking them they would have to go anyways and Morgan new that so he nodded yes then waited for Emily to do the same. "Prentiss? Prentiss? EMILY?" Hotch yelled looking her strait in the eyes.

"Sorry, I was thinking about something" Emily pulled herself up right as she notice everyone's eyes on her.

"I need to focus so we can find these girls. Can you do that?" Hotch said very seriously.

"Yeah, sorry I just needed a second. I'm good now." Emily quickly put on a smile and stuck ne nose back into the files in front of her.

The plane landed in new York around lunch time. The team made their way to the SUV's sent by FBI office in New York and then head off to the destinations.

Morgan and Prentiss when approaching Kathryn's sister's foster home. It was on an old neighborhood all the buildings where brick and tall most of them empty ready for demolition. This was normal for that area of New York City. As they pulled up to the large building they could see the crumbling foundation and the graffiti in the alley next to it. They sat there just staring at the poor living conditions listening to what Garcia had found about Kathryn and her little sister's past.

"So my fury friends, Kathryn's parents died in a car accident." Garcia said as both Morgan and Prentiss unbuckled their seat belts. "Now because Kathryn and Rebecca didn't have the same mother when their parents died Rebecca had no one but Kathryn still had her mom."

"Leaving Rebecca in to foster care." Morgan said looking down at his caller ID photo of Garcia. She was smiling like normal with a bright colored head band and a flower in her hair.

"Yes, And according to what I uncovered she had a rough time. She was abused a lot. She seems strong like she could hit back if someone were to hurt her. I mean she a competitive runner , swimmer, every sport out there kind of person and she holds records for fastest 50 meter sprint and one of the fasted times ever for cross country. And she does like every sport imaginable thank to all the money her parents left her. But still two years and she's been trough 24 different foster care homes…wait, this doesn't make any sense" Garcia stopped

"What doesn't make sense?" Emily spit out pulling the phone out of Morgan's hand.

"Kid's been making some wired transactions in the past year. They trace back to of shore accounts. She's been moving money to other accounts but it doesn't say why. I'll do some digging and then get back to you guys later. Goodbye." Garcia said and with that the line when dead.

They both looked at each other confused. Prentiss was the first to break the silence "how old did Garcia say Rebecca was?"


"How may twelve year olds randomly move money to off shore bank accounts? I'm beginning to think these disappearances are no coincidence. I think if we look hard enough there is some connection between them." Emily said stepping out of the black suburban.

" I think your right Prentiss, so what the hell is this then?"

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