The Descendent from Heaven
Chapter 1: The Emerald Green Eyes

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A beautiful day has come again in the 1st district of the Barsburg Empire. The busy upper classmen to the noisy slums, all were enjoying the morning with full pleasure.

On the other hand Teito and Labrador struggle in the Houburg Fort Prison. "Teito, daijoubu?" Labrador asks a tired Teito who replies "We will get out of her soon, we will!". Teito and Labrador were in the prison for 2 days and were being tortured by Hyuuga continuously. While Teito and Labrador were talking, Hyuuga entered the prison cell with a playful look. "If you would have co-operated with us then you would not have been here, Teito-kun." Hyuuga said. Teito calmly answered "I have no intention to support a fallen god!" this enraged Hyuuga and so he kicked Teito on his face saying "Well, I should have expected a slave to be a slave always. Ayanami was wrong in showing pity on a runt like you. Now suffer." Saying this Hyuuga left the cell. He went straight to Ayanami's office. "The runt…" as Hyuuga said this Ayanami gave him a death glare, Hyuuga gulped and then said "Teito I mean has refused to listen. Aya-tan, what should we do?". "Bring him to my room now. It seems I have to talk to him myself." Saying this Ayanami left the room. Hyuuga was a little scared of how Ayanami was talking but he admired him at the same time. Hyuuga went back to the Prison cell to bring Teito.
He entered the cell and opened Teito's chains keeping his handcuffs on and then drags him by his hair to Ayanami's room and then throws him on the floor in front of Ayanami.

"Teito Klein, I wont exaggerate this topic much and come to the point. Teito Klein, join the Black Hawks once again and help us destroy the empire." said Ayanami. Teito looked up quietly and then sat up and looked at the floor "and why should I help you, the one who killed my father, Father and Mikage?" said Teito with rage in his eyes. "Well, you wouldn't want Profe to get hurt, would you?" saying this Ayanami opens a round screen with his Zaiphon and shows Teito how Hyuuga is torturing Labrador. "Well?" asked Ayanami. Teito started sweating and was confused.

Suddenly, a knock came on the door, "Come in" said Ayanami and a tall man with brown hair and wearing glasses came in. The man said "The church men have infiltrated the fort, Sir!" hearing this Ayanami immediately rushed to the Black Hawks office. As Ayanami was leaving the room he told the other officer to lock Teito up again. After Ayanami left, the tall man came beside Teito and asked "are you alright Teito-kun?" Teito who was shocked at the officer calm demeanor and look at him in shock. "Castor?" said Teito in shock. "Yes, its me! The church has formed an alliance with the princess to save you and Labrador." Said Castor. "Is Frau with you?" asked Teito. "yes he is." Castor said with a smile. Teito felt relieved to hear this. "We have to escape immediately, come on Teito!" saying this Castor picked up the wounded Teito and ran out of the room. "What about Labrador?" asked Teito. Castor smiled and said "Hakuren will take care of that!"

At the prison, Hyuuga was torturing Labrador unknown to the church's infiltration. Suddenly, a blonde youth with his hair tied loosely to one side and has purply eyes and wearing splendid clothes comes in. He orders Hyuuga to stop what he is doing and hand Labrador to him. Hyuuga says "I cant do that. I trust no one except Ayanami. I will praise you for coming so boldly towards me and acting all royalty, Hakuren-kun." and gives a wink. Hakuren silently whispers "Darn it!"

While Hakuren confronts Hyuuga, Ouka confronts her father in his chamber. Wolfram says "My sweet daughter, how I would have loved to hand over the throne to you but now I have to kill you. Sob Sob". Ouka angrily says "I don't want to inherit the throne! Stop your daughter loving father drama! I know that you would have assassinated me sooner or later! I don't want to be the queen! And most of all I don't want to be called your daughter!" tears come out of Ouka's eyes. Wolfram says "What a nice speech!" and claps. Ouka enraged attacks her father with her zaiphon.

While Ouka confronts her father, Ayanami confronts Frau while going to the Black Hawks office. "Long time no see, Verloren!" says Frau smirking. "Indeed, two days is a very long time, Zehel." said Ayanami. "Well, what did you say? You will take everthing precious to me away from me, huh?" said Frau mockingly "Its seems you destroyed your own love yourself!". Enraged by Frau's words Ayanami says "I don't want to hear that from someone who reaps on innocent living souls!" saying this he unsheathes his sword and attacks Frau.

While all this is happening at the Houburg Fort, a brunette girl with long hair with a build similar to Teito's walks through the 78th slums of the 1st district. She walked like she has not walk for a long time. She comes to an edge of a cliff and looks up with her emerald green eyes. She says "The human world is such a disgusting place. My father has yet to perfect it.". She walks away after saying this and then looks at a black stone on her locket and caresses it. "I wonder what Verloren is doing right now…." said the brunette and disappeared into the slums.


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