A Descendant from Heaven
Chapter 5: Teito and Evergreen


Teito watched outside the window of his room as the war started. Airships blowing up each other, Hawkziles crashing after impact. "Was all this really necessary?" Teito asked himself.
"They are all trying to protect you. You have to be strong. The time will come when you will have to go to the battlefield as well. Be ready for that." A voice echoed in his mind. It was Mikhail. "As long as Master has a strong will everything will be fine."

There was a big rush in the Church. Every Bishop changed into normal clothes and put on a coat with the symbol of the Church. They all rushed to the Hawkziles to enter the battle while the Nuns were either healing the injured Bishops or protecting the church. Many Nuns were creating a zaiphon barrier to stop the attacks from destroying the church.
The main forces of the church were the Fyulongs. Many Bishops rode the Fyulongs and went into battle. Some Fyulong guarded the Church as well.

"Aya-tan…it seems like the Church is more organized than us. Our soldiers might not be able to handle them." Hyuuga said with a smirk "What do we do?"
"We have to destroy the church from within. Somebody has to sneak in." Ayanami said with a dark expression.
"But all of us are Warsfeils. They will know when we enter." Haruse said.
"I will go!" Konatsu volunteers "Shuri will go with me. We both are humans. We can enter the church without anyone noticing."
Kuroyuri asks "What about the barrier? If you break it they will know someone has entered."
"Since those two are human so the Church will think they are normal soldiers and send some Bishops other than the 07 ghosts. I am sure Konatsu can handle them. Ne Kona-chan?" Hyuuga asked.
"Who is Kona-chan? I suppose Lieutenant Hyuuga's theory is right." Konatsu answered.
"Then you are ordered to enter the Church and do what you must. Destroy them from inside like the darkness that eats away light slowly from inside. Also, if you can, bring Teito back." Ayanami ordered.
"Yes Sir!" Konatsu and Shuri said in chorus.

Back at the Church, the war is still on. Fyulongs continue to fight with the military Fyulongs.
"Its time for me to go to the battlefield." Teito said to himself.
" I will come with you then!" A voice said from behind.
" Evergreen? You will come with me? Are you sure?" Teito asked surprised.
"Yes. Now hurry up!" Evergreen said.
They hurried out of the room. Evergreen ran ahead of Teito while Teito followed her.
Suddenly Evergreen stopped. "I can feel the presence of outside forces." She suddenly started running towards the garden behind the Church.
"Lets head towards the battlefield! The Bishops will take care of the invaders!" Teito shouted as he ran after her.
"They aren't ordinary soldiers! They are Begleiters!" Evergreen answered.
"But people will know if Warsfeils enter the Church unless…" Teito stopped.
"They are humans." Evergreen also stopped.
"Its Konatsu." Teito said.

"This going to be fun!" Frau shouted while riding his hawkzile. He beat every soldier that came at him.
"Don't get carried away! Bishops are supposed to be caring!" Castor scolded Frau.
"Let him go all out for once. He will be fine." Labrador said.
"You will spoil him." Castor said to Labrador.
"Less talking! More Fighting!" Frau shouted and headed towards more enemies.
The Church was soon gaining an upper hand on the Military. The black Fyulongs were getting exhausted and some of them dropped to the earth.

While all this happened, Teito and Evergreen came face to face with Konatsu and Shuri at the back of the Church.
"We meet again Teito Klein! Never thought we would see you so soon again." Shuri said.
"Don't talk so arrogantly, Oak boy! I bet you can't even hold your sword properly!" Evergreen mocked Shuri.
"How dare you!" Shuri charged right towards Evergreen with his sword unsheathed.
"Stop Shuri! Don't be hasty!" Konatsu screamed.
As soon as he tried to attack Evergreen, she kicked him without any effort to the dustbin. Teito and Konatsu sweat dropped at Shuri's stupidity.
"I guess it my turn. Get ready you two." Konatsu said while unsheathing his sword.
Teito did not have his buckles with him so he awakened Mikhail. Evergreen took out her sword. Konatsu was surprised at Teito who could now awaken Mikhail as he wished.
"You have improved." Saying this Konatsu charged towards them. Evergreen jumped and attacked from above while Mikhail stopped his attack with a barrier.

"Aya-tan, things did not turn out the way we wanted it to. What do we do? Shuri is useless and Konatsu cant fight with Mikhail and Eve alone." Hyuuga said.
"Activate RCCA. Put it at level 15. That will be enough to control Raphael." Ayanami ordered.
"Yes Sir." Hyuuga replied.
"What is the RCCA?" Kuroyuri asked Katsuragi.
"Raphael Complete Control Activation is a special process where a prototype of Raphael which has already been created is used to control the real Raphael. This way we will be able to use Raphael to fight Mikhail and Evergreen." Katsuragi answered.

Back at the church, Ouka gets affected by this prototype and faints. Her servants try to pick her up and put on the bed.
"Are you okay, Ouka-sama?!" Kikune, her servant asked.
Suddenly Ouka wakes up, her eyes are blue. Raphael has been awakened. She throws the servants away and leaves the room. She heads towards the back of the Church where Teito and Evergreen are fighting Konatsu.
Konatsu keeps attacking again and again but Evergreen keeps pushing him away. Mikhail also attacks rapidly. Konatsu gets exhausted but keeps on fighting. He charges towards Mikhail but Evergreen intervenes and is about to slash him when Mikhail pulls Evergreen back just in time before she would have been slashed by Raphael's attack.
"Ouka?" Teito says shocked.
"Orders must be obeyed. Bring Teito Klein back to the kingdom and defeat the fake Eve are my orders so I shall obey." Raphael said.
"That's Raphael and somehow she is possessed." Evergreen answers.


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