Chapter 54

Arukenimon and Mummymon both have massive and very disturbing looking smiles on their faces, as they watch the boy in front of them be covered with shadows, growing taller, thinner, until the shadows seem to finally separate from the boy.

Who's no longer a boy, but a broken looking old man who lies there slumped down on the floor as the shadows begin to take a shape.

"Good to have you back boss!" Demidevimon yells, his grin massive and his eyes nearly bulging out from the excitement.

The deep, smug voice echoes. "Oh you have no idea how good it is to BE back...finally…." He swishes back his cape and a tall figure is revealed, with long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, lips that curl back to reveal white, sharp fangs.

"Lord Myotismon…." Arukenimon smirks as she lowers herself respectively to the ground. "It is good to finally see you in person, my master."

Myotismon's smirk grows as he scans the room, moving his fingers in and out and letting out a low hiss of triumph. "Finally...after four years…."

A low moan echoes behind him and he turns his head around, the grin growing on his face as he places a boot on the poor man's neck. "And I couldn't have done it without you, Oikawa." He purrs. "Truly. You have my gratitude for letting me borrow your pathetic meatsack for a while."

The man's voice is a mere horse whisper but he manages to choke out, "Please...don't hurt them anymore…"

"Then you really should have thought this through more?" Myotismon smirks. "You're as guillable as the young girls I used to pray on. Word of advice, don't listen to disembodied voices from the fog, especially when they make you ridiculous promises."

The man makes a noise that could very well be a strangled sob, and Myotismon sneers as a dark sphere forms in his hand. "Pathetic imbecile."

"And you're a freaking PSYCHOPATH."

Myotismon yells as, caught off guard, he's slammed into the wall opposite, face first. Ralts crosses her little stubby arms over her chest.

"Was me grinding your face against the wall like a block of cheese against a grater the first time not warning enough? Do NOT piss me off, you overgrown mosquito."

Tai smirks, the mocking smirk obvious on his face. "So this would be the...second time you've gotten your rear handed to you by a little girl right? The first would have been my sister and your own pet cat?"

"Don't forget Lily kept exploding his castle and basically destroying his armies since the tender age of eight."


"MOVE!" Tai yells, moving to scoop Ralts up and do a dramatic barrel roll out of the way before she just teleports him to the other side of the room.

"...Or we could do that." She says dryly.

"Or we could do that." Tai agrees before yelping at the storm of bats that fly chittering towards him, just as eager for fresh blood as their master.

Ralts sent Psychics and Confusions galore at the flesh eating vermin, but ultimately, the two of them were outnumbered and outgunned.'



Tai yells as the venemous silk wraps around his legs, knocking him to the ground, and he hisses in agonizing pain as it burns into his calves.

Ralts curses wildly as bandages courtesy of Mummymon wrap around her little frame-at least she cursed until said bandages wrapped around her mouth, cutting her off completely.


"As much as I'm going to enjoy giving you a slow death…." Myotismon drawls out, smirking as he tips Tai's chin up, forcing the boy to look at him. "I think I'm going to keep you alive for just a bit. Consider it your punishment for stealing my pet from me in the first place. Whatever happens to her...let it be on your consious."

Tai growls before sinking his teeth into Myotismon's hand, causing the vampire's blue eyes to flare and for him to backhand the boy freaking HARD.


Tai groans, pushing himself upwards and seeing Lily standing in the window, breathing hard, her eyes furious and her expression feral.

But she also looks absolutely like she's been through….well hell. More so than the rest of them.

Tai can see practically every rib on her body, and her legs are shaking as she struggles to stand on her feet.

Myotismon's lips curve in an absolutely mocking smirk as he looks at me. "Sweetheart...look at yourself."


"Tired my precious one? Exhausted?" His fingers run through my hair and I'm practically too weak to even try to shove him away.

I can feel his cold fingers tracing the vine that grew out of my neck, though it's now dead and black. "I won't be needing this anymore." He says dryly. "Although I have to admit, it served its purposes far more than I ever thought it would. With all your rebelliousness I thought I'd wasted my time."

"...Get off me…"

He laughs before ripping at the dead stem, and I scream in pain as it snaps in half, the rest of it dissolving into dust.

I can feel the last of my strength leaving my body as I collapse forwards, almost falling into his chest, and Myotismon just smirks before shoving me hard onto the ground and slamming a boot down on my ribs.


"And the real irony here is?" Myotismon hisses dangerously, his cruel smile growing. "I don't need you anymore little one. And it's high time you finally paid the ultimate price for your rebellion."

He grinds the boot harder on my ribs and I hear Tai frantically screaming my name. "Foolish girl, thinking you could possibly challenge me on your own? You just don't LEARN do you?"

My own smirk appears on my face. "That's the thing though Dorkula….I'm not on my own."

He barely has time to even process this statement before Renamon drops her perception filter and snarls, fur bristlening as she flat out punches him in the face.

An angry yowl echoes from above as Gatomon leaps downwards, her claws bared as she knocks his mask off and leaves three deep scratches across his face.

She lands, her fur bristeling, and as he hisses at her, Gatomon bares her own fangs and hisses right back at him.

Myotismon smirks. "So I'll have the chance to deal with three traitors all at once...this will be fun."

Gatomon scoffs. "I think someone is forgetting who exactly put an arrow through whose heart again?" She says dryly. "But just in case you are…"

Her body begins to glow with pink light as she calls out, "GATOMON DIGIVOLVE TO...ANGEWOMON!"

Arukenimon scoffs. "Oh we're really afraid of a peaceful loving angel preaching about inner goodness."

Angewomon smiles dangerously. "Not today." before she lunges at Myotismon with a feral snarl that could only be considered devilish.

I bolt towards Tai as the two Perfect levels tussle it out, barely dodging a blast from Mummymon's gun that scores a burn mark across my left hip.

That is until Renamon grabs Demidevimon and literally throws him so hard that he actually embeds himself into Mummymon's mouth.

"Are you two okay?" I ask frantically, pulling the venemous threads off of Tai before rushing over to Ralts. "What were you two thinking rushing in here by yourselves?"

"Look whose talking." Ralts grumbles.

"Yeah me a favor. Be nothing like me." I plead. "At least not how I used to me. Trust me...that lesson has been learned. The hard way. Several times over."

Tai smiles slightly, his brown eyes locked on mine. "...Glad to hear it."

Good Yggdrasil do I want to kiss this boy. But I refrain. Mostly because this is neither the time nor place, but also if I waste time making out and resolving all this unresolved sexual tension, Angewomon will kick my rear.


But Myotismon was clearly not planning on letting Angewomon pierce his skull with an arrow, because he lashed a red whip around her bare leg causing her to shriek in pain.

"And that's why we wear armor instead of skimpy outfits." I mutter grimly, still exhausted as I get to my feet.

But for once, I'm actually okay with letting the others do the hard work. At least most of the hard work.

I still don't hesitate to end up throwing things at Arukenimon and Mummymon, and when Demidevimon tries to be sneaky and hit me with one of his needles, I backhand him so hard into the wall it leaves a serious dent.

"Why does he even keep you?" I question, looking over at him and shaking my head in exasperation.

"HEAVEN'S CHARM!" Angewomon yells, sweeping her hands in the position of the cross, the pink light blasting forwards that should be strong enough to take out Myotismon or at least do some serious damage to him.

Or at least it should have done so. Myotismon smirks, spreading his cape out again and letting out a yell of, "NIGHTMARE CLAW!"

The creepy face shoots forward, counteracting Angewomon's heavenly light and she shrieks as it leaves massive scars across her wings and she drops to her knees, breathing hard.

Myotismon grins evilly and advances towards her as Renamon crosses her arms over her chest and lets out a yell of, "DIAMOND STORM!"

Myotismon just rolls his eyes before letting out a breath so casual it might have been a sigh, and sends the diamonds flying back our direction.

"Don't you just hate it when he defies the laws of physics?" I mutter in contempt, brushing my hair back from my face and flicking out flecks of diamonds from it.

Laughing, Myotismon is now standing down on the windowsill and smirking down at us. "I'll have to play with you more later my dears, because right now, there are things that must be...done. Arukenimon, Mummymon, come."

"He is so NOT getting away." Angewomon growls darkly, ignoring the pain in her wings as I stand next to her, unfurling my own wings and ignoring how darn tired my muscles are.

Demidevimon groans, dazed at his spot beside the wall. "Yeah...I'll catch up later….when the room stops moving."

"Uh….boss…." Mummymon ventures nervously as Myotismon scans the skies as if for some sort of sign, a sign neither of them can see as they stand by their spot on the edge of the now nearly silent battlefield. "What exactly are we looking for?"

"Just as I predicted…" Myotismon muses to himself. "ZeedMillenniummon's attack weakened the barrier even more…."

Arukenimon huffs. "Whenever you finish talking to yourself, let us know." She states sarcastically. "I'm starting to think you're just making this up as you go along."


"You doubt me?" Myotismon drawls, seemingly amused, but to anyone who would have known him long enough, might have realized that warning tone in his voice.

"Oh no of course not." Arukenimon assures him, but the sarcasm in her voice is plenty evident.

Myotismon chuckles, with his back towards them. "You know the two of you were created through Oikawa's DNA, do you not?"

"Of course we know that, you've told us plenty of times."

"Well my dear…" Myotismon turns to face her, and the smile on his face was enough to send shivers down even her spine. "If I don't need him anymore...what makes you so sure I need you?"

Arukenimon's face blanches as he suddenly moves as fast as a striking snake, and suddenly he's got Arukenimon lifted up into the air by the neck.

"W-wait!" She shrieks, her face going absolutely pale. "M-master PLEASE! I've been your faithful servant!"

"You have." Myotismon agrees. "Too bad that changes absolutely nothing."

"ARUKENIMON! NO!" Mummymon shrieks as Myotismon's bats surrond her, chirping with mad hunger as her agonized screams fill the night air.

Myotismon smirks and scratches one of the bats underneath its now bloody chin as it lands on his shoulder. "Was that tasty?" He coos. "Did Daddy's little darlings enjoy their yummy treat?"


Myotismon rolls his eyes as he easily snaps the bandages around his wrists with so little effort it's actually terrifying. "I have to commend you on your nobility, Mummymon." He says dryly. "Wasting your time avenging the woman who would hardly give you the time of day, much less anything...ELSE."

"You…" Mummymon fights back a sob as he shrieks, "I LOVED her! And you...I'LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THAT!"

"Oh, will you really?" Myotismon asks in a bored tone of voice. "CRIMSON LIGHTNING!"

The whip lashes forwards and grabs Mummymon by the neck and Myotismon leers down at him, fangs lengthening. "Because you see...I'm hungry too."

Myotismon's expression turns feral and he lunges.


"Where'd that smug little creep go?" Angewomon growls as she flies next to me, her fingers twitching as though she can't wait to slam arrow after arrow into Myotismon's smirking face.

I grimace. "...I'm not sure." Just as a wail pierces the sky.

"...But the screams of agonized pain and horror seem a good place to start."

Myotismon spots the three of us streaking right towards him, two of us in the air, Kyubimon on the ground and she snarls viciously before pouncing at him.

He just smirks before stepping forwards….through the air.

"...Did he just teleport?" I ask in confusion, as Ralts, riding on Angewomon's back (because nothing in the world could convince her to come with Tai and round up the others) shakes her head.

"Nah. I would have sensed it. He went...right through there."

I bite my lip. "We should wait for the others."

"But he could get away!" Kyubimon snarls, pawing at the ground.

Angewomon lays a hand on my shoulder. "Lily I appreciate your attempts to think things through, but honestly...sometimes your mentality is correct." She smirks. "Sometimes you just go for it."

A slow grin appears on my own face. "...Let's get him."

"I'm going to serve his liver with a side of garlic." Ralts comments, cracking her knuckles. How she did that I have no idea.

The four of us plunge forwards, motivated by thoughts of justice with a serious side serving of vengeance.

Tai's feet pound as he runs down the stairs of the castle. He had a hunch. He had to be right. He had to be right. He stops mid run and breaths a sigh of relief.

More than 20 children were in there-none of them were in good shape. Most of them looked as weak and fragile as Lily had. But none of them were dead.

"...Thank Yggdrasil." He mutters as the kids turn to look at him, with obvious fear in their eyes.'

Tai leans on the banister and looks at them pleadingly. "...We need your help."

Myotismon's smirk looks too big to fit on his face as he enters the other dimension, his eyes scanning the whole area. And to think. Oikawa had wanted to come back here so badly in the hope that he could save Hiroki after being forced to leave him here.

Fool. After Chronomon's death this place's time had been messed with even more so than the others.

He had probably died of starvation within a matter of weeks, and if that hadn't took him, died of old age in a matter of months.

But now…

"Yes…." Myotismon breathes, running his hand over the Destiny Stone's surface. "You are going to be the key to my sucesses, aren't you? So much...power. So beautiful. It's almost a shame I have to destroy you."

"You know it really says something about you if you're lusting after a rock."

"And what would you have me lust over my pet?" Myotismon drawls without even really looking behind him. "You?"

I make a face. "Gosh no you sick pervert."

Myotismon smirks as he finally turns around to face us. "I suppose you're all wondering what this...marvelous place is."

"Nope." Angewomon comments deadpan, completely oblivious to how topsy-turvy this place seemed to be. I've heard of Giratina's realm, and this place seemed almost as weird, colored in shades of pink and purple and other nutsoness, with random objects floating all over the place.

"...You see the unicorn too, don't you?"

"Yes. Yes I do."

"Oh but come now." Myotismon waves a hand elegantly. "Surely you must be a little curious. This place is the so called...drawing board of the Digital World. The starting place. Where life first emerged here."

"I-DON'T-CARE." The anger in Angewomon's voice is more intense than I've heard it ever before. "I don't care about any of your crap Myotismon. All I want is to send you straight back to hell for what you did."

"Still touchy about your little boyfriend are we?"

"...I swear bloodsucker, one more crack, and you're going to find out exactly where the phrase "avenging angel" came from."

Myotismon just arches an eyebrow at her and smirks as the sounds of people yelling echoes behind us.

"It's official." Yolei mutters from her spot under the dogpile of Digidestined while the Tamers look at us like we're insane. "We can never, ever have a dignified enterance, can we?"

"Oh but I'm glad you all are here." Myotismon drawls out. "To witness this."

"This is going to be another monologue, isn't it?" I question Angewomon.

She sighs deeply. "...Most likely."

Myotismon smirks as his body starts glowing again, and my right eye twitches as Davis yells, "OKAY HOW MANY TIMES IS THE ENEMY GOING TO END UP DIGIVOLVING ON US HUH?!"

"But what is he digivolving into?" TK questions, biting his lip. "Into VenomMyotismon?"

"Oh I hope so. VenomMyotismon was a flaming moron that spoke through his crouch."

The glow finishes and the deep booming laugh is even more powerful and menacing than usual.

"...Nope." I mutter darkly. "We're not going to be that lucky."

While not nearly as big as VenomMyotismon, the creep is now twice his height, with powerful white armored muscles, a long whip like tail, almost alien looking arms, and a mouthful of shark-like fangs.


"Ah, now this is more like it." He chuckles, a menacing leer in his beady eyes. "I KNEW Millenniummon's data would come in handy."

"You absolute SON OF A…." Ryo's voice is incensed, her eyes blazing, fists clenched at her side.

MaloMyotismon scoffs. "Oh don't even pretend, you're glad he's dead. He never did anything but make you suffer."

"...Maybe." She breaths as Monodramon stands at her side. "Maybe, but that's not how I wanted him to die, just as a PAWN IN YOUR SCHEME."

"Oh you Tamers and your sentimentality is ridiculous…" He smirks, showing off those shark-like teeth. "So...who shall I try my new powers on first?"

I growl and snap my wings out as I stand protectively in front of Kari. "Don't even think about it."

"On second thought…." He muses, that sadistic smirk on his face. "All of you at once sounds pretty good to me." His eyes glow red as he shouts out, "MENTAL ILLUSION!"



My eyes slowly open and I realize I'm standing in what looks like a throne room, with torches blazing on every side of the wall.

"Oh great…." I call out, rolling my eyes and putting my hands on my hips. "Trying to give me flashbacks of the past? It's not going to work anymore Dorkula, I'm over that."

There's laughter, but it's not Myotismon's laughter. The laughter of seven voices all together at the same time.

"So glad you could join us sweetheart." Alexander smiles but the smile doesn't quite reach his eyes. In fact its almost...creepy.

"...Dad? What are you talking about?"

"Well go on." Lilithmon giggles, her eyes alit with malice as she gestures to the far wall and the figure chained there. "It's your turn."
My eyes widen in horror as I realize that Tai is the one chained there, with horrible scars and wounds all over his body. He looks barely conscious…..

"TAI!" I bolt forwards but some random grunts, Devimon, block my path.

"Prove your loyalty." A smug, drawling voice orders, and Lucemon's sitting there on his throne, smirking. "To me. To us." That's when I notice his white gloves are red with blood, and they're dripping, dripping on the carpet.

"N-...NO!" I stagger backwards, fear in my voice as I shake my head wildly. "I-I don't want this, y-you can't….you would never actually…"

"Oh but kiddo." Alexander smiles darkly and that's when I notice the dark stains across his jacket. "We do want this. We always have. And so have you."

"You'll enjoy it". Barbamon comments, his long beard with flecks of red inside of it. "You've done it before haven't you? You're a killer, just like us."

"Evil...just like us."



"Do it…"

I scream, grabbing at my head. "STOP IT!"


Davis touches my shoulder and I blink, realizing that we're standing in the middle of a blank room. "You okay?"

I can feel my eyes prick with tears. Wiping at my face I whisper, "H-how did you...make it go away?"

"It was never there in the first place." Davis says gently, putting a hand on my shoulder. "...You okay?"

"...I...I am now...thanks."

"We're friends right?" Davis cocks his head, and his smile is so much like Tai's it's unbelievable. "I'm not gonna ever leave you?"

"...When we get out of this knuckle-head, I just might have to kiss you a bit."



"WHAT?!" MaloMyotismon's voice booms as the white walls around us break, and suddenly we're right back where we started. "How did you...I trapped you within your own minds, how could you ever!"

"No offense." Kari says, her tone suggesting she means all the offense in the world. "But you're just not very convincing."

That's when I notice what's different about this place. My jaw drops. "Renamon?! How did you?!"

"I don't really know." Renamon chuckles as she stands next to Kyubimon and Taomon. "But I'm loving it. There's multiple versions of me!"

"Isn't that slightly narcissitc?" Birdramon asks in exasperation as she stands next to Garudamon.

"What's narcissitc mean?" Three voices ask in unison.

"Oy vey." Yolei mutters as she stands next to Hawkmon and all of his forms. "Someone get the fox a dictionary."

"I think that might be a lost cause." Stella says dryly, as Serpahimon and all of his younger forms are standing next to him.

MaloMyotismon's eyes widen warily as he takes in all of the very angry enemy Digimon surronding him.

"You see this?" Davis questions as he stands next to Flamedramon, ExVeemon and Raidramon. "Every Digimon here wants a piece of you and I DOUBT you'll be able to answer to all of them. Feel like surendering yet?"

MaloMyotismon scowls darkly before spitting out a fierce, "It doesn't matter how many of you there are! You'll never defeat me! NEVER!"

"Ah bad guys." I say flatly before turning to Renamon. "I assume there's a reason you're still in your Rookie form...or at least one of you is?"

Renamon grins and takes my hand. "Let's kick his butt."














And on and on and on it went. The attacks were completely relentlesss and void of mercy, and MaloMyotismon's screams echo as he tumbles backwards, slamming into the wall of the opposite dimension.

"We've got him on the ropes!"

"My turn." A familiar growl echoes as WarGreymon charges forwards, eyes blazing. I wouldn't classify myself as a sadistic person. But that look of panic on MaloMyotismon's face almost made me wet myself laughing.


"That did it." Tai growls as he stands next to me, looking up at me in my much taller form.

I shake my head. "...It should have done it...but I doubt it…"

I'm almost afraid to set foot back outside of this realm, terrified that it will be that hellhole once again, but it's...not.

"Hey...we're back in the Digital World!"

"But what happened to it?" Yolei gasps, looking at the dark and barren landscape. "...We haven't been gone...that long have we."

Stella clenches her teeth. "The barrier between the worlds is weakning more than ever. We've got to destroy that Destiny Stone fast or…"

Ken's blue eyes narrow dangerously. "Where's MaloMyotismon?"

The laughter echoes as the demon steps out behind the barren and dead looking cliff. "Oh children, were you looking for me?"

"What is he freaking made of that he can take that many hits and not be done?" ExVeemon mutters, and I realize that now, the Digimon are back to only one form once more. I just didn't notice as I was still in my Sakuyamon form.

"It's the Dark Spores." Serpahimon rumbles. "Just like with Millenniummon. As long as they give him power, then he is practically invincible."

MaloMyotismon laughs darkly. "Oh there's no practically about it. I AM invincible."

I glance back over my shoulder to see the crowd of about twenty kids still standing there, looking like broken dolls.

"...Tai why did you bring them here?"

He glances up at me. "...A hunch."


"Just trust me Lily."

I hesitate before nodding, my eyes widening again as I see those same specks of darkness that filtered around Millenniummon filtering around Myotismon too.

He laughs manically. "With the barrier so weak, I might not even have to destroy the Destiny Stone after all." He lifts his hands to the skies and screams, "BEHOLD Digidestined! Your world is about to be covered by eternal night!"

My face pales as I see the rift in the sky, so much like the one from all those years ago, form up in the air above them, and I can see the city of Odiaba, with a black fog surronding it like a venemous poison.


He just laughs as we all charge forwards, "SCREAMING DARKNESS!" The armour on his shoulders opens up like massive, drooling jaws, revealing a huge blast of energy that force most of the group down to their knees.

It's like every bad feeling I've ever had before, all the guilt, the fear, the pain, the loss…


Angewomon stretches a hand out towards me even as she cringes, and I look in her eyes and have memories flashing back through my head.

"Salamon, come on and play with me!"

"He's not going to find out about us, I promise. I'm not going to let him hurt you."
I remember laughing as a little puppy licked my face over and over again, I remember Gatomon's touch as she licked my forehead and glanced warily at the door as though she was afraid someone was going to come charging in.

"We'll be right here for you little one." Wizardmon's hand rests on top of my head, as Gatomon rubs against my legs.

"...I promise. Always."

"...It only takes a little bit of light…" I rasp, looking over at Angewomon. She nods and our hands grasp together, and Kari breathes in sharply as the Crest of Light suddenly apperars on her collar bone.




MaloMyotismon winces away from the blaze of golden light, and stares in disbelief at our new form.

"Sort of miss the armor." My voice echoes out.

"Lily, we're a priestess in this form. I'm pretty sure they're not supposed to HAVE armor."

"Eh, whatever. We can still kick his butt without it right?"

He snarls, baring his lips back. "Oh you think so do you? SCREAMING DARKNESS!"

The wave of dark energy shoots forward once more, but I slash my staff right through them with a shout of, "TWIN BLADES OF BEAUTY AND TRUTH!"

The pink shots streak forward, slamming right into the two massive jaws and MaloMyotismon screams in agony, pulling back and staring in horror at the weapons on his shoulders, which have literally been melted shut.

Raising up in the sky, all three of us ask, "Still think this is going to be easy Dorkula?"

"I think they might actually be winning." One of the little girls breaths, for the first time in a long time, actual hope entering her voice.

"Don't be stupid." One boy mutters, sliding down against the barrier. "They're just delaying the inevitable. He'll destroy them...and then he'll kill all of us."


They glance up into the cold blue eyes of Ken Ichijouji. "How DARE you talk like that? How dare you just give up?"

"Why shouldn't we? We lost, didn't we? He beat us?"

"There's no point in fighting back." One little girl whispers, as the dark specks being to float forwards, going over to Myotismon once more. "It'll just make the pain even worse."

His lips curling in a sneer as the darkness fills him, MaloMyotismon purrs, "YES...just keep thinking that way my children!"

"Do me a favor." Lily's voice echoes out as she brandishes her staff at him once more. "Never refer to little kids as my children like that ever again, it is CREEPY AS...GAH!"

Sakuyamon yells as she's slammed forcefully into the wall opposite, face first. MaloMyotismon grins as he notices her exposed skin.

"Now my sweet….let me have the pleasure of COMPLETELY reopening your back...CRIMSON MIST!"

Sakuyamon's agonized scream rents as Tai's heart as the smell of blood fills his nostrils. A LOT of blood. Whirling around he cries out, "Do you WANT her to die?! Do you want him to win?! Because none of us will be able to stop him if you keep feeding him!"

"GET AWAY FROM THEM!" MagnaAngemon roars, his blade slicing over MaloMyotismon's tail and cutting the tip off-the demon roars in pain before smirking as the black specks reform it almost instanteously, and he grabs MagnaAngemon in his prehensile tail and holds him struggling and helpless.


"Well what do you expect us to do?" The same extremely pessimistic boy snaps. "Get out there and fight for ourselves!"


Ryo's green eyes blaze as she points at Ken. "Do you realize what this kid went through? Because of THAT THING? Do you realize what THEY-" She points at Sakuyamon, whose struggling to get back on her feet, "Went through because of THAT THING? And then you have the nerve to say you don't even want to try?"

Noriko bites her lip and glances back at the battlefield, her heart lurching in her throat as he tosses MagnaAngemon aside and then punches a badly injured Sakuyamon in the face. It was like he wasn't even all that interested in the others. He just wanted to make HER suffer.

"I may not know what you kids have gone through….and it doesn't matter." Ryo's jaw tightens. "No matter what happens, your suffering only controls you IF YOU LET IT!"

MaloMyotismon lifts Sakuyamon up by the arm and then, grinning sadistically, actually BITES down on her shoulder, causing her to scream in pain.




Sakuyamon groans, pushing herself upwards and her eyes lock on Norikio's. The two of them stare at each other for a brief moment before Noriko clenches her teeth and yells, "YOU CAN DO IT!"

MaloMyotismon's head jerks around and he snarls at her, making Noriko flinch, but just then another kid yells, "Smash HIS ugly face in!"

"Do it for us! Do it for all of us!"

"We're not letting him mess with us anymore!"

"This is OUR LIFE!"

The dark stream of data seems to falter, and then stop, and MaloMyotismon's eyes widen in disbelief. "No...NO NO NO NO NO!"

Sakuyamon's eyes flash as she gets back to her feet, a smirk of her own appearing on her face despite her torn back and shoulder. "...You're done." All three of her voices echo, reflecting not just her heart, but the hearts of every single one there.




The attacks send MaloMyotismon flying into the sky, his armor badly torn, his eyes rolling back in his head, as Sakuyamon grabs him and dives down with him, slamming him on top of the other dimension, through it, and on top of the Destiny Stone.

He lies there, completely and utterly dazed and badly injured as Sakuyamon floats above them,. "...Have fun burning in hell witth Millenniummon." She says flatly, as her staff starts to glow again. "AMETHYST MANDALA!"

The glowing sphere forms up around them, slowly squeezing both MaloMyotismon and the Destiny Stone to pieces as it grows smaller and smaller.


Sakuyamon's eyes flash and she slashes her hand downwards, and his scream echoes, as both he and the Destiny Stone, explode.

Tai runs forward at top speed, stretching his arms out as three figures drop out of the sky. "LILY!"

I groan as, I land right in the middle of Tai's arms, and we both go tumbling head over heels till he's lying on top of me.

The two of us look at each other for a moment before Tai chuckles weakly and mutters, "Don't tell your Dad about this, okay?"

"..." I grab him by the shirt collar and pull him into a long, lingering kiss. I can hear Matt from a distance off, "Well it's ABOUT TIME."

I would have given him the finger. But my hands were a bit...preoccupied.

"Is it over?" Kari asked, dazed. "...Is it...REALLY...over?"

"Yes Digidestined." A familiar voice booms up above us. Where the rent in space Myotismon had caused was, Azulongmon now hovered there, a smile on his draconic face while three other powerful looking sillouhetes remained beside him.

...Oh gosh. "SOMEONE GAG RALTS!" I yell desperately.

"That's a lost cause considering I speak telepathically, is it not?"

Azulongmon smiles. "You have done well Digidestined. Even as we speak, the barrier is being repaired." I glance down at my feet to see a small, tender flower beginning to poke its way out of the dark ground.

...For some reason...I think of BlackWarGreymon.

"BAH!" A grouchy voice snarls from next to Azulongmon. "I refuse to admit we needed the help of humans. If it weren't for the Dark Masters then we could easily have…."



Cody fights back a snicker before he hears a low groan behind him. Turing his head around, his eyes widen. "H-hey…!" He rushes over, helping the man to his feet. Or at least...trying to…

"I'm sorry." The old man kept whispering over and over again, tears running down his face. "I'm sorry...I never meant to…"

"Hey j-just...hang on okay?"

The old man looks into Cody's eyes and his own widen slightly. "..Hiroki?"

"Thank God...Hiroki…."


A small green, almost tranudlescent Digimon is hopping in front of him excitedly. "You've been gone for ever! Come on, it's time to go!"

"Yes...time to go…" He mumbles.

Cody shakes his head. "The only place you're going is a hopsital miste…."

His voice trails off and he looks up in disbelief at the figure standing before him. "...Dad…?"

His father smiles at him, beaming with pride before looking down at the older man, his expression softening as he stretches a hand out to him.

The old man smiles as well before letting out one last sigh…"...Thank you…."

(3 months later)

"And now I am proud to present the graduating class." The speaker droned in a monotone voice. "Please remove your cap on the count of three and…"

Tai and Matt glance at each other, then at Sora, Izzy, and Joe. "Forget that." Sora says, a twinkling smirk on her face.


The poor speaker was nearly bowled over by the regular stampede of high school students making a break for the exit.

"How much you want to bet that was Lily's idea?" Mr. Kamiya chuckles as Mrs Kamiya sighs and lowers her camera. "You're not mad are you honey?"

"...Oh….she grows on you."

Tai laughs, shaking hands, clapping backs, and all in all just acting like an idiot.

"Can you believe we're off to university?" Joe fidgets, looking suddenly nervous once more. "I'm so not ready."

"Joe, relax." Izzy of all people rolls his eyes. "This is summer. Live a little."

"Says the guy with the hot girlfriend." Joe mutters as Mimi leans into Izzy and giggles.

"Speaking of which…" Sora looks over at Tai and arches an eyebrow. "Where is your girlfriend?"

Tai smiles wryly. "...I think I know."

I run my hand's over the wooden table in front of the cabin, just taking it all in. It's just a rundown spot to so many people but to us it's...practically sacred. This was the first place I ever saw when I came to the human world.

"I was sitting in that tree right there."

I smirk, rolling my eyes at my boyfriend. "I know. You've told me how many times now?"

Tai laughs, kissing the top of my head. "...This is where it all began Lils." His voice trails off. "...I don't know...what I would have done...without the Digital World...without"

"I'd probably be still stuck with Dorkula."

"I doubt that." Tai cups my jaw and looks at me. "...He could never keep you down for long."

I smile at him as his lips press against mine, and we just stand there for a bit, hugging.

"...One of these days…" Tai says, his voice more emotional than usual, "we're going to fix this place up. Get it reopened. And then our kids will come here. Every summer."

"Tai, if my Dad hears you talking about kids, he'll shoot you."

"Yeah." Tai grumbles. "That's why Lilithmon gave me a baby-making blanket and told me to use it "wisely".

I snort before Renamon's voice whines, "Can we GO now?" Her tail thumps against the ground,

Agumon nods excitedly. "Daemon said he's makign a CAKE for your graduation."

Tai laughs. "Well we don't wanna miss that, do we buddy?"

"No we do not." Gatomon says dryly, as she and Kari walk fowards. "If I miss out on my cake, I'll be pissed."

"We're going." I laugh before whisteling and the whirring of an engine begins.

Tai groans. "...Behemoth?"

"Heck yes." Grabbing his hand, I run towards the impatient demon motorbike. "Come on Kamiya. Our family's waiting."

Tai sighs as he wraps his hands around my waist. "...Just not too crazy okay?"

I grin wickedly.