Stick It Sisters

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Bellas P.O.V

I'm currently sitting at the Cullens house, while they discuss who knows what. While they did that, I took a trip throught the past. Somethings the Cullens don't know about me is I have a brother name Poot. Weird name, I know. I also used to be a biker/skater and a gymnast. One of the best if i say so myself. I did all this stuff with my best friend, Haley Graham.

I first met Haley when she was hanging out with my brother and Frank,his best friend, and I decided to tag along that day. After that we did everything together, we became like sisters. We started gymnastics together, and worked our way up until we made it to Worlds. I still remember the day Haley walked out and i went with her.


We were sitting, waiting for Haleys event to start. All the sudden Haley grabbed all her stuff and walked out. I grabbed all my stuff and went after her. Our coach was calling after us to come back, but we ignored them. Haley was making her way down the hall to outside when I caught her.

I grabbed her arm and forced her to face me. "Haley, what happened?"

"Chris DeFrank is what happen!" she all but yelled.

"What did he do?"I asked confused.

"Iz, he and my mom hooked up!"I was shocked at what she said. Yeah, her mom is kinda out there and everything but, so is mine, so i can't complain.

I hugged her,"I'm so sorry, Hales. How about we get out of here?"

She nodded and we walked out.


That was the last day we ever did gymnastics. After that we started biking, like Poot and Frank do. We had them show us the basics, then in no time, we had mastered that. I started skating after that, but Haley decided against, o well.

Haley and I started to having run-in's with the Law. Of course, it was small things,like vandalism,but nothing to serious. After a while, my Mom got tired of Police bringing me home and everything. So, i got sent to live with my Dad. Don't get me wrong, I love my dad, but we're just diffrent.

I was pulled out of my thought by Edward nudging my shoulder."What are you thinking about,Love?" I like Edward and everything, but him asking about what im thinking 24/7 is getting on my nerves."Nothing" I smiled at him.

Jasper looked at me weirdly. I guess he can sense my annoyance."Bella, whats got you so an-" He was interupted by my phone ringing. I didn't recognize the number. The Cullens were looking at me expectantly."So, answer it!"yelled Emmett." I quickly answered before he answered his self.

"Hello?"i questioned. "Izzy?" I was shocked to here Poots voice."Poot?" The Cullens looked at me funny, probably because of his name. "Izzy! You need to get back here!" yelled Poot. "Wait, why?" "It's Haley." I froze, what did that girl do. I heard rustling in the background, then Franks voice."Izzy!" "Frank, you better tell me what's going on with Haley now!" I was not happy that they haven't told me yet.

"Hello to you to." I rolled my eyes at that."Hi Frank, now tell me!" They were killing me waiting."Don't worry it's nothing to bad." I heard more rustling in the background." It started off like this. We were biking in that in construction place with those pools, all around it. Then, these guys came up and telling us to get lost. We wouldn't leave, so they challenged us. It was off the roof, on a ladder, up the slide, and landing it. They guy they chose got all the way down but fell when he tried going up a ramp at the bottom. Haley went and made it and went up the ramp, then back down, went up a hill, did a backflip, and went through a window. Her bike got stuck in the banister and she flipped over it and on her back. We got to her, but when i opened the door the alarmed went off."said Poot. I rolled my eyes.

"Frank and I took off on our bikes, but Haley was on foot. The police caught her and took her to court and she was giving two choices to go to or she went to Juvi. She chose a military academy but they sent her..." Poot stopped all the sudden."Poot, where did they send her?" I was getting worried. "Iz, they sent her to VGA." I froze again. Wow two frozens in 15 minutes. I put my head in my hands." How did this happen?" I asked. " Apparently her Dad did." I sighed, her Dad is unbelievable."Iz, she needs can't go through this again without you. So get your butt up and get down here."

I looked around and saw the Cullens were looking all confused. I guess they would since they know nothing off that part of my life. I couldn't let Haley do this by herself. We started together, walked out together, and I guess we're going to go through this together again."Poot?" I asked."Yeah?" I took a deep breath. "Count me in."